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Autonomic Dysfunction

New discussion Join group Also known as Blackouts, Collapse, Dysautonomia, Fainting, Hypotension, Micturition Syncope, Orthostatic Hypotension, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Syncope, Vasovagal Syncope

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  • ambieejaye 2
  • eli86373 2

    Desperately looking for answer

    two years ago I had a seasonal viral infection (mostly stuffy nose, stuffy ears, fever and fatigue) which lasted almost two weeks. I didnt take any medication. Shortly after I noticed that something was "off" with my heart, could see my chest slightly moving with every beat and noticed that everytime...

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  • jane75220 6

    Phenytoin and seizures

    Hi I was wondering  how people with epilepsy had got on sincethe product license went to a different pharmaceutical company.  

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  • lilly13 3


    Im so scared! I think i have pots every time i get up my heart races im dizzy and i get light headed sometimes i dont want this to kill me im only 19 i dont know what to do i keep reading on it and its freaking me out please someone who knows about this POTS should i exercise is this going to pass...

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  • sarahlucy12311 2

    Low heart rate?

    So I have a low heart rate. ( resting) 50's and sometimes dips into the upper 40's when lying in bed getting ready to sleep and then low 40's when asleep. I've had ekgs, X-ray and blood work. Nothing. I'm 22 years old and have an apt with a cardiologist soon. Just got a referral today. Anyways I'm...

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  • zwright 2

    Does this sound like a form of dysautonomia?

    Hello all, looking for some advice. I am a 22 year old male who was just diagnosed with erythromelalgia, which is a rare vascular/nueropathic disorder affecting my hands, face, feet. I also have luekopenia (mild), thrombocyotpenia (70k platelets), and elevated liver enzymes. I have been struggling with...

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  • kim1111 2

    New medication

    I was discharged from the hospital about 20 years ago to the care of my GP. Lately i have had massive problem with spasms at night which don't only wake me up but cripple me in the morning for several hours. My GP has put me on neurontin. Has anyone else been given this drug to take. If this fails...

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  • danielle11055 2

    Diagnosing Dysautonomia

    Im hoping for some advice , i think i have dysautonomia but my dr keeps implying its stress, even though im not stressed. At my last consultation she said she thinks its my nervous system and said i have orthostatic hypotension aswell as hypertension but doesnt seem to be doing anything , i feel as though...

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  • FoxyRoxy13 2

    POTS and digestive symptoms

    I was wondering if anyone here with POTS has experienced improvement with digestive symptoms with treatment for POTS. specifically the types of treatment that are geared towards helping the heart rate and blood pressure and not treatments specifically for digestive issues. The reason I ask is that I...

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  • cindy 13604 1
  • Autodysfunction 1

    Autonomic Nervous System problem or ?

    I'm at a loss or that's what I feel like. Three weeks ago out of the blue I had to call an ambulance. I was working 50 hrs week in a very stressful job, start graduate school for nursing, and extremely exhausted. I worked on a paper exhausted...drank a pot of coffee and when I was done I tried to...

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  • renee46567 1

    What is wrong with me? Feint

    My vision became staticy, I saw a bunch of colors my ears began hearing static, I felt dizzy. Light headed. Everytime I ate something after a few hours the initial bite would hurt my stomach with a sharp pain, be it healthy or sweets.                 My body had gone a bit cold, and I can hear my heartbeat...

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  • LongJourney 2


    Has anyone been diagnosed with PseudoPheochromocytoma? What are the symptoms? Treatment? Any specialist who can be recommended? Thanks!

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  • Callmil30 1

    Baroreflex Failure / Baroreceptor Failure

    I am an 8 year head and neck cancer survivor, which needed extensive radiation. I now have labile hypotension, with either very high to very low blood pressure, unstable. All tests on heart etc, show that I these are normal, and it now appears that I have baroreflex failure - is a condition for long...

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  • lisa99975 3


    Hi - I have a lengthy story of being "ill" since Jan 1.  It started as a possible pneumonia which is what they treated me for but I never got better with abx or steriods.  I then had a UTI with a different abx.  I had scans and xrays and the only thing that showed was inflammation.  I then developed...

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  • SLJoosten 2

    Some Kind of Autonomic Problem?

    This discussion will mark the third lengthy discussion I post on this site about the symptoms that have stubbornly continued to plague me for over a year now with no diagnosis or solution. Still, I think I've been getting closer to an explanation slowly but surely, hence switching to more appropriate...

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  • stooshiecat 2

    Could it be POTS?

    I've been having some issues with dizziness, fatigue, nausea and almost constant headaches (excpet at night) for the last few months.  I went to the doctor at the end of February after almost fainting during a physiotherapy session.  She said I had water in my ears which could explain the symptoms but...

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  • rosie34970 3

    I think I might have Pots...

    I've been trying for ages to find out what's wrong with me. I've had major struggles with dizziness for a year which is fine lying down but walking or standing is soooo hard. Episodes of heart racing insanely. Crazy fatigue. I did the 'home stand up test' and my heart rate was 42 beats higher when...

