Constant bounding pulse, headache, tinnitus!!!

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Hi and sorry for the lengthy post, I have a bit of a mysterious case going on and I was wondering if this might resonate with anybody on here 😃.

For about a year now I have been experiencing a nmber of symptoms which are;

Visual problems which is quite hard to explain... Kind of like a spaced out feeling all the time, with some mild eye floaters and some mild visual snow.

A constant bounding pulse, which is visible in many parts of my body including, my stomach, my neck, my wrist, my groin etc even my feet. It is really frustrating as it rocks me about in bed at night and I struggle to sleep because of it. I can also hear my pulse loudly when I have my head on my pillow.

Tinnitus, which is high pitched and very distracting

Headaches which are almost constantly... These often feel like a sinus headache.

I also have a few lymph nodes that can be felt which have been scanned and said to be reactive and just working normally.

Possible IBS as well.

So far I have seen ENT, gastro, cardiology, neurology, immunology. I have head two head mri's, echo, colonoscopy, immuno investigations to name a few but everything is coming back good. I've even done an at home tilt table test and my bp and hr were fine.

I am a 29 year old male who was previously a fit, active gym goer. Before this I had a stomach bug which I seemed to recover from, however I am not sure if it is a potential cause or seperate. I've suffered with lower back pain to for many years, which I have just put down to the gym and sports.

If anybody has some insight or useful knowledge, I would be extremely greatful.

Thankyou very much in advance!!!

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    Anybody please???

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    I share many of your symptoms and was finally diagnosed with dysautonomia and PoTS. I had all kinds of tests, lab work and hospital stays all of which were normal. I went to a chiropractor and found that my atlas and axis for horribly misaligned and he referred me to a neck specialist. After several adjustments my constant ear ringing and headaches stopped, my vision improved and my balance got better. I had the same type of spaced out feeling, like I was on the inside looking out. That too is better. please do some research on these items. i am now a patient of the vanderbilt dysautonomia clinic in nashville. no known cause for any of my stuff.

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      Hi Jan, thanks for the reply,

      First of all, worry to here that you have suffered too but glad to hear that some of your symptoms have been relieved. I live in the UK and our health system moves quite slowly haha.

      Where abouts on the spine was your misalignment? Is your bounding pulse better now that you have had it aligned? I'm not sure how I'd chase these things on the NHS. Was it a cardiologist that diagnosed you with POTS? thanks 😃

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      my atlas and axis top two vertebrae were misaligned. i discovered the pots myself. it was confirmed by my gp and sent me to a cardiologist for treatment. please read all you can on dysautonomia. vision is a huge issue. i can see distance but anything up close fades from focus reading computer screen. a big white fog rolls in. i can no longer do movies or concerts due to eye and ear issues. i also have pheriphal neuropathy. the weather is a huge issue for me. body foes not adjust to heat or cold or humidity or fronts coming through

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    Yep, you have pots. These symptoms are the same as mine and trust me I do have POTS I was diagnosed by a researcher at the mayo clinic. The good news is that with the following tips below you can manage your pots and you will feel so much better. First, its good to talk to your doctor about ruling out anything causing the POTS.

    1. Fluids: Depending on your height and weight with POTS it is so important to drink water everyday. Gatorade and Propel are great but if you are going to use sports drink make sure it does not have sugar or caffeine. Aim for a total of at least 2-3 liters of fluid per day. Before getting out of bed drink 8oz of salty fluids V8 JUICE HELPS SO MUCH WITH SYMPTOMS.

    2. A high salt diet of between 3-10g per day may be recommended. However this can be dangerous in some patients such as those with high blood pressure, kidney and heart disease. Therefore extra salt should only be taken if recommended by your doctor.

    3. Eating small amounts and often can be helpful; avoid large meals. After eating, blood is diverted to the digestive tract and away from maintaining blood pressure and heart rate which may increase symptoms. *It is important to eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Caffeinated drinks, alcohol and refined carbohydrates may make symptoms worse, but everyone is different so you need to work out your own triggers.

    4. An exercise program that helps you build up is great check out tips here

    5. Sleep is very important. Aim for 7-8 hours. PoTS patients often have poor quality of sleep. This compounds fatigue and therefore impacts upon quality of life. Potential causes of sleep disturbance, such as underlying anxiety and depression, need to be identified. There may also be other physical causes such as a low iron levels, which may cause restless leg syndrome.

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      HI g24686,

      Thankyou very much for replying... I've found that using my phone and looking at screens makes my headaches a lot worse is this true for you too? I did a poor mans tilt table test at home and my results were

      116/71 blood pressure, 56 beats per minute lying down

      After 1 minute 103/59 93bpm

      2 minutes 127/70 93

      3 116/73 97

      5 141/75 99

      Would this be consistent with POT's?

      Thanks again for replying and I am sorry to here that you have this problem, hopefully you can beat it 😄!!!

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    i have same problem brother and i am 19 year old . I am very afraid of it . please suggest me any way to get out of this. My head aches and having bounding pulse in neck head wrist ......plzzz suggest me any way to stop these symptoms.

    I am very thankful to you

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      I'm still getting it but I have answers. I was infected with Anaplasmosis by a tick and that kick start it for me. It can be from mild dysautonomia and from sympathetic nervous system over activation. What has your Doctor said about it?

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    i have same problem brother and i am 19 year old . I am very afraid of it . please suggest me any way to get out of this. My head aches and having bounding pulse in neck head wrist ......plzzz suggest me any way to stop these symptoms.

    I am very thankful to you

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    Hi Jerome,

    I have been having almost identical symptoms to you for around 10 months. I see this post is over a year old now but i wonder if you found diagnosis and solutions?

    i would be very interested to hear


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      hi oliver and Jerome,

      i am experiencing same symptoms. i dont believe it is pots. The pulse is stronger but not faster. That is the key difference for me. I feel it in all the same places as you.

      Have either of you had any success? I get relief when going on a course of prednisone, but symptoms return when I am done. Mine started 10 months ago after I had Covid. Tests are all normal. I feel terrible though... headaches with bounding pulse . Neck pain and jaw pain added on top.

      any luck?? feel better

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      I also have the reactive lymph nodes too i wanted to mention. Very bizarre.

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    I am 29 years old and reasonably fit and have no health issues that I know of.

    I have similar symptoms as above, but particularly I am constantly concerned and annoyed by my bounding pulse. I feel it all over my body, I can see it in my neck, chest and stomach. It keeps me up at night, it worries me throughout the day. Its been going on for about 2 years now.

    I have seen a few doctors about it and I have had numerous tests; ECG, Holter Monitor, Echo (at rest and a stress test), plenty of blood pressure tests and blood tests, a chest xray. But always, everything is fine and there is no answer. Im just told its anxiety or over sensitivity, but theres no break from it.

    I am also always tight in the chest.

    My only remedy is to be preoccupied or be doing something that over powers the sensation. I cant relax.

    Its often particularly worse after eating.

    Its good to read that im not the only one, but i cant live like this forever.

    Any advice or suggestions would be great.


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      I have the same thing. Same symptoms to a T. I even have swollen lymph nodes. And the pulsating sensation is constant for three years now. That is what bothers me the most.

      Did you discover what it is?

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