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  • jill78195 1
  • aaron808 1

    ive had these bumps on my penis for a few months

    im 18 these bumps are like ingrown hairs on the shaft of my penis but they dont pop and kinda look like warts but they arent. theyre soft and movable and got trasted for chlamydia 3 months ago but they didnt say i had anything else they didnt perform a physical exam only a blood and urine. is this

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  • christy 21809 1

    Going through pre menopause and possible herpes

    Hello ladies, I have recently been put on birth control due to horrible periods and migraines. Ever since the dr changed the birth control I have a horrible yellow/green dishcharge. My primary dr said it's vaginitis and gave me Premarin. I then also noticed canker sore type of open lesions on the

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  • len84251 2


    So that soft bump thingy turned into a sore/ Idk how to feel right now. It is what it is I guess. Not really feeling like going to the Dr today as I already know what it is!!!

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  • Livelife 3

    Scared about my sti results

    So i got tested 2 days ago and the place texted me today saying 'due to technical problems your test needs to be repeated please come back to the clinic' Does this mean I'm positive for something? Is this how they tell you on the sly to come back? I feel like passing out

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  • jnarthuna 2
  • ashley73242 2

    Rotten smell after male ejaculation inside of my vagina

    Some one pleas help explain what is causing my boyfriends cum to smell so bad inside of me?! Sometimes it takes a week for it to fully leak out of me! Sometimes I feel like it rots in there and then leaks out. It smells so bad!! I need advice as to what is causing it and how to get rid of it? I

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  • megan54321 2

    Is it just me that has this phobia?!

    So it might sound really weird but I just have a massive fear of putting things in my vagina, for example tampons. I don't know what it is but I completely have a breakdown, I've tried so many times to use a tampon but as soon as I just touch it there I physically cannot make myself push it in, I

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  • ahhhhlife 1

    Herpes??? *picture*

    I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago for BV - she took a culture and it was.  I took the prescribed medicine about a week later (waited for the pharmacy to get it).  After I took it I formed a yeast infection, they called me in Diflucan as they said this can happen.  During the week between the

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  • paulherbert 2

    tiny red spot on penis

    i had sex 3 weeks ago raw then i saw these red buttons they were much bigger before idk what they are or if its going away or what but help plz ?

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  • Nad1983 1

    spots on head and shaft of penis

    I have recently noticed that there are lumps on my penis ( on head and shaft)  I don't know if they are something to be worrying about or they are harmless  ​I will be grateful if you can help

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  • jt89981 1

    Red bumps along pubic area/ small spots on shaft??

    I just noticed these bumps grow in the past week?? I'm really concerned about them. I usually wear a condom when I have sex but I've definitely not worn one in the past 6 months (every partner I've had sex with have told me they were clean befored hand) Can anyone tell me what this is? Doesn't burn

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  • Eb24hu63 2

    Bumps around labia. Pics. What is this?

    After feeling some discomfort down there, I took a look and noticed this. I have these bumps all around my labia. I feel like I've had these for as long as I can remember but they are either more prominent or there are more of them but I'm not exactly sure. I also noticed that I've been very dry. 

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  • funto37289 2
  • naveen 38395 1


    i had unprotected fellatio with a girl in massage parlor then i did vaginal protected sex i was having no signs of any std and i am living a healthy life and having regular sex without protection with my wife and living a normal routine  my wife after 15 days started having itching and irritation

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  • nosolucy 2

    Sore/blisters around vagina - HELP *picture*

    I have painful blister-like sores around my vagina on a couple on my vaginal lips and I'm wondering a. how I can ease the pain/get rid of them and b. what they are.  Just to give a background on the last few weeks: I got a particularly back strain of tonsillitis a few weeks ago and was put on very

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  • sarah73841 1
  • kmarr28428 1
  • taylor72721 2
  • nambardar58017 2
  • taylor72721 2

    pimple on lip

    some one help i have these pimples on my lip when i pop them little yellowish puss comes out, then i start to bleed. After all that it'll leave a scar. i also have pimples on my face when i pop those the same thing yellow puss then it starts to bleed. could it just be a black head or std.

