Confused what i have, Gastro/Acid Nausea, Need Advice :) Thanks

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- Some Nausea during the day

- Feeling weak

- Stomach hurts

- Feel slight bit of anxiety

Here is my story.

About maybe 4 or 5 months ago I had finish working late (DJ) came home and had like a hot cold flush for 10 minutes, as well as my stomach hurting and thinking i was going to be sick. I did consume quite a bit of alcohol and also had a heavy takeaway on that day (Kebab).

Next morning I felt fine and resumed my life. Month later I felt my stomach bloating up so went doctors and they gave me omeprazole and it did help. About 6 weeks ago i went to tenerife where I had a stomach ache/fever for about 20 minutes when i went on a boat trip, my friend said my face had gone white. After that day my stomach was hurting but I did not take much notice of it. When I came back to London, On a Friday and Saturday I was djing and tried to drink but it burnt my stomach so I did not drink. The Sunday I went and got a takeaway (Kebab again) ate it and then that night I had stomach pains before i went bed. 

Next morning, I woke up with pains in stomach, bloating and Nausea, shaking but no tempreture. I went doctors and they gave me Lansoprazole 30mg. I could not eat anything for a week, i felt like vomitting everyday and my body became weak. After about 9 days i started feeling better and going out. One night i came home and had pains under my left rib cage, I woke up at 6am where it felt like under my left rib cage was bubbling up or something. I went back to doctors and we done some tests, stool test for h.polyri and blood tests in which was negative and blood tests were all fine except liver function was level 20 where normality is between 0 -17; doctor said it is not something serious. 

Carried on taking the Lansopraazole and gaviscon in which my stomach bloating went down but still had pains. 10 Days later my pain under left rib cage had kind of gone but my stomach still felt gassy. I did not feel myself anymore, I lost confidence to go out and stayed at home alot. I even cried as i was worrried about myself.

Week later I went doctors again and I did another stool test for inflammation etc, doctor rang me and said everything seemed normal but seems I have a slight inflammation and will refer me to a gastro doctor (Have to wait 2 months). My stools have been loose with yellow/brown colour but sometimes brown. 

I remember one night before i was going to eat i went to the toilet where i kinda pushed my stomach to let the number 2 out and felt like I was going to vomit.

My situation now is, I am eating better portions and eating more healthy food. Trying to have more fibre fruits vegs etc. When i eat smaller portions i feel weaker and more gassy, so I try to eat more food.

In mornings I feel weak and cold, after breakfast i sometimes feel to vomit but never do. I have actually never vomitted.

I got a hutch that it might be some bacteria/virus as my stools are still loose. My life at moment is hectic and I really want this to go. I have stopped takeaways and drinking alcohol for a month now too.

Could anyone help or advice me, Is there like a medication I can take to help with inflammation or will it go in time? I think this was all caused from takeaways and consuming too much alcohol at once.

Thank you for your time.

Ethan 26 years old non smoker.

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    I feel for you I had many of those symptoms due to intestinal bug which left me with food intollerance and the only answer was to give up lactose whets and onions and stoned fruit and chickpeas and beans xxxx hard and you may be ok with some but works xx try dairy first as lactose intollerance common x
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    It is very difficult when foods become a problem. Thankfully you are not vomitting which is my problem. Trying to improve or change the diet can help a little. Also, a really high dose of probiotics seems to help me with the diarrhoea. There is also the FODMAP diet but help from a dietician is needed.

    You can always call the hospital to see if they have a cancellation.

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    Hi ethan,

    Have you had an ultrasound scan?  You may have gall bladder stones or kidney stones.  Kidney stones can make you go hot cold and shivery and make you feel unwell and cause pain between your ribcage and bellybutton and make you feel sick. Gall bladder stones cause colicky pain under your ribs and can make you feel quite ill also. Try your change of diet and see if that helps, also keep a food diary and see what kicks off your symptoms. If after your food changes you still get the symptoms, I would go back to your doc an insist on an ultrasound scan which will show up any stones that may be in your kidneys, ureter or gall bladder.  hope this wishes..

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    Thanks for your advice guys, ill keep on trying to find a cancellation. I will let you lot know how my situation goes. Keep in touch.
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      Update: I will be going to a private doctor for a full medical check. I am still waiting to see a gastro doctor in 2 months time. I hope all you people can find a way to cure your illness. 
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    Hi there. I would suggest you get your doc or consultant to do an endoscapy and a colonoscapy. The first is a dreadful experience for sure but it can rule out so much was with both, your "doc" can see what your isides are like and check what is going on. Booze most certainly could have set it off to start with. Poor diet is the next one and you want to get checked out for B12 and Iron. A full set of bloods would be good as well. I can sympathise with what you are going through as I have had all your symptoms, but you also could do with starting a food diary to work out whats good and bad for you. Hope that helps.

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