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  • bjorn12 2

    Shingles - side effects

    I have read a lot of great informatinon on this forum, thank you! I was diagnosed with shingles on 7/21. I am 46 years old, and relatively healthy, as I am active and usually only get a cold and flu every year. Almost two weeks ago I started having some very strange symptoms, elevated blood pressure,...

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  • kittycat1 2

    Internal shingles?

    Hi everyone,  So i'm wondering if i have internal shingles. I have no rash but i do have this incredible painful/prickling/ sensation across my back. There is nothing to see on the skin but it is driving me insane! I keep thinking i have kidney problems with the pain but when the doc sends...

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  • beth97678 3

    Light at the end of the tunnel

    It's 23rd July and my shingles was diagnosed by the GP on 25 April.Luckily,he gave me 7 days of antiviral (Aciclovir-the nhs ,or the gp doesn't run to the more expensive antivirals-but to be fair,I don't pay for doctors,hospitals or medicines.) I have never sworn so much in my life.The pain...

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  • heather29740 2

    God this hurts

    Had incredibly sore painful shoulder blade for fortnight the rash has come out in the area and round to my breast area which is also very sore. It's after two in the morning and I can't get to sleep cause it is so sore. The question I would like to ask is did anyone have stomach problems while...

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  • SiBarNet 2

    My Shingles Seems to be Never Ending.........

    Hi, when I say I was 'glad' to see that I'm not the only one + there are others who have similar experiences to mine, please understand I refer to my symptoms not being unheard of + nothing else.  I think I should probably mention that due to my location (Vietnam) + for reasons I won't...

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  • kevin-Canada 3

    Shingles - Where do you feel the symptoms?

    We all know shingles symptoms being pain, tingling, burning, itching on the skin and we all have had shingles at least once and that is why we are here so in your case(s) "Do you feel above symptons exactly where you later get the blisters and sores later or those sores occur somewhere else...

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  • Jane1618 3

    Permanent itching after shingles

    it is over a year ago that I had shingles and the itching all around my eye and forehead has never gone away. I was told a few times at the eye clinic, that it takes time, but has anyone else suffered with this for so long??!! I use antihistamine cream and eye drops, but I think I have this awful problem...

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  • jennleajack 1

    Shingles Help this is misery

    I been at the shingles game a month. My rash has been healed well over a week and a half and I've been in misery. During the day my mind stays busy and I can deal with the persistent itching burning, but at night I literally am miserable. I take melatonin and ibuprofen pm and nothing helps me sleep....

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  • karen81086 2

    Postheurpatic neuralgia or new bout of shingles?

    Hi! First full blown shingles outbreak end of May. Reoccurrence of rash mid June. All clear and symptom free for over two weeks and yesterday I had itching in area where rash was but no rash now. Tonight I'm having there burning painful skin same dermamode as before but no rash. Would this be postheurpatic...

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  • james30897 1
  • Guest M

    Sharing my experience - recurring shingles

    I'm a 35 year old female and have had recurring shingles for about 7 years which occurs anything from 3-7 times a year and occasionally back to back. It is always a small cluster of itchy/stinging spots at the base of my spine and thankfully, the only other symptom can be overly sensitive skin down...

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  • jeannette 04179 1

    Thank you! I am over Shingles

    Thank you so much for this forum! I had shingles last Sept. and this forum kept me sane and the only thing that gave me hope. I couldn't even rely on my doctors because they couldn't understand what I was feeling. They even ran batteries of test but nothing came up. When I felt depressed I will...

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  • christine76458 2

    Shingles symptoms afrer 7 months

    I had shingles last July until until November 2015 It started on my shoulder and went up the left  side of my face. I was in bed for 6 weeks, could barely walk. I had anti viral tablets, but did not reach the 72 hour timeline for Prednisone . The second week I developed Bells Palsy on the same side,...

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  • Shingles34 1

    34 with mild Shingles, no pain, weird?

    SO happy I found this community! I've been treated like a leper by 2 doctors when I was diagnosed with Shingles. Apparently it's "unheard" of in young people (I'm 34) unless we're immune compromised, but reading other young, healthy people on here who have had Shingles is a...

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  • Debra1954 3

    Facial shingles

    A week ago I had what started as a slight irritation in my right eye. 4 days later things were bad enough to make a GP appointment. By then I had slight swelling and a few blisters on my lip and redness all on the right side of my face. The GP took my BP and it was almost 200 but he was most concerned...

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  • Srini 2

    Post herpetic itch

    I had shingles on my face and inside my eye (trigeminal) just over 4 wks ago. I have severe itching of eyelid, eyebrow, forehead & scalp, unbearable! I've tried coconut oil mixed with olive oil, it felt like it actually increased the itching! I also am using lidocaine patches and Carbemazepine(tegretol)...

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  • karen49042 2

    can shingles be brought on by hot sunlight ??

    Been abroad 2 weeks blisters appeard on my chest in the first week and then more a few days after. the lst lot have crusted and look like shingles. Ive had it before but not as bad . I also suffer with coldsores all year round . But im not unwell they are just tingly and itching .can shingles be brought...

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  • emma85814 1

    Shingles with a rare autoimmune disorder when can I catch a break

    I'm a 32 year old single mum of a 10 year old and have custody of my little brother because my mum and nan died unexpectedly last September I have a rare form of ms called neuromyelitis which caused me to go blind in both eyes for six months its a daily battle dealing with this disorder and it very...

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  • dana01327 2

    I am in a panic ..please help

    I can't keep living this way, everything I stop the val cyclo virtual I week later it comes back..this time I had a rash under my left breast, 2 weeks ago it was under my right breast...I start the meds asap, because before I caught on to this issue..I was laid up for a week unable to function with...

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  • Snorkie1 1

    Shingles are no fun

    I started out by noticing sharp pain in my left temple. But did not think anything about i, as I was on vacation and was having fun. When I left to go home on the 13 of June still having the sharp pain in my temple but still did not think it was anything but a headache since I get migraines, well when...

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  • jennifer 88798 1

    My shingles experience

    Hi. About 10 days ago I started having a severe pain on my left side I thought it was my kidney and maybe I had kidney stones this started late at night on Thursday well the pain was terrible all day Friday and the rest of the weekend. I decided to go to the emergency room on Monday after work they did...

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  • june54386 2

    Shingles in the mouth

    I had a  burning etc left had side roof of mouth and had operation for cataract recently and it was also aching left hand side went to doctor examined my mouth said I have shingles prescribed acroviral 5 times a day mouth is very sore inside bi ut that's only symptoms will this now go away without...

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  • Shadcroft67 2

    Shingles on neck and face - what should I expect?

    Hi, Diagnosed yesterday, rash appeared 3 days ago. The rash started in my hairline at the back, spread to behind my ear, onto my neck and then a couple on my face (but not near my eye). Taking anti viral medication - aciclovir and pharmacist recommended painkillers paramol. I haven't felt ill leading...

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  • Vigilante 3

    Shingles and odd symptoms

    Hello all, I am 35 and developed shingles about two weeks ago on the side of my neck, I had been itching for a few days before developing red raised blotches, I went to the GP believing it was just an exzema or allergic reaction but he diagnosed shingles to my suprise and gave anti virals 800mg fast...

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  • tracy71704 1

    Suppressive therapy

    I am curious if anyone has tried suppression therapy? My doctor has recently prescribed Famvir 500mg daily to stop the recurrence. I have about 6 outbreaks a year of shingles on my face with terrible illness symptoms.

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  • nai84477 3

    Glad I'm not alone

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I had shingles when I was 26... that was 6 years ago. I recently had what I believe to be a reoccurrence. I thought it was a heat rash, but the way that it healed and left scarring I sort of know it's shingles. I didn't have much pain a little stabbing, a bit...

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  • dana01327 2

    A year of shingles

    I am in shock..I can't keep living this way, everything I stop the val cyclo virtual I week later it comes back..this time I had a rash under my left breast, 2 weeks ago it was under my right breast...I start the meds asap, because before I caught on to this issue..I was laid up for a week unable...

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  • lucyandyoshi 1

    Shingles over and over again need advice re: causes please

    Hi There,  Before I start I will say I have seen the extensive discussions about reoccuring shingles on this site - and have read them (many times).  I am a 36 year old female, otherwise healthy apart from this shingles that haunts my life. First bout was in 2014 after a traumatic experience...

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  • dana01327 2

    Change in weather shingles

    HI all....when I first started getting shingles I noticed it was when the weather changed, from spring into summer and fall into winter, I have followed everything on shingles, but I am worrying sick I will be forced to take val cyclo virtual everyday forever, if I ignore ghis if turns into z stabbing...

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  • Srini 2

    Recurrence of herpes zoster with UV light and travel

    Hi All Anyone had recurrence of shingles following travel or exposure to sunlight? I had HZ on right side of face & eye 2 months ago, still have severe itching and am on lyrica and lidocaine patches. In July, 3 months from the episode, I will b travelling to West coast US from UK for 3 weeks...

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  • karen81086 2

    Hmm... maybe this isn't a coincidence

    Had my first outbreak of shingles about May 1, 2017. Effected L5 dermamode ..down left leg. Horrible experience.. spent about two weeks inn bed. Slowly re covered..fatigue being the worst lingering symptom. Just three days ago I was really pumped that I seemed you be back to myself again when wham...a,new...

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  • danielle999 2

    Shingles without the rash

    For about two weeks I was experiencing pain on my right side, around my rib area to under my breast bone. It was an odd pain, nothing like I've had before, it felt as though someone punched me really hard. I thought it was just a muscle strain from so much coughing as I had pneumonia, but the pain...

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  • tommy1958 1

    Started Valtrex week after going to dr

    I thought I had eczema so I didn't go to the dr. til a week later when my rash was started to dry up already.  The dermatologist diagnosed it as shingles.  Been VERY stressed lately along with my other shingles symptoms (over 50, had chickenpox, have herpres virus and stress).  She...

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  • Sharkbaitstar 2

    Third time I've had shingles...and I'm 21.

    I am 21 years old and this is my third time having shingles. I have it on my left thigh. At first the doctors were skeptical because I was 20 when they first diagnosed me with shingles, and I was just as surprised as they were to find out. But they reassured me saying after medications I shouldn't...

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  • deborah72510 2

    Shingles for 6 months

    I got the shingles in January and it went away after 3 weeks. However, the neuropathy pain is still lingering. My left breast is double in size of the righty and I have a lump under my armpit, which has now been 6 months. I have been on amitriptaline, gabapentin, norcos, Percocet 5, Tylenol with codeine...

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