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Thanks for your help in advance..

I'm a 27 year old female with absolutely no past sexual health issues. I had sex a few times with a new partner in June within a week long period. July 1 I decided to get STD tested to be safe (I usually get tested once a year). A week later the clinic called and said I had chlamydia. I was showing symptoms as well: some random itching that went very quickly and burning after sex at my gspot area. I took the antibiotics they gave me and got a yeast infection from them. I went to the gyno and she verified and prescribed me diflucin. She also said my PAP was normal (from July 1), but had some yeast present. Everything seemed normal after that other than I got a skin rash (like pimples) from the diflucin on my back, chest, and up my neck. That was verified by the gyno.

A week later I had sex again, but this time it was burning a lot at the gspot after sex and I was spotting. This was enough to freak me out and I went back to the gyno the next morning. She said that everything looked good but the chlamydia may be sticking around. She prescribed me another round of antibiotics. Once again I got a yeast infection. This time I took Monostat and it took longer to heal. I had some small cuts on my labia from the irritation that healed quickly afterwards.

In the meantime July 17 I had my yearly physical and blood work done at my physician. All my tests came back normal (including hep, herpes, and syphilis) except for a minor UTI in my urine. He prescribed me a full week of antibiotics. I waited two weeks to take them due to the yeast infection.

I had sex again 2 weeks after the 2nd dose of antibiotics for the chlamydia. I had a lot of burning afterwards--in my urethra, in my vagina? I couldn't figure it out. Mostly on my gspot again I would say. So I started the antibiotics for the UTI the doctor gave me (this week). By Wed I had a full blown yeast infection again. I used Monistat again and the yeast discharge cleared. Now I have a number of sores inside my labia minor that look like canker sores (red rimmed), as well as red irritation throughout the inside of my labia. They are very painful and it hurts to walk. My lymph nodes to the right groin are also slightly swollen and hurt to touch.

Obviously I'm freaking out because I can't go to the gyno on the weekend. Sorry that was so long, but I'm at my wits end and any advice or tips to ease the pain or ease my mind would be greatly appreciated. I know it's a chance that it could be herpes, but could be caused by the yeast infections or chlamydia.. Among other things. Any ideas?

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    Just so you know, it takes 4 months after infection, for antibodies to show up in your blood. Small xuts can be a sign of herpes as well. Why don't you have this guy go get tested? He's already brought on STD back to you, so no telling what else he may have.

    I breakout w a sore in my gspot too.. I know, because of using tampons during my cycle.

    I hate to say it sweet heart, but that sounds like herpes. Just the way you described it and getting swollen lymph nodes in the groin. Herpes can present as yeast and it can also cause yeast infections, because it throws your pH balance off.

    Go to urgent care immediately so you can get started on antivirals.

    Get Epsom salt and siak as often as long as you can in baths. Also buy bactine spray to numb the sores. Vaseline helps w covering the sites and providing protection from friction.

    The rest, you kinda just gotta ride out hun. Go to urgent care, they'll take care of you.

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    Thank you both for taking the time to reply.

    It could very well be herpes. However, I've had a scare about 5 years ago and thought that was herpes, but it wasn't. I retested in 3 months and it came back negative. The initial swab did as well. The doctors concluded it to be some type of bacterial infection and it cleared with antibiotic cream. All the symptoms pointed to herpes then as well, which is why I'm trying to see all possible options.

    I was in a monogamous relationship for almost 3 years before going on a few dates and having sex with the guy who gave me chlamydia. Needless to say I was very upset and usually only have sex with someone I'm in a committed relationship. He had no clue he had it and was just as upset. He was tested for herpes and HIV after we both found out I had the infection and his herpes results came back negative. But who's to say he didn't build the antibodies yet? I broke it off with him soon after we had sex in mid June for other reasons.

    The new guy, who I've been dating since the end of June, was treated for the chlamydia twice with me to be safe. We've waited 7 days the first time and 2 weeks the second time to have sex. He's been very understanding through all this.

