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Been taking Tramadol for about two years; usually two a day for fibro and tmj.

Recently noticed a lot of stomach upset. Anyone else with this issue and suggestions? I was thinking it was my thyroid medication, but wanted to check on this as well.

Thanks in advance for help.


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    At the dosage you are taking, I think we can rule out any side effects from the SSRI activity. But most people would not be experiencing nausea on this low dose. Or are you talking about IBS type symptoms? Chronic opioid use can cause constipation, which can then rebound, and send you running to the toilet. Even if it isn't that extreme, you could still feel "ill at ease".

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    Hi, if you've been taking just 100mg of Tramadol a day for 2 years, I wouldn't think this would cause you stomach problems. The only way to check it out is to leave the tablets off for a few days to a week. If your stomach settles down then you will have your answer. I really don't think the small amount you have been taking will cause you any come down problems. People on this site have suffered major side effects by coming off the Tramadol. They have however been taking much larger quantities than you.

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    I also take thyroxine for an inactive thyroid. Being an IBS sufferer I never know weather it's food or medication that upsets my stomach.

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    Hello that the over problem I am having tramadol chase serious stomach issue like digestion and gastrointestinal cramps you need to change your diet eat sweet potatoes orange every single day but if you stomach pain inside you need sport and push ups

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    I have stomach problems currently under Castro for investigations. Possibly crohns. I find most medications have a side effect of stomach complaints. I started tramadol 3 days ago whilst o was in hospital and I was sent home with 2 weeks worth today and since starting them I have been constipated and bloated and I have grumbling sounds in my tummy. Most medications can cause stomach complaints especially taking them for a long period of time. My stomach complaints could be from my past as I regularly took pain relief and it's slowed my bowels down. I would discuss it with your doctor as there are medications you can take alongside tramadol to help prevent Bowel problems and stomachcomplaints like buscapan

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    Amazing how so many people feel ok to answer this when they have no clue! Tramdol is notoruius for causing sometimes extreme stomach pain and it is well documented! It may ne because of its ssri qualities which are now known to cause severe gastritis and ulcers in some or not but dose nor duration is the issue. Cannot provide links but google it.
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      Well ive took Tramadol on & off for 3 years, i suffer from IBD (UC) & had constant upset stomachs & the runs but since taking them im the complete opposite which is a nightmare thats what causes the severe stomach pain however i drink about 3ltrs of water a day which helps. P.s. from PERSONAL experience dose & duration have ALOT to do with it! People on this page are giving opinions from personal experience in the hope it might help, you on the other hand havent a clue what these tablets do or dont do if youve not taken them..

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    Hi. I know this is old but I was just searching the internet about tramadol. So I was on tramadol for 4 months then started taking levothroxine and with in 30 days I had gastritis. This horrible debilitating stomach issue has been going on for 9months now. I tried every kind of elimination diet with no relief. I was actually down to my high school weight and I've never been big. I thought it was my thyroid meds but with in 2 weeks of stopping tramadol my stomach healed! I can eat citrus bread and cheese again. I was just checking if someone else got as sick as I was. Also I started taking my thyroid med right before bed time. That helped a lot. I mean I went through all kinds of testing and they found raw spots but no reason for it. Get off the tramadol and stay off it. I know it's hard I have fibro too.

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     after many years on tramadol SR   I started having stomach pains.  I am not constipated.  They are burning centre tummy. But a bit like gall bladder or pancreatitis.  I reduced the medication which helped. But I need pain relief.   GP felt tummy today and it was sore   Took full dose Tramadol tonight as pain was bad.  And a few hours later. Stomach pain starts again. 

    cant take 10mg Endep. Too drowsy 

    25mg lyrica. Too drowsy. Ideas for medication that wont upset stomach.   

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      Hello there I know this is old, sorry!! I hope you are better today!! I'm searching for stomach problems caused by tramadol I have fibro and it's really all my doctor is happy giving me! I messaged you because of your description of the pain! If you get a wee minute and are OK I'd really appreciate any advice you can give me. Take care just now Carolyn x

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