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Hello all,

I am after some friendly advice. 12 Jan I had a riding accident, hurt my shoulder. It was previously injured (dislocation/fracture of humerus) and it's been weak ever since. Doc put me on cocodamol as of 14th, and then on the 17th I was back at docs because they were making me sick. He put me on tramadol. 2x 50mg tablets three times a day.

I wasn't warned about any possible side effects, other than they may cause drowsiness.

11 weeks later, I can't kick it. I no longer require the tramadol for pain. They tried a weaning programme. I was given Tramadol SR tablets. I cut from 300mg a day to 200mg. One tablet morning, one tablet evening for a week. The week after I was cut down to 100mg tablet in the morning, then nothing.

I lasted a day before I used some left over regular tramadol.

The effects were horrific when I initially changed the dosage, but I thought it would be okay with cutting down and then coming off completely. I was ready for some side effects, but not what happened in reality.

Headaches, nosebleeds, sickness, sweats, freezing cold, aggressiveness, exhaustion, tearful, restless, insomnia.

I had some very very dark thoughts that I haven't had in years. I took the tramadol and felt ten times better.

I have a doctor's appointment today, but they tend to be as much use as a chocolate teapot. Any recommendations or information you think will be helpful to take with me is greatfully appreciated.

A nurse over the phone expressed she thought that the time frame for coming off them was too short, and the leap from 100mg to none was too much.

Please help.

I know I have a problem, but I'm scared to come off them and become the horrid, nasty person I was at the weekend. My rational thoughts tell me once I stop for good I'll be back to normal, but I don't have those rational thoughts when I try and come off them. I need them to cope with the most simple of tasks.

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    Hello there, I am so sorry to hear your problems. I've been on Tramadol for approx. 5 years and desperate to come off. I've tried before and just like you totally could not cope with the sweats, utter utter anxiety that is beyond words, insomnia, aches. So this time I've research and researched how to come off and I've only reduce by one tablet so far (was on 250mg per day now on 200mg) and with two hours of the reduction I had pins and needles and all the classic symptoms. From what I have read some people you have taper off very slowly so I agree with that nurse going from 100mg to nothing was perhaps too much. Shame the meds doesn't come in lower mg. I despair with my docs as they don't have a clue what it is like to come off meds. (I have a rare neurological condition and this is not the first time I've suffered at the mercy of withdrawal)

    I'm not much help but I'm here to share if you need to.

    Hope you got better than you thought at the doctors.


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      Hi Wobbly68

      I have been on Tramodol for five years and have managed to slowly reduce the amount by taking a tablet,Tramadol hydrochloride/Paracetamol,which is 37.5 mg and 325 mg respectively,this is slightly helping me to reduce the amount of Tramadol I take,but if I go too far as you all say the symptoms are horrendous.Why couldn't  the experts warn us? I hope this may help a little 

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    Hi Jakki,

    Thank you for your input! At times I feel I am going crazy, but it's comforting to know other people have had the same experiences.

    I am at the docs in 1 1/2 hours. I will let you know what they decide.

    When people say "Just stop" I wish I could. I'm not taking the pills because I think it's funny. It's frustrating me trying to explain the intense feelings I have to them without sounding like an ammy dramatic.

    I was on 50mg tablets, taking two three times a day. I may speak and see if I start the programme again that I finish off on these.

    The thought of going to the docs to try and get this sorted makes me feel sick with worry and anxiety.

    I hope that your journey is successful, Jakki. Please keep me updated. From everything I have read it seems that every individual person has different ways and different methods, just like it effects everyone differently

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      hi im here reading this as ive been taking 2 50mg tablets 3 times a day, shamfully buying online as ive had so much difficultly with my doctors and i was in a desparate state of withdrawal

      im now tapering and today ive had 3 50mg tabs instead of 6 its horrendous but im sticking with it

      i hope you manage to become free of these bloody things, stay strong im backing you all the way

      thank you for this thread its a real help x

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    I have just come back from the docs. After explaining what happens a "So what do you want me to do?" near enough finished me off. I could tell by his mannerisms that he has no real experience with this sort of thing, he was thinking of ten different solutions, but for one reason or another they wouldn't work out. I am glad I took my dad with me, so he could back me up and how bat sh*t crazy I was over the weekend.

    I am currently on 4 tablets a day. 100 mg morning, 100mg lunch. I don't take them in the evening as it makes it harder to sleep.

    So now I take one 50mg tablet three times a day for a week, then two 50mg tablets a day for a week, then one 50mg tablet for a week. I have also been prescribed diazepam 5mg for anxiety and the restlessness/insomnia. Having had this before I know it wipes me clean out, and sleeping tablets are short acting. So when I feel like I'm going crazy and having a melt down, I take the diazepam along side it.

    He is also trying to find liquid tramadol so that when I finish the 50mg dose a day, I can do a lesser dose.

    I'm lucky enough I live at home or with my boyfriend. My father has said he will take the tablets and give me the dose I require as prescribed. I warned him I may turn in to a spitting snake when I cut down trying to get more as it is out of my control, but he is okay with that.

    We have glourious weather at the moment, so staying warm isn't a big issue. I was having serious problems with being very, very cold. Blue lipped cold.

    I will let you know how it all goes.

