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December last year I suddenly got problems tolerating bright lights, short memory blackouts, like when I was about to do something it felt like the next moment I could not remember for a second. Brain fog, and I started having difficulties concentrating on what I was doing. Now 9 month later things have not improved at all. There are moments when I feel like my concentration is better, that could be anytime during the day but then it gets worse again. I had a few days when I did not feel really bad, almost no brain fog or probelms concentrating, still slight memory problems but this got worse now, a lot worse then when it all started. At time I have word finding problems, a burning in at the side of my head or pressure at different spots of my skull. Had this checked out by several ENTs but they could not find anything. I have to say at night when I`m in bed or when I sleep I feel at ease and don`t notice any real problems but as soon as I get up in the morning 1o minutes in it all hits me again. I had several similar but not as pronounced periods like this before. The first one in 1999 after an argument with my wife to be. Got terrible lightheadedness, headaches etc. They lastet until I got a proper neurologist to confirm that nothing is wrong. So a good 4 month. Then in 2005 I suddenly got a seizure while taking a shower at home, started as a cramp in my right hand and then my hole right side started shaking and I passed out. Brain imiging showed nothing suspicious. In 2007 I got the same lighthradedness, brain fog and my first very short periods of memory problems. Like for a fraction of a second having trouble recalling what you were about to do. Again we went for an MRI of the brain and nothing could be found. Probelms went away. Then in 2013 same issues again but slightly more pronounced. Again doctor check up with MRI of the brain revealed nothing and after a while it went back to normal. From 2012 on I started getting though pressure pain at different spot of my head that went from one place to another. Mainly at the front, over the eyes, around the temples, sometimes at the top of the head. That went on and is still happening. As for now, my mental confusion is getting worse, at times I find it difficult being in new places and finding my way around. Slipping in and out of periods on focus. The right side of my head burns especially around the joint of the jaw. Memory is troublesome at times. I feel like I`m loosing it. The amount of spelling mistakes I`ve made while writting this is terrible. My age 44 

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    I forgot to mention, for the last 3 years, every morning I wake up I do not feel fresh and awake at all. Even after a good 7-8 hrs of sleep.
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    Hello Rockers. I am a member of this site because I had a brain aneurysm blow up in my brain which is then called a subarachnoid hemorrhage. I should be dead. But because of a quick decision by me and outstanding emergency medical reaction team and a great brain surgeon and hospital, I'm able to respond to you. I read this quickly, maybe too quickly and have lingering cognitive short term memory issues and headaches every day. That being said, my prayers are with you. I am in the State of Wisconsin in the United States and I'm guessing you're in Great Britain. I could be way off. I've obviously been through a lot, But what you're going through blows my mind. The fact that Doctors cannot find anything is beyond disturbing. I know this is a combination of a brain and nerve issues. You need to find the best Neurological hospital wherever you're located and get more tests done NOW.
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      Yes after 3 MRIs several X-rays of the sinuses and other check ups there is nothing they could find. Now my doctor back in Germany who was a specialist was pretty sure that this is all anxiety and depression related. I have OCD and anxiety for a long time. My father had sever depression so has my older brother.I never had any treatment as I was not able to find a psychatrist who could get along with. 
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    Hullo Rockers,

    I live in the UK. After I had a stroke in 2011, I lost my memory and although having a good recovery from the stroke, suffer with memory problems and have troubles finding words in conversation. I find it really embarassing and at times frightening. I can't stop thinking the issue may be associated with early onset Alzheimers. The consultant told me it was my recall that was impaired, not my memory. I believe it's getting worse, not better, especially when under stress ( most of the time)

    Don't know if this is of any help, but I am here if you just want someone to talk to, it does sometimes help.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Rockers,

    Sorry to hear about the troubles your having. 

    Run these 2 possible illnessess by your doctor. Spontanious Hypo Tension of the brain, and Hyper Tension of the brain. I had the first illness(Hypo) and some of the things you describided in your story I had. Spontanious Hypo Tension of the brain involves lossing spinal fluid which causes your brain to malfunction. It is very rare, and most doctors don' t even know about it. The odds of having it are 5 in 100,000. 

    I think it is always a good idea to look into most or all possibilities of whats wrong with you and narrow things down as you go.

    I hope this helps,


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