Consistent chest, arm and throat discomfort

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Hi all,

For the past 10 months I've had chest discomfort that feels like a dull, fullness feeling, I'm also only 19 and a female if that makes any difference. It radiates to both arms with an uncomfortable feeling, sometimes my arms feel weaker and throat feels like its in knots. It seems to feel worse when I'm resting, stressed (exertion at the same time) overworking my arms, or usually during the night when i'm about to sleep. It's quite better when I'm walking around usually.

Before this started I had acid reflux and a throat infection for the first time, thinking it was just me stressed for a while. but when going to the doctors I found out all of that, I was prescribed some medicine and it got better and went in a few weeks, for the whole one month I was fine and then this suddenly started abruptly. The chest and arm feeling feels a bit like when I had the acid reflux but at the same time it's different and feels worse, I have no indigestion or anything like before, could having acid reflux or the infection damaged anything in my chest? 

Ever since this started I also started getting random problems that lasted a few weeks and went away like body numbness, tongue dryness (but felt better when I stopped taking a multivitamin which I started at the time), my chest and upwards feels heated sometimes, eye twitching and I randomly got tinnitus (ear ringing) which is the one I have til now. I don't know if any of them are connected 

I have seen some doctors, that I don't feel like they take it seriously or have much knowledge.. I've had an ecg, vitamin blood tests, h pylori test, and even some mri's of my brain and spine that all came back normal. They say maybe it's anxiety or stress? Or that I shouldn't worry it's nothing serious. And I know it's neither because the only stress I have are from these symptoms. I honestly don't know what I should do or where to look anymore... It's just there constantly, I haven't felt like my usual self in so long I feel weak and lost, I'm still so young, I eat healthy and exercise, and I have had to put my whole life on hold because of this

If anyone has had any similar experiences or tips please help, thank you so much

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    hi i have been expierieceing similar symtom since april of 2016 the symtoms i am having is like a plugged/dull/fullness feeling in the upper chest with throat clearing these are the tests ive had done with my primary doctor a breathing test=normal #2 a stess test=normal and these are the tests ive had done with my cardiovacular doctor #1 chest x-ray=normal #2 stress test with an echo and treadmill=normal #3 24 hour sleep study with holster=normal #4 numurous ekg;s = normal and then a nuclear stress test= these are the tests i had with my G.I. doctor #1 upper endoscopy which they found h-pylori they gave me anti biotics for 14 days then took in a stool sample after that and it came back negative but still having the same symtoms please keep me posted on your condition and i will keep you posted on mine so we could try to figure whats going on with us                      thanks


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      Hi Ruben thanks for sharing, 

      It's crazy to see how many tests come back normal when there's so much going on, i've finally found a decent doctor thats not saying don't worry, it's not serious, when it affects our life whether serious or not. He's sent me for a barium meal and chest xray in a few weeks time and put me on some PPI's for a month to see if it has any effect. I'm sure it isn't reflux but it may help stop acid and heal my esophagus if anythings wrong with it. I've been on it for two days but I hear PPI's don't work for a while.

      But meanwhile I've had a vit b12 that came back considered "normal", being on antacids before/stress/somewhat poor diet can deplete your b12 and other vitamins or minerals and cause many different symptoms so i may look back into them with my new doctor now, its worth a try posting in the vit b12 forum too. 

      Did the antibiotics have no effect? And do you have any other strange symptoms? yes I will keep you posted and hopefully we can find out asap.  

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    hi thanks for replying to my reply well I'm see a new doctor now and I go back for a follow up with him in mid September having some blood work done with this new doctor he told me he wants me to try some Pepcid 20 mg I tablet twice a day and see if that does any good. infortunatly my blood pressure was up during my visit with this new doctor but I was expierinceing anxiety that day. so we will see how this all goes, but any way I'm taking this supplement which I think is starting to help. it's omega Q plus 100 with resveratrol it's high in vitamin B12. but I will keep you posted on what the doctors say or do   

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      I hope things are going well Ruben, I had some blood tests done and the results came back, surprisingly for me I came positive with H Pylori bacteria >8.00 H Reference (<0.90) so I am starting triple antibiotics to treat. Other tests show I have small volume reflux into the distal oesaphagus from the stomach (which I'm unsure would cause any problem?)

      My B12 is actually on the high end

      614pmol/L    Reference (139-651)

      Folate Serum

      13.3 ug/L    Reference (>3.8)


      2.95 mU/L    Reference (0.5-5.0)

      Free T4

      11 pmol/L    Reference (9.0-19.0)

      And any other tests came back normal, however I dont know if H Pylori is cause of all the problems I'm having, because on the other hand I still have high levels of vit B12. I will see how it goes

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