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      Its great that you have a support system that will be there with you through this withdrawal process. I just wanna know if anyone has finished withdrawing and how long it took.
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      Hi fizzy soap how did things go. Are you off the tramadol xx
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      hi fizzy, please do let me know if tramadol is available in liquid form, as it will do me a favour if i get any withdrawal this week when i stop my last 50 mgs on weds im planning, did you mention a week or so ago, that the capsulecan be opened and the powder split in two, as from stopping at 50 on weds if its abit difficult ill try that.. please do get back to me some gps really get my anger boiling but it only drives me more now, where as before id be resentfull when she started taking away all my anti ds away and i could have someone to blame for the way i was feeling, i didnt want to see her at all as the way she left me over xmas was dreadfull and would have kicked off at here so i saw another gp woman in the surgery for a few weeks and when she saw the rate she reduced meshe was appalled and thats her co partner,i asked if she could become my doctor from now on, but said i cant as dr deaths got her own plan, so after nxt week and im off the tramadol, which ive done myself, im off to a new practice, so there it is, but would really like to know if it comes in liquid form, im glad weathers helping you, and keep an eye on your mood as patience goes out the window people can be intolerable and throwing your toys out the pram, or being destructive in fits of rage, but i like the spitting snake phrase, god bless, fizzy, and one day at a time, thee only way is up even if you have to visit the pit  first and even then you may be stripped down more to hopelessness to appreciate you need something spiritually in your life to fill the void, but this has been my experience several times in order to grasp something ive been missing all my life but was always concscious there has to be something more than pill popping and useing black market class a drugs, so go well fizzy pain and discipline creates charachter it dont feel it going through it but it does and makes you stronger... al. x
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      No, tramadol does not come in liquid. You can crush it or take apart capsules and put the powder in a liquid supension of childrens vitamins. you would have to do the calculations as to the amount of tramaol per unit. I did try this, and used a dropper. I did not continue this way though. I found it prolonged the withdrawal. I just stopped, told myself I had flu, depression, and parkinsons rolled into one for a week. I did, however have a tiny bit of liquid morphine left from an operation years ago. I was able to use that in tiny amounts for three days, and that dampened the worst side effects for the three days I used it. 
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      Hi,  When you went cold turkey how long before the side effects stopped?  I have been withdrawing slowly for a year now.  Have had permanent headaches.  Went down to 50mg twice daily and the headaches switched to continuous migranes.  I cant do this any slower.  Was at 400mg daily.  Gone back up to 150mg per day so the migranes have gone back to constant headaches.

      Any advice?  Georgia

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      Hi alan,I have lived in germany for the last 3 years and have been reducing my tramadol and as a backup when needed I take tramadol drops in a pump bottle,each pump of the bottle is 12.5mg and as its quick release its a good backup to keep in the cupboard,if they do it here I'm sure it will be there you might have to search the internet for a number so the dr or chemist can find it ,bye for now.
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      Hey there....

      Ive gone from (10) 50 mg tablets down to one! Its taking about 2 months now. Im a big baby so Im going very slow. Valerian root tablets help you sleep and when I do wake up in the middle of the night w side affects I go eat dark chocolate or ice cream. These types of treats produce similar chemicals in the brain that tramodol does. Know that you will have some discomfort but you can do it.

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    Hi there, what are doctors like sometimes I despair with them. Glad your dad went with you. My dad is supportive whom I live with. I'm on diazepam but 2mg it's another medication we need to be careful with. If you find out tramadol comes in liquid form I'll be interested to know. The withdrawal for today has been a little easier so hoping I can reduce again soon. This time last year I was on 47 tablets got that down to 17. Please feel free to private message me if you want to let rip at any time as I know it's not easy.
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      Hi wobbly. You were the first person I've heard that takes a large amount of tramadol. Did you mean 47 tablets or 47 capsules per day.?right now I'm doing between 50 and 60 a day. How long of you been doing this?i've got to get off of this I just can't seem to faze down. I'm thinking about cold turkey but I'm not sure.I need to be in incarcerates . What was the the the Neurons drug you were taking? did you say diazepam I'm sorry I can't remember. It sounds like you're doing a great job of cutting down I sure wish you luck and I'll check back and see how you're doing. If you have any advice or any ideas please let me know
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      Hi I see you message is pretty recent so I thought I would reply. I only take 8 tablets a day so I suppose that is nothing compared to your usage but our battle is the same. I once got down to 4 then thought I would jump off, the day's weren't too bad if I kept myself busy but oh my god the nights!! They were horrendous the anxiety and the restless leg, handfuls of zopiclone and diazepam could not knock me out. In fact one night after handfuls of the two I can very vaguely remember running a bath at about 3 in the morning and my husband coming and taking me back to bed. I also remember calling him by my ex husbands name not a good move! That was night 4 and I wrongly assumed the worst was over!  The next night exactly the same and I couldn't stand it any longer gave in, shoved about 5 tramadol down my neck and slept like a baby. Have you a partner if so what for they say, my husband goes nuts. I wish he would realise how hard it is. I must admit I quite enjoy taking them and that they made no difference to me or my behaviour but the other day my son was really off with me and when I asked why he said "I talk to you and it takes you about 10 minutes to reply, it's like you're out of it, you're never there" that shocked me. The same son is having a baby in March so I have until then to get my act together because I would hate for him to not let me look after the baby. I am going to try to get down to three on my own then jump and ask the doctor for strong zopiclone and diazepam and speak to them about suboxone. I could do with someone to talk to that understands so please keep in touch. I also take pregabalin so if I ever beat the diazepam that's next! I've got a long long road ahead and when I think about it I could cry. I don't know if I will ever get the old me back.
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      My heart goes out to you jo. I know exactly what you're going through. Family & people close to you find it hard to understand, & they look at it as a defect of character or a weakness of will. It's not so much the pill usage that damages relationships, it's what happens when you decide you need to stop. That struggle ended my 23 year marriage. Not that the usage isn't to blame, but it's the withdrawal, depression, & struggle to stop that seems to hurt relationships. I've decided it's best to taper slowly & get on an antidepressant to help offset the depression that comes about. Benzos never seemed to help me with the hard stuff, they seemed to only make it more frustrating & depressing. They are depressants in themselves. Hot baths helped me most but when coming down cold turkey nothing would get me to sleep. 

      I just wanted to let you know I understand what youre going through.

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      First off  Jo every is gonna be okay, maybe not the way you like, but it's not

      terminal,don't beat yourself up too much...don't talk bad to yourself. Take an hour and talk to yourself and sincerely forgive yourself. I know your are still in the noncommitted stage of this, so am I, but you do have a plan. Just forgive yourself and it will be easier to solve the bigger problem. Don't worry too much about your son saying you are spaced out. It doesn't change the fact that he still loves you just as much as he always has. Soon you will be back to normal and you can easily make up the lost time....I sound so full of sh*t giving advice, but is true but I'm in the same shape you are. Sometimes it hard to take your own advice.

      I can't help but wonder about how you know so much about all the drugs which will help you kick Tramadol.  You're very knowledgeable, are you a pharmacist?... Hey have you ever thought about why most people with a tramadol addiction are usually older people...I mean this is not a 17, 18,19 year old thing. 

