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  • Srini 2

    Recurrence of herpes zoster with UV light and travel

    Hi All Anyone had recurrence of shingles following travel or exposure to sunlight? I had HZ on right side of face & eye 2 months ago, still have severe itching and am on lyrica and lidocaine patches. In July, 3 months from the episode, I will b travelling to West coast US from UK for 3 weeks plus...

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  • karen81086 2

    Hmm... maybe this isn't a coincidence

    Had my first outbreak of shingles about May 1, 2017. Effected L5 dermamode ..down left leg. Horrible experience.. spent about two weeks inn bed. Slowly re covered..fatigue being the worst lingering symptom. Just three days ago I was really pumped that I seemed you be back to myself again when wham...a,new...

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  • danielle999 2

    Shingles without the rash

    For about two weeks I was experiencing pain on my right side, around my rib area to under my breast bone. It was an odd pain, nothing like I've had before, it felt as though someone punched me really hard. I thought it was just a muscle strain from so much coughing as I had pneumonia, but the pain didn't...

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  • tommy1958 1

    Started Valtrex week after going to dr

    I thought I had eczema so I didn't go to the dr. til a week later when my rash was started to dry up already.  The dermatologist diagnosed it as shingles.  Been VERY stressed lately along with my other shingles symptoms (over 50, had chickenpox, have herpres virus and stress).  She put me on Valtrex...

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  • emma85814 1

    Shingles with a rare autoimmune disorder when can I catch a break

    I'm a 32 year old single mum of a 10 year old and have custody of my little brother because my mum and nan died unexpectedly last September I have a rare form of ms called neuromyelitis which caused me to go blind in both eyes for six months its a daily battle dealing with this disorder and it very nearly...

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  • Shingles34 1

    34 with mild Shingles, no pain, weird?

    SO happy I found this community! I've been treated like a leper by 2 doctors when I was diagnosed with Shingles. Apparently it's "unheard" of in young people (I'm 34) unless we're immune compromised, but reading other young, healthy people on here who have had Shingles is a big relief! My outbreak was...

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  • Sharkbaitstar 2

    Third time I've had shingles...and I'm 21.

    I am 21 years old and this is my third time having shingles. I have it on my left thigh. At first the doctors were skeptical because I was 20 when they first diagnosed me with shingles, and I was just as surprised as they were to find out. But they reassured me saying after medications I shouldn't have...

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  • deborah72510 1

    Shingles for 6 months

    I got the shingles in January and it went away after 3 weeks. However, the neuropathy pain is still lingering. My left breast is double in size of the righty and I have a lump under my armpit, which has now been 6 months. I have been on amitriptaline, gabapentin, norcos, Percocet 5, Tylenol with codeine...

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  • rokkinroll 1

    Sores On Scalp, I'm Convinced Is Shingles, Zovirax Helps Immediately

    Has anyone else here had a problem with terrible terrible sores on the scalp that will never ever stop scratching and burning and itching even though they almost go away there's always something there and then they flare back up definitely seems cyclical and the worst they get the pain starts to reverberate...

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  • nikkik0720 1

    Shingles at 21?

    So I went to the doctor with what I originally thought was a spider bite on my 3rd toe. It began with the toe being itchy for a day or two and then little blisters began to appear. The third day after the blisters appeared i went to the doctor. My toe was so painful and red and swollen and there was...

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  • Artsy 2

    Shingles numbness

    I came down with shingles in March. The rash was gone in 2 weeks. I still have some pain, but it's minimal. What does bother me is I have numbness and tingling in my index finger and thumb on my left hand. Have any of you had numbness with shingles and, if so, did it ever go away? How long did that take?

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  • pattitracy 2

    Shingles again!!

    Hi all, I have been dealing with shingles for over a year now...Can anyone tell me if it is common to get them on both sides of your body? I feel extremley exhausted ..very lethargic! I usually do not experience pain whatsoever..just itching and this time very exhaused (not so much tired) and lethargic.....

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  • Rob120987 2

    Scar experience from shingles and exposure to sun

    Greetings all, I had shingles 3 months ago and it seems like the pain has finally gone away. Currently, I am stuck with these black dotted scars below my chest and back that is a size of small period. Has anybody here experience this? And have a way to reduce and fade these scars? Also is it true...

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  • Nicwhit 2
  • Jane1618 3

    Permanent itching after shingles

    it is over a year ago that I had shingles and the itching all around my eye and forehead has never gone away. I was told a few times at the eye clinic, that it takes time, but has anyone else suffered with this for so long??!! I use antihistamine cream and eye drops, but I think I have this awful problem...

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  • Milleta 1
  • andy0829 2

    Is this Shingles ?

    Hi , I'd like some help with a shingles diagnosis , i have been to the doctor , let me tell you why i'm asking. About a week ago i had a dull ache on my back behind or near my shoulder blade , i couldn't quite trace the source but found some crunchy , knotted tendons (probably not the correct word)....

