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Hi all,

I was diagnosed with shingles a week ago. I discovered a bumpy rash on my right hip on Saturday evening (why does it always happen at the weekend) with no other symptoms. First thing Sunday, I went to A&E as I knew that it was important to get antivirals quickly. Was seen straight away and given script. Well then the awful pain began, no need to describe it to you all, which I've had for a week getting progressively worse. Daytime isn't too bad as keep active, but at night nothing helps. My GP has prescribed 30 mg Codeine to go with paracetamol and amitrip for nighttime. I can't take NSAIDS because of Reflux. So as someone else says here, I have to save up my pain killers till the evening because I can't take them every 4 hours. What with my antivirals, plus 4 other prescription pills, it's all getting confusing. I missed my shingles vac by 11 days last year - how ironic is that?!

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    Oh sorry to hear this annieflipflop sad

    (love your name by the way wink  )

    I am a little worried that your taking all these meds at night though as even paracetamol is dangerous in large doses!

    I was put on co-codamol when paracetamol failed miserably which knocked me silly and I too have reflux but I found Co-Codamol without the paracetamol effective.

    I am not in a position to  say whether you may be overdosing due to confusion with all the meds but I suggest ringing 101??( NHS Direct) for assistance on this.

    I am on Nitrazepam for the night and along with to Co-codomol as I say it was heaven to get sleep.

    I hope someone will be able to advise better than me and I wish you well very soon.

    That Godamn awful pain is enough to crucify anybody for sure.

    Make sure you get the vaccination ASAP (lucky you for being able to get it because I am far too young at 63 to have it but I will gladly pay the price just to make sure the last Shingles Bout is indeed that..because I couldn't go through it a third time sad

    Wishing you well annieflipflop x

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      Thank you Sim24210, you cheered me a little.  It seems that everyone who gets this dreadful thing is different - in treatment and symptoms. It takes a while to find what suits best.  I have just taken some Ibruphen plus some ormeprozole and so far it seems to have eased the pain a little.

      No unfortunately I didn't have the vaccination as I was 11 days too old at 72, but perhaps I could get it to stop it coming back?

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    I rang 111 for advice on painkillers as I got no help from the doctor. I had to write down a list of what I was taking and when. I took paracetemol and ibuprofen (I found the ibuprofen the best for me). But I am also on omeprazole for reflux. So....every 4 hours I took paracetamol and every 6 hours ibuprofen. I was so worried I would overdose until I spoke to the 111 nurse. This is my 2nd time too Sim24210 and I sincerely hope I never, ever, get it again. I am into my 4th week of recovery, having had it on my lip, chin and in my mouth. Probably take another 2 weeks to fully recover my strength and feeling in my face. Good luck Annie. It will take time and I found the rest, rest and more rest was the best medicine. xx
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    I am into my 7th week of this dreadful pain . Been to homeopathy clinic, taking 2 remedies - don't see any difference. Also had one lot of acupuncture and signed up for a course. 

    Gone through the various doses of cocodomol now 30/500. Had tramadol and morphine. Now taking 20mg amitriptyline.

    At the moment pain is driving me crazy and really bunged up - waiting for

    friend to bring señokot. 

    I noticed there is a new drug on the market EMA 401. 

    Does anyone know about this please or perhaps taking it now?

    Many thanks


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      Hi Alexis, I see EMA 401 is for neuralgic pain and shingles. Sounds promising. 

      I have found a small glass full of prune juice straight from the fridge first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is usually foolproof for me.  I am hypothyroid so have always that way inclined anyway.  What a joy!

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      I've not heard of this drug but I was 18 days constipated the first time around and that was just an added side effect from those drugs.

      So not only very down in the "Dumps",it was 18 days before I managed to go with the help of more drugs!

      Shingls screws every part of the body and will have a look at EMA 401 out of curiosity,not that any one of us will EVER have Shingles again I hope.

