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Crohn's Disease

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  • Emmsj 1

    Orofacial granulomatosis - Crohns disease

    Hi I have just been diagnosed with orofacial granulomatosis OFG -v uncommon auto immune disease which is dietary related & have been placed on a cinnamon & benzoate free diet which I'm really struggling with. I am having further allergy tests soon & a colonoscopy to see whether I have underlying

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  • kerry19109 2

    3weeks post surgery

    So it has been 3 weeks now since I had my bowel resection. Everything is going ok I think? I had no bowel movement after surgery for 11 days which caused me concern, however all was ok when it finally did happen. I have introduced a couple of foods that there was no way I could of tolerated before

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  • jessef888 2

    Is their a more natural "cure" for crohns, I hate medicine!

    I've been diagnosed with crohns sense 2nd grade. I am now 16 and have been taking Pentasa for years. Each capsule is 500mg and i take 6 a day! I'm not a big medicine person and was wondering if anyone has kept thier crohns in remission with a more natural attempt. Perhaps staying away from certain

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  • kelly58419 3

    MRI results

    Hi all, After I got sick in December from having severe bloody diarrhea and a calproctecin of greater than 6000. Then having a colonoscopy in February which revealed inflammation but they couldn't get to the small bowel so I had a Small bowel MRI done and just seen my consultant for the results.

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  • grace76608 2

    in remission but still have mild pain

    Hi all, I have mild crohns which was diagnosed September 2016. I've taken steriods and autoimmune supressants which worked but also gave me side effects. I am now in remission says the doctor from my last colonoscopy however I still experience some mild pain. Has anyone else been through this?

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  • jessef888 2

    How to maintain school and crohns flare?

    Hi everyone, I am 15 I got diagnosed with crohns when I was about 8. I have been in remission for about 4 years now. About a week ago I noticed blood in the toilet in which I thought was just my period. But I was wrong I started to bleed in larger amounts and started attaining more flare like

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  • lil16494 1

    Could it be Chrons?

    So I plan on seeing a doctor soon, about another week and I will have heath insurance. But I was wondering if maybe some of you could help me out. My grandmother on my maternal side had Chrons and I am afraid I may have it. When I was young I noticed blood in my stool for the first time. I told my

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  • suz2104 2

    Early mild crohns

    Hi I am having a dilemma with 13 year old daughter. On 3/5/2016 last year my daughter got a sudden onset of abdominal pain. Was a stabbing pain in lower right abdomen in line where terminal illieum is. Was susspected appendicitis but after ultrasound decided it wasn't. The pain has continued every

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  • newhopes123 2

    Stool test result..

    Have constant nausea for 2.5 years now. Went to 4th GI who order usg, stool test. Got results. Usg - Have grade 1 fatty liver. Stool results are as follow. - 1. Mucus - present 2. Blood - absent 3. Ph - acidic 4. Occult blood - negative 5. Pus cells - 2 - 4 6. Rbc - absent 7. Veg cells / fiber -

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  • sarah1788 3

    Constipation straight to diarrhea

    Hi hope this is not a problem posting on this group, I see the doctor in two weeks for a colonoscopy. I have not been diagnosed with any IBD but awhile back when I had gallbladder removed I told doctor I was looking up stuff on the web to help self diagnose myself. He said he didn't mind at all, as

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  • decndor 3

    Side effects of crohns

    Hi, As I have informed the forum several times in the past, I have been suffering from crohns now for the past 53 yrs. and during that time have had several spells in hostpital undergoing a number of operational Procedures. ​I don;t have good days, I have resonable days and unreasonable days that 

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  • kerry19109 2

    Help! Surgery in 3 days, but no symptoms at the moment!

    Hi, I will try to keep this as brief as possible! I have been diagnosed with crohns for 17 yrs, but had it for approx 22! I suffered the usual to start with, toilet visits sickness, skin rashes, and very sore mouth. I had an appendix op which turned out to be crohns and symptoms worsened at

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  • Bricklayer 2

    Suspected Crohn's

    Since last July, have had issues with my stomach, in particular, blood and mucousy stools. GP referrred me to a Bowel specialist, who , initially performed a flexible sygmoidoscopy. It indicated I had a couple of small polyps ( all clear ) and a 10cm patch of inflamation in my bowel. Following the

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  • sarah1788 3

    Dealing with nausea and pain

    Hi can u all tell me what you take to get the nausea and stomach pain under control? What does the doctor usually prescribe you for pain bc of crohn's.

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  • rose45257 2

    Can't get back to how I was before?

    Hi all, I have a long a complicated history of abdominal pain and diarrhoea for many years. To try and summarise I was diagnosed with crohn's in the terminal ileum a year ago and have recurring iron deficiency anaemia which I have iron infusions in hospital as I can't take any oral iron. I also

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  • sarah1788 3

    Blood test results

    Hi I haven't been diagnosed with Crohn's disease but I've never had any test done either. I've been suffering for almost 2 years not with sever abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, night sweats and what feels like flu like symptoms with out the fever. Though I've had a random fever

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  • sarah1788 3

    I'm at lost here, please help me with diagnosis?

