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Hi Every body, I usually use this forum to hopefully help and advise others since I have years of experience of suffering with crohs 53 yrs to be exact. But this time I am seeking advice and help for myself. Over the last few months I have feeling more unwell than normal. If like me you don't have good days. I have reasonable days and unreasonable days, but of late there has been more unreasonable days and as a result I decided to contact the IBD clinic to see if they could see me. I did get to see them about three weeks later. After listening to my symptoms the consultant sent me for the normal blood test but this time he also ask me to provide a stool sample which is the first time in 53 yrs that I have been asked to do this.  Now I had blood test taken about a couple of month prior to this, requested by my GP. and the results all came back fine. and so did these last blood test results. But the stool sample test came back showing that there was slightly raised infection levels. now this does concern me because as I said I have not been asked before to provide this type of sample which goes to show that although the blood test was not showing infection the stool sample did.    As a result of these findings my consultant has referred me for a endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Now although I have had two previous endoscopy's  I have never had a colonoscopy and I am therefore a little apprehensive. There must be a lot of you out that have undergone this  procedure, I would like your views on it, such as preparation for this procedure and do they give you a choice of anesthetic general, or local. And does this procedure aggravate the bowel because that is the last thing that I want.  My symptoms are somewhat better than there were when I requested an appointment. So I do not want undergo these invasive test if they are going to make thing worse

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    If you’re in the uk it’s sedation not g.a. And the endoscopy is the same with a throat l.a. If you want it.

    I can’t believe you’ve never been scoped in all these years! Or had still tests!

    How was your original diagnosis made?

    Bowel prep whilst not nice, does affect the guts for a few days, but you should be fine.

    At least you will know what’s going on.

    I usually ask for citramag as it’s just 2 small glasses rather than the huge volume of prep.

    Stick to the low  residue diet before, and increase your fluids and on prep day make sure you sip plenty of clear fluids too to clean you out and avoid dehydration.

    The sedation does relax you, midazalom, fentynal and buscopan are what we have here.

    I asked for the smaller scope as they didn’t succeed the first time with standard and over all it made it much simpler.

    Hope you feel better soon x

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      Hi, Thanks for getting back to me quickly it is appreciated. You ask how I was originally diagnosed. After feeling really ill for some time they thought it was my appendix so they had me in to have it removed. It was during the operation that they found I was suffering from crohns, which I have to say at that time I had never heard of. thanks again
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      This wasn’t meant to sound aggressive, it was more ... if I said I had a sore finger they’d want to do a scope!! Lol

      I really hope the scope goes smoothly for you, it should be simple as you’ve been through way more over the years.


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    Hi,  Sorry to hear of your problems and the considerable time that you have suffered from this illness.   I can only offer my experience of this illness since it was diagnosed 5 years ago.  My Doctor did a blood test, stool sample and colonoscopy all within 1 month of each other and I was diagnosed within a couple of hours of having my colonoscopy.  I was in a bad way and had to have steriods,2 lots of tablets and insertions in my back passage.  All this to get me stable.  I was very lucky that all the tablets etc I was given turned out to be the right concoction and  got the illness under control.  Sometimes it takes a while to get the right tablets for different people.  Anyway, I would say do not be scared or worried about the Colonoscopy.  Less than 5 mins ttreatment to give you answers is not bad.  You get given medicine to take the night before which clears you out completely, you really need to be by a toilet for quite a while !!!.  In fact I think that was the worst part of the Colonoscopy.  The following day I went to the hospital and  I had a wonderful nurse who held my hand the whole way through it. The Consultant that did me was very good and both he and the nurse told me exactly what would happen and what he was doing the whole way through.  You lay on your side with your knees up and you are facing away from the Consultant.  Samples were taken.  I can honestly say the whole procedure was not painful from beginning to end. I was a little delicate after where presumably the samples had been taken but by no means painful !!!.  I then had a couple of hours to relax and by the end of that I had my results and started on all the medication immediately.  I went home and had some food.  Yes I have my flare ups but at least I know the problems.  Its not an illness you can get rid off, just keep it under control.  The worse part of the Colonoscopy for me was seeing the Consultant after, knowing where he had been and what he had to do !!!! l.o.l.  You are warned of a small risk of problems but that is normal with any medical procedures.   Hope this helps but please do not worry about the procedure, you must go and get peace of mind.  Good luck and I hope all goes well for you.
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    I have had 3 colonoscopies and can honestly say I would rather have one of those than go to the dentist! The procedure is a piece of cake and is over in no time.  If they offer you sedation- take it.  it doesnt knock you out but relaxes you.  

    The worst past for me is the movi prep you have to take the day before.  I despise it and the frequent loo trips but honestly, the colonoscopy itself is a doddle -) Sometime the faceas test shows up better than blood tests..thats normal too so dont be worriedsmile

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    Hi, 30 plus years and still here.  I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy prior to surgery all those years ago then nothing much since apart from blood tests and B12.  Because of my age I now get sent the bowel screening test every two years and that picked up something.  My medical records are woefully incomplete, no idea how much bowel I had removed, I thought 2 ft, hubby thinks 3 or more.  I had to have a colonoscopy and I was worried about the bowel prep, but they gave me one that was a little gentler than the usual one.  Totally different experience to what I remember from so long ago.  They were lovely in the hospital, I was given a relaxant and told if I got uncomfortable they would give me an anaesthetic.  I did start to feel discomfort, they dipped me under for a few minutes and I had some polyps removed.  Only other thing, they confirmed I have Crohn’s ( I know that) but no inflammation.  The polyps were fine, nothing nasty, the peace of mind was incredible, and to think I nearly didn’t go through with it.  Go for it, explain what’s worrying you.  Afterwards I just felt a bit bruised inside, they even phoned a few days later to be sure everything was okay.  I can’t tell you about the endoscopy, so long ago and things have changed for the better i’m sure.  Good luck.
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    My first colonoscopy was absolutely nothing to worry about.  I was careful what I ate leading up to it, then followed the 'clear out' instructions carefully.  It was not as bad as I expected! The actual procedure was fine.  I was given a 'cocktail' and felt nice and relaxed and carefree! I watched it on a screen and listened to a little commentary by the doctor doing the procedure.  No ill effects afterwards.  I think the worse thing was that whilst in the waiting area, I still felt as if I had not quite emptied my bowel.  I explained this when I went in and was told that that is perfectly normal and not to worry. 

    The second one I had was done under different circumstances.  I had been admitted to hospital mid flare and they were unable to successfully do the colonoscopy because I was apparently 'distressed' and completely blocked. However, I don't recall being distressed so they must have sedated me more than they did for my first one.  I only mention this to show how knowledgeable they are of your current state and how they really do not cause you any discomfort. 

    Both times, the information gleaned from the examination has been so useful (even the second one showed how much healthy gut I had remaining), so well worth it.  I hope all goes well; I'm sure you will be fine. 

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