Strange vibration sensations - what's causing it??

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I've found several forums where there have been posts from people experiencing this disconcerting feeling of an internal quivering or vibration but none of them are current, so I wanted to see if anyone else out there is having the same experience and can share an insight into what might be causing it.

I started to get this feeling of internal vibration when I was mainly lying in bed and then occasionally if I shifted position it might last for 30 seconds or so before disappearing. That was about 8 months ago. Now I feel it every night and during the day as well quite often. The other day after a short walk of a few hundred yards followed by a period of standing still it felt like the ground was vibrating  because it was in my feet. It seems to move around to different areas of the body - sometimes I feel it in my legs, an arm, torso - it's quite random but often felt when I've shifted position in bed. At first I thought it was circulatory but now I think it's probably neurological. I thought I was having palpitations but an ECG showed nothing abnormal. I've also had a full spine & brain MRI as I've been having other strange symptoms of occasional numbness and sensations of burning and cold areas of my arms/hands and legs/feet and a sore tongue which comes and goes and often feels like I've just cleaned my teeth with menthol toothpaste when I haven't. I thought I had all the signs of MS, but it hasn't been diagnosed. I've also had a number of blood tests for immune issues, evoked potentials and nerve conductivity tests. Nothing! The MRI does show a lot of wear to my cervical vertebrae and two anterior spondylolisthesis - one cervical, one lumbar, so I wonder if my spinal issues could be the cause. My neurologist was doubtful. He also couldn't explain the vibration sensation except to say that it can be caused by a migraine, which I certainly haven't had. 

I just don't know where to go with this now.  My GP isn't interested and puts everything down to stress which I AM under it's true to say, but I don't think she's right. I've had to pay for all my neuro investigations as a result because she won't refer me or do any more blood tests etc.  I'm trying homeopathy, osteopathy and acupuncture as I want to find something that will relieve these weird symptoms and prefer to avoid drugs if I can.

I'm 58, eat reasonably heathily, no alcohol, only 1 cup of coffee a day and my weight is normal. I broke my wrist badly at the end of August last year which is when my problems all seemed to start. i

I also wonder if the metal plate that was used to fix the fracture could be causing some kind of strange reaction.

If anyone else is having these symptoms please let me know if you've been able to identify the cause and how to deal with it.


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    Your post is interesting. Many random times, I experience a momentary all-over "flash" sensation that feels like a mixture of an electric shock and pins and needles, that last about a couple of seconds. It is very uncomfortable. It happens the first moment I awaken in the mornings and often as I'm falling asleep at night. I'm 56, and continue to struggle with significant blood pressure issues (highs and lows) for many years. I do not know what is causing the sudden flash sensation. Could it be the constant exposure to wifi and being near so many electronics, all the time? I do not know and strongly doubt manufactures will ever disclose such. Any thoughts?

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      Hi there I see ur post is older but wonder how the vibrations are?  U might also consider MCS or MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY.   It can happen to anyone.  Whether uve had an exposure to a toxic chemical or not. 

      For me , before I could notice a pattern and figure out what was wrong with me I'd get these weird symptoms. 

      Sometimes my thighs would feel weak and shaky. So weak then when I go to stand, my legs would collapse. Sometimes my face or inside of my mouth would burn.  

      Or I'd feel like I'd taken a drug. Which I hadn't.  Sometimes sleepy. Sometimes dizzy and spacey. REALLY SPACY.   Other times I'd just feel sick.  Unlike any kind of sick I'd ever had   

      I truly felt as though I'd been poisoned.   

      I finally started noticing patterns. 

      Sometimes I'd smell things. But it's not the smell, it was the chemicals used. Like in perfumes. Or cleaning products.   We ran a biz out of our home in AZ.   

      People would park in front of the house and leave their cars running.   The exhaust from the cars would make me sick.     One time I'd gone to bed feeling fine. Woke up with my whole body vibrating.  Turned out it was my husbands work clothes. They had paint thinner and automotive oil in them. I got them out side of the room in a bag and it went away. glade plug ins r so toxic to me.   

      All laundry soap and fabric softners make me sick and dizzy, when being next to someone that used them. 

      It took me 2-3 yrs to get diagnosed and another 3 yrs to actually believe it true! Lol.  

      With MCS it only takes vapors of vapors or vapors to make me react.  

      With MCS that's what so hard, is it only take a wife of something to make me feel dizzy.  I feel sick and stoned. Lol. It's not fun. 

      My friends tried to comply with my needs of NO LOTIONS OR PERFUMES, when we go somewhere together in a car. 

