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Herpes - Non Genital

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  • frankie59542 1

    Lysine for Coldsores

    I don't know if anyone will find this useful, but for around the last 3 years of my life, I had been getting coldsores monthly, sometimes twice a month. I've always had coldsores for as long as I can remember, but I was beginning to get them more and more often, and although it sounds dramatic, it

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  • kati96329 2
  • Sophie245 1

    Does this sound like herpes?

    Would really appreciate some advice.. my "health anxiety" is going crazy at the moment. It is day 40 since possible exposure to HSV 1 (even though no visible sores on their mouth.) No sores as of yet. So far I've had the following symptoms (not sure if caused by anxiety or not): - Random tingling

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  • shelly82818 2

    Cold sore?

    So I sometimes have redness which follows a tiny pin pin point small red or white bump that looks shiny. It doesn't form into a blister at least it hasn't yet. I have this happen every once in awhile. Sometimes there is a burning or weird feeling. Anybody else have this? Should I buy abreva? Help

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  • angela51933 1

    I keep getting tears in my vaginal area.. HELP!!!!

    I was diagnosed with hepers simplex virus 1 but my outbreaks are on my opening of the vaginal area. My breakouts consist of alot of tears i talked to my obgyn and i asked her am i going to get these cuts every time i have sex because it seems i only get them when we have sex. The first time i

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  • darren44563 1

    Sore on inside of lip

    Had this for a week or so, had canker sores in the past and this does not look anything like that. Dark dot in the middle with white threads on the risen lump. 

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  • irinea74484 2

    vaginal sores...

    my doctor said this is caused by friction. though im getting tested soon. but does it look like herpes or just friction or a allergic reaction? this is right next to the opening of my vagina. i have a biger sore on the left side sorry for the tampon string. but i need to know. when i put salt on it

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  • jan110516 2

    Herpes on finger

    I've had this little blister near my nail on my middle finger for several weeks. It was full of pus, sore and red looking but two weeks ago I accidentally hit it on something and it popped. It will not go away. It isn't sore but it does not seem to be healing. I take daily suppressives for GHSV1.

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  • EverLost34 1

    I don't understand!?! Am I truly positive?

    So about a week ago, I tested positive for HSV-1. I have had no symptoms, I just wanted to get tested to make sure I was clean, but I came back positive for HSV-1 (I'm guessing oral because the nurse said I could use a cream on my cold sores) but I don't understand this because I tested negative

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  • julie12459 1

    Sore on top lip

    I've had a tiny sore on my top lip for a while now and if you look closely u can see a few tiny white spots , the size of a pin head and if I squeeze them they are like tiny white threads. They sting. I've tried cold sore cream to no avail. Any ideas what this could be?

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  • Guest M

    My cold sore apears on my forehead, in the same place ev...

    My cold sore apears on my forehead, in the same place every time. The first time I got it, it was the size of my hand, right down through my eye, and across my cheek. It was diagnosed as shingles. It appeared again,twelve months to the day. Again it was put down to shingles. On the third appearance,...

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  • janice90287 1

    Cold sore scabbing but still tingling.. is this normal???

    So i just got my first cold sore. The first couple days it felt hot and a little numb, a little itchy but no tingling like most people then blistered and now is sort of like a scab.. its yellow and hard. But I now feel that tingliing feeling all around my lips. I'm terrified that im

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  • jessica19773 1

    Herpes Simplex -1

    i received HSV-1 from my boyfriend genitally testing positive for HSV-1 after a swab, but i also go the oral symptoms of the in mouth ulcers but i received no mouth cold sores. Why did it get ulcers in my mouth instead of on my lips? can i get both mouth and genital symptoms at the same time?  

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  • jessica33710 2

    Tongue herpes?

    I recently had a blister on my vulva and was told by my GNO it could possibly be HPV. 5 mins later she tested me for a yeast infection which came out possitive and said it could possibly be the blister symptom. I took the yeast infection pill and the morning aftfer, the blister was gone as if

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  • farah01 1

    Herpes IGG test - Can anyone help read results?

    Hi I'm desperately in need of some help. My partner come up in genital herpes while on vacation, now of course being with him a year Instantly thought he'd cheated but since reading up there is a possibility he had it prior to meeting me but simple didn't know he had it. Once we got back home

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  • kim48444 2
  • m69715 2

    herpes on my tongue

    Ok so I have both 1 and 2. .I believe I caught 1 maybe 3 to 4 yrs 's lesions on my so insecure about it that I NEVER EVER stick out my tongue. mornings I wake up and my mouth is super dry and my tongue it white. It's very embarrassing. anyone else have this problem,...