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  • Cowgirl918 3

    Autonomic Failure

    Does anyone here suffer from general autonomic failure? I know a few people mentioned MSA or PAF. Just wondering about symptoms and treatments. Thanks

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  • debbie33245 1
  • FoxyRoxy13 2

    POTS and exercise intolerance

    I have not been officially diagnosed with POTS however my doctor believes I have it and I will be seeing a cardiologist for testing. Just waiting on that.  I know exercise intolerance is common with POTS and I was wondering if anyone has almost a delayed reaction to exercise. I did some cardio yesterday...

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  • stevenmolljd 2

    Neurocardiogenic syncope

    I was diagnosed about 2 years ago and it lasted for about six months. I could never figure out a trigger that was causing it. They had me on multiple medications which they had me stop taking due to them not working. I had a positive tilt table test where my heart rate and blood pressure would plummet...

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  • Cowgirl918 3

    Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension

    Does anyone in this group have experience with this diagnosis? Waiting to see if it is PAF (pure autonomic failure) or MSA (multiple system atrophy). Have been dealing with this for years and now symptoms are escalating.

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  • Amber 1

    Autonomic Dysfunction

    I would love to hear if anyone else has my condition. I was finally diagnosed today with autonomic dysfunction. my symptoms are sweating, fast heart rate & palpitations. All these symptoms are made worse with eating. I was sent home from the hospital with no guidance other than to avoid normal meals...

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  • Cowgirl918 3

    Autonomic Neuropathy

    I have read so many discussions related to autonomic neuropathy. For those of you in the group, can you explain your understanding of the disease? How does it effect you? Do you take medication? I have a similar diagnosis and it is difficult to explain to others,

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  • Amber9086 2

    Autonomic Dysfunction London

    Hi there  I am a 47 year old female, for the last 7 years i have been feeling unwell, with a host of problems, chronic migraines, palpatations, tachycardia, fatigue, joint pains, posterior scleritis, I am unable to stand for any length of time as i nearly faint, the list goes on and on.  Have been to...

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  • bdamed 1

    I think i fainted after urinating

    Hello: I'm a 38 year old single male, who lives alone. Last year i began to find something odd; that when i urinated, i would begin to feel very faint. At times I would have to stop in the middle of it quickly, and lower myself to the floor or sit on the toilet, in order to regain my composure. I...

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  • Laureate20 2

    POTS and Fludrocortisone - please help

    Hi there, After a long time of suffering with fainting, constant diziness, palpitations, very low blood pressure, fatigue, gut problems and joint issues I've been diagnosed with POTS. I'm relieved to finally have a diagnosis and an explanation for all my symptoms don't feel like I'm going mad any more...

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  • pugmom44 2

    Recently diagnosed with Autonomic Neuropothy - what causes it?

    Hello everyone.  My name is Diane.  I was recently diagnosed with Autonomic Neuropothy.  From what I understand from the internet, common causes may be diabetes, alchohol use.  My neurologist said he has no clue what caused it, I am a red herring.  I am 53 years old and I have raging fatigue, I often...

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  • littleme1969 3

    Pots and the menopause.. how does it effect you ladies out there.

      I guess my story is similar to alot of people out there. I originally suffered from my first bout of pots at the age of 20 after a bout of glandular fever. I was rushed into hospital with suspected heart problems and spent a week there with many tests etc.  At the end they said although i clearly...

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  • hyien 2

    white blood cells in urine

    Hi, I've been recently told my my neuro that I have some autonomic problems. My symptoms started 1.5 years ago when I started experiencing dizziness when waking up and a constant sense of 'floatiness'. About 9 months after that, I started experiencing frequent numbness and my hands/feet going to sleep...

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  • maureen25876 1

    Autonomic Dysraflexia with C6 spinal injury

    Hi everyone. Is there anybody out there who suffers from a C6 complete spinal cord injury?  Or anyone who suffers from Autonomic Dysraflexia?  It would be great to be able to discuss the condition with someone in a similar position to my son. He is beginning to think that he is the only one dealing with...

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  • kenaz 2

    What Now

    The neurologist I was using at Mayo Clinic thought I had Autonomic Nervous System Disfubction due to traumatic brain injury, (I have had several). I finally got a tilt table test from a different Cardiologist since VA doesn't work with Mayo Clinic any more. The test was normal but all my symptoms show...

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  • Kate-8 2

    Released from the hospital because of syncope, but no answers!

    One early morning I woke up to use the restroom and passed out more than once trying to walk there and then get help. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and admitted for 3 days. After extensive testing, NO ANSWERS. Negative to nutrition/vitamin deficiencies, anemia, heart condition, blood pressure...

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  • xxxlouiso 2

    Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia - Heat Intolerance. SOS

    I am interested to hear from other IST or POTS sufferers as to their ability to cope with heat intolerance. I have a high heart rate all the time. I was diagnosed with IST over three years ago and take ivabradine at the maximum dose. It works right up until summer happens and it starts to heat up. I...

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