      But lotions and oils don't come out of clothing ever enough for me to be around them.  It becomes a very isolating illness.  My husband passed away and everyone came to pay condolences.  I hugged my son knowing he doesn't wear colognes. 

      About 5 mins after hugging him. I got this metal taste in my mouth. 

      I already new from experience that pesticides or stuff like OFF and other bug sprays make me Really SICK.   I tried not to show it. 

      But sat and thought, what is my son wearing that affected me so much. 

      I looked at his jacket and remembers it was his hunting jacket. I asked him if it was.  He said yes.  

      I then asked if used DEET or other bug repellent while wearing it. 

      He thought for a quick second and said yes.      

      All it takes is for someone to sit on my couch with fabric softener on and it will affect me for days. 

      It just takes such a small amount to affect someone with MCS.  It's really impossible to believe. 

      Look for patterns.    Now I rarely hug anyone. It's not worth it to me. I try not to shake hands.  

      I hope that's not what u have. But u should consider it. 

      Also EMF. Electro magnetic fields.  

      Tho I don't have that, it to is real. 

      I've only felt it one time. 

      I sat infront of a HUGE Apple computer screen at a friends house. 

      On her kitchen counter. All of a sudden I noticed this weird pulling sensation in my head and a vibration in my body.   I'm pretty sure that's what did it.  When I gotvup and walked away from it , it stopped.  So a little later I sat down again infront of the computer screen. It happened again.   It could have been some cleaner she used on the table, but if it was , I would have noticed it, no matter where I was in the room. Cleaning products laundry soaps and softners , perfumes,  pesticides and herbasides r just killer to people that have MCS.   

      I hope ur doing better and figured out what was affecting u. 

      Take care

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      Gosh, what a nightmare for you!  I don't know how your condition is diagnosed but I'm sure you had a long road to finding a cause for your symptoms. I suppose I could also have a sensitivity that has been activated by stress or lack of rest.i haven't noticed a pattern though. I did wonder if mould in my car that might be causing a reaction.  

      You don't say whether there's any treatment that would de-sensitise you and lessen your reactions. There's chemicals in just about everything so life can't be easy for you,

      Thank you for telling me your story and I wish you best of luck in avoiding these chemical irritants. 


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      Hi Longjourney,

      It's been 5 months since your post, but I've been experiencing the same exact things when I fall asleep! It's like as I'm drifting into sleep, I feel an electric shock, a hot sensation, and vibrations in my chest, like my chest is spasming. This is only as I"m falling asleep and I'm SO frustrated because it keeps scaring me and I can't sleep. Did you ever figure out what this was and did it get any better?

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      I feel for you , you have been going through a lot. Those triggers are every where. I have very similar symptoms. I can not use fabric softener or anything with chemicals because they make me sick . I even get dizzy if I pass by electricity towers . Car exhaust gives me headaches and makes me sick to my stomach.. I was wondering if your symptoms are getting better?

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      Hi, finally I find someone suffering my same nightmare. There is a cure, and I figured it out myself and want to help others heal and put an end to this nightmare. An angel on earth helped me, and I must help others. It's my mission! Would love to know how you are doing now, and if you have gotten worse, or have figured this out yourself like I did, of course with help from earthly angels. Hope to hear back from you. Hard to find anyone to talk to about this nightmare. God bless!

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      So, Angel, what is the cure. It's almost 4 am and i don't want to go to sleep because of this. I hate it.

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      Did u manage to find out about those vibration

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      Hi is there anyway we can chat /dm. Got so much to say and ask. In a desperate situation and sounds like you may be experiences similar. It is destroying my partners life. I'm at my wits end trying to support. I really don't know where to go or what to do with vibration symptoms. I've just read a few posts here and said I would comment as i think just a shared problem rather than feeling completely alone will make a significant difference. Anyone else here also, if anyone wants to talk. I'm on here for the 1st time and always find these forums a little disjointed, or is this a good place where people get back to you?

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      I'm curious if you ever figured anything out? whenever i start to drift of my face chest and arms start buzzing. ( like a cell phone buzzing) it wakes me up and if I stay up it goes away after a few mins and then repeats if i try and fall asleep. my doctor keeps saying its anxiety, which is incorrect. i don't sleep anymore. i assume it's neurological. I also have twitches all over my body every day. any updates?