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  • marc23071 2

    red spots in pubic area

    hello, I have 2 red spots in a pubic area I have had sex but it was with a condom and she didn't have any bumps or anything of that nature on her. They do not itch or burn. I don't know how long they have been there I just noticed them today. I shaved about a month ago, and I wash daily sometimes

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  • len84251 2

    A huge round bump on my pubic are. And like two smaller ones.

    I am 17 years old. I am sexually active. About 4 months ago I had gotten something similar but it wasn't swollen or painful like it is now. They were small hard bumps that I only thought were just hair bumps but once they went away I kept developing similar in different spots down there. I went to

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  • emma00070 2

    Help confused about thrush treatment

    So I have been prescribed a three day course of fluconazole treatment for thrush even though I took the pessary treatment last week (it keeps coming back) my worry is my contraceptive - I'm on the progesterone only pill and my doctor says it's fine it will not interact my pharmacist said to use

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  • Outtamymind12 2

    Is this HIV

    Hi all, Here's my story just over 3 weeks ago I had a condom break during insertive vaginal intercourse and it lasted for a maximum of 5 mins I don't know at which point the condom broke but stopped as soon as I noticed. The female is of unknown status but assures me she's fine and I've nothing to

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  • tara21318 2

    I am burning and bleeding during sex

    I had been having some burning like pain when I use my toy because I was not having sex with my partner. The other day I had sex for the first time in 4 months. I could not even slide down on his penis because it was burning really bad. I had bleed a little bit. When I went to the bathroom it hurt

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  • tara21318 2

    I am burning and bleeding during sex

    I had been having some burning like pain when I use my toy because I was not having sex with my partner. The other day I had sex for the first time in 4 months. I could not even slide down on his penis because it was burning really bad. I had bleed a little bit. When I went to the bathroom it hurt

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  • geek 1

    Married and not had sex in 4 years. My wife has NO sex drive.

    Hi I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but any advice would be great. I am 31 years old I have been married to my wife who is 30 for 6 year and we have not had sex in 4 years. She has NO sex drive what-so-ever. I want to have sex with my wife but she has absolutely no interest.

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  • christina 76060 1

    Could I have herpes?

    I had unprotected sex a week ago and I am very concerned I have contracted something.. there was one small red bump that was briefly itchy at the base of my vaginal opening yesterday and today there seem to be two more, flat and red, not itchy.. normal vaginal discharge, not smelly..

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  • sharne10532 2

    Genital Herpes is driving me insane, I need some advice!

    I got told I had genital herpes about 3 days ago, my outbreak is awful they're all over my vagina. They're so painful. I've had to have a catheter fitted because no matter what I try to be able to pass urine I can't, I cry I scream! They don't seem to be getting any better I can't walk or do pretty

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  • ghayalmayalu 2
  • Poofs777 1


    Hi, I just received some troubling news today. It seems that I have syphilis and the infection seems to be strong (3 pluses out of four - at least that's how this test is done). I never had any symptoms from what I can remember, and I only found out accidentally because I had to take the test as a

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  • jumong99 1

    swollen skin around penis

    Well After 1 hour from last sexual intercourse, i noticed the skin is inflated around penis, all was protected, and at the end few kisses on my penis. The girl was a litle bit agressive with my penis, when she put the condom let him hit my penis like an elastic rubber band.

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  • nervousman 1

    Bizarre Penis Problem, Please Help

    Hey there! Basically, I have had a problem since around Summer 2012. I have visited numerous places and they don't seem to have the right answer. Basically, my penis is not what it was. I am only 22 years old yet within this past year and a half, my penis has gone from being smooth to suddenly

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  • mary421 2

    Vulvodynia caused by bartholin cyst

    I've just been to a local GUM clinic to a reputable hospital. They diagnosed me with vulvodynia. Mine was caused by a small bartholin cyst which ruptured after I took 2x naproxen. I really regret that decision, as for the past 3 weeks I've been having vulvar pain of the affected gland. The second

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