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  • tay56201 3

    About shingles

    Dear shingle sufferers , I'm not a medical expert, but after my episode of shingles I done lots of research, it's important to keep your scars areas away from the sun, should you get scars on your face be sure to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30+ to prevent permanent darkening of the scars,...

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  • Jubs UK 2

    Shingles pain and itching HELP pls

    my shingles blisters and rashes have fallen off and skin that was left raw and open is healing BUT the pain and itching has worsened and intensified. The prickling pain and twitching feeling is so intense and irritating I've given into itching. Does anyone know of anything I can do....the other day I...

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  • anita520422 2
  • tay56201 3

    Shingles? apply ice at the first sign of tingling

    I have just read in one of forum if you apply ice at the first sign of tingling and leave it on a long time works, because this virus needs a warm place to germinate, chilling that spot helps chase it away! This will prevent the outbreak. This works well for cold sores on a lip as well as shingles. I'm...

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  • kriirk 2

    High dose vit. C - shingle free past 6 months

    I googled hundreds of articles last year, and vit.C was a recurring advice. So, since before X-mas, Ive taken ~3 grams pr day. My eyelid shingles usually return every 3 months, but not seen any since before x-mas. (In cosmetics, its argued that vitamin C has an anti wrinkle effect, by binding water...

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  • tay56201 3

    Shingles vaccine

    I am very confused 😕 why do we need shingle vaccine? If we have got the outbreak of shingles; aren't we already-obviously- developed the antibody to this virus? Isn't that what vaccine is?? Can someone elaborate on this please.

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  • kriirk 2

    'HZ/su' - new shingles vaccine shoving promise in test I am a sceptic regarding...

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  • Jane1618 3

    Itching eye 15 months after shingles, getting desperate!!

    I have written on this forum before re shingles, but I really thought that the problem would gradually stop but it has gone on now for  almost 15 months , you would think that in this day and age there  would be help for this but  there is none! !! I have tried everything from pills to antihistamine...

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  • Guest M

    Sharing my experience - recurring shingles

    I'm a 35 year old female and have had recurring shingles for about 7 years which occurs anything from 3-7 times a year and occasionally back to back. It is always a small cluster of itchy/stinging spots at the base of my spine and thankfully, the only other symptom can be overly sensitive skin down the...

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  • MsM81 3

    Exhausted post shingles

    I was diagnosed with shingles 2 weeks ago. Compared to some, it was a mild case with just a small rash on my back. I caught it early and was given antibiotics which I finished last week. The rash has pretty much cleared but now I have overwhelming bouts of fatigue. Yesterday I literally couldn't move....

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  • samir1978 2

    Just got shingles , please help

    Dear all, I have been diagnosed with herpes zoster few days ago , my symptoms started as ear and teeth pain with headache then rash started appearing around my left ear , chin and inside my mouth. Im on valaciclovir , b12 and gentian voilet solution , can someone please help me answer the below questions...

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  • jennifer78043 2

    Shingles, is this normal? And can I workout?

    I'm a 35 y/o healthy female and was diagnosed with shingles four days ago. Had an ache in my back but didn't give it much attention until the rash appeared. I'm on valtrex and the rash appears to be getting better but last night I came down with a bad head ache and the chills. I had read that this symptoms...

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  • june54386 2

    Shingles in the mouth

    I had a  burning etc left had side roof of mouth and had operation for cataract recently and it was also aching left hand side went to doctor examined my mouth said I have shingles prescribed acroviral 5 times a day mouth is very sore inside bi ut that's only symptoms will this now go away without rash...

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  • Schumacher13 3

    Anyone had Shingles on their face/head?

    I was diagnosed as having Shingles on Friday at the doctors. I started itching on my forehead Tues night and by the next day my forehead had all red marks on it? I didn't realise you can get shingles on your face?  I have had horrible pain on/off since, swelling on my eyebrow and jawline near my ears?...

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  • edward47346 1

    Possible Shingles without rash

    lI was having a tingling,burning itching sensation on my left neck, shoulder and upper arm without a rash.  my Dr  thought I might have shingles but sent me too get xrays of my neck  , I have severe arthritus in my neck they thought it might be causing nerve damage.   Been through theropy had injections...

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  • trudi26484 1
  • barbara111211 2

    Shingles and Hidradenitis Supperativa.

    I have a disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the groin area, which effects the glands. I'm stage moderate 2 and scheduled for surgery to have glands removed sometime in July. The recovery time is about 14 weeks. The symptoms are very simular to shingles. The last week or two I had a headache non...

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  • shelby97333 2

    Recurring Oral Shingles???

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have shingles in the mouth more than once? I am only 22 years old and this is my fourth time having "shingles" in the mouth. The pain starts with soreness of my gums and teeth on my right side of my mouth. Every hour that goes by the pain in my mouth increases rapidly...

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