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    hi sally, i may not have the answer but its worth looking into lymes disease ive had the feeling your discribing and numbness,pins and needles along with loads more weird sensations progressing over a 3 year period. i went to 4 nuerologist all said migrain but i then tested positive for lymes which is now chronic. nothing ever showed up on other blood test MRI and CAT scans or nerve conduction test. i thought i had alsorts- MS,autoimmune diseases,candidia overgrowth,toxic mold syndrome and my GPs had me believing it was stress -dont give up looking for the reason and change your doctor if they arnt willing to reffer or do further test -good luck
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      Thanks you for replying to my post Vicky. I've looked on other boards for my symptoms and Lymes has come up quite often in other peoples' comments. The thing is that as far as I'm aware I've never had a tick bite in my life! I saw an integrated medical Dr today and he drew a blank on it but is trying anti toxicity homeopathic treatments. It would be good to know what is actually happening in my body when I feel this. trembling/quivering - is it muscular, vascular or neurological? I would really like someone to stick some electrodes on me for a night and record what's happening. Did you arrange yourself to be tested for Lymes or through a GP? I'm in the UK and I my doctor is reluctant to do any testing. Are you in the US? I have all the same fears as you about what my symptoms are - MS, Parkinson's, autoimmune, thyroid and a whole host more. Are meds controlling or reducing your symptoms now you've been diagnosed? I do hope so. Best wished.

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      hi sally sorry for the delay in replying to you. im in the UK my GP finaly did the blood test for lymes but there were problems with that-the test can only be properly tested at 1 lab at porton down my GP should have printed off a form from public health england( it gives your GP boxes to include symptoms) and sent the blood to my local lab with this form to be forwarded but they just sent it to my local lab on a standard blood form they didnt write on "please test for co-infections" which was advised then my local lab tested it (incorrectly) then when contacted did send "stored blood" that got lost on route finaly more stored blood was sent and finaly tested 3 mths after 1st blood taken. ive since been told if you are taking antbiotics it affects the test. My basic test came back negative (this seems to be common) but possitive for co infections. Ive not had any luck since as my GP doesnt want to concentrate on lymes! im still fighting this and wont give up. it fits every symptom of lymes, everything else has been ruled out and obviously have had a possitve result and no treatment. if your GP agrees with testing you im happy to offer advice. PS I cant remember being bitten by a tick but was a regular walker in woods and meadows and stayed on farms were i was bitten by " insects"

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      Thanks Vicky. I know my GP will pooh pooh the Lymes route but will mention it to my Neuro. I tried to find a way to get a private test done through a Consultant who used to have a clinic where I live but he's no longer doing it so I think it's going to be hard to sort that. I was given the Porton Down contact details but I'm sure they won't do anything unless it's through a GP. Tricky one as it is difficult to diagnose by all accounts. 

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      hi sally, yes porton down will only test bloods from a GP or possibly your consultant. if you tell your GP you had a tick on you and ask for a lymes test ( make sure its on the public health england blood form and your GP writes to inc. co infection testing ) your GP cant refuse this test. if you look at public health englands website you will find the form for GPs there is also a GP helpline. i realy would push this as youve seen a tick
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      goodness im searching the web up and down trying to pinpoint yet another random strange symptom and try to determine is its related to my chronic lyme (ive had it for at least 20yrs since about age 12 and only diagnosed 6 yrs ago in 2014).

      everything seems to be point to lyme. its strange though because ive never had this symptom before and im also doing fairly well right now (compared to 3 yrs ago which was my all tome low).

      same internal vibration sensations that can even be felt by touch to my arms, legs or back (my boyfriend can feel it when putting hand on me). they are so intense sometimes that i feel like im laying on a vibrating machine and feels as if its from the outside in rather the inside out. we have ruled out the chance of there being something laying around that could be causing this, but nothing!

      this stuff just never ends.... just more symptoms and more symptoms even new ones after being in "remission" at least as far into remission as one can get...

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      as im sure someone already told you... only about half of the people who are diagnosed with lyme actually remember the tick bite itself. i know these posts are old but if you havent already... there are some great lyme disease groups on facebook! with lyme sometimes other victims of his disease are the most knowledgable unless you see an LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor).

      good luck & truly hope its not lyme but also not knowing also isnt fun and sometimes just an answer helps mentally but pray it isnt lyme. get well and hope you saw a dr asap and was able to get the western blot test done!!!

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      i had inner tremor for years but my only tick bite was two years prior to when my tremor started and I had an emergency room doctor remove it. I was never diagnosed with Lyme or had Lyme symptons. Sally mentions a metal plate, I had a metal pin in my foot when my symptoms also started.

      But I have a friend going through the inner tremor now and she has had neither tick bite or metal plate. I wonder if hormones can cause it during imbalances or menopause.

      My tremor eased on its own around 4 years later. The only thing I did was try to eat healthier.

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