tramadol withdrawal from just 150mg a day

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Hi! I have been taking tramadol for 6 months I take three 50mg pills a day.  I never knew that I wouldn't be able to stop taking this .  The other day I thought I wold stop taking it and boy did I get sick! After researching  it I realized I was withdrawaling and immediately took a pill and felt better.  My question is how do I taper off of such a small amount ? Has anyone tapered successfully without experiencing  any withdrawl symptoms?  I'm so scared to go through that again but I do not want to be on this anymore!!! Please help!!

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    About 2 weeks ago i answered a simmilar question on a discusion titled Tramadol Overuse. If you can't find it I will re-write my ramblings for you.
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      No I can't ..I would appreciate to hear your ramblings thanks!
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    I am afraid there is no easy way; in previous discussions on here some have gone for a taper method whilst others have recommended going cold turkey.  It’s no fun but I would put 7 days aside if possible and go cold turkey and get it out of the way in a week. You will start to feel better after 5 or 6 days and be free from the physical addiction. Tapering is difficult and takes ages and you will still suffer. Apart from other opiates there isn’t a lot you can take at home to make it a whole lot less painful. If you can get some Kratom, that will help but it tastes really bad. Kratom works on the same opiate receptors and makes withdrawal much easier, you can get it online and is legal in the UK and I think most states in the USA. Good luck.
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      Thanks ! I am going to quit cold turkey ..weaning is just not something I want to do I want to be off this pill and move on with my life! I am going to wait til after the holidays and take a week and do it! Now I have researched the kratom I think I will pass on that....this is not something I think I can get.  But I am going to try and some marjuiana, while others can judge I think it will help me sleep and help with the nausea .  Has anyone tried this?
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      Hi Brandi, I'm on day six of cold turkey and wanted to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel once you've made your mind up to come off.  I was on 400mg a day for about two months following an accident where I broke my collarbone and fractured my pelvis. I went from 400 to 0 overnight. I think that everyone is different with different tolerances so there's not one rule to fit everyone, but for what it's worth I wanted to share what I learned about coming off tremadol. Unfortunately I learned the hard way as I had no idea beforehand how horrible it might be - maybe I would have tried to cut down, but I doubt it as I generally believe that 'the quickest way home is through the battle'. It has been a pretty horrible experience but there's a lot you can do make things easier for yourself too. 

      1. Weed - worked for me in reducing chills and restless legs and elevating my mind state - I didn't really suffer from nausea - didn't really help me sleep unfortunately but I did feel better about lying awake!

      2. Immodium - good for diarroeah, but also is some kind of opiod thing so could ease some of the symptoms

      3. Hayfever pills - I had a streaming nose and was sneezing loads

      4. Paracetamol and Ibuprophen - for fever and pain relief

      5. White tea - lots of antioxidents

      6. Valerean root extract - for insomnia

      7. GABA supplements - to help with insomnia

      8. Binaural iphone app - for insomnia

      9. Isotonic drinks - for replacing fluids 

      (This isn't a recipe by any means but some stuff to research perhaps?) 

      I was pretty emotional for the first three days, crying like a baby for no reason so it helps to have someone around to support you who knows what to expect. And one of the worst aspects has been the insomnia which I'm still suffering from but I've managed a few hours each of the last two days. 

      I wish you the best of luck coming off this drug but it can be done and it's so much better being off them. For me the first three days were pretty terrible but each day has been progressively easier since then. At day six I feel I've come out the other side and have been able to eat well and feel a bit 'normal'.

      Sorry for rambling but to answer your question I think smoking weed helped me a lot and I don't care who judges me, so I wouldn't think twice about it, whatever helps, go for it!

      Stay strong and look after yourself.

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      So are you saying you went from taking 1 drug to taking 6 others to cope with the withdrawel???  How is smoking weed any better than taking tramadol? People should be careful with Immodium, yes it will offset some of the physical opiot withdrawels but is that really worth the constapation it can cause? The rest of the options seem like a reasonable idea though.
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      Hi Tony, Well it wasn't exactly a straight swap, more that those were the things I've used over the past six days to offset the withdrawl symptoms of the tramadol. I really only used the immodium to combat the squits, I can only mobilise with a wheelchair and on the first day and night of withdrawl I was going to the toilet pretty much on the hour - absolutely exhausting - so temporary constipation was exactly what I needed. I only had one dose of this on day two and no more.

      It's difficult to compare weed with tramadol as they are completely different substances and I'm certainly not advocating substituting one for the other. The only thing I would say in terms of comparing them is that I've never experienced any withdrawl effects from weed other than vivid dreams. The reason for my 'confessional' was to say that weed was helpful for me both physically, mentally and spiritually during those very tough first few days. I smoked some on day four and haven't felt the need to smoke more since.  I'm on day seven now and the only thing I'm still using is ibuprophen and trying different things for the insomnia (although this is steadily improving too).