      Keep well's no fun getting old is it? rolleyes

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    Dear Annie;

    This is also to the other people replying. I have been having reoccurring Shingles for 35 years. I am now 55. I started when I was 20 years old. I have persona spoken to the pharmaceutical company that manufacturers the Shingles vaccination, and they have told me that it will not prevent reoccurring outbreaks. It could possibly reduce the symptoms of Shingles. Also, for the last 5 years I have been on Valtrex, as a preventive measure, for reoccurring Shingles. It helps me to only have an outbreak once or twice a year. Instead of the eve other month I was having before then. If I have an outbreak, I have to double up on Valtrex, to make it subside. Anyone over the age of 50 can have the Shingles vaccination,with prior approval. Although, it is recommended for over the age of 60 years old. I have not gotten it because I break out with Shingles, even from a flu vaccination. I don't need an extra outbreak, no matter what they say. Good luck, if you have any other questions, just ask.😇

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    Hi annieflipflop and all you fellow sufferers. I'm recovering from the actual shingles rash at the mo but still feeling very tired, full of aches and pains like post flu! I had four outbreaks in all, all in different parts of the body starting with scalp/head which is still itchy especially if I get hot and bothered doing housework or gardening etc. Now in 6th week! Had some PHN too in the shoulder/arm and headaches and earache in the region of the scalp rash. I find to rest as much as possible helps. I have very little energy anyway but hopeful a week at the seaside will help at Bank Hol.

     Regarding 1roswells remarks, the shingles vaccination is not available on the NHS UK until you are 70 plus and they are now doing a catchup program which started with 78/9 year olds. I should have had it this year, being 71 but felt quite poorly after the flu jab last winter so decided to wait a month or two. Then...... I started with "Shingles" at Easter!!! cry I've been looking for advice online, NHS UK  etc. and find I will probably not be able to have it now until a year after being clear of current outbreak. It might or might not help reduce symtoms of any future outbreaks! I shall enquire about getting it privately if it's recommended as I think I'll be out of age group by the time I can have it done now! Oh well, it's def not nice getting old but this horrible illness attacks younger people too! At least I don't have to go to work any more. I can lie down and read and doze whenever I feel too tired to do anything else. If I don't I get so tired I can't think straight!confused

     Goodnight all. I'm off back to bed now.  rolleyes

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      PS. I've been taking Tramadoland paracetamol which I'm prescribed for OA anyway. Just needed to take them a bit more often but not exceeding 8 per day of either. I can't take Codeine for similar reasons to those mentioned above but find Tramadol does not cause me constipation or stomach pain as Codeine does. Everyone's different so I think it's a matter of speaking to your doctor until you find what works for you! exclaimcool
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    I keep getting a burning sensation in the right side of my body. I get it in my right arm, right arm pit, shoulder, my upper & lower back. I get pains in my right breast, under my rib cage & my chest, I even get pains in my right hand. When I touch the burning sensation its tender. I've been to the doctors twice in 3 weeks & going again tomorrow. The first couple of times they examined my breasts as I was & still am getting pains in my right breast & they said it's all normal. They checked my temperature & said I had a mild temperature & the pains I was describing sounded like shingles, I have no rash though, but you can get shingles without a rash. They sent me home without doing further tests, this happened twice & im really fed up with it. They keep saying they can't find anything wrong. I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow morning & im hoping they find out what's wrong then as its really worrying me. Also I'm 25 & I've had chicken pox when I was little. I went to the doctors again today & she diagnosed me with something completely different, she said its rotator cuff syndrome, I was expecting her to say it's non rash shingles. I keep getting a burning sensation in my right arm pit & the symptoms for rotator cuff syndrome is pain in your shoulder & outer arm. I feel as though they are not understanding what I'm saying to them & it's really worrying as I always think the worst. I have a blood test next Wednesday not happy that I have to wait over a week for it, but I guess the blood test will definitely say what's wrong with me.
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