      You're right when you say we are in the same foxhole, regardless of the amount of Tram we use. A problem for me is that because I live in Bangkok it's get and to abuse Tram. Every pharmacy has it. It's not illegal and you don't need a prescription.  You can buy a box of one hundred 50 mil capsules for ( let's see..($200 * 30baht= $6.00 (thirty baht = $1)  Very accessible. But I still can't believe the amount I am taking. It has a real psychological effect on my determination. 

      Do you have sex often, a lot or not so much? I ask this because one of the functions I've lost is the desire to have sex. I never have ask anyone about the affect for a woman. Maybe it is an enhancer. I would be really be interested to know.  What functions have you lost? I lost smell, my memory is terrible, sex, and dexterity. I sometimes can remember how to spell words I have used for ever.(I just had to look up dexterity) that's bad.  What about you? I'd really like to know. There may be some comfort in knowing I am not alone.

      Now, the reasons I like Tramadol. It's calming, but at the same time I have a lot of energy. I sleep only a little because when I do I can sleep 24 hours, seriously. It enhances the neurorecptors and gives me a positive attitude. It makes life in general very fun and I can handle conflicts without going nuts. It also makes it easier to stay in a terrible relationship which was not caused by Tram. I feel pretty sure I could not quit with her around, it would be horrible. I've probably forgotten a few off the reasons I like it so much? 

      Man, this is a long winded confession. What I can tell you Jo is that you can quit everything cold turkey and you WILL make it but you have to be able to take a punch. It's the fastest way and it will surely and it will give back some of your self-respect. You're looking at 4 -7 days of hell but normally day 4 is the apex. Of course it would be better to jump off at 4 or 2 or 1, but is that really gonna happen without other chemicals. I didn't say before but I cold turkeyed off Methone ( 10 years ago )  I won't kid you but it was tough and is one of the reasons I am having trouble with making my move.... I guess I'm a weakling. See their I went talking bad to myself... lemme rephrase, I guess I can say I'm a pharmaceutically challenged person prone to repetitive behavior. oh my god.... lol.  So I guess we can stay in touch if you want...I need a push.... I am truly sympathetic to you situation. If you answer this letter I will give you my other info. So Jo.... hope you're feel- ing better and know that you are not alone. Please forgive yourself it real-ly helps....good night Jo....Joy

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      Hi guys thank you so much for your replies it makes such a difference talking to,people who,understand. Yesterday I felt good and thought I would cut down to 7 for a week then 6 and so on. Then I go home, check my online banking and find the bank has reduced my overdraft by £700 now as we live of our overdraft this has left us with £256 for the rest of the month, I cried solidly for 2 hours then this morning swallowed a handful of tramadol to "help me cope!" So I guess I start again tomorrow!

      you ask about my libido, quite frankly I couldn't care less if I ever had sex again. My memory is shot, I forget names, words and can be in the middle of a sentance and forget what the hell I was talking about, not great when you work in a school. Although the tramadol gives me the energy to get things done at work when we sit down in the evening I could fall asleep mid sentance.

      You mention your relationship, can I ask why you don't get out, do you have children. My husband nags me constantly about tramadol, he calls me a druggie and can be really nasty. I am having a spinal epidural tomorrow and my husband said "that's good no more tablets", he thinks I can just stop.

      i used to have a drink problem, but have not had a drink for 12 years, I drank to mask my anxiety and I think I take tramadol for the same reason. it doesn't work for the pain anymore that's for certain.

      what is your long term plan mrdougjoy, do,you have one. Well whatever you decide I will support you all the way. You can talk me through those nights when I finally jump off and can't sleep. Please stay in touch. Lots of love Jo x

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      thank you so much for taking the time to reply. How long have you been off the tramadol now. My husband nagged and nagged me to come off the tramadol and then when I was nearly there he threw fhe zopiclone and diazepam I was taking to help me down the toilet. Why do that? My husband will not even take a headache tablet, doesn't drink and has never smoked. I used to have a problem with the drink but quit 12 years ago. I though at the fime I drank for fun but now I realise IT was to mask anxiety and this is the same reason I have abused the tramadol. My husband does not understand anxiety his motto is "get a grip" , Do you suffer from anxiety, it is a terrible thing. Hiw is your life now trac99811. I hope things are all going good. Please keep in touch it helps.  Much love Jo x
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      Hey jo

      Don't go worrying about this 'long long road ahead' that you mentioned. Just worry about doing the next right thing. You came here and was honest about your issues and expressed your desire to get well. Thats definately a step in the right direction and you deserve praise for it. Figure out the next positive move and commit to it. One step at a time.

      I started taking Tram for pain that had subsided after about 6 months and continued taking them for another two years for 'recreational purposes'. 

      I'm also a recovered alcoholic so should really have known better than to get involved with prescriptive painkillers

      Jo, it can be done. I kicked Tramadol cold turkey four months ago, it took me a week of bedrest and basically gritting my teeth through the long nights. I won't pretend it was pleasant but it was over a pretty shortwhile. I had spent months and months 'intending' to quit tramadol. What stopped me from quitting was worrying too much about the bad times that would come for a week or two of withdrawl, I should have been focusing on having my life back for the decades to come AFTER i get past the 'Tramaflu'.

      Good luck in your journey.

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      I am angry at the admin for this forum. twice now I have lost stuff which needed to be examined and could not get a copy of it before they deleted it. Last night I wrote you very heartfelt note. Took a couple of hour. I sent it and they censured it and left no way to copy for another medium. (e_mail or whatever)

      So anyway how are you. I see you met Denizen. Great guy and experienced... As I said before Denizen;s plan to prepare for hell week was the up, eat a lot, drink lots of fluids, eat a lot of vitamins and your body and mind will take less beating. I am not sure about the mind but for sure about the body, I guess the positiveness of preparing for it makes it seem more manageable. I want to  say, like I did last nite, not to beat yourself up about breaking down and taking the Tram. The overdraft thing would be frightening and like Denizen said you are taking positive steps.  I said on my letter last night that whensomething like  that happens to me (no money for a week or something) I never about paying rent, food, bills,etc) I automatically focus on the logistics of getting more Tram....Messed up priority. Any way Jo I am here and rooting for you..and the time will be right soon, I know for sure. Now you just need a little more confidence in yourself that can survive an extended ass kicking.... I already know you can.... let me know how your day was.......Joy

