Long term side effects of Shingrix?

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I had all the possible listed side effects from the second dose of the Shingrix vaccination (fever, chills, muscle aches, nausea, nerve pain, headache, diarrhea) for about 18-24 hours. Could not get out of bed. Next day I noticed an extremely painful lump in my armpit. swelled right up. Just a lymph node reaction, and it went away after a week.

About a week after that, I noticed a pain in my tissues around my elbows and knees, and my previously almost healed shoulder pain flared up again. That was about 6 weeks ago. It continues to get worse, with additional nerve pain sporadically coming and going, but mostly it is fascial pain and referral. I have been trying things like massage, and osteopathy, and ART (active release) thinking that perhaps it was unrelated to the vaccine. Maybe it is. Nothing is helping.

I am posting this here to see if anyone has heard of this. I am trying hard to solve this issue. Trying homeopathy next.

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    I got ophthalmic shingles, the worst type of shingles, July 2013, with lasting PHN. Severe initially (blisters followed by pain, numbness, itching), my PHN today is mild. I get some itching in the morning or at night. For the itching I gently rub my face and scalp (left side) with a cold wet towel. At night I take a 25mg amitriptline pill. Occasionally, under my ophthalmologist directives, I will take 500 mg valacyvlovir tablets for a prescribed time to play it safe.

    On June 5, 2018, I took my 1st. dose of the new vaccine Shingrix. The 2nd. dose was given on September 9, 2018. The 1st. dose knock me out for a couple days (fever, sore arm, watery eyes). I felt better the third day, my left arm still sore. The 2nd. dose worked like a charm. Other than a mild sore right arm, I felt fine. I live every day not thinking I still have PHN. It works for me. It was very important that I receive the new Shingrix vaccine. Shingrix has a 90+% of preventing shingles or preventing the return of shingles. As to how long I will have PHN, even if it is a mild case, only GOD knows. One thing for sure, I know I have a 90+% of the shingles (blisters, numbness, severe pain & itching) not returning.

    Hope the above helps and with time your case may get better. Be sure you see medical providers that have extensive experience in treating shingles. Wish you the best.

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    Hello Neendc

    I am skeptical on getting that shingrix because of the side affects! You have a full ha d on sides affects as you say! Did u get the second vaccine while having out breaks?

    Was the first vaccine the same way in the manner of the same side affect or was it just with the second vaccine only?


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      HI Myrna,

      I only got the extended side effects from the second vax. My secondary side effects that I was writing about (pain in the tissues and recurance of a shoulder inflamation) is unconfirmed, and finally, subsiding. I do have less pain now. I sure can't tell you whether getting it is a good idea. I just think it is worth discussing with a lot of people. Experts and recipients.

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    I got my first shot 11 days ago and my arm didn't feel bad the first day. By the second day I had a baseball swelling where the injection was and a heaviness in my arm. By the third day my pain had traveled to the middle of my back. To this day I'm finding no relief in soreness from my elbow to the middle of my back. It's just agonizing pain. No one seems to have any idea what I can do about it. I'm scared to get the second shot at this point.

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    I am just wondering if anyone else has had severe head tingling with dizziness after getting the 2nd shingles vaccine? On an off nerve tingling for a least two months after; different from any other existing tingling sensations? So bad that it required an ER visit with no answers.

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      Hi there, I got the 1st dose of the shringx vaccine last Thursday and since then I have extreme nerve pain in arms, feet and from my knees down it feels like they are are fire, burning.. its awful. I have been to the hospital and they can't figure out what it is..

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      Yes, this head pain and tingling movements in my temples is driving me insane. I went to a neurologist and they cannot find anything specific on an MRI. I cannot get any relief. I also have horrible shoulder pains, pains in my sternum, elbow, fingers. This pain will wake me from sleep, if I can even get to sleep with what feels like a bug living in my head! Worst decision ever to get this vaccine. I cannot concentrate nor focus on things anymore.

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      I was wondering if there was an update from this comment. I received the 1st Shingrix vaccine on May 21 2021. Doctors still have no idea what is wrong with me. I have extreme muscle weakness in all limbs and neck pain. I also have burning sensation in my whole body and some jabbing pains. Have been on Prednisone for over a year. I can barely take care of myself😥 Initially my inflammatory markers were high but I just came off the prednisone May 2 2022 and my bloodwork was fine. But all the pain and weakness is coming back. This whole year has been a mess with no Dr having any Idea what this is. I do believe it was the shingrix vaccine. As soon as I got the shot in my right arm the pain just kept getting worse and travelled through all my muscles which sent me to the ER because I could not move without my Husband help.

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      hi i got the 1st dose 3 months ago ans have head tingling, back tingling and it moves tonsofferent spots. Didntour tingling go away?

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      Has this nerve pain gone away? i wish i never got this. ive had it for 3 mths mainly in my back and top of head is senditive.

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      I feel exactly the same way you do about the vaccine being one of the absolute worst decisions I ever agreed to! I do not recommend this vaccine to anyone and due to my experience with the first dose I will not be getting a second dose.

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      I have all the same symptoms as you after shingrix, has your condition improved any? I got the vaccine 12 weeks ago and still suffering

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    I received the first dose 8/31/2021. Three days later I was in such pain that it was a struggle to even move. My doctor proscribed prednisone.

    That helped relieve the major pain but now one month later I am still having pain and stiffness in my shoulders and legs. In order to function I am taking Ibuprofen.

    I went from healthy and active to now feeling like a hundred year old man and am afraid that I will never recover. I wish I had skipped this vaccine.

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      I have also have horrible, deep, reoccurring pain in my shoulder since this vaccine. I have sharp, intense pain in my elbow and fingers too. I wish I had never taken it! I was prescribed Gabapentin. There are other issues too with pain and on-going, disconcerting movements in my head. No one can figure anything out. I was in perfect shape before this vaccine.

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    i have questions on same topic. im sorry i dont have answers for u. My mother recently had shingles. Now that the rash has gone away she is in more pain now, where the rash was, than when she was in full blown shingles. i told her it was probably leftover nerve pain. i had shingles years ago and i dont remember worse nerve pain after my shingles cleared. So my question is : is it normal to be in so much pain after the fact? My mom is 92 yrs. old.

    Sue Moore

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