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      Hi cheeseandegg! Thank you so much for the helpful advice! I do not believe weed is at all comparable to tramadol! I will use this to help ease my withdrawls...I am planning to go cold turkey after the holidays and my husband has been very supportive taking a few days off work to help with the kids while I go through this.  The insomnia I know is the worse and I'm not looking forward to it I'm going to try melatonin.   What does the immodium do I mean beside stop the runs haha ..I have heard many people say use immodium is there something eXtra that it helps? I am rusing weed to help and no one is at place to judge...using an all natural substance that causes no withdrawls or has no  addictive qualities makes it far from tramadol.thanks again ! Great job on getting to day 6!
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      Ever heard of canibis psychosis? not a prety affliction. It can come on years after using. Also, buying/selling, importing and generally handling the stuff use isn't exactly legal in UK.

      Substitution is no substitute to quitting.


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      I hardly believe that 5 days of short use would cause such a thing .. everyone says use kratom  while I searched this while legal this is a firm of cannibus  and not very smart to use I have read many horror stories from this .  So just because the natural form of cannibus  is illegal. .which its not in parts of the US makes it wrong to use ?  To each his own to get through the hell of tramadol. .in the end if your off of it and strong enough to go through the withdrawals that's all that matters in my eyes!
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      I agree live and let live and I am not against cannibis or other drugs if thats what a user wants for recreation. But whatever the drug once it is taken for a condition, be it withdrawel, depression, anxiety etc the risk of psycological adddiction looms its ugly head. My only concern is that using one drug to offset another essentially can leave you in the same situation with the new one. Cannibis will help with the anxiety but there is no free lunch and you may find it hard to stop the cannibis without the anxiety and other symptons returning. Then again you may not. It just a concern, I am not judging anyone for their own choices. I just want to help people be informed. I appreciate that some people will always need a crutch and it can be just a case of choosing the one thats least harmful for them but whatever choice is made it is important to be aware of the risks when chossing.
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      Seen that first hand with a close family member, its not pretty.

      Of course it is a chicken and egg situation. Did the cannibis cause it or was the user self medicating with cannibis because the problem was already building up?

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      I don't know, but I will ask my brother who spent a lot of his working life as a psycologist working with people who had drug induced psychoses (is that the plural).

      I've smoked the stuff myself when I was young and the earth was thought to be flat and I must admit that my worst experience with it was paranoia.  I got over that in time and am OK (well that's my opinion), but a lot of my peers are a bit iffy.

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      Yes I have and I agree with you. In my experience too much of anything will send you crazy: weed, tramadol, alcohol, whatever.

      Just so you don't form the wrong opinion, I am not promoting weed, I am offering my personal answer to the question of what effects smoking it had on the withdrawl symptoms from tramadol i.e. information not propaganda.



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      I don’t know where you get your information but Kratom is not another form of cannabis, it is not chemically related in any way shape or form. The reason kratom works so well is because it binds with the same μ-opioid receptors as Tramadol in the brain. With the normal powdered leaf preparation which you can buy online it is difficult to become addicted to Kratom even over weeks, let alone 5 or 6 days you use it to withdraw from Tramadol. You could use Heroin, Morphine or any other opiate to withdraw with no pain but of course you would be swapping one opioid addiction for another. The beauty of Kratom is it's legal in the UK and many US states has an extremely low addiction potential and can be administered at home. You can take all the "over the counter" medications in the world to ease the suffering but you will still suffer big time. The only thing that will stop you going through all the misery of withdrawal is another chemical that binds to opioid receptors and Kratom is the safest of those. If you can do the withdrawal without Kratom all well and good but there are many people who find it impossible and remain addicted when they don’t need to. That is where Kratom is invaluable and has a definite place in Tramadol withdrawal. To scaremonger about Kratom by saying it's another form of cannabis helps no one. People reading these posts will believe this nonsense and miss out on getting clean. It’s very important to make sure we pass on accurate information in these posts. If you go down the Kratom route read up on how to take it, I use strong juice to wash it down as it’s very unpalatable. I buy 50 grams of the Green Malay variety and take a couple of teaspoons when the withdrawal comes on heavy this will give you a few hours respite, when it again becomes  too much to handle again have another couple of spoonful’s. 50 grams gets me through withdrawal. And believe me you won’t start craving Kratom after 6 or 7 days, it will be the opposite you will never want to taste the stuff again. Unless you have a very large bank account and can afford to go into a rehab clinic this is the least painful way to break your physical addiction to Tramadol and in the least amount of time which will be 6 to 7 days.
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      Lets not forget that with Tramadol its not just a opiot withdrawel, its also the snri withdrawel, sorry discontinuation syndrome! lol In fact I suspect for many people its the snri withdrawel that causes the most mental anguish. When I withdrew from tramadol I took fluoxetine for a few days and that got me through it. I have no trouble comming of fluoxetine.

      Interesting read on what you wrote about Kratom, I have heard its an opiot type but I dont know much about it.

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      Hi steve1953 ...thank you for all your support. .since it seems you are familiar with the tramadol withdrawal I just have,a question.   Your knowledge would be greatly appreciated!  It's been 24 hours since I took a tramadol!  Here is the kicker though I had teno vicodin left I take a half of one in the morning and a half of one at night.  I feel fine a little cold and some stomach pains but I'm able to have a life daily .  I thought if I could get off the tramadol and go through the ssri withdrawals first then slowly taper the vicodin this would help.  My question is am I just going to get hit by the withdrawal bus when I stop everything?  Thanks again!

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