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Hope you are all well today.

I caught a cold and was just wondering if anyone has some good advice/remedies for preventing a cold from settling in our lungs?

I take vitamin C daily, but I up my dosage during a cold. I also take some Kan Jang, Black Elderberry extract and Silver.

I like to put some Eucalyptus oil on a tissue and inhale the aromas and I use a saline nasal spray and steam. I also do extra physio to make sure all is cleared out.

It's a chore having a cold - ha, ha, but I would be willing to add some more remedies to my arsenal if someone has some good advice.

Take care all,


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    Ida, The Vit. C is the best I know because it acts instantly.  Last night I put 1/2 tspn. powdered C into one 12 oz glass of water or u can use juice and drink it down  not all at once but pretty soon. I do that 2 x a day.  I've read that Vit C in orange juice disappears or loses its potency very quickly if it gets warm and unless covered with a lid and it may be the same with the buffered vit c so I just make it a habit to drink it asap and not let it sit around.

    1/2 tspn is 2500 mg.  Many of my friends say they take lots of Vit C and I have no idea what that means and when I ask they either don't know how much or it's '3 pills' or  '200 mg' or someone said '500 mg and that's a lot' and so on.  But that's not a lot.  compared to the rec. daily allowance it is, but that's not really enough when you listen to the natural doctors and when you start reading about Vit. C the articles by the men who discovered Vit C - and also remind yourself that the sicker you are the more Vit. C you can take and it will not give you diarrhea.  If you reach that point just back off 500 mg (all this my doctor) but otherwise you could take the total amount you reached every day after building up and it'll prevent you getting that beginnings of a cold like you have now.   Which tells me that the amount you are taking now, daily, is not enough or you wouldn't have gotten the beginnings. 

    For anyone who thinks there might be a problem with taking it you should ask your natural doctor or find a natural doctor so they can check out your other conditions. Also you can check that online with drug interactions.

    There is also an OTC zinc remedy - starts with a 'Z' and it has 5 letters in it. Don't know if I can say the name here (Zicam) and it comes in different forms and the one I liked that worked used cotton covered sticks (like Q-tips) soaked in the zinc stuff and you'd put them up your nose and somehow it would take that 'cold' feeling away.  Last time I looked I couldn't find that but they had pills you took or something else that I suppose worked just as well. 

    But the Vit. C powder is better than that and at the same time it builds the immune system and is beneficial in other ways - the nicest one to use is Buffered with a small amount of Calcium so it is no longer acid and probably has a better taste.  I read everything I could about Vit. C it on the advice of my natural doctor and he even gave me the names of the men to 'read' - I can't recall now the names.- they're on line and it might just take some looking.

    Hope this helps.


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      Hi Tabatha,

      Thank you so much for your detailed email about vitamin C.

      I do take Vitamin C daily; it's 100% vitamin C. It has some very good reviews, but I will do some more research about the buffered, powdered C that you mention. It sounds very good and powerful. So you take 5000 mg daily and you rarely catch a cold?

      I know about building up to the high level of vitamin C. Can you tell me which brand you use?

      Again; thanks for all your help and the valuable information


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      Hi, Ida,

      I just researched your Vit. C and see what you are referring to is 100% NATURAL Vit. C.   OK I see what you mean. and I wouldn't know about dosage for that.  It would be trial and error as to amount perhaps and as you said you know how to go about building up.

      I had not heard of that site before and have bookmarked it. They are moderating my msg I just wrote so hopefully it'll be OK.


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    Hi Ida

    I try and keep my immune system healthy by taking Vitamin D, vit C, and also eat as much fermented food as I can, sounds a bit drastic I know, but it keeps the gut in good condition, which in turn helps keep inflamation at bay, hence builds up a strong immune system.  I have also cut down drastically on sugar and concentrate on a variety organic vegetables, keeping it as wide ranging as I can.  I do have my treats, life would be very dull without them, but I'm experimenting on a balance that suits me.  I am certainly interested in the Vit C remedy you mention and will look into it.

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      Hi Madeleine,

      Thanks for your mail. 

      Like you I also cut out sugar and processed foods a few years back and I really don't miss it at all. It was tough in the beginning, but now, if I politely try a bite of a birthday cake or such, it tastes so overly sweet - meaning bad. I do treat myself to a few squares of very dark chocolate almost daily, but otherwise I eat only organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish. I have been a pescetarian for many years, so it was not a problem cutting out meat and fowl.

      The only dairy I eat is Kefir, which I enjoy every morning mixed with my fruits, raisins and nuts. Otherwise, I don't each much fermented food, but I do take a probiotic pill daily. I also drink a green powder drink daily and so far my immune system has been very strong. I just kicked a cold and haven't had an excacerbation for almost two years - jubee!!

      Keep up the good eating and I think it's great that we can all share so much and learn from each other.



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      Hello Ida

      Thanks for your eply Ida -It's so good to hear from someone who can verify that cutting out sugars and processed food works for the immune system.  I do not miss sugar at all, but do also enjoy very dark chocolate.  It's amazing once you start reading labels how much sugar is put into every day foods,  and relishes.  I will continue with my experiment and hope that I can keep clear from illness and ride a cold through normally. 

      Here's to an excellent balance of quality food.


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