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  • nikki73 2

    Wedding On the Line

    Boyfriend of 5 years, just received his test results today. The doctor says that he has both 1 & 2 and showing old markers of antibodies. I had my tests done 3 months ago, and it came positive, showing no old markers and way less than his percentage. He and his ex wife swore up and down that I had

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  • jan110516 2

    Blood test

    Could someone test negative for HSV1 with just a blood test and no swab, and really have it? My partner tested negative, then I got GHSV1. My tests (blood/swab) revealed that I was negative for previous exposure, positive for recent exposure. I have had no other partner.

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  • Ashwill22 1

    Plagued with a lifetime of fever blisters

    I have been dealing with severe fever blisters my whole life. I have recently been prescribed valacyclovir. I was told to take it when I first felt the stinging. I didn't get it in time I don't think because I left my script at work. Does any one take a pill everyday and they stay away? At this

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  • Boocatdog 2

    Am i overthinking or could it be herpes

    I went to the nurse and then sexual health clinic and she told me I was unlikely to have herpes. I was find until this evening but I keep going to check if anything has appeared. My lips are normally dry anyways, but the bottom of my lip and near the top there is more of red colour. I wear

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  • vic95 1

    Cold Sore

    Hi all, I've been suffering with cold sores for as long as I can remember. I recently felt tingling today on my lower lip and I automatically took my perscription for Valtrex. I am really disappointed because I haven't had a cold sore in three years thanks to this medication; however, it did not

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  • daniel37399 1

    Is this herpes? Please help.

    I'm just going to get straight to the point. The corners of my lips burn/irratate. I have also been getting fordyce spots on my lips but they seem to burn & irratate me also. But now I have a red bump on the corner of my mouth which is kinda bothering me. The red bump doesn't look like a cold sore

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  • onsipin 1
  • jazmen 64129 1

    Help please

    I have a bump on my lip and I tried to pop it when I popped it puss came out of it and I don't know what it is or what to do now is this a cold sore or what

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  • selwyn28054 1

    Many tiny bumps on lips, worried herpes

    I have many tiny bumps just above my upper lip and several just under my lower lip, and around five tiny white bumps on my upper lip. All these bumps can only be seen when I'm really really close to a mirror. At first I thought they are blisters/cold sore due to hsv/herpes, as 2 weeks ago I have

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  • Zigzag13 2

    Non GMO Lysine

    Hi. I am new to this group. I would like a suggestion for non GMO Lysine. I get cold sores in my nose and lips. Thank you.

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  • anon03190 1

    Could this be herpes??

    I have noticed Small irritating patch of bumps on my bAck/ shoulder appear a week ago but this morning noticed a wwhole lot around my chest and nipple. I have been sexually active but have not had any unprotected sex. I have however had and received oral sex. I am not going to be able to get to the

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  • j78162 1
  • cici02230 2

    Herpes or Canker Sore

    I've had this canker sore for just a week now along with one on my upper gum on the left side, the developed while I was sick. Herpes or Canker sore?

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  • christhelast 2

    Is there any diet to follow for fast healing of cold sore?

    My cold sore is in the healing process. But each time i take shower or wash my face. The dried scab falls off and i can see the fleshy wound. No pain or pus at site. I apply abreva cream each time i wash my face or take a shower. ? My question is there any diet or food that can heal the sore

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  • christhelast 2

    I'm having this Cold sore and it's not healing.

    I got the cold sore few days back. I never had cold sore before in my life and never heard of it. Now it's the pain and blood spot on the sore is making me worried if sore is infected. I use abreva cream and it's not helping. I have the pulsation feeling on the sore when cream is used. I used 3/4

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  • joe 72453 1

    Does this look like herpes?

    Ok so idk if i have herpes or not test came negative but i had sores but they didn't look like herpes just acne or ingrown hair n also one more question can you get oral herpes by someone giving you a blow jo?

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  • e40 2


    I just got blood test back and they said I had herpes 1 but I can't remember the last time I had a cold sore or anything like it. I was prescribed acyclovir 400 MG 3 times a day. do I take it now or wait till I have an outbreak. How long do I wait to take the second and 3rd pill I was to

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  • jasmine26253 1


    Hey all im scared to death i think i have herpes and i feel my new life slipping from my fingers im leasing a house, trying to start a new family, and engaged but i notice a bit of pain during sex one day i pull my camera down with flash to look and its a tiny ulcer and 3 little dot bumps and

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