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  • deb45743 2

    So scared!

    I want to say thank you for this post! I have searched many forums which most are dated over 5 years ago. I am 58 years old, had a crash course in menopause, RLS prior to Tramadol and feel like I am losing my marbles (whats left of them). I started taking 50mg 4 years ago for sciatica, told the Dr.

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  • fizzysoap 2

    Coming off Tramadol

    Hello all, I am after some friendly advice. 12 Jan I had a riding accident, hurt my shoulder. It was previously injured (dislocation/fracture of humerus) and it's been weak ever since. Doc put me on cocodamol as of 14th, and then on the 17th I was back at docs because they were making me sick. He

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  • krystalka10 2

    I have to quit cold turkey. Any suggestions?

    Ok this is the first time I've told the actual truth about my tramadol addiction. I've been living in Tijuana for about 3 years this summer. I had been taking tramadol before and had started again about a year ago a little over. I took them to suppress my appetite which they did as I went from

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  • popctrl 2

    Withdrawal from Tramadol, is this what I'm experiencing?

    I've been on tramadol for 4 years. I discontinued the drug roughly 10 days ago. I still have pins and needles, chills, flushed feeling, etc. Worst of all I become incapable of thinking clearly for long periods of the day, what some refer to as "brain fog". For those of you have discontinued this

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  • anagabi 2
  • Dadof3 2

    Help to come off tramadol 50mg

    Hi. I'm not here to be judged. I'm just here to get some help. I have been on tramadol about 5/6 years, I know I have a problem because I am using my 240 tablets month supply in around 2 weeks. I'm averaging between 15 to 20 of 50mg tablets everyday. When I run out I'm ringing doctors making

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  • Maryrhos 2

    Tramadol How Addictive

    I was prescribed tramadol 6 weeks ago, but having read in the forum how addictive they are I am considering stopping them, although they do help with my back pain. Has anyone being given an alternative to these drugs, and if so are they effective. I will appriciate your replies. Thanks

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  • tanya42521 2

    tramadol for sleep? please help

    So I have been given a couple tablets of tramadol to help me sleep? Do they work? Will it help?  I have probably only had about 6 hours sleep in about a week. I suffer with anxiety and am also on sertraline to control this. Any help or advice will be appreciated

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  • Emmnic 2

    Tramadol withdrawal / tapering

    Iv been on 400mg of this evil drug for just two weeks. I came off it two days ago and experienced the worse withdrawal symptoms and iv had to go back on it. Last night I laid out all my pills in order to commit suicide luckily my husband stopped me. I cannot believe that only after two weeks that I

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  • USAngel 2

    FUN Facts regarding Tramadol

    FUN Facts regarding medication Tramadol For the Consumer Applies to tramadol: oral capsule extended release, oral suspension, oral tablet, oral tablet disintegrating, oral tablet extended release Tramadol (marketed as Ultram, and as generics) is an opiod pain medication which is used to treat

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  • tclancey 2

    Tramadol to Palexia

    Hi folks.  Last week I attended a Pain Management meeting, the first in around 4 years.  There was no rush to change anything I was doing although the consultant said I might benefit from leaving the Tramadol I was taking and moving to Palexia, basically the same thing but slow release, with some

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  • buffymb 1

    One dose complications

    I just wondered if anyone has had a reaction like mine to this drug. I took one 150mg tablet on a night then the next day vomited pretty much all day. I developed an excruciating headache which lasted for two days. On the second day I eventually took paracetamol. I just waited until the slow

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  • LittleTyke 1

    Stay away from Tramadol!

    Last Friday (16/Sep/11) I had an op to repair an umbilical hernia (overnight stay). On being discharged the nurse gave me a packet of 50mg Tramadol capsules to ease the pain, although the pain wasn't that bad. I had been walking to the toilet (in hospital) within 4 hours of recovering from the op. Anyway,...

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  • Afraid2015 2

    Tramadol Withdrawal

    Hi There I'm not sure if anyone here can help. I saw some discussions on tramadol withdrawal on this site but it was from about 6 months ago so i'm just praying someone is still on who can help. Here is my story, I began taking tramadol about 5 months ago for chronic pelvic pain. I had told my

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  • ChattyC 2

    Tramadol - stomach issues

    Hello Been taking Tramadol for about two years; usually two a day for fibro and tmj. Recently noticed a lot of stomach upset. Anyone else with this issue and suggestions? I was thinking it was my thyroid medication, but wanted to check on this as well. Thanks in advance for help.  

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  • tracey 20050 1

    Radio frequency pulse denervation how long to work

    Had radio frequency pulse denervation in L2 and L3 2 weeks ago, pain has been worse since. How long does it take take to work. I thought it would be a few days but I've just read it could be 6 to 8 weeks. Would like to know if it has worked for other people. Thank you

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  • august 92535 1


    I have being taking tramadol for abt 2years 3months when I stop taking tramodol I had bitter redrawal symptom seizure and stomach pain and headache fever sweating peeling of my hands and torso but I still have stomach pain and I was a smoker of marijuana which I quite smoking now my skin is

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  • Mc6809e 2

    Tramadol withdrawal

    Tramadol withdrawal is brutal. In another message I related my story which hasn't ended yet and already includes depersonalization/derealization disorder and a minor stroke. I curious about what others have experienced. What happened? How long until you recovered? I had about 4 months of

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  • sarah1788 3

    Why does tremadol help with nausea and malaise?

