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Hi Everyone;

?I am a 34 year old woman who has had on-going digestive issues for sometime and I've just sort of ignored them and lived with discomfort for more than a decade now. I had my gallbladder removed five years and thought that would be the solution but really, nothing has changed.

?My issues consist of generally the following:

- regular, daily nausea - sometimes food related, sometimes not

- stomach and lower abdominal pain on and off

?- alternate between constipation and diarhhea

?- feeling of having to "bear down" sometimes to relieve the abdominal pain

?- feeling of undigested food in my throat 

-feeling that my food just "sits" in my stomach and doesn't digest

?- reflux at night

?- general fatigue- feeling like I'm either just getting or just getting over the

  stomach flu

?- frequent headaches

?I do admit that I take a lot of Advil - maybe five times a week- so I don't know if Ive burned a hole through my stomach or have an ulcer or have something like IBS.... I'm very confused.

For example, I was at a local science center with my daughter today and we had a piece of pizza for lunch. Usually, this wouldn't make any of my above symptoms worse or any more uncomfortable than usual, but today, withing 15 minutes, I had I had to use the bathroom - I'll say- urgently and it was very foul (sorry).  

?It's all mild to moderate and doesn't stop me from living, but it does make my daily life uncomfortable.

?Any advise, ideas, similar stories?



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    Hello sounds like a combination of things. My daughter has IBS and the majority of your symptoms sound like what she deals with.

    Also the Advil that often is definitely not could have a stomach ulcer also I have that and a couple of your symptoms sound like what I go through. You should talk to your doctor and go see a gastro doctor. Maybe get an EGD and Colonoscopy to rule out anything more serious.

    Good luck and I hope for a speedy solution to your health issues.

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    Hello Rebecca, your problem sounds almost itentical to mine and I also psoted a blog that was titled Tired of Daily Feeling Sick and Doctors Have No Clue. I am like Hana9074132 and been through tests, different medications and all with no staisfaction. I went to the health food store and spoke with a very knowledgable person regarding my problem and they suggested for 2 weeks to take a product from New Roots which is a hosiptial bacteria probiotic and a product from Classic Series called Mastic Chios Gum. They both come in capsule form and you take 1 capsule from each 23 times a day jsut b efore a meal on a empty stomach. The one should make sure that you get enought vitamin D3. Then it was recommended that I go on a product that is called CHILL which helps with anziety and stress. I have been on the first 2 products for a week now and I am feeling not too bad and will give it the 2nd week with hopes it settles things down. Not sure if that is much help to you but I will be posting on my blog again after the 2nd week is up to let others know how I feel. Good luck to you as there is many of us out there and we all feel your pain.
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    Sounds like IBS like I have.  Stop the dairy and red meat.  Keep a food dairy to see what foods are good/bad for you.  Take probiotics daily.  Don't drink coffee.  Drink peppermint tea.  Pepto Bismol helps a lot with stomach issues.   Metamucil (powdered fiber mixed with water) works good for diarrhea/constipation because it bulks up stool and helps to make your bowel movements more normal.  Hope this helps.

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    Hi Rebecca. sorry to hear you are so poorly.  Your symptoms remind me of bile acid malabsorption ( i have had it since early 2015). its where too much bile acid reaches your intestines & it causes symptoms of urgent diarrea (particularly during/straight after eating), noisy stomach(gurgling,squeaking) bloating, sometimes nausea, & the diarrea causes frequent soreness around anus/rectum, inability to digest fats in diet properly.  the frequent diarrea can also cause headaches as there is often risk of poor hydration. also excessive tiredness & general feeling of unwellness.  I think you should ask your gp or consultant for a sehcat test to test for bile acid malabsorption. its a simple test that involves swallowing a tracer pill followed by a quick specialised scan. you go back 7days later for another scan. from this they can see if you have bile acid malabsorption & then give you meds to treat which make a huge difference within weeks of starting. even though you've had your gallbladder removed, you can still have this condition as the gallbladder was simply a "tank" to store bile acid. you still produce bile acid after your gallbladder has been removed.  it is called bam for short, & a common condition that is often overlooked in patients with bowel disorders such ibs, crohns, colitis. i think people with chronic diarrea/pain should always be tested for this condition in the absence of any other bowel condition,BEFORE being diagnosed with ibs, as it mimics the symptoms of several bowel conditions.  xx

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