Tramadol withdrawal hell

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Hi all, so im currently on day 6 of no tramadol. I have taken it off and on for a few years due to pain but then after a slipped disc and nerve pain i had started taking it everyday 2 x 50mg 3 times a day for two weeks. I noticed my pain had reduced so stopped taking it. the next day withdrawals hit me hard, flu symptoms, anxiety, no appetite, bad tummy, peeing constantly, insomnia.

Anyway im on day 6 of none and my anxiety is so severe as are low moods and fatigue.

I suppose im just looking for support and reassurance cause I feel like this will never end. I take sertraline also 50mg per day.

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    did u wean down off them or just totally stop

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      i just stopped...I had no idea about this stuff

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      thats probably why its been so bad but keep with it it does come to an end i have not took them myself my one of my ex partners was addicted to them and was taking 30 to 40 50mg tablets a day he had 4 seizures on seperate occasions it was that bad there poison and i dont know how they can prescribe them they ruined our relationship he is a heroin addict now all started from taking 2 tablets of tramadol a day

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      as tolerance built up he was taking more and more and more was ridiculous

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      its frightening. I stopped because my pain had gone and I was sick of the side effects. I never imagined any of this would happen. They are so dangerous

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      ye they can literally ruin your life i tried to wean him off them but that didnt work so he went to a clinic for addicts and they agreed to wean him down but was not will to wean him down off 40 tablets a day they would only wean him down from 15 tablets a day so it failed from the start he bought them offline and things just got worse from there on in 4 years he was taking them for my advice is ur doing the right thing stopping now after only taking them 3 weeks

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      i am saddened to hear your story it is reaching epidemic proportions and ruining so many peoples lives leaving a wake of distruction i have had enough and stopping cold turkey now as my body can no longer tolerate it

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      u have to have will power and the want to stop taking them in the case of my ex partner cold turkey off such a high amount was dangerous so it wasnt really an option for him and reducing down failed u have to bite the bullet and if u can wean down thats always a best option what u all need to remember is that whilst the symptoms of withdrawl are horrific it does come to an end and there is light at the end of the tunnel its not life long and eventually u feel normal again

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    Ugh! Tramadol withdrawals are severe while they last. I was also taking Tramadol 100mg 3x/day & one day I decided that I wanted to stop, so I stopped it cold turkey. That was 3 years ago. The physical symptoms lasted almost 4 weeks but the anxiety lasted a good 3 months. The anxiety, however, becomes more manageable the longer you stay off. Everyone's recovery is different though. While I highly suggest, from personal experience, to slowly taper. I knew stopping cold turkey would be the best option for me. You've already gone 6 days without so keep going. The 1st 2 weeks are the worst. You will notice that at week 3 the symptoms will seem to be better. You got this now. Stay strong & know that there is someone that went through the same thing & is on the other side. Life gets better & much clearer.✌

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    Ive come off the dreaded trams cold turkey on 3 occasions in the past so i know what youre going through.

    weaning down slowly is the way to do it but thats not always an option.

    the 1st week is when you gee no sleep and all the bad physical issues, after a week your sleep does improve. the anxiety, depression and dark thoughts are absolutely the worst part though.

    this does completely heal itself though, i promise.

    the first two weeks are bad and then it gets better, but dont expect it to fix properly until about 4-6 weeks, although the bad thoughts do subside after weeks 1-2.

    The other bummer is your energy levels, they will take the best part of 4 weeks to appear again, but they do come back. Drink plenty of water and eat as well as you can, you will feel the benefit in a months time.

    The WDs are so bad with tramadol that you actually end up with post traumatic stress to a point, just learn from it and all will heal for sure.

    I went through hell twice and still went back on them a few months later and did it all again.

    I tell you this to point out that YOU DO GET BACK TO NORMAL and forget how bad it was.

    Enjoy the process of taking your life back and

    hang in there!!

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    Hi there

    Congratulations on getting to day 6! Keep going you are almost there. After a week the worst is over and then it is another week of different challenges like restless legs and getting used to life without an extra cushion. A low dose of ecitalopram is helpful in the short term. These feelings are the drug coming out of your system. Drink lots of water and be kind and compassionate to yourself and it will pass

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    so day 7, the doctor just prescribed me Lorazepam? im scared to take it for fear of another addiction? anybody know much of this medication?

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      they are addictive and are meant for short term use

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      its a benzo they all have the potential for addiction

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      Lorapram is very helpful short term in helping you get through withdrawal Your doctor will most likely only prescribe you the minimum amount and only short term I have taken this and diazepram and compared to tramadol non habit forming as long as you are only taking what you need to get through the withdrawal of tramadol

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