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      Hey Denizen, what's up? It's good to see you. I'm the guy with the excuses,, I hope everything is alright for you. I'm so close I want to scream...i'm just so hooked....I guess it's gonna have to be a kamakazi attack....
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      If you use Chrome, this extension is a lifesaver. It would have automatically saved your text. I'd guess there are extensions like this for other browsers. I left gaps around the "dot" in the hope of avoiding moderation, just close them.

      http://getlazarus . com/

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      I stand corrected. Lazarus doesn't work on all sites, and this is one of them. But it is still very useful.
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      I saw that this oat was recent so thought I wouldreach out. I have been on tram for about 6 years. I cannot handle the withdrawls, I felt as if I was going insane the cramping is unbarable, don't have many left and don't know what to one understands 
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      You're not alone. I've been on them myself for almost 5, taking more than I should most of that time. You'll have the opiate withdrawals stopping them cold, as well as the insanity of an antidepressant withdrawal. Best to taper slowly & maybe get on another SSRI antidepressant to lessen the blow to your brain. See a doctor to help you through it. Many on here are in the same boat. I'm down to 3 50mg a day & it's bearable. Slow & steady taper is the way to go.
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      Unfortunately I have put myself in a position that tapering is not an option.....I have 3 kids with busy little lives and I am so sad and scared and ashamed
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      I'm sure that makes it harder. Are you in the UK? I've found Pills Anonomous meetings here in the US. I'd still suggest being honest with a Dr first & foremost. I know tramadol for me was my energy, my morning coffee. Hard to stop if you don't have the space to do it. I kept kicking the can down the road for years, postponing getting serious about it. The search for an easy solution keeps you stuck.
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      I had been on Tramadol for 9 years taking 2 50 mg in the morning and 2 at night and sometimes on a bad day 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  I was given them for a bad neck and shoulder issue. It did the trick and I will admit I loved them. I had wondered over the last year how I was going to stop these and became concerned. I did not want to tell my family I was concerned becasue I had told them what was told to be they are not addictive. Well arond Sept 25th I called to refil my prescription and was told my Dr. just left for a 2 week vacation. I tried to get the Dr. on call to refill it but it did not happen.So that was the beginnning of my withdraw period.It was not pretty.I do work and for 2 weeks or so I could not sleep more tha 2 to 3 hours a night I had horrible RLS, I ached everywhere and had NO patience for any of my family. I could not eat I felt sicker than a dog. I could not watch TV or even read as I wanted to throw the book. So it was HELL !!! I have never been on any other drugs and thought nothing of it until I was out ! It is now November 7th and I feel so much better. I am alert, I sleep better, my smell and taste are so sharp which I thought was funny. During the several weeks of Hell I took 3 to 4 Ibuprofin at a time several times a day. I took over the counter sleep aides did not work. I had a friend come over and give me Ambien and they did not put me to sleep.the next day I took Benedry and then a few hours later took another and finally got a little more sleep. It is a progression of feeling better. I loved taking the Tramadol at night. It relaxed me and made my aches go away and I slept good. So I do miss that time however, that is the only thing I miss. I will never go back. so if you can with stand the first few week it does get much better. I just went to work and told everyone I was sick and not to come near me. I kow there are different ways but this worked for me. I pray everyone else finds their way as this is not good stuff !
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      "The search for an easy solution keeps you stuck."

      This reminded me of something I like to tell people, regarding any addiction. 

      It will never be any easier to quit than it is right now.

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      Thank you so much for the quick responses. ..I have gone the withdrawals twice the first time I didn't even know it was the tram causing it....The doctors have been passing it out like candy 240 a month. My sister and mom both got it too so sometimes I was taking as much as twice the proscribed amount....trying to fix myself somehow. I'm bipolar and have always found myself addicted to something.  Tram makes me feel good. Sorta. But I hate always thinking about them running out hunting some down. Got off them before and my dumb self went back to them after 6 months maybe less off them. I have all kinds of stuff wrong with my back but I cannot live like this anymore.  I am a stay at home mother of 3 and I am home alone everyday.  I have become such a recluse. I just sit in my room. During the day I try and stay awake to do stuff but I just get bored or lonely...I sleep because my dreams are better than my reality. My husband knows what is going on and said he would do whatever it takes but I really don't think he cares to be a part of it....He works all the time and the rest of the time he plans basketball with our kids and the team he runs. We discussed weening but he never takes them and follows threw and I have never made him because I feel to embarrassed and he has to much to worry about already
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      I'm in the us.  The thought of going to any kind of meeting literally makes me crawl in a hole
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      This is much like a meeting. Just being able to talk about what you're going through, & listening to others who are going through or have gone through it, helps tremendously. The message is "you can survive & get through it". It's hard, but I think the fear outweighs the reality of it. And it's a grieving process too, much like loosing a relationship you've become too dependent on. But it's become a dysfuntional relationship & you're better off without it.
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      Hi hon I understand completely. I tried to quit and on the fith night could take no more took a handful of tramadol and slept like a baby. Are you prescribed these. Are you married because my husband gives me hell over this. Don't beat yourself up about it, there are worst things you could do and this addiction can happen to anyone. How are you in the mornings, I wake up and am a bag of nerves until I take my tablets. My problem isn't just tramadol i am also on pregabalin, diazepam and amytriptyline, So which one do I try to cut down on first, I can't see an end to this so you're not the only one hun. My email is email me whenever you want, I would love someone to chat to.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service .

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      Hi hon I tried to send you my email but it won't let me. Please don't feel alone I understand completely. I tried to give up once and on the fith night could take it no more and took some tramadol, I could kick myself for that because I was probably so close don't be ashamed there are so many worse things you could be doing this addiction can happen to anyone. Does your husband know, my husband gives me hell, he calls me a druggie. I wake in the morning and am a bag of nerves until intake my tablets. My problem isn't just tramadol, I have back problems so also take pregabalin, diazepam and amytriptaline!! Maybe we can do this together slowly one day at a time. How many a day do you take. Let's try this together. 
    • Posted

      Ya my husband knows but only just recently.  Seems like he wants to help but then never actually does. Sometimes I Take upwards of 16 a day maybe more. Past couple of days very few because I'm almost out. I want so badly to be off them. .....
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      Tramadol withdrawal is harder than heroin. But it can be done, and it can be done in the US without help. I promise, you can do it. And you do need to. You also need to get to a doc for depression treatment. It sounds like you have developed some depression due to the pain, and the tramadol has been able to treat the depression and pain together. But taking tramadol intermitently and in irregular does will change how the brain processes chemicals, and you will find yourself getting more depressed. This is a physical depression, which is not the same as a mental depression - the difference being slight, but the physical is triggered by too quick a re-uptake of brain chemicals (so they are not available for use), while mental depression is triggered by emotional traumatic events. Getting treated for depression will in essence administer a less addictive and harmful drug than tramadol  to be the trigger in your brain to keep the 'happy' chemicals in the synapse for long enough to be taken up and used when needed. This will mean you will suffer fewer low moods and feel more able to function in the world of people. Untreated depression is not helpful for chronic pain issues. Getting treated for depression may not be a pain relief solution, but feeling better does help your ability to cope in pain and can improve your ability to find a low level of fitness. I live with chronic pain and am unable to take any pain medication due to taking tramadol for many years. This means I have to feel and manage all the pain. I would hate anyone else to get into the same situation. Stop the tramadol now, while other pain meds are still an option. Get the depression treated as soon as possible. The withdrawal is tough and lots of people can talk you through it every day on here. It has been done by others. You can do it too. 
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      It is possible to lower your tramadol dose if you do not have slow release by grinding up the pills and putting them in a child's vitamin suspension liquid. You would need to calculate the amount of tramadol per teaspoon. Then you can start to take less at each does by tiny increments. Some people do better cutting down very slowly like this. I found any reduction kicked in the withdrawals, and so I came down slowly to 200 a day and then just stopped. It is a rough ride. Planning to suffer a rough ride and getting mentally set is important. I gave all the tramadol to my husband who took it to the pharmacy for disposal, so I had no choice but to go through with it. If you find that you are tempted to take more for pain, or to alleviate withdrawal, or are tempted to take your next does early, even by 15 mins, then cold turkey is the better way, with no tramadol to be tempted with in the house. If you can get some codeine, it can help as it will put the withdrawal into two stages - letting you go through the mental anguish stage for a week while taking codeine, and then going through the physical symptoms when you stop codeine the second week. Get off the stuff, be off for a couple of weeks, then go to a doctor and tell them you need pain relief and depression help with a non addictive drug. Never again take any of the opiates or opiods. 

      no, you can't do the slow method with slow release tabs. It makes it all much too hard and intensifies the coming off and the mental anguish the whole way through. 

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      Hi there....well in my freaking out about the tram withdrawal I reached out to a friend who had norcos. ..took my last tram early Monday morning and been replacing them with norcos though I know they are stronger I am hoping that I can get off them easier than  tram. I haven't really been able to sleep. Been taking nyquil at night but wake up hours later with cramping. Even though I have been takin the norco half's I still have gone to the rest room Alot still have crazy chills and sneezing and mild cramping and can feel the anxiety. I have a doc appointment tomarrow. I just hope I can get off all this crap
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      I first took tramadol because it helped me with the withdrawals from norco. 
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      I don't really get the same feeling from Norco as I do the tram. So I hope it works rolleyes
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      I'm following several discussions, and can't remember what all you are already doing. That said...

      In theory, that should let you focus on getting over the SSRI withdrawals. Get that in balance, then tackle the pain med dependence. Keep the dosage to the minimum effective dose. And watch out for constipation. You could find abdominal conditions bouncing from one extreme to the other.

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      Ugh just got back from the doctor office. ...should have just lied and got what I wanted it would have been easier quicker and I would have been made to feel like a junky.... any who I was honest told her exactly what was going on. How I had My last trammie on Monday but had replaced them with norcos explained how the withdrawal was so horried. First the dumb woman suggested methadone. ...I immediately told her he'll no then she suggested Goin back on tram and taper. I said no freaking way am I ever putting the junk in my body again. It was like HELLO did u not just hear me say I stopped monday!!! I believe for me anyway the ssi and anxiety properties in tram are what cause me the most pain....any how after peeing in a cup and made to feel like a junkie. She per my request put me back on my lamictal ( bipolar manic depressive meds) and 15 Tylenol 3....
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      I know the feeling Jen. Had methadone suggested to me too in the past. That would feel like giving up. I've decided I can't get off tramadol without a slow taper. Doctor put me on Zoloft which I'm hoping will lessen the depression & anxiety of coming down off the tramadol. I'm taking 3 50mg tramadol a day which I'll start to slowly taper from once I've been on zoloft for a few weeks. Tapering has always been hard for me with a full bottle of tramadol by my side so I have to hand that over to someone that will help me, & only give me a weeks worth at a time. Even doing this my mood seems to go all over the place throughout the day, but after a week of zoloft I don't feel that deep hopeless depression that would creep in from time to time. I think the best thing that helps me is just talking out my feelings, which is what led me to this site. You're not alone in what you're going through & neither am I.
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      Hi Jo,

      I understand your pain!

      Tramadol is an insane drug, used for any purpose. I have just been discharged from 3 weeks spent in a neurology ward at hospital after having a really bad time coming off tramadol. I'm in my mid 20's and I have had to give up my dream job which I worked so hard to get, had to move cities back with my family from a place i loved living and am still suffering the remaining withdrawels, which I feel will be with me for some time.

      I was prescribed co-codamol 30/500 originally for my gastro problems of six years, however found these to have low efficacy. My gp then prescribed me tramadol 400mg a day. I didn't even take the full amount but found they turned me into a liability and I struggled with reading and presenting etc. so I stopped.........what followed is the worst experience of my life but one which has provided a valuable lesson and is still not over!

      After going ct within 12 hours I developed very very dark thoughts. felt my world was closing in on me and quite frankly felt suicidal. The cloud of undescribable depression started to loom and anxiety beyond words. Restless legs and lengthy panic attacks then ensued, followed by a seizure and sudden onset of a stutter. I felt I was going to die. I ended up in hospital and was admitted to the neurology ward and spent the next 3 days in what i can describe as utter hell, feeling trapped inside my mind and body of which I wanted to jump out of! I was offered all sorts of meds by the doctors to try to calm me down of which i declined all, do it properly do not replace one for another, I dont want scipts anymore they make things worse. After the initial 4 days things got ever so slightly easier, ie less panic attacks and shorter durations and my speech had just about become understandable. However, the crippling depression and anxiety, poor mobility and speach still remained! I spent the following weeks on vitamin drips, hydration drips and with the most insane insominia, i thought i was going crazy. After 14 days of literally not a minutes sleep I got to the point of despair and the doctors gave me 2 types of benzodiazepine, of which neither managed to make an impact. On day 16 i finally managed 4 hours sleep. I am now on day 26 and still suffering chronic depression, sadness, anxiety and insomnia but all are improving. I tend to measure improvement in weeks now rather than days as it is a slow process and alot of determination and will power required! If not for the love of my family i would not be here typing this, i would have taken the selfish route and ended it all I think!

      I wanted to respond in a frank manner to demonstrate that it is not easy, this drug has horrific withdrawels for some if not most and that it is a long have family who love you, family on their way that will love you and need your support growing up. This will be hard and take alot of time and remember during the process that when the depression and anxiety hits it will feel like it will NEVER end and you will NEVER return to normal which is how I felt. Just keep in your mind during the darkest hours that you WILL pull through and that things do get better. I found that reading people had similar symptoms and it was not just me going mad during my withdrawel helped me keep some kind of foresight and hope.

      There is a major battle ahead. Remember this is for you and blood family that you are doing this. Do not worry about your husband for now, if he loves you he will see you through this, if not he will go. Blood relatives are the ones that count now and will always be there waiting at the finish line.

      I'm 26 days in and still not there but I am 80% of the way i feel. Its months rather than days.

      Just to say i naturally suffer anxiety as well due to severe gastro problems. I am in my mid 20s and have to live on a pure liquid diet. It makes it hard to live a normal lifestyle for a person of my age, but you fight each battle as it presents itself to you. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Gratefullness for what you have is a must, for others it is taken away without their doing or wanting.

      Good luck, see you at the finish line!

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      Hi Cliffdogg

      I just wanted to say I found your post to be inspirational (as are many of posters attitudes and achievements on this forum). I too am on my 20s and have been on tramadol for various chronic and acute pain conditions. I managed to cut down from 8 x 50mg capsules to between 2-4 50mg capsules a day but I struggle on a daily basis with constant temperature issues- sweating so much that I feel cold due to the damp skin etc, restless legs which I struggle with most at night, feeling down and unable to cope when they're not in my system, all over muscle and skin pain, nausea, trouble eating, stomach issues, insomnia, irritability, etc yet when I take my first daily dose of 100mg in the morning, after an hour I get lifted up and feel like I can cope much better even though it no longer helps my pain etc. I can't take codeine because it makes me throw up constantly, fentanyl patches burned my skin, mst (slow release morphine) was the same causing awful withdrawal issues so I switched back to tramadol, oramorph gives me chest pain, all prescribed under my pain management team! Cyclizine and ondancetron melts don't even ease the nausea anymore! I've been diagnosed with bipolar, neuropathy, vein damage, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, ibs, anxiety, also being investigated for gastroparesis. I'm only in my 20s, unable to work or have a family due to all this. I just want some form of life back, more than just existing everyday. I'm thinking of going cold Turkey and just suffering through it for a week or two. But then I think what if it takes longer and I'm withdrawing over Christmas and new year (don't want to ruin it for my family - they're amazing and I'm very lucky to have them). I don't go out, I don't drink, I spend most of my days bedridden but on "good days" I do try my best to get out of the house with my family. 

      Tramadol has ruined my life and the doctors laughed at me 4years ago when I tried to tell them I was withdrawing from it. 4 years on and I'm still so unwell - they don't know why it is etc so this Friday in taking a printout of this forums comments with me to plead with my gp for some kind of help. 

      Thanks to everyone here, I think you're all very strong and courageous to take on the whole challenge of stopping tramadol! It's more horrific than anyone can really put into words but it really is a living nightmare. 

      Also, good luck to anyone who is going to try to stop!! 

      Thank God for the Internet and forums or we never would have discovered what others are going through all with the same drug!! 

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      I just read your post sweetie and I can feel your pain. Doctors think tram is a joke that's it's not addicting and there is no withdrawal. ....little do they know it's horrible.  I went to the doctor on Friday and she made me feel stupid. First offering methadone!  Once she said that I knew I was in for it. After telling her absolutely no am I going to take something even more addictive she proceeded to offer me trams....even though I had just told her that I had my last one monday!  Ugh....I went in and told the truth and was made to feel beneath everyone on the planet. I told her I had got a different med from my father which was just to help with the pain of the awful withdrawal.  Seems silly to go off one opiate to a stronger one but, it worked. And even though I still had an opiate I still had withdrawal.  I know it seems very hard but u can do it. The forums on line help sooooo much. I even told the doctor to go online and look up this site so she could see for herself the horror of tram. It stole my life from me. Made me a shell of a person. But I am determined to seek a better live..and u can to. I have read u can take iron for restless legs. Get a good multivitamin. Drink water and something with electrolytes, if you can stand pedi lite that will help. Eat good oranges apples, bananas will help alot. Get something to help with the bathroom issues....If u can stand it try and exercise a little not to much if u haven't been very active because u may experience worse cramping. Try your hardest to distract yourself. Try Not to just lay around or sleep because if u are like me u will just find yourself trapped inside your mind. Reach out to a friend or a relative that u trust so someone knows what is going on. I know it is scary but it can be done. I am bipolar manic depressive so maybe have the doctor put u on something. I am taking lamictal which will also help. The ssi components and the anxiety components is what I think makes the withdrawal so bad...If there is a way to get u my number u can text me anytime. I understand. ....If wish u the best of luck please don't hesitate to reach out. So many people on here helped me 
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      Also music really helps. Well for me anyway when I could not sleep I would just pop in my head phones and listen to some chill music. Also warm/hot baths but not to hot because your body will be sweating and you could get dehydrated. I also got bath salts for the water ucalptis (sorry can't remember the spelling) but that will definitely help relax. If you can't sleep after awhile of trying just get up don't try and keep fighting it...sorry for the long post 
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      Hi there I just wanted to check up on you. How have you been feeling ?
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      Still sticking to 3 tram a day. Been on Zoloft 1 week now. Fighting thru it's side effects thinking it's still going to help me stop the tramadol completely. Visiting a friend who knows what I'm going thru. I have just enough in my script to get me thru the 2 week visit until I get back to Phoenix. Seems like life has just revolves around knowing I have enough pills. Mornings are always about taking my 1st dose to feel functional. So tired of living that way, being a slave to a substance. God break the chains & set me free!!!!
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      I'm glad to hearing you are still sticking with it! I totally understand can't wait for it to be over. I'm happy u have a support system. You are doing good stay strong!
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      Hey Pixiedust smile

      I'm glad you found my post of some use and decided to reply!