    Thank you for the suggestions to help ease the pain. I plan on calling my gyno and bringing her up to speed on Monday. As far as relief before I saw your replies, I put some antibiotic pain relief ointment at the outside of my labia minor (the only place I could put it since most of the sores are a little farther inside) and took acetaminophen. I have been able to get up and do some chores around the house now and go out to the grocery store. Before there was no way that was happening. I will try the Epson salt tomorrow if I wake up with the same pain. Still hoping it's from the reoccurant yeast infections and sex too soon and that I can move on from this soon. It's been a tough month and a half!

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      Well hang in there and please do hold off on having sex for sometime and let things settle. Start taking a daily probiotic to help get your pH balance levels where they should be. Should stop you from getting yeast infections in hen in antibiotics.

      Is there a chance this isn't herpes? Yes, but it sounds just like mine looked. The bactine spray will help a lot and so will the Vaseline. Hang in there and let me know how you feel tomorrow. Hugs

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      I think I should add that when I had the herpes scare 5 years ago, it was proceeding a yeast infection as well. I had painful sores all over my vagina and crease of my legs. They look the same as the ones I have now. I also had awful flu symptoms for a day (painful muscles and joints was the biggest symptom). Never had a yeast infection expect for these two instances.

      I'm allergic to diflucin. Maybe I'm allergic to Monistat too (I took both the first yeast infection as well)? Maybe it's another skin infection like the first one? I've heard of vaginal canker sores. Maybe I've had hsv 1 in the genitals this whole time and it wasn't detected on any of my blood tests? Just thinking out loud.

      Ps. I just talked to the guy who gave me chlamydia and he was retested 2 weeks ago for herpes again. This came back normal as well.

      All I can do is wait and see what the tests show. Thanks for listening!

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      Have you ever had cold sores on your mouth? HSV 2 will present w ulcer/canker looking sores as well down stairs. I have HSV 2.

      I'd ask to see his results. They don't test for herpes, unless you specifically ask for it. If you walk in and just say, I want a full panel for everything, they will not include herpes in that and he could very well be under that impression they do.

      Also, if his infection is new, it will not show up for him, unless 4 months after infection. Half of all new genital herpes cases are caused from HSV 1, so he may very well not have HSV 2, (which people think you can't spread HSV 1 down there), but have HSV 1 orally and not think my of it.

      If you're allergic to diflucin, why are you taking it? Well diflucin is going into your system, an allergy to it wouldn't present on the vagina, you'd have other issues like it hing body wide and hives. You shouldbbe taking meds you're allergic to, as the allergy can worsen and actually be life threatening for you. A daily probiotic will resolve your issue w getting yeats infections so easily.

      Do you're saying you had painful sores that look just like these last time and it wasn't herpes? When was your last herpes test and did you test for both HSV 1 & 2?

      It's not good that you didn't go to urgent care to get swabbed. You have to have sores swabbed w in 48hrs of presenting, other wise you have a high rate of false negatives

      Hopefully it is nothing serious, but canker looking sores, I've not seen be caused by anything else. If you are allergic to monistat, maybe that coukd do it. I don't know. You won't know hun, w out getting them swabbed in a timely manner. Please go first thing in the morning. In the mean time, try not to worry too much . it sounds like herpes, but you never know until you actually get thorough testing and after the correct waiting periods.

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      I had told him after my chlamydia diagnosis to get retested for herpes and HIV because of the antibodies not showing up right away. He specifically went in for herpes bloodwork. He said he was negative for hsv 1 and 2. He said he'd show me the results, but I'm going to trust his word. I was tested 5 years ago with a swab of the sore within 48 hours, blood test that day, and again 3 months after, as well as 2 years ago, and now again June 17. All negative for both hsv 1 and 2. IgM was .10 and IgG was .12.

      I have been taking a probiotic daily for the past few weeks. Didn't know I was allergic to the diflucin until this time, which is why I did the Monistat instead the second and third yeast infections. I'll be going to urgent care in the morning to get the sores swabbed.

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      Ok, but has he not been w anyone else w in the last four months, since being tested for herpes? That's what counts. He needs to had no exposure for four months and then take a blood test.

      Ok , well they are also performing the wrong rests on you. They need ONLY to be IgG Elissa type specific tests. IgM is worthless and any doctor worth anything would know that. My concern is you keep having something recurrent and that's strange.

      Maybe there is something strange going on w you to develop sores recurrently, over just never heard of such a THING. Good luck on the swab and how are you feeling today? Hopefully this is nothing.

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