    Hi I have been taking tramadol for a year and a half now, it started with needing it for gallbladder pain then 7 months after find out I had gallstones I got my gallbladder removed. After surgery I still felt sick, mostly nauseous every morning and left side pain. So I went back to doctors and they

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  • Still 2

    Tramadol is not evil.

    Tramadol does not have any malicious intent to get you 'hooked' or 'addicted'. Tramadol provides a reliable source of relief to many pain sufferers and patients with other medical problems. The VARIABLE in all this ... is the individual patient, everyone's body makeup is different and so will

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  • ram25459 1

    please help me

    hii father is taking tramadol since from last tree year. now he have to take 5 to 8 tablet each day to wake up from bed . each tablet contain 100mg please help should he do. because when he try to leave. there body become totally weak even he can not walk .please help me

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  • richey79 1

    my tramadol addiction

    This is a journal to help manage my emotions as I go through the process of beating my addiction to tramadol. Hopefully this will go as a warning to others as most people iv read about online I started on them to manage pain after an accident. After a few weeks I stopped taking them

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  • Liz1008 1

    Tramadol help

    My story begins back in the 90's when I was a surgical tech for an oral surgeon. That was the first time I experienced vicodin and boy did I like it. I liked it so much I was taking it from the office plus I was calling in scrips under false names. It wasn't until I worked at a medical office where

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  • tracey 20050 1

    Tapentadol /palexia

    Can anyone help was on tapentadol for 5 months. Came off very slowly over 2 and half months. Been off since 27th December, whilst taking had following symptoms sweats, freezing cold, exhaustion, aggressiveness, insomnia, headaches, sickness, migraines, heart racing and BP raised. Been off since

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  • ruth86511 3

    Tramadol Hell

    After tapering from Tramadol from 8 X 50g capsules a day I am on day 8 and its hell on earth! The first 48 hours free from this drug was a nightmare, all the classic opiate withdrawal symptoms and now I have the worst dark depression ever. I know I can end this nightmare by taking a Tramadol right now,...

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  • TallSarge 2

    How to beat Tramadol withdrawal so very easily.

    have been taking 50mg pills x2 4 x a day. 8 being the maximum dosage for months. When I decided to try go without them I had (zero) side effects. Ouside of the expected bowel loosening. This is natural and wholly expected when ceasing a narcotic. I take Cymbalta for nerve pain, it is an SSRI(Anti-Depressant)...

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  • SteV3 6

    Getting off Tramadol 150mg to using Gabapentin 300mg

    Hi, I know many of you on here anyway, and I'm not your average case and have multiple disorders to contend with. Now, I suffer from Epilepsy and Functional Episodes, and being on a mixture of Tramadol and Amitriptyline, is not a combination that should of been allowed, but it prescribed before I

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  • sarah1788 3
  • victoria 55980 2

    insomnia caused by tramadol

    I was given Tramadol by the hospital just over 2 weeks ago for gall bladder pain. I was given 50mg tablets and told to take 2 four times a day. The first 100mg after the first dose I only usually take 1 50mg tablet, if that doesn't help a few hours later I take another but never during the day as

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  • jesika28180 4

    Tramadol 50mg once a day

    Is this a good pain killer? im so scared to take it. It was given to me for neck pain,,,,i took it twice and it did calm the pain but i suffer from anxiety too and it makes me feel weird. dont know if to keep taking it or not? Any experiences?

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  • WVirgo18 2

    Tramadol Hell...

    Ive been taking tramadol for 6ish years. In that time it has changed me into a completely different person. I have lost all interest in everything. I cannot make plans with anyone because I WILL back out, I let my looks go, I sleep wayyyy too much and I really dont care if I even get dressed

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  • kellie06152 2

    Tramadol withdrawal

    I am on day 5 of tramadol withdrawal after 4 months of using and feeling a little better but still not normal. Last time I was on it for 8 years and had to go to rehab because of seizures. I stayed clean because of AA. Any positive advise is welcome.

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  • Saderica 1

    Tramadol addiction

    I've been taking Tramadol for over 2 years now my husband was getting it for his knee pain because he has a torn ACL and I started to take some of his medicine he was getting 50 milligrams every one every 6 hours and then he started to run out because we were both taking them so I went to the

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  • peter25514 3

    Day 6 Tramadol

    Feeling a lot better, just a few hot flushes & sweats. Appetite is back. Sleep still a bit difficult at night. Arms & legs jumpy. Got 5 hours sleep today so things are looking 2 days before I got to go back to work, so all in all I reckon I kicked the monkeys backside. A wee way to go, but

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  • SteV3 6

    Can Tramadol cause swelling of joints?

    Hi, I am hoping someone can tell me if they have had similar symptoms when taking Tramadol. I know they are bad for you, and my consultant is trying to get me on to something that is not so bad, but it cannot conflict with other medications, some of which are high dosages (Epilim 1,900mg a day, etc)

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