      Firstly, with regard to the medical profession it is like with any other, such as trades men, there are those that care and are very good at their job and those who are cowboys out for the most money possible. Unfortunately we live in a ruthless world and the aforementioned seems to be less and less common.

      I entirely understand your feeling of not being able to cope when you are coming off Tramadol, this stuff is vile and the withdrawals it produces worse. Within 12 hours of stopping I literally felt like my skull was caving in and my world was crashing in around me, first suicidal experience of my life!!

      You need to understand that if you are ready to give up Tramadol you need to be prepared for one hell of a fight...I mean it!! Also, your family MUST know of this and must be educated on what is about to happen to you during withdrawel so as they know how to help.

      Firstly I found the psychological side of this process 100 times worse than the physical and the physical side was BAD!! You also need to be aware that it feels like you are never going to come out the otherside and that you have permenantly damaged yourself, this is the receptors and neuro transmitters in your brain screaming for their fix.....power on through!! You do not need to relapse onto this medication because I can tell you from brutal experience that you will come out the other end and you will return to normalcy of some kind....remember how you feel on tramadol is not normalcy and you will need to learn how to cope with sobriety and emotions all over again as I am doing's not easy but worth it!

      Do you have any plan of such yet about how you will go about telling your parents about the pending withdrawel and how you will go about living in that time of withdrawel in order to ease the suffering as much as possible? I advise not using any other medications also as A) there is no point swapping one dependancy for another and B) this can serve as a valuable life lesson and make you adjust your perspective on life once you come out the other side. An example is I have an overwhelming urge to help others in need for whatever reason now, although I was like this to a lesser extent before the experience. I have also discounted material goods as a form of hapiness!

      Like you, I have been diagnosed with Bi-polar, panic disorder and have severe gastro problems which also mean I cant partake in much, cannot drink, eat solid foods, do sports, drink caffeine, smoke or anything that i would consider someone of my age to do. I too spend alot of time laid up in bed, although I only allow this to happen when I am completely incapable of moving physically, it's hard to not  feel sorry for yourself sometimes though! I had started teaching but this isn't possible at the moment.

      You will be OK though Pixiedust, it's a long road and a long struggle but you have to think and beleive there is a brighter future. People's luck changes all the time, and if like me you beleive you create you own luck then your destiny is at your command.

      I don't think there is a way of exchanging email addresses or anything on here which is a shame as it's 'nice' to find someone of a similar age to share the trials and tribulations of life with.

      Feel free to comment here again an we can all assist as much as we can in helping you break free from the hell which is tramadol. I was also going to ask are you on any other meds that affect mental functions such as anti-depressants or mood stablisers for bi-polar? This will also need to be considered if so, although I should expect you are not if they have prescribed you tramadol as the combination can cause seretonin syndrome!

      Look forward to hearing back, take care smile

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      Tramadol is a 'dirty' drug. In other words it is very un-selective. The problem with coming off it is that you have several withdrawels at once. Tramadol hits the Opioy mu receptor so you have an opiot withdrawel like you would from condien. It also hits a lot of the monamine receptors, specifically NE and SERT. So you have an an anti-depressant withdrawel as well. Both opiot and AD withdrawel on their own can be hard enough, but combined?!

      Docs say Tram is not very addictive but they are comparing it to other Opiots like codiene etc and seem to forget about the AD side of the withdrawel.

      Imagine coming off anti-depressants AND stopping long term codiene use at the same time. That is the best description of Tramadol withdrawel I can compare to.

      That said some do not have trouble at all coming off, a very individual thin I think.

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      Hello I am responding to your message as its one of the more recent ones. I was put on Tramadol for severe back pain, after trying Zapain and cocodamol! I wish I'd never bothered! Not only do they do absolutely nothing for,the pain but I was not told how addictive they were. I started off on 200 slow release twice a day, I then dropped to 50 mg four times a day, found I was having horrific nightmares, palpitations, stomach problems, so stopped quickly. I then came down with what I thought was a stomach bug - vomiting and diarrhoea but of course it wasn't, it was withdrawal. I am now weaning off gradually but not as slowly as my Doc recommended. I am now taking 50 mg four times a day, I am worried about going any lower. I have occasionally had to take the anti sickness pills my Doc gave me. Mine are slow release capsules so I,presume I can't lower the dose. I notice one perraon mentioned age in relation to the addiction, I am 67 and dont even smoke! Has anyone on here any tips on cutting it down from now,on? I have advised anyone I know not to touch the stuff!
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      Antidepressants might help. Cutting down slowly & antidepressants seem to take away some of the desire to medicate to feel better. Medicate to keep from medicating ??? :-P
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      hi Katebrenda i know where you are at- i came off Tramadol 30 + days ago - i was taking 1000-1200 mg a day as well as 600mg codeine- i have done cold turkey before from alcohol and opiods but this was the worst- you need to take yourself down very slowly - cut down by 50mg a week- if you can- give your body and mind a chance to adjust- the last 50mg will be the hardest i am afraid- this drug is a nightmare to quit- it is highly addictive- i would recommend that you swap off the slow release to regular pills, they are easier to space out as you need them, try to regulate the dose to suit yourself and increase the time period between each dose- if you are really worried about it ask your doc to give you something to help with the WD's- i took librium after i cold turkyed it for ten days- it really helped- i only took it for four days- librium is addictive as well - i hope this might be of some use - best of luck 
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      I've taken fluoxetine when comeing off tramadol and it made a big difference. Particularly with the anxiety. Of course some people may need to then taper of the antidepressants. I didn't as fluoxetine has a very long life of several days and I found that was enough.

      There are a subset of around 5% of people who's body can't convert tramadol to the stronger more active opioid drug demethyltramadol. These people do not get much pain relief with tramadol. On the bright side they won't need to worry so much about the opiot addiction side some get with the drug. Just the crappy ad withdrawels.

