Weird neurological symptoms that I can't seem to find an answer to why?

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Hi All I'm on here as a last resort to see if Anyone can help me or spread some insight on what may be causing some really debilitating issues I have been having for the last 3 months.

Since about 3 months ago I started getting a really weird feeling in my eyes as if something was sucking the life out of them them or attacking them (weird I know). My eyes also become really light sensitive and I can constantly see 100s of floaters in my vison now that is much worse in the bright sunshine. This was all topped off by feeling really spaced out and disorientated like I couldn't focus on anything which can sometimes last for days but lately seems to be coming in much smaller intervals.

I had these eye symtoms for about a month and now I seem to have developed a lot of other weird things along with it. I have had muscle spasms all over my body for the last 2 months which are non painful just annoying these are even in my eyes, I also have aquired a tremor through my body that can be made dramatically worse by certain movements. If I move either of my wrist up or down, try and bend over to get up out of bed from laying, bringing my knees up toward my chest, shrugging my shoulders all this it to really trigger a severe jerk kind of tremor.

I have to add that I broke my wrist 2 months ago quite severely and have to have it operated on with plates and screws, since then this muscle spasms and tremor symptoms seem to have come on. I did have the spaced out feeling and eye feeling before but never the spasms or shakes before I was operated on.

I was kept awake during my operation and my left arm was frozen with a nerve block that was placed into my peripheral nerves on the left shoulder I believe, I'm wondering if this could of caused some damage or any complications that could be causing the symptoms I'm feeling.

I have had 2 brain mri's and multiple blood tests to check for virtually everything that has come back clear. I am waiting to see a neurologist on the 22nd of this month but it's just getting to the point where its affecting my whole life (even writing this I have had to keep correcting it as the tremors make me miss hit buttons). I haven't worked in over 3 months and it's really putting pressure on my relationship.

If anyone has had anything similar happen or anything they know this could be I would really appreciate to hear off you.!

P. S I almost forgot to mention I have had a really kind of weird vibration feeling in my ears also that seem to get worse upon hearing loud noises or certain types of noises.

TIA guys

Jordan 😊

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    Its a long shot but maybe sarcoidosis, I had a lot of floaters when sarcoid was in my eyes. It is not just a lung disease. It can attack almost any organ (including the brain and nerves) and it might be worth checking for, if you haven't already. Hope you get a diagnosis soon.

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      Hi Peter, thanks for your comment I hadn't come accross sarcoidosis until you mentioned it I'm not to sure what that is so I'll take a look. How would you go about getting checked for these if they can show up in any part of the body? Thanks again for your reply 😊

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      Sometimes a blood test for Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) is used but lack of a high number is not conclusive.

      Eye doctors should be able to tell by looking in the eye (if they are looking for sarcoidosis). It was 20-years ago and I don't remember particulars but the sarcoid was obvious to them.

      Typically sarcoid is in the lungs and can be seen on an x-ray, but it is not always present in the lungs. The neurologist you are seeing should be able to help with any possible sarcoid nerve issues if you have it. It is a difficult disease to diagnose sometimes and your symptoms could be something else. Hopefully, you get a diagnosis soon, because without that you cannot get anywhere.

      My sarcoid was first in the lungs and lasted about a year and then went away, Then about a year later it showed up in my left eye and again lasted about a year. I was monitored but not treated.

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    I have an eye condition called fuchs heterochromic cyclitis which gave me weird milky vision, super light sensitivity and big floaters. I later developed another condition called posterior vitreