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  • tonya 30863 1

    Child with Shingles Virus?

    Hello, I hope I can find some answers. My son now 13 yr old, went though a traumatic event when he was 10 mo. old. To sum it up, he experienced febrile seizures, stop breathing and had to be airlifted to a children's hospital. About 2-3 days from the hospital he developed a rash on the side of his face,...

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  • Schumacher13 3

    Anyone had Shingles on their face/head?

    I was diagnosed as having Shingles on Friday at the doctors. I started itching on my forehead Tues night and by the next day my forehead had all red marks on it? I didn't realise you can get shingles on your face?  I have had horrible pain on/off since, swelling on my eyebrow and jawline near my ears?...

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  • cynthia19621 1

    Internal shingles???

    My partner was diagnosed with shingles yesterday. For two days rt side of face, neck and head painful to slightest but no rash. Doc gave a week of meds. Tonight white spots roof of mouth, chills, hot, miserable. Beenvext tired for a week. Also diag with cervical stenosis prior. Can I catch

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  • karen49042 2

    can shingles be brought on by hot sunlight ??

    Been abroad 2 weeks blisters appeard on my chest in the first week and then more a few days after. the lst lot have crusted and look like shingles. Ive had it before but not as bad . I also suffer with coldsores all year round . But im not unwell they are just tingly and itching .can shingles be

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  • MsM81 3

    Exhausted post shingles

    I was diagnosed with shingles 2 weeks ago. Compared to some, it was a mild case with just a small rash on my back. I caught it early and was given antibiotics which I finished last week. The rash has pretty much cleared but now I have overwhelming bouts of fatigue. Yesterday I literally couldn't

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  • tonja7779311 1

    Stressed, depressed, and suffering from recurring shingles

    Hello Everyone.  My name is Tonja.  I'm 43 years old, live in the States, and had my first bout of shingles on my upper left thigh (where I still have a scar) in my late twenties.  At the time, I was in graduate school and under a lot of stress.  Initially, though,  I thought a spider had bit me.  

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  • mariann41070 2


    I had the shingles in December and now any time I come in contact with someone that is sick I get what ever they have. How long does it take for my immune system to get back to normal?

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  • laura38110 2

    My shingles never go away

    I was looking at the stories that people have here about the never ending shingles.  I have had them for the past 5+ years now and I have them in my mouth, and throat, sometimes they get around my ear canal, and even have got so back I cannot talk.  Most of the time when they are acting up it is

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  • Rob120987 2

    Still have shingles redness?

    Hello guys, I was diagnosed with shingles 5 weeks ago and it seem like the pain has gone away and the scabs has fallen off but I still have these small like red pimples on the affected shingle area hat doesn't seem to go away. Has anybody experienced this? Will these eventually disappear?

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  • babs99203 3

    PHN? Slowly healing? How do you know?

    I may have had a (bad) epiphany last night, but some background, again. My first outbreak was late October was minor on my back, then two+weeks later, a small patch on my breast--no anti-virals as it was too late. I then started the typical severe pain, used lidocaine pain cream, Gabapentin

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  • Guest M

    Sharing my experience - recurring shingles

    I'm a 35 year old female and have had recurring shingles for about 7 years which occurs anything from 3-7 times a year and occasionally back to back. It is always a small cluster of itchy/stinging spots at the base of my spine and thankfully, the only other symptom can be overly sensitive skin down

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  • desiGal1224 2
  • tiffany60896 3

    Scars and skin problems after Shingles

    Because I have scars from shingles and some worrisome red blotchy areas, where the shingles were, I did some research today. According to my research, shingles scars tend to be deep red or even purple. The scars can lay flat against the skin though some, like mine, can be raised or even pitted. I

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  • rob26826 2

    Vitamin B12 causing numbness in legs?

    Well, I a desperate attempt to spped up my post neuralgia problems from Shingles, I decided to have Vitamin B12 injection plus a I had been taking Vitamin B12 sublinguial (under tongue): 15 mg tablets. Now i have a very scary symptom of numbness and weakness in my legs and blood serum levels of

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  • romanz86826 1

    Shingles over and over

    I'm 35 yrs old and I had shingles 21 times since 2013. They give me 800mg of Acyclovir. It clears up but then comes back about a month later. Its always in the same place, between my left eye and nose. The 20th time it was actually on my eyelids. My eye was swollen shut and I lost vision. None

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  • babs99203 3

    Gab and dental work?

    I'm still on 2,000 mg of Gab and 4% Lidocaine pain cream and am in my 6th month of shingles/PHN and needed a crown yesterday. (The tooth kind, not because I'm royalty!) I was very apprehensive as I've had some apalling dentists in my youth and problems getting numb. My dentist used Lidocaine as the local,...

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  • Sharkbaitstar 2

    Third time I've had shingles...and I'm 21.

