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Lilley1 Lilley1

Cold sore

I have had a cold sore since May, antibiotics and creams have not helped, I was even referred for suspected cancer as this will not heal! Cold sores are supposed to heal in about 10 days! I have never had a cold sore yet at 56 I have one, getting really frustrated /concerned as will not go away! if someone has been this long with one or any suggestions I would be most grateful. TIA

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  • relief herpie relief herpie Lilley1

    Hi. Try having a large slice of pineapple every day

    I used to get back to back outbreaks but the pineapple has given me huge relief .  Hope it works for you like it did for me 

    If I feel an outbreak coming on I double my intake and it seems to knock it on the head 

    I have now had a couple of very small outbreaks since eating the pineapple about 12 months ago

  • lisa81118 lisa81118 Lilley1

    Hi Lilley, 

    Im not sure if you will see this... but I was in a similiar boat to you. I am 23 but for the last year have had cold sore after cold sore, one heals, another breaks out. 

    I am on daily supression at the moment of 500 mg Valtrex at least two times a day and 4 times a day if the cold sore actually develops.

    I havent had a full outbreak for 6 months since being on daily supression, occasionally my lip will feel a little warm or red but i simply apply aloe vera pure gel on it or blistex acyclovir antiviral lip creme and it goes away.

    Here is what I do.. maybe it will help you.. My doctor recommended to me to go on daily supression to give my lips a break from constant outbreaks...but please ask your own doctor before doing any of this to see if its right for you.


    -Eat pretty healthy- I avoid nuts, gluten( I do cheat and its okay most the time), tomato, chocolate ( i cheat but ive noticed that this makes my lips crazy even with supression), orange juice , avoid high arginine foods in general 

    -apply spf 15 minimum on my lips if out in sun

    -always apply Carmex and aloe gel mixed together on my lips for moisture

    - I am currently trying coconut oil on my lips ( sometimes by itself but this can be harsh so i mix it with carmex again to make it long lasting) you can also ingest the coconut oil which ive read is meant to help a lot ..

    - I take 500 mg Valtrex as soon as I wake up, if i feel '' off' in the afternoon i take another 500 mg around 4 pm .. and then again just before I go to sleep. I have tried acyclovir .. and also generic stuff but only the brand Valtrex has worked for me.. I am moving to england in a couple of years so ive looked up websites to purchase..

    - I also take 1X Lysine tablet 1000 mg with every meal( this is excessive and you have to be careful.. do whats right for your body .. my limit is about 6000  a day and this by itself used to work well for me, I also recommend getting pure lysine instead of a 'cold sore remedy' tablet that combines vitamins and herbs with the lysine as I find this less effective) 

    - I find that harsh sunlight, high intensity workouts, some foods as mentioned above, emotional or physical stress and quick weather changes can be triggers for me .. perhaps they are for you as well ? 

    Anyway, I know how much it sucks to feel like there is no end to it.. so I hope some of the stuff thats helped me will help you.

    All the best


  • taylor00171 taylor00171 Lilley1


    I get cold sores from time to time. My first one occurred on my chin area under my bottom lip. I get them on my private area lip, also. I keep flavored chap sticks for my chin and lip areas. An old school remedy my grandparents taught me to apply is wX from my ears. Thats not always available. But, carmax is also excellent for healing. I tend to think alot. I was assuming cold sores are minor spider bites. But, you,re not alone with the cold sore scenario.

  • auborn66837 auborn66837 Lilley1

    Lilley1, I have been using 100% DMSO applied with a Q-tip for years. DMSO stops my fever blister at the very onset if applied immediately. If not able to apply immediately DMSO still stops the blister. I apply regular at least until I can tell the DMSO has it under control. Please spread the word about DMSO to others.

  • michelle39913 michelle39913 Lilley1

    The holy grail that I have found is Dove Deodorant Spray. You can spray it on at the first sign be it will never show. Or if you happen to be a bit late and the bubbles start forming use it and it will be the tiniest cold sore that is barely noticeable and goes away in days. I feel that abreva or creams like that only prolong it if you don't catch it in time. This Deodorant is a a strange, yet affordable and effective way to help treat them. Good luck!

  • diana33714 diana33714 Lilley1

    I have a problem since childhood - often cold sore outbreaks. Tried everything. I think zovirax is good, but still... You have to wait. To me it is appearing on the skin near the mouth and the nose and looks disgusting. I have to cover it with foundation and concieler and still when i go to work people are asking me the same f*cking question: 'what do you have here' , staring at the covered cold sore.

    What we need really is something to make it invisible until we wait to recover. I tried proctoglivenol, which is for hemorrhoids and zovirax at the same time when i am at home.

    I can say it made it look more flat and less red.

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