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      I think my body had to learn how to metabolize tramadol. When I first started taking it, I got little-to-no relief. But someting was going on. Strange dreams, for one. When I could get to sleep, that is. There is a light itching all over my body as the drug wares off, which keeps me awake. And it took hours & hours to wear off. It took taking it for a long time, but now I get excellent pain relief from it. But it still makes me itch and ruins my sleep, and thus my whole next day, too. This is probably the only reason I'm not addicted to it. It is so oveerall unpleasant that I only take it in minor emergengies.
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      ".... wears off..."
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      Hi Jo, I am looking into finding an N.H.S. drug rehab centre to have support withdrawing.  I have a 7 year old to look after from 2.30pm each day.  I have dropped from 400mg to 150mg which has left me with permanent headaches.  At 100mg i get permanent migranes and can hardly move.  To go cold turkey I will need 24/7 care.  So far I have found out there is a 6-18 months wait list and you only get put on that if your gp thinks you are desperate and they agree its the right route for you.  Well done and thanks for telling your story.  Georgia 
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      I'm in need of advice.

      I am going to stopping CT tomorrow off this horrible thing.

      Your post is what made me take this decision, I have been in it for about 2 years.

      But it's so hard once I'm feeling the side effects.

      I have a family to look after and I need to function at a100%.

      Can you give me some tips on how to get through this.

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      Excuse my typos...thanks.
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      you can do this. If you look at these posts you will see that back in November I was in the same boat as you and couldn't get off the tramadol. I was convinced I could never do it. Well I haven't taken any tramadol for 2 months, I was taking 400mg a day for over a year. I had enough and quit cold turkey. The nights were the worst, restless leg was terrible that was the worst symptom. A bit of anxiety and just feeling very low but after 4 days the worst was over and after a week I felt fine. It's not nice but it's bearab if you want it enough and it's over quick. Try magnesium citrate for the restless leg, insomnia and anxiety. It's not that bad you can do it x

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      I must say after no more tramadol, I have my life back....I feel alive again! Its been almost a month off them. Seems like all the withdrawl symptoms aren't all the way gone. I still have some sleepless nights....restless legs and brain zaps...but no where near as bad as it was those first three weeks....everyday is getting better.....I am now worried about my husband who thinks he has better will power than me and can just stop anything cold Turkey and be fine! He'll have to find out the hard way I guess....he thinks I'm a complete hypochondriac because I cried and suffered through tramadol withdrawl.....he'll find out for himself I guess!

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      Nice, to hear that you are doing good.

      It's actually soothing to know that it can be done.

      I'm encountering a really bumpy road, it is so hard in the a.m.hours, I have kiddos to look after and the energy drain is horrific. At night it is hard also, but I can manage to sleep in other rooms in the house with out the kids actually noticing or my husband.

      He is aware of what's going on and his support is great.

      Please, keep up with the advice and tips because I'm sure taking notes.

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      I've been taking tramadol for 8 years after several operations, large amounts at times,20/30 per day when I have them, I'm a recovering alcoholic and I'm terrified at a withdrawal. I came off them in September as I ran out when I was out the country and after ten days started feeling better but it was really tough , I'm planning to stop ASAP but I need help, it's ruining my life , memory, personality, I need to stop but I'm really scared I might relapse on booze

      Anyone can help please PM me



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      Hi Sean,I've been on tramadol for 17 years ,from 400mg a day to now 200mg a day,I need tramadol for nerve damage but a easier way (I use the term loosely ) is to reduce gradually by including liquid tramadol,it's a bottle with a pump,each pump,squirt,is 12.5mg so as there's no pill at 12.5mg you can use it for how much or how little you need,I use it for bad days and it's fast and does the trick,please don't forget to talk or tell someone as releasing your feelings when reducing is a great help and a bit of a boost, good luck i'm off to bed.
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      Hi there... Tramadol DOES come in liquid form as was once prescribed it from my GP to come off tramadol (ie in the smaller amounts!)  go back to your GP and ask him/her to prescribe.  Your chemist may have to order in but it does work!  good luck.  Nic
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      Well done you should be so proud of your self .i wish I could do it its the pains and aches I get in my legs I can't handle I take 3 50mg tables a day I am n pain with my back but the tramdol don't work anymore I want to come off them I feel so poorly zero energy don't go. Out the house anymore I have 3 kids I am in my early thirty I don't eat for days if I do eat it's just a mouth full and I am full my hair falls out I would love to go in to rehab cause I am not strong another on my own can anyone help me please xx
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      Hi Chantelle,  Please go and see your GP.  They can help and there are other ways to come of Tramadol (i'm certainly not saying it will be easy) but with help and support you can do.  Personally for me the slow release worked - everyone has different pain thresholds and so suffer more or less than others.  You are a young woman who should be out and about enjoying her life with her children.  Don't let this awful stuff destroy that.  Please go and see your GP and be honest and frank with him / her.... and please do let me know how you get on.... if there is someone I have learnt it's that your NOT on your own..... Nicola xxx
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      I'm amazed as to the clarity this post gives. Such great details of what goes on during withdrawl. This post put me in such a better mood.

      How long did you end up having the darn depression phase? Feels like forever for me. HAHA

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      Hi. I'm currently on day 5 of cold turkey on tramadol and codeine. I have been using them both for the last 6 mths. I feel pretty awful but each day gets a tiny bit better. I am also trying to wean myself off diazepam as that's an even more evil animal. I have done some research online and it seems that it will take 8 days for the physical withdrawal from tram and codeine to pass so I'm fighting to get through the 8 days. Day 3 and 4 were horrific. Spent all of day 4 in tears. I tried to cold turkey the diazepam as well and then after more research found that doing so can be very dangerous to your physical and mental health. Diazepam has a half life of 200 hours in your blood meaning levels drop by half every 8.3 days. This means if you are taking 30 mg per day or so, you will need to drop dose by approx 1 mg per week. It can take a long time to free yourself from these evil drugs. If you can get through the 8 days with support then try that but otherwise just very slowly taper off all of it. I can't believe I managed to get so addicted!! I really feel your pain right now!

      Smoking or eating cannabis can help take the edge off the horrific withdrawal. It has helped me so far. I'm determined now to get to day 8 and just hope that will be the end of the tram and codeine. Now my battle with the diazepam starts and unfortunately will be a much longer and harder battle.

      Stay strong. Seek help from friends and family. Share your pain and use the positivity of others to help boost your mood. There are people that care out there however hard it is to believe mid panic attack so use them to help you. I wish you all the best x

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