    I am 21 years old and this is my third time having shingles. I have it on my left thigh. At first the doctors were skeptical because I was 20 when they first diagnosed me with shingles, and I was just as surprised as they were to find out. But they reassured me saying after medications I shouldn't

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  • danielle999 2

    Shingles without the rash

    For about two weeks I was experiencing pain on my right side, around my rib area to under my breast bone. It was an odd pain, nothing like I've had before, it felt as though someone punched me really hard. I thought it was just a muscle strain from so much coughing as I had pneumonia, but the pain didn'

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  • Julia.Uk 2

    Recurring shingles

    i have had shingles 3 times in 6 months and at least once a year for the past 5 years. It is usually at the base of my spine and whilst the spots are within a circle the size of a 5p the symptoms are debilitating ! I usually spend a week in bed. I visited a family last Monday , 10 days ago, and

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  • andy0829 2

    Is this Shingles ?

    Hi , I'd like some help with a shingles diagnosis , i have been to the doctor , let me tell you why i'm asking. About a week ago i had a dull ache on my back behind or near my shoulder blade , i couldn't quite trace the source but found some crunchy , knotted tendons (probably not the correct word)

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  • Jubs UK 2

    Shingles pain and itching HELP pls

    my shingles blisters and rashes have fallen off and skin that was left raw and open is healing BUT the pain and itching has worsened and intensified. The prickling pain and twitching feeling is so intense and irritating I've given into itching. Does anyone know of anything I can other day

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  • Texas1976 2

    Feedback on Amitriptyline & Gabapentin?

    I recently was prescribe both of these meds. Has anybody taken these meds together for PHN or pain after the shingles breakout? If so, did it work or experience any side effects from it?

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  • pattitracy 2

    Picture of shingles

    Hi all, could anyone tell me if there shingles look like I said in my post, I don't get much pain at itching and the fatigue,  and feeling lathargic!! It has been a little over a year ago in February and seem to have them more often than a great eveing all!!

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  • katherine96 2

    Possible shingles reoccurrence, help

    Hello, I'm a 21 year old woman and I first got shingles about 2-3 weeks ago. I thought it was a really bad migraine and a cold but then I started getting blisters all over my left side of my forehead and scalp. I went to the doctors and he prescribed an antiviral medication(take 3 times a day for a week)...

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  • Texas1976 2

    Shingles scars?

    Greetings everybody, Has anybody used any type of creams to fade or help the scars from shingles? I'm on my third week and a half and the marks from the shingles breakout are still there. it still has a slight red/maroon color.

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  • deborahP 1


    I want to tell you my story as it might help someone out there who suspects it might be shingles. A little over a week ago I began to have what felt like vein pain in my left hand where I have carpul tunnel syndrome. It was very painful and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then I started

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  • Samantha4040 2

    Started with shingles now have Prurigo Nodularis

    I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while, I have been diagnosed with prurigo Nodularis Disease. I healed from the shingles thank goodness! I saw two dermatologist and they told me I had PN. They didn't and wouldn't do a biopsy and both were nasty and short tempered. I still have some open

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  • pattitracy 2


    Hi all, I have been batteling shingles off and on for over a anyone know are on my lower back and usually only on one side or the

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  • tiffany60896 3

    Update about how I'm dealing with PHN

    Although I am still struggling to maintain the balance that will make this nerve pain bearable so that I can regain my life, I am coming to realize how much anxiety, stress and negative thoughts contribute to PHN. I am still experimenting with the right combo of over the counter meds that ease my

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  • kimberly53217 2
  • Pasobuff 2

    Rash still spreading, on anti viral for 5 days....Is this normal?

    As the title says, I have been on anti viral meds for five days- started Tuesday afternoon when I was diagnosed​. I have been watching the rash, and it has definitely gotten worse over the five days- no big blisters, but the red, bumpy rash. Is this still normal for the rash too spread, or do I

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  • Jane1618 3

    Scar on cornea after shingles in the eye

    I had shingles almost a year ago in my eye, head and forehead. I have been attending the eye clinic over the past year and have only just been told that I have a scar on the cornea of my right eye, my eyesight is ok thankfully, but i have discomfort every day, itching and my eye often feels sore.

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  • JBraz 1

    Left side of face huge and disformed from Shingles

    Hello, I was diagnosed 2 days ago and I am probably still a bit in shock as I was ignorant to how common this condition was younger to middle aged people. I have them on the left side of my face over my eye. The blisters dont appear to have opened yet. They are very red. Not much pain. However,

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  • Pasobuff 2
  • christine60223 2

    Had shingles at 4 yrs old----can it cause pain leter in life?

    I had shingles almost 50 yrs ago, when I was only 4 years old.  I know it wasn't exactly common to get shingles at such a young age in the 60s, but even more unusual, I had bilateral shingles, which I have been told is rare.  I have had a doctor tell me that I could not get bilateral shingles.  My

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