Coming off Mirtazapine 15.

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Hey there!

I went to see my GP today about stopping Mirtazapine. I've been taking 15mg since March last year and while I felt like it did help with my depression in hindsight I've realised just how bad my anxiety became. I've always been quite shy on the inside and found interacting with people - especially those I'm unfamiliar with - nerve racking. But I seldom had what I would recognise as an anxiety problem before last year. It also felt a lot better than Sertraline which had given me all kinds of trouble. Anyway, whilst on it I began obsessively worrying about tiny little issues, to the detriment of my friendships and my mental health overall. I've been feeling better recently and want to be medication free.

Anyway the GP created a very sketchy timetable by hand. It was linear initially, missing a dose extra each week and then he sort of threw in the towel so the end result was pretty comical but also seemed to drop way too fast. I've rehashed it myself so that it follows the following total weekly dose: 90, 75, 60, 45, 30, 22.5, 15, 7.5, Stop.

However I've read quite a few horror stories on here and so I guess what I'm asking is; a). do the majority of people have to taper very conservatively b). regardless of a). is my plan too hasty?


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    There is a support group on facebook that is very helpful. They say 10% a month and recommend changing to liquid form to be more accurate. I have just been off for 3 days and withdrawals are hell. If you want to join group let me know because I will have to friend you to add you.

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    Slow wins the race. Go slower than the numbers you presented. SLOW.

    Many, many books say reduce 10% per month. 10% ! 10 % off 90=81....

    but then you must take 10% off 81 ! .. So each reduction is smaller and

    smaller. 10% off of 81 = about 73... then 10% off of 73.....Not linear.

    Believe me, a doctor did not ween me off a benzodiazepine and i have

    never, never been the same. I had seizures and almost died. WEEN slowly.

    Haste makes waste. Use a pill cutter or an exacto knife if needed to

    ween properly.. Calculate. Remember - each ween is smaller and smaller.

    Eventually you will hit your target of no medication... Work with a doctor

    that will ween you off how YOU want to ween.. YOU decide for you.

    Be good to yourself.

    Good luck..

    keep everyone informed.

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    I dont think stopping at 7.5mg is a good idea. I'm doing 5% each week and I have only been on them 4 months. I had mine compounded to liquid because I couldn't get liquid form. I've had some brain zaps but not painful and a couple days of nausea. I have insomnia and it has gotten a little worse since tapering but hard to say if it's due to mirtazapine since I already had it the whole time with mirtazapine as I was prescribed it for insomnia but it never helped. so my insomnia gets a little better than gets worse so I'm not sure it has to do with taper at all.

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      5% a week may be too fast. Do 5% every 3 - 4 weeks.. realize that

      the Mirtazipine is mostly causing the insomnia as the brain is

      " Rebounding ", into a kind of hyperactive state. The drug was helping

      to calm you, and when people ween, the brain goes in the opposite

      direction and becomes extra active. Be calm.. Go SLOW.. A little

      insomnia might be part of the withdrawal process... .. ( i went

      20 nights without sleep, because of too rapid withdrawal from bad

      doctors ,, 20 nights ! )... So you will be fine.. Stay calm and be

      patient. Study books that talk about , Rebound. ..Dr. P. Breggin

      is an expert in the field concerning withdrawal of any psyche drug.

      Be good to yourself.. Seek knowledge and truth. Many doctors

      are not taught about these drugs..

      best regards..

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    I agree with the general advice above. You probably can't stop at 7.5 without withdrawal effects. It's taken me about 6 months to get down from 7.5 to almost zero. I tried stopping at 2.0 and had bad withdrawal symptoms.

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    I was on 15mg of mirtazipine back in 2013 for manic depression and mild anxiety they mad me feel like I was constantly drunk so after 7 months I come off them all together had the worst experience of my life and I was only 23 at the time so I would slower the does first and see how u go

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      I think I'm gonna try the timetable I've set out and see how it goes.

      I previously tried to taper down to 7.5 per day directly and spent that week not sleeping and feeling generally awful. I guess we'll see!

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      Taper about 10% per month or even slower.. Slow wins the race... All these psyche drugs are physically addicting, changing the brain... Go SLOW.. let the brain very gradually adjust and heal.

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    Sorry, but I feel the 10 % per month (taking 10 months to stop) is not necessary for most, especially for those who haven't been on it for years.

    10 % every 2 weeks is more reasonable for most.

    For those who took ADs for max. 6 months even 20 % every 2 weeks seems fine.

    Also, at 7.5 mg of Mirt you're basically just getting an antihistamine effect, the withdrawals from which last between 7 - 14 days, so going below 7.5 mg is not absolutely necessary for everyone.

    The torture is the noradrenergic withdrawals (Mirt is an antihistamine and noradrenergic and a serotonin antagonist) which last from 2 to 4 months on average it seems.

    So from 30 to 7.5 should go as slow as you need.

    For me - 30 to 15 was quite easy. but 15 to 7.5 is a b*****d and I'd suggest at least 2 months for that. (that's where you're going from a moderate AD effect to virtually NO antidepressant effect).

    Also, if you're feeling without energy, try taking l-tyrosine on an empty stomach before breakfast and lunch (but not later - possible insomnia)

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