Coming off BP meds

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I am on Atenolol 25mg . Amlopodine 5mg and Lisinipril 10mg

No heart issues or illnessess

I want to cut down on this medication . I occasionally  leave one or two out for a day but how do i cut down permanently.

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    What was your BP before treatment? What is your BP now?

    You should consult your doctor as things can be a bit tricky.

    Atenolol and other Beta blockers can be dangerous to stop cold turkey as you can get a strong rebound affect. It takes weeks for Amlodapine to be out of your system, so at first you might think you are good without it, but then it could be trouble later as it clears your system.

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      Been on meds for a few years. Was suffering with hypertension.

      I weigh 10stone  and eat healthily. More than i used to and take natural plant sterols for cholesterol.

      Varies from 134-76 141- 80 128-75

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    My sister who is a very senior nurse, told me I MUST KEEP TAKING my blood pressure tablets. 

    Oh I growled I don't want to be on these forever, you have no choice now you have started on them she replied.

    Then went on to explain to me, the only way I could get off them was to lose about 30 kilos, and have a very low reading for some months with the Dr, he would then step down your doseage very slowly and carefully.

    Historically my family does not have blood pressure issues even though we are not stick thin, Mum was overweight her entire life, and had very low blood pressure her entire life, I never thought I had a blood pressure problem either, until Dr told me.

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      What is the science behind 'You  have no choice now you have started on them '? I have heard this before and often wondered at the reason. Does it mean that if  I had never started on the damn things and lowered my BP by more natural means I could now be living a med free life.

      I do so agree with you Lyn - I  hate the 'for life' stigma.  How I would like to turn back the clock especially as I am now at high risk of diabetes. I assume the 2 things are linked.

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      As i understand it, like I said my sister is a senior nurse, she's the one who told me, never stop taking your BP meds without Dr's permission, you can get a overeaction from your body, and your blood pressure can go higher than ever, and that becomes life threatening.

      Overweight is our biggest problem, it is for me, if I could only reduce myself to a more normal weight, I probably would not have to take BP meds, and also would be in a less risk of diabetes.

      I have been on many diets, and do not consider I eat unhealthy, but I have a weight issue, all 95kgs of it, husband gets very frustrated with me eating less than a five year old, is the way he puts it.

      Last year bit the bullet and went to a dietian, finally found one that made sense of what I was eating and what I was not, even she agreed I was not eating unhealthy foods, just a little too much, we changed my meat to palm sized pieces, fish and chicken, as beef does not agree with me, indigestion. and lots and lots of green and coloured veges, with no sauces, no salad dressing, no salt, takes a while to get used to eating that way, but now enjoy it.

      Breakfast is now half a cup of cornies with a banana & slim milk, and cup of coffee.

      Lunch is a salad, a bit plate, of lettuce, fish, tomatoes, cucumber, and egg every second day, carrots, beetroot, pickle my own in vinegar, YUMMMM.

      Staying away from bread products and that has helped my arthritis pain and swelling, rheumo said it will not make a difference, as I am not celiec, but it has, and I have been able to reduce my meds, rheumo said as long as I am eating healthy, she really has no probelms with me eating no wheat products.

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      I first went on them as i had a rib injury so started suffering with hypertension. (A few years ago)The nurse told me now i was on them that was it.

      Started with duretic water tablet then gradually crept up to beta blockers ect. I have been retired a few years now so no more stress from work but my brain is foggy so im thinking its the meds. Feeling sleepy when i know im not tired. They kind of rule your life. Im going to cut them in half and check bp once a week. Got a GP call to discuss reducing them but thats next week.

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      I do agree you can't stop them without being weaned off them gradually. I allowed myself to be frightened by a dr into taking them without [imo] allowing myself sufficient time to try by natural means. I felt then [and still do] that drs. will just put you on meds regardless if they can tick certain boxes. Then it's on your notes for ever.

      When I started taking them I did need to lose some weight, so I lowered my salt intake and frankly did all the things they say you should but still the BP remained higher than it should. So now I'm in their sights for ever and haveto have reviews every 6 months.. I just hate the whole business.

      I did however buy the Fast Diet book by Michael Mosely and became fascinated with the science of the whole thing.I would recommend it. I lost over 2 stone five years ago and have never regained it. For about 35 years I was a weight watcher and realised suddenly that what they preach - and the NHS  is just as bad - is quite wrong:  high carb and low fat doesn't keep you feeling full long enough . It's not sustainable and it makes the blood sugar rise too.

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      Ive just brought a book from Agora Health . Natural Secrets to disease proof your heart.

      Its very informative about certain supplements and foods to help reuduce BP.

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      "Feeling sleepy when i know im not tired." "no more stress from work".

      I am also on 3 meds. Losartan, HCTZ and Bystolic. The one I would like to eliminate the most is the beta blocker Bystolic. The good about beta blockers is that they keep your heart from racing when you are stressed. The bad is that they slow your metabolism and can cause weigh gain and fatigue. I gained 20 pound after beginning beta blockers. 

      If I were you, and no longer in a high stress environment, I would be working with my doctor to get off the Atenol first. This would leave you with an ACE and CCB, which is a very powerful combo with good synergy. You should find it much easier to lose weight without the beta blocker.

      What kind of exercise do you get? For me, walking 30-40 minutes a day makes a big difference in my BP.

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