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  • Beehive66 2

    Sooo tired

    So June 12th I was diagnosed with hsv2 Let me give you some back history I was seeing a guy around feb-april and the last time we slept together was April 20th & I stopped seeing him May 28th a guy came home with me & went down on me June 5th I had "what I thought" was an ingrown hair June 6th...

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  • james69822 1

    Red spots on penis

    Hi there, so basically I met this girl and we've been going out for about a month. 2 weeks ago we had sex for the first time and now I developed some red spots on my penis, they go away completely but reappear after masturbating could anyone tell me what's wrong ? I'm really worried

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  • jnarthuna 2
  • louise 40725 1

    Sores around the pelvic public area?

    Hoping someone can help with this as I'm getting paranoid now! I would post a pic but I'm not sure how? I get bikini waxes, and had a lot of ingrown hairs In the intimate area which are gone and I haven't had that area waxed for a while but I went for a basic wax around 8 weeks ago, mainly got each...

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  • nosolucy 2

    Sore/blisters around vagina - HELP *picture*

    I have painful blister-like sores around my vagina on a couple on my vaginal lips and I'm wondering a. how I can ease the pain/get rid of them and b. what they are.  Just to give a background on the last few weeks: I got a particularly back strain of tonsillitis a few weeks ago and was put on very strong...

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  • JA8196 2

    Weird dots on tip of penis not sure what they are?

    im not sure what these are, they're these little reddish dots that when i look closer look a littler darker like a scab. I mean really not sure what it is, does anyone know what they might be? Im a little scared and I hope it's nothing serious. Btw I have a doctor but my parent said take me I'm nervous...

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  • david48602 4

    Pubic lice - bedding, clothing and towels

    Okay, long story short, I have been diagnosed with pubic lice... it's horrible, I am beyond embarrassed, it is what it is. So, my doctor prescribed me Permethrin, in the form of lotion, and I am about to begin the treatment. Here is where I am lost, though... I have tried numerous sources in order to...

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  • john15142 1
  • tiffany65533 1

    Strange smell

    Ok so I have a question? Most times after having sex with my partner the next day it has a smell to my vagina. And he says he has a smell if he don't wash very good! But if we use a condom I never have the smell. And yes I have had other partners before and I've never had this smell. And same goes for...

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  • gwenn57551 1

    Is this normal??? Or should I get checked???

    Hi. I just noticed this today and I have no idea where it came from, me and my bf have been together for 2 years now and none of us never had sex with anyone... Recently we're having kind of problems about my genitals cuz I had an allergic reaction to a condom and ever since that day We stopped having...

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  • Whatdoihave 2

    Bumps on vulva (pictures included)

    I've had these for a while. I haven't had sex (or any kind of sexual contact) so I don't think it's HPV. I asked the doctor about Fordyce Spots, but she'd never heard of them and referred me to another clinic. I have to wait a while for an appointment, so I thought I'd post here to ask for information. 

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  • Eb24hu63 2

    Bumps around labia. Pics. What is this?

    After feeling some discomfort down there, I took a look and noticed this. I have these bumps all around my labia. I feel like I've had these for as long as I can remember but they are either more prominent or there are more of them but I'm not exactly sure. I also noticed that I've been very dry.  I...

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  • emily76350 1

    I have 2 bloster like lumps on my vagina

    I have 2 blister like bumps (verry small) on my vagina (the pubic part at the top). What could this be? I have no other symptoms besides a strong oder. I am in a long term relationship with my partner of 8 years and neither of us have been with anyone since. The blisters are not sore or itchy.

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  • rae14638 2

    HIV anxiety

    3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a man who I thought I could trust. We talked for a long time and he knows I've been tested, but he never told me that he was never tested until after we'd done stuff. Anyway, 3 weeks in and I've got a bad yeast infection, can't eat, diarrhea, and extremely tired....

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  • leroy98786 1

    Bumps on dick 2months after having sex with prostitute

    2 months ago I was in a lonely spot in my. Life and had sex with a prostitute I used a condom but a week later my inner thigh was itchy the itchy went away 2 weeks after but now I have bumps on my dick which haven't went away I'm getting it check in 2 weeks but my ex gf wanna have sex but I want to make...

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  • ariillustrates 3

    Birth Control Help

    So just an overly cautious question. I had to take Bactrim for a few days for an infection. I continued to take my birth control but had breakthrough bleeding. I know that antibiotics can mess with birth control so I used a back up method. I continued taking my pills for about a week after the antibiotic...

