Colonoscopy tomorrow and resection May 6th

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Hi everyone, I'm giving you an update from my last post. Since then I've been in the hospital again in the beginning of March for 2 days. This time there was no abscess like the last 2 thankfully. So I was given more iv antibiotics and then some to take at home for a total of almost a month of those awful drugs. 1 month later I was back again, same thing diverticulitis no abscess but because of my history they put back in the hospital for a couple of days and more drugs which are now becoming increasingly difficult to take due to horrendous side effects. So now due to the fact I've had 4 episodes 2 with abcesses since February 2018 I've been booked for a resection May 6th. But first I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow April 17. This is to see what is going on from the inside so the surgeons can prepare. I've had 3 cat scans since March 1st. The last one showed a thickening of the intestinal walls of about 6 cm in length. I will have 2 surgeons by my side that day which is comforting. At this point they do not know if it will be a laparoscopic surgery or a full open or if I'll have a temporary colostomy bag or not. For me I was told 15 years ago I had diverticuli. But I had no symptoms. Also I have NEVER been constipated. However I do think I've had food sensitivities for may years that went undetected plus as a youngster I was given unnecessary antibiotics as a prophylactic so I wouldn't get sick after I had open heart surgery to correct a small hole in the heart I was born with. I believe the unnecessary antibiotics messed up my intestines to the point of no return. Probiotic's have helped immensely however even the strongest can't repair the damage. So, for me a person who has always eaten cleanly, never been constipated, always very active, took probiotic's and supplements, doesn't eat gluten or dairy and very little red meat, is a bit overweight but otherwise is very healthy, this has affected me greatly. I am hoping the surgery is a means to the end of this painful insidious nightmare. I want my life back. Even if it means a temporary bag. I will keep everyone in the loop as I continue to go through this journey. If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them. Love and hugs to all my diver friends. 🙂💜👍

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    Hi there,

    Let me be the first to wish you all the best for tomorrow and your follow up surgery.

    It appears from your post that you have been through an awful lot and your positive attitude still shines out.

    When I was diagnosed as having diverticulosis I was a lot older than you and the sigmoidoscopy was done to investigate rectal bleeding which was coming from a very bad case of piles. I had an operation to remove them and it was not a picnic but totally life changing.

    My Div flare-ups have been treated with antibiotics in the past when severe but I am now finding that examining my diet has helped tremendously.

    Your post is a clear example of the fact that this horrible condition is not brought on by something we have done wrong, i.e. getting constipated. As you say you have lived what we would all consider to be a healthy lifestyle and you still have this dreadful condition. This begs the question, why do some suffer and others do not?

    All the best to you, look forward to hearing how you get on in the future. God bless.

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      Thank you so much for your well wishes. Hehe I'm not as young as you might think. I just turned 60 last week. So for me the symptoms started when I was 59 years old and was first detected when I was 45 without symptoms. And yes what really causes this condition? I even eat mostly all organic non GMO foods. Go figure.

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      praying it all goes great...We have a lot in common age, when it first happened you same with me and have not had to have the surgery. Praying I do not. Let us know how it goes! 👍🙏

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    Good luck with your forthcoming surgery. I too was in hospital at the end of February with an abscess and small perforation. I am back on antibiotics again as I still don’t think the infection/inflammation has fully disappeared. I was diagnosed with this horrible condition in 2007 and since then have probably had about six episodes which I have managed to cope with without the use of antibiotics. Not so the last episode!

    I too had to take a lot of antibiotics for recurrent UTI’s during which time my DD was diagnosed. It may be a coincidence but I’m sure the antibiotics I took then had a profound effect on my gut which has never fully recovered. Like you, I have never been constipated, am reasonably fit, play tennis (not at the moment) and have a good diet (apart from the odd treat). One lady on here has said that there is a possible connection between DD and the antibiotic ciprofloxacin which I took for my UTI’s.

    I don’t know whether I will have to have surgery. I’m waiting to hear from the hospital for my follow up colonoscopy so it’s a waiting game.

    Please keep us posted as to your progress. Are you in the US or dear old Blighty? The NHS was fantastic, we all moan about it, can’t get an appointment etc etc, but when you’re in real trouble it’s there for you.

    I'm 63

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    HI! I have been there and agree the antibiotics are worse than the disease! My diverticulitis would not go away despite antibiotics. The first episode lasted 4 months and second started 11/2017 and was still present at surgery 4/2018. I had12-18" removed robotically. The surgery for me was easy. I have never regretted it. I still have problems with diarrhea but that has gotten better too! My advice is to drink a lot of water and walk after every meal following surgery. And keep a food journal. If you have questions ask away!

    Best of luck to everyone with this disease!


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      Thanks so much for your reply Kate. I do have questions for you. Was yours done through the laparoscope? What was the pain like after surgery and did you use morphine or epideral for the first few days? And can you eat most things now. And do you still get diverticulitis type pain?

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      My Surgery was done robotically , very similar to laparoscopic but is supposed to have more accuracy/ clearer view.

      My pain was minimal. I needed very little pain med. After I got home I took Tylenol, with pain med at night so I could sleep. For some reason I had insomnia and horrible hot flashes with the start of diverticulitis!

      In the hospital they gave me oral pain meds as soon ad I got to the room. I did have an abdominal block as part of my anesthesia before OR. That was an injection in either side of the abdomen. It lasts about 24 hrs. I think thats great! Heads off the pain. Talk to anesthesia about it!! I had my appendix and gallbladder removed years ago with reg open surgery. So related to that type of pain its rated 3out of 10. I did take meds the first 2 days.

      I can eat most things, however , no carbonated drinks, alcohol causes a lot of bloating,no sausage, lettuce or celery. iI miss my salads!!!!!!!

      Diverticulitis pain is gone, but that took a long time to go away.( months). Mine was mostly right sided pain withdiverticulitis in left sigmoid.

      I think I thats it but please reach out if you have more! Hope this helps!

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    Thanks so much for the update and here a hug from me. I will say a prayer for you and keep us updated all you can and when you can I really appreciate  the updates.  ((((((HUGS))))))
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