complex ovarian cyst.

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Hi ladies  I find  reading about all your stories so helpful  when my anxieties and fears get the better of me so thank you all very much .

Im going in for surgery on 23rd June for a total abdominal hysterectomy removal of ovaries and tubes and a frozen section of a 16 cm complex cyst which will procede to removal of lymph glands and omentum if malignant.

My consultant feels fairly confident its a borderline tumore at worse although my tumour marker is slightly raised at 60 -I gather they are quite unreliable as a test any way.

Id love to hear from anyone whos had  or about to have the same op recently on how they felt after etc and any helpful tips advice etc.

I swing btween feeling quite positive to being really scared but am so sick of the massive belly which makes me look 9 months pregnant -not a good look for a 55 year old-I am looking forward to being rid of " rupert "  the name a friend has given to the cyst.

Thanks very much look forward to hearing from you xxx Fi


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    Hi fiona

    i don't have experience of a hysterectomy but I didn't want to read and run.

    i can empathise with the nervous wait to find out the results of a complex cyst, and I know what it's like to recover from major abdominal surgery, and my advice is afterwards, rest up, keep hydrated, and listen to your body. Don't do too much too soon. The high wasted pants that hold your tummy in are a god send to support your wound, and brace your tummy with a cushion or something when laughing sneezing etc. keep up with your pain killers

    most of all keep your sense of humour, perhaps you and your friend could have a slice of cake to bid "rupert" farewell smile

    i just want to wish you well for your operation, you'll be fine. (And yes your right those blood markers are unreliable.

    take care xx


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    Hi Fiona, like others I haven't had the experience so can't comment.  However, I too would just like to wish you well with recovering from the operation.  I do hope you keep contributing to forum and let us know how you get on and how you feel.  many people just disappear after having ops/treatment and then we wonder what has happened.  I think we all worry about worse case scenarios and I think it's totally natural but yes, I too have heard those markers are totally bonkers.  What were your original symptoms in the first place?   
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    HI again ladies and thanks for your replies, hugs,and wisdom- it really helps .Kellers - re my origonal symptoms its funny really cos it was just after xmas and I was trying to do some excercise to loose a bit of weight and notice a sort of hard swelling on the left side of my stomach just under the ribs-at first I thought I was constipated lol and didnt take much notice but then over the next few weeks ,my belly started to get bigger even tho I was losing weight and I actually started to get symptoms that I got when in the later stages of pregnancy with my children-weeing all the time breathless and heartburn feeling really full and emoionally up and down,- so I saw my GP about 5 weeks ago - both him  and the hospital  have been great -I feel in good hands.Ive been in today for my pre op assessment and apart from my blood pressure being a bit high everything was fine.

    Im finishing work this week and having a week at home before the op-am obsessed with stocking up the freezer and having a tidy cupboards.One of my children is away travelling for 5 months at the mo which is pulling at my heart strings in case something goes wrong b ut I try not to dwell on it as I can be a bit of a drama queen.

    Kelly thanks for the tips re the high waisted pants - and cushions that sounds really useful.

    I will definitely keep contributing to this site it and all of you are simply wonderful - take acre all of you,

    Big hugs Fiona xx

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      Sorry its Fiona again, pressed the button too soon!

      Get yourself a Magic hand grab stick, a cushion is nice on the way home from hospital, and a size bigger pair of jogging bottoms from Primark, get everybody to do stuff for you for the first 3 weeks, this will pay off later, get out and walk, get a big pot of bio oil for the scar, do stuff when you want as you know your body. I never had any pain and packed in painkillers very quickly....hate pills. I am now having chemo to mop up any nasty bits left but just an hour every 3 weeks so not bad at all. By August it will have all have been & gone and life will be normal again......and so will yours soon, stay smily because there is no other way!! Fiona xxx

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    Eh up Fi & " Rupert" !!

    I have never replied to anybody on here or any other forum so I need to tell you that when I read your post at 4a.m this morning (rubbish club to be in) well I nearly fell out of bed. my name is Fiona, I named my cyst (Cyril) and I have had exactly what you are going to have on March 2nd with symptoms that showed up over Christmas. I am 51 & never ever been ill but my belly swelled and my lovely G.P sent me for a C.T scan which showed up a 9 cm  mass on my left Ovary. The words Cancer  & Hysterectomy became part of my life all of a sudden, but I just got my head round it very quickly as its got to be done and you can't get out of it. Its much much worse for those around you watching.

    A hysterectomy is not the terrible op that some make it out to be & you won't turn into an old lady & start knitting!, I have gone back to my housekeeping job this week, I am still taking it easy but have put a full day in and been for a walk this evening.

    Yeah its a bit scary waiting for news after, but what will be will be, my cancer was agressive but I have been very lucky due to a quick diagnosis,  my consultant words were " Your cured" that was amazing to hear but my positive thoughts never thought anything else.

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      Ive just typed a long reply to you but the cat just jumped on me and I seem to have lost it (the reply) so if Im repeating myself Im sorry.I almost feel lije Im writing to myself as there is such a  set of similar circumstances.You sound like youre doing brilliantly and back to work after what ? 3 and a half months? well done you - your positive outlook is a real strength and takes guts and grit to maintain.I must admit Im a bit of a sap and a drama queen to boot-Ive written letters and planned funeral tunes  and fret over carol King versus karen carpenter in the early hours when I cant sleep (like it really matters.arono in the is this normal I ask
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      ignore the typo below.I didnt realise Id pressed send before correcting the  spelling mistakes.I will get a magic stick thanks and Ive bought some baggy harem pants to wear afterwards.Its a shame about the knittting  tho cos Id quite like to take it up as a hobby-( my gran taught me to knit tea cosies as a girl)  
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    Hi Fiona, thanks for your reply, its seems you can't sleep either!!

    Throw all those letters in the won't need them, take today today and tomorrow when it happens!. I remember speaking to someone who had exactly the same as us and probably had a cyst the same size as "rupert", don't think he deserves a capital "R", she had her op and had no other treatment , I remember thinking I won't be that lucky which really isn't like me, I think time and speed in diagnosis are the key and a good G.P.

    I will tell you more about the op only if you want me to & I would love to send you my magic stick as I couldn't have done with out it.

    I don't mind giving you my e.mail  then we can swop numbers if you would like, I would have loved a "hysto" buddy to have a laugh with!  but understand if you don't wish to. Now I am just off to trim my beard.....oh sorry did I not say!!!

    Stay smiley

    Fiona xxx

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      Hi Fiona, I think your right about speed and a good GP Ive been lucky with both.Had a bit of a setback in that Ive just started some meds for a sky high blood pressure- got a call from the hospital yesterday to say go to the GP s and gets some tabs which I duly did so fingers crossed they ll kick in before monday.Im more than happy to give you my e mail -Ill message you.

      Talking about magic sticks-I took my youngest daughter for lunch yesterday and the shop opposite was a surgical appliance/hearing aid place that had magic sticks in the window we did have a giggle about them,and thankx for your kind offer of yours but I think shes got me one as a pressie!

      I would like to know more about the op - Im not squeemish so dont feel you have to hold back !The menapause thing is a tad concerning as I have this image that one minute Im normal ...... ish and the next on the non stop bus   to menapause city ,with all the hairyness,sweats and emotional roller coaster ride on the way.

      Message me and Ill send you my contact details Id love a hyster sister as well to compare notes etc with,

      bye for now Fiona x

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