Confusion about past and current EBV test results?

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When I first got tested for mono on the 27th of last month i tested positive, and my EBV panel suggested past infection, as well as my current EBV panel. So I dont quite understand this. My doctor doesnt either. Has anyone else had this issue as well? On both results only my nuclear antigen and the EBV capside IGG were positive but not the other two. image

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    Like how are they both showing past infection but I have mono?

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      To my knowledge, it is possible you've had EBV/mono before, albeit with less or no symptoms. So, it could be that your mono has reactivated due to e.g. a contemporary weaker immune system. But: try to worry less, because it sits in the way of your healing. I've been there, haha.

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      as i said before, past infection doesn't mean anything (mine is also considered a past infection, but here I am, 6 months in and still sick). past infection doesn't mean your body has recovered. it really takes a long time. worrying about that won't get you anywhere. there's a lot of useful info on this forum – eat healthy, drink lots of water, take vitamins and just REST. try to get your anxiety under control.

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      i think im going through this now.. i feel on and off ill for the last 6 months but the doctors said its not glandular fever as it came back as past glandular fever. Can you give me any advise on this please?

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    Thank you both so much for the advice! It has truly helped me and is very much appreciated.

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    ashlie the same questions have been answered for you multiple times. Comparing new symptoms that you have or discovered on google has triggered a severe health anxiety. You have developed a healthy obessession with this. You should really seek a doctor for anxiety meds and possibly therapy. Your obsession with this has become very unhealthy. If you are not creating physical symptoms from stress and anxiety yet you surely will. You have EBV/mono. Let your body heal. Asking about every new symptom you "find" will not help you in any way. We are not doctors. I wish you the best of luck in your healing.

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      I just did start new medication for anxiety and started seeing a counselor. There are several people on here just as concerned as I am and asking multiple questions. There shouldnt be a limit as to how many times you can ask. it makes us feel better knowing someone else is experiencing the same weird symptoms so you know that you are not alone. I have not created an obsession with this, I have found a group of people that understand what I am going through and give me advice to help me push through. Why is that so wrong?

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    Hey Ashlie,

    I totally emphasize with your frustration about your test results.

    So you do not at the moment test positive for active infection?

    And at the same time you feel sick?

    Many of us come out with negative tests results on blood work and also CT and MRI scans, and it is truly frustrating, when we don't feel well.

    But this virus seems to hide on our systems and cause us fatigue and malaise that is so real.

    I do believe though, that you will always test positive for past ebv infection.

    But the active infection may come out negative.

    But I am no expert!

    Anyhow, just reaching out to you, and I hope you will start feeling better soon.

    Let me know, if you find out more about your test results, I would like to know.


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    Ashlie - check out my post about a week ago where i shared my test results. same issue, i showed the same results to 5 different doctors and all will tell you something different because a lot dont believe in reativation causing symptoms so they will brush it off as a past infection. what ive learned is an initial infection (first time in life) will spike IGM antibodies several weeks after infection. you may have gotten this as a young woman and never even noticed. From there your IgM will subside and IgG will increase to a detectable level but will sit dormant in your body until something reactivates EBV symtpoms. igG will then skyrocket and iGM will sit around equivical levels because again it is the antibody related to the primary infection not reactivation. I am not a medical professional but that is what i have been told.

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      Okay thank you so much for this information!! I truly appreciate it!

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    Hi Ashlie, I dont know too much about blood results, but one thing I would like to say from my own that I gave up going to the doctors for tests as it just increases anxiety. No way am I trying to discourage anyone going to see a doctor, but I just felt for me I was going round in circles. One point I was having my neck scanned to see if anything was wrong for my thyroid and I went into a massive panic, just for it to be all clear. I got sick with glandular fever in march 2018 and I just want to say the first year was hell on earth and I never thought I was going to get better.....I even read posts on here where people were saying the same as I'm writing now, but thinking this wont apply to me and I'll be sick for the rest of my life. I also understand everyone is different, but I really did start to see a turning point after a year, I started to get my life back but still had to take it very easy. In the 2nd year I started to feel even better but still have moments where I have little set backs or feel a bit groggy.....the pattern all very similar to the zig zag of feeling awful at the start, but obviously less severve. Now in my 3rd year I've improved alot.....but still have to know my limits, but like to think I have a good quality of life back. I now look back at the first year where I panicked so much and wish I could tell myself it will turn out in the end. I wish you you all the best and hope you get better soon and remember that even though it can be a slow will recover at some point. You only have to scan this forum to see everyones posts are mainly because they are suffering the first year, which is the toughest part.

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      Thank you so much for this! I am really struggling at month 7, and it is making me so very sad. I do feel like I will never get better because I have so many crazy new symptoms each month. It feels never ending. Now suddenly the last month I feel so off and strange. Just not like myself is the best way I can explain it. I feel disconnected and confused sometimes which is weird to me and makes me feel like something more is wrong. This has been happening daily for weeks and weeks for multiple hours a day....

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      I understand what you are going through, I remember months 6 to 9 being particularly difficult as you are more dealing with mental and side of this illness. I honestly believe the reason you still dont feel good is your body is still fighting the virus, but I want to assure you at some point you will beat this. It's not going to happen over night sadly and there is likely to be more tough days ahead, but just take each day at a time and try to look after yourself as much as you can. Take it easy and try to think that each day passed is one day closer to recovery. I'm currently feeling good and have come to look at this forum as it was the only thing that got me through it all, there is soo many helpful people on here and whilst you dont wish anyone else to be sick, it was kinda reassuring that you're not alone with your symptoms and most people are on a similar journey.....also reading the magic one year mark, then by end of year 2 feeling even better, year 3 much better and so on. Its obviously not written in stone as there are some people where it will take longer, but for most how you feel at these time stages is nothing compared to how they felt at month 7.

      I will always remember this forum and especially Craig who helped me through it all.....much better advice then most of the doctors I went to see.

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