    About a year and a half ago I got left side upper abdominal pain under ribs, I thought it was my colon but the surgent suggested gallstones. He said it would be cheaper to check for stones before going in for a colonoscopy. So of course the ultrasound showed stones. I had no insurance so I applied

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  • cyberfruits 2

    Medicine for Crohns/ Diarrhoea help and info needed

    Hi I hope to get some info and help I have Crohn’s Disease and Ankylosing spondylitis for over ten 15 years now and have taken steroids and Mezavant XL 4800mg  which always have worked, but have caused a cataract. I am now on Mezavant XL 4800mg and weekly Humira injections for 6 month. At first

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  • amy 5092 1

    Help please detecting chromes when not in flare

    Hi everyone iam just looking for a bit of advice really so August last year I started experiencing some really bad stomach pains which was originally more the left of the abdominal put the went to lower right it was like really really bad cramping I also was having bad hip and lower back pain. it

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  • audrey74 1

    Hi I had my Colon removed 4 years ago and now I am concerned

    I still have my sigmoid colon and on imuran. Been doing well until three days ago. Have stomach pain constant and nagging along with burning feeling in my stomach. Now I am concerned I am out of remission. Guess I need to see my physician. Just worried. Any suggestions or herbal remedies??????

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  • aimee47201 2

    Crohns in the mouth

    For a while now I have been trying to get a current flare up under control. I am currently taking prednisone and I am having 6 weekly infusions of infliximab. All my symptoms have cleared up, no stomach pain, no diarrhoea etc. However I have many painful ulcers and sores in my mouth, it sometimes

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  • Laureate20 2

    Please help! Confusion over diagnosis

    Hi everyone I would really like some advice please unfortunately I have been suffering with stomach problems for years and it has been awful the past year I suffer from the following symptoms • very bad stomach pain after I eat anything • diarrea after eating almost anything • nausea • mucus •...

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  • angie18891 1

    Extremely high Calprotectin 1800!

    Please can someone give me some advice? My son has had 2 tests one in Dec and one in March both results are up at 1800!! He had this test in 2013 which was negative and has suffered stomach problems undiagnosed for years. He had an endoscopy last July which was clear and now is going in for both

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  • kaziehan 2


    I am due to have Botox injections to try to heal a long standing anal fissure. Has anyone had these and what can I expect afterwards?

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  • annie76946 2

    Is it a partial blockage?

    Since friday i've been having sharp pain that come and goes right below the stomach where my doc says it's narrowed and will need surgery, but i still have some bowel movements, less than usual. I dont know if i should go to the hispital or not? Thank you for your advice Annie

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  • annie76946 2

    Waiting for resection surgery

    I recently learn that i need another surgery for my large bowel, it is 18cm narrowed and they couldn't finish the colonoscopy because of that and the strictures. Until then i have to be very careful of what i eat to prevent what food should i not eat, or that could cause a blockage?

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  • craig84609 5

    Entivio for Crohn's Colitis, how well does it work?

    I have either Crohn's Disease or UC. I was originally diagnosed with UC, but as time has gone, things have changed. I now have issues with absorption. I am low on Vitamin D, B12, Protein and Potassium. I have been losing weight fairly quickly. I went down three pants sizes in two months and dropped

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  • kelly58419 3

    Confused with diagnosis

    Hi all, I've received a letter referring me to see the gastroenterogist consultant. There was so much confusion as who I was meant to see it being the ibd clinic or gastroenterologist as I might sound stupid but thought they were the same. Firstly my referral letter States I had symptoms in DEC

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  • kelly58419 3

    Consultant appt

    I had my consultant appt today. Prior to this i was told its very likely i have crohns disease. The consultant said they had a meeting and discussed my case and agreed that i don't fit the criteria of crohns and its more likely I had an infection. He said because i had symptoms only lasting a

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  • Taylor1042 2

    Stomach problems doctors tests coming up blank what to do next

    My 16 year old daughter has been suffering since April 2015 with constant nausea (but not being sick), acid reflux, dizziness, fatigue and slow weight loss (appetite was okay) it came on all of a sudden. She was admitted with suspected appendicitis in the September 2015 as she was having bad

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  • UKMattG 2

    What is 'managed Crohns'?

    It took around five years to get here, and for the last 8 months I've had a diagnosis of mild Crohns. It's now what my GE believes is 'managed Crohns' with a calprotectin level of 100 vs 500 originally. Following 2 months of mild steroids (oral budisonide) I had a short break before moving to a

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  • Manxgirl 1

    Orafacial granulomatosis

    Hi my son was diagnosed with orafacial granulomatosis about a year ago and I haven't really been told much about it. When he first got diagnosed he was given steroid mouth wash for 3 months and then he was put on high dose of steroid tablets and was told not to drink fizzy drinks. He is now of the

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  • fran54405 2

    Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome & Crohns Link?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Crohn's in September and started taking Azathioprine in October and have been on 150mg since December (100mg Oct-Dec). Ever since Dec, I have had what I would call 'episodes' of severe sickness which starts in the morning around 6.30am, horrific right shoulder pain all

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  • cathwilms 2

    Possible Crohns??

    New to this group, however I did post in Abdominal Disorders. I have had diarreah for 13 months.  Eight months ago, it went from just bad diarreah to watery diarreah.  Uncontrollable and have many accidents; don't always get a warning, just runs out. The shower has become my bidet!  Had a

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  • esther77657 2

    Painful trapped wind

    I recently had a blockage in my bowel and spent 10 days in hospital on steroids and starting humira in the hopes that surgery could be averted for now. I was advised to stick to a low residue diet once home, the steroids are being reduced week by week and the plan is that I will probably need my

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