Constant Abdominal Pain for 4 years, worse after eating and after BM - Please Help

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For 4 years now I have been having constant severe abdominal pain

Feels like a constant pressure along with cramping in my abdominal region

It gets much worse after eating or drinking anything including water

I have tried every diet and nearly every OTC supplement, probiotic etc

Also haven't found any pain killers that actually help even 20%, on 30mg/500 Co-Codamol which just takes the edge off of it 

Also on Amitriptyline 3 weeks in to no improvement 

My bowel movements are normal but when I have one the pain gets much worse for that day and I might as well go back to bed

I can't deal with this mentally anymore and it continues to get worse month after month

Have had so many tests on NHS and they say perfectly healthy every time, any advice would be amazing please

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    Was IBS mentioned and the Fodmap diet?  
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      done the fodmap diet, done just a basic diet for months now and it gets worse


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      See a different doctor for a definitive diagnosis and ask about IBS.  Have you tried a a food/symptom diary to see if that shows up any food triggers?
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    At night time i get a horrible taste in my mouth also, also gurgling occurs all day, and gets much worse at night, most of the pain and gurgling is in my lower abdomen, feels like someone has twisted everything in there.
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      We are in the same boat with lower abdominal cramping pain in one spot. I hence elaborated a lot what we have looked at and trialed and errored. Unfortunately it was deleted. I wished I copied and pasted it into a private message as I can't even recall it completely. We have a functional problem due to Ehlers Danlos syndrome (connective tissue not working) making some gut redunant. Now that is very rare. Taking currently 15Billion LGG (L.Rhamnosus) currently and boulardii. Other probiotics did nothing. 

      We had good parasite testing (3day accumulation sample) at various labs as false negative results are possible (b.hominis? entamoeba histolytica checked?) and a general stool assessment (private pay) of composition to rule out any bad ratios. 


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      We struggle with mast cell symptoms, gastroparesis (gastric emptying delayed), poor digestion, flushing, abdominal pain, delayed gut motility. LGG is one of the probiotics highly recommened for those symptoms especially suffering connectiv tissue functional problems. I tried the oh so (IBS) praised bifidum MIMBb75 for half a year with no impact (no surprise, it's not IBS), then the usual lactobacilus ac and bifidus combo probiotics, no impact. So we have just started LGG high dose last week, so far no impact. ;-) other than on purse. But it needs a month before knowing if it helped a bit or not. So we will hang in there.

      Amitryptiline not handling pain well, only narcotics would and are (of course) not given. 

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    Hi Peter,

    Little update from our side as my child is terribly struck with abdominal cramping pain (continuous) in one very local spot for years by now and it is not the appendix (removed) or oh so often blamed cysts (for females).

    X-ray showed as a side note, that still the same area despite daily bowel movements (magnesium, distilled aloe, probiotics, TENS machine, antibiotics for borrelia treatment make that possible)

    is still loaded. (ascending colon/cecum location, NOT the usual rectum)

    We were told, that a constant stretch in on colon spot might be the reason for her pain.

    Yet we lack any transit study to show, if it was really one spot only, also was told, if the underlaying issue was more systemic (like in EDS), that even surgery removing e.g. 15cm of colon, where it worked the least, would not be healing. I don't quite understand as the pain is only in one spot, so why should that not help taking the worst part out (despite all the op risks and adhesion forming risks, just in theory)

    Do you have any persistant faecal loading in any part of your intestine? (abdominal x-ray, CT, MRI would show. Beware: our first abdominal x-ray for faecal loading indication came back negative, and was clearly positive....the radiologist only looked at rectum, not at ascending other side colon! So please always get a picture either film or CD, whatever is offered. By now I don't trust results anymore due to so many low quality interpretations.)

    We are also trying butyrate producers, not only LGG, as probiotics since we did a complete fecal microbial analysis (private high pay) and showed zero Eubacterium content, everything else fine, no yeast.

    Butyrate neccessary for anti-inflammation of guts.

    Found a probiotic with Clostridium butyricum.

    I finally have found out (as even gastroenterologist, 3 who we saw) do not tell you, that their field is different from a neurogastroenterologist or motility specialist.

    Do you have a certain spot, loading, seen a motility/neurogastroenterologist?

    Did you every get a small bowel follow through, gastric emptying or colon transit study?

    We are after 1.5 years of suffering finally granted an opioid, which makes quite some difference, as symptom relief.

    Still taking Amitriptyline too as we tried to get off and pain got a point more.

    But not up to 75mg anymore, only 25 or 12.5mg.

    (brain fog was toooo much)

    Do you have better symptom relief in place now too?

    I also will investigate the MALS and SMA route, BUT it needs unfortunately a heck of a good vascular sonographer. We have an appointment in December.....overseas.

    Ischemic problems can cause a lot of pain. Yet in normal imaging not visible or overlooked. Results come back as 'fine'.

    I will search high and low to get an answer as exclusions (trusted exclusions that is) are diagnostic, too.

    'everything looked at' is not possible, is not done wether for you nor us, and mistakes also do happen.

    Have you had a Calprotectin in stool test?

    Maybe I could give you an idea here or there for your own search and experience.

    Best of luck!


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