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  • ashley73242 2

    Rotten smell after male ejaculation inside of my vagina

    Some one pleas help explain what is causing my boyfriends cum to smell so bad inside of me?! Sometimes it takes a week for it to fully leak out of me! Sometimes I feel like it rots in there and then leaks out. It smells so bad!! I need advice as to what is causing it and how to get rid of it? I will...

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  • tia62133 2

    Yeast Overgrowth.

    Does anyone know where I can order real Diflucan offline from with no prescription? I have a yeast over growth and my doctors only give me one Diflucan which is just not enough and I'm tired of telling them that so I will buy my own.

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  • Celeste1992 2
  • am72511 2
  • alex07919 1

    Constant Itching!

    Hi Guys, So after 7 Months of constant itching on my scrotum i have no other option but to ask for online help. In Decemeber i started with very bad itching on my scrotum after unprotected sex.  I have been to the GUM clinic twice now and both tests have come back all clear. They said that i was having...

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  • Trace444 1

    Anxiety over symptoms

    Hi every one It's been a year now I have each and every symptoms of HIV this is making me crazy now.I have tested last time after 11 months and was negative. I have done three tests after exposure all are there someone who had all symptoms and tested negative after 11 months and confirmed...

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  • fran37477 2

    Symptomatic or just anxious?

    Hi, all.  I recently posted this thread in the anxiety disorder discussion panel, but perhaps it would be better served here. I had unprotected, vaginal sex with a friend who is not my long-term boyfriend in October 2016. I did not experience any sero-conversion symptoms such as fever, flu-like symptoms,...

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  • shani97770 2

    Be very careful.

    I am suffering from 2 years my contact was on July 2013, after that I had dry throat for more then two weeks, rashes and mostly all symptoms I just ignored. On January 2016 I had very bad night sweets with fever that last more then two weeks. I did several test every month for HIV and other STDs all...

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  • jonsol244 1

    Bump on penis

    This little bump appeared on my penis a couple days ago, it hurts what I touch it and I don't know what it is

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  • eva999 2

    Having Vaginal Discharge.

    Hi all.  I have been suffering from vagianl discharge for a long time now.  Its been almost 2 years since i've been suffering from this. It happened long ago when I realized some white pus coming out. There is a little bit of smell too. I dont know what to do right now. Anyone have any home remedies...

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  • rajesh03724 2

    hiv symptoms. tongue sores

    Hi friends, After 2 weeks of a sexual exposure, I have got two small bumps/sores on the upper surface of my tongue (towards the root of the tongue, not near the tip). They are not itchy (very slightly I would say) and I dont have problems with swallowing even with that sores.I dont haveany other sores...

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  • marcus46337 1
  • MidnightSpider 2
  • olesia48130 2


    Hi, I'm doing this for my boyfriend, and I'm going to describe the situation to my best knowledge!! My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months now, both of us have been checked for any sexually transmitted deseases and came negative. We have been sexually active the whole time and nothing of a...

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  • Ankafi 2

    What in the world is this?

    So I just checked my underwear because I have been spotting for the past few days but I saw this in there and I want to know what the heck is this? I went to the doctor today, the chances that I'm pregnant are VERY low, and I have been having numerous hormonal imbalances today. Can anybody give me some...

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  • ray63269 3

    Food stuck at Base of tongue

    I seem to get food stuck at Base of tongue where there seems to be a flap sticking up when I feel around with my finger . My voice is slightly hoarse and need to cough to correct it . Also now been getting swollen glands under chin and not sure if it's related . Anyone else having this experience

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  • yourbabetasha 1

    Group A Strep Vaginitis (21 Years Old)

    I was wondering if anyone is in the same situation as me.  I'm 21 years old and have not been enjoying sex with my boyfriend for the past few years. I'm always in pain during sex and am left with a burning sensation that makes me not want to do it anymore. At first the doctors thought it was down to...

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  • manu68137 1

    dounbt of hiv

    Dear sir, Before three day i went to a massage parlor i done a oil massage there. That lady gave me a hand job with oil. now am totaly worring and am not getting sleep. i have an lower abdominal pain now. i am upset am infected with hiv? please advise me am getting mad from the last two days i have...

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  • neo61696 2
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