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Hi, I guess I just need some reassurance.

I've just been released from hospital after being in for two days with severe pain on my left side. The Dr's discovered a 4cm complex cyst on my right ovary even though all the pain is on the left . I've had the C125 test and told it's only precaution.

I still have sensation (not pain as such). Is this something to worry about.

Really worried, I'm 41 with 2 children. Thank you

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    Hi there..

     You're not alone.  This thought will help you.   The reason I am here is because I am going through the exact fears.  

    Okay - you took the ca125.  It usually comes back pretty fast.  They say that anything under 35 is normal.  Mine was 19 or 20.  I can't remember now with all o the stress.  

    I, like you, was diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst - there is a nodule in that cyst, so they can't rule out cancer.  Many weeks and hours have gone by with these terrible thoughts in my head.

    I discovered mine because I could feel something - like you - no pain.. just something...

    PLEASE keep posting.  We can help each other by sharing.

    My surgery is next week....ovary is gone - cyst took it over.. and I lost my other one 20 years ago....

    Try and take this one thing at a time.  I find that I feel like I have been playing a waiting game since June - test after test - and even now, when I'm stuck in traffic, I've changed.  I am trying to LIVE in the moment and not let stress kill me... Of course, I have no appetite - but I still get weak from hunger... The stress is giving me stomach problems.  I dropped about 5 pounds this week I swear.

    You are not alone!

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      Thank you for sharing your story with me. Sorry to hear that you too are going through a similar situation. I think as you say sharing our experiencesite help not only others but in a way ourselves.

      I'm trying not to worry, the Dr's said I would know the results in a fortnight if the results are high and another scan in 8 weeks.

      Please keep me updated with your news. The best of luck

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    Cysts are the issue. CA 125 is only one indicator to determine what's going on. Endometriosis, cysts, hormone imbalance can all cause elevated levels. Only a very low% end up being cancer. Also, usually by the time there are symptoms it is quite large which yours are not. Many of the women in this forum are sent home with unresolved pain end up with torsioned ovary (s) from cysts, Or a cyst rupture either causing severe pain.

    Push for an MRI or CT to get a better idea of what's going on. Best to handle while small. My understanding complex cysts do not disappear on their own. They can never fully diagnose without surgery but addition tests give them much better info to develop a solid treatment plan. Sometimes Drs. need a push to get out of wait and see mode. You have children and can't put your life on hold suffering with ongoing pain. You need resolution for your health and your children.

    Hope this helps. Best wishes for speedy resolution.

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      Thanks you for your message. You made a couple of points which I hadn't even considered. As you say only a small % is cancerous and they normally only discover it when the cyst is large which mine isn't.

      The best advice is to focus on my children. I have a follow up in a fortnight so will try and remain positive till then

      Thank you again

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    my experience was that CT scans does not show much additional info if the cysts is not large, <5cm. I spent US$500 or so on a CT scan that basically came to the same conclusion that the cyst is complex. the radiologist would not be able to tell if the cyst is cancerous. 

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    I was diagnosed with a 9cm ovarian cyst based on transvaginal u/s. The subsequent CT scan didn't provide any more (or much more) information and I feel it was a waste of insurance $$ (don't recall having had a co-pay for that). But it also subjected me to unnecessary radiation. And even more perplexing is that my gyn scheduled surgery before I had the CT scan. I wish I'd done things very differently since ovarian cancer is so rare. My doctor inappropriately instilled fear of cancer. I wish I hadn't let that cloud my judgment because it put me in the position of being over-treated and permanently harmed.

    Bottom line, my organs (uterus, ovaries, tubes) were unnecessarily removed for a benign complex cyst when all that should have been removed was the cyst itself (cystectomy).

    Some ovarian cysts that appear to be complex end up resolving on their own but I don't know how often that happens. Since yours isn't too large, monitoring it via periodic ultrasounds would seem reasonable. If it continues growing or doesn't resolve within a few months then surgery is likely necessary. You don't want to let the cyst get too large but at the same time you don't want to have surgery unnecessarily since all surgeries have risks including adhesions (scar tissue) that can cause problems down the road (such as bowel obstruction).

    If you need surgery, it would be best to have just the cyst removed. We need all our female organs our whole lives. The ovaries produce health promoting hormones. Their removal (or dysfunction that can result from removal of one ovary or removal of the uterus or tubes) is shown to affect pretty much every aspect of health - heart, bones, brain (cognition, memory, mood, Parkinsonism), eyes, skin (collagen, elastin, subcutanous fat), muscle, metabolism, sleep, sexual function.

    The CA125 test isn't useful at diagnosing ovarian cancer. I'm not sure why they even bother checking it. I know of women who had very elevated CA125 levels from benign ovarian cysts.

    Keep us updated.

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      Thanks you for your message and hearing your positive thoughts about cance, it certainly has made me feel better. Also the impact of having surgery done when not really necessary has certainly made me reevaluate the situation.

      Thank you for your support, I'm so glad to have these forums to reassure ourselves

      that we aren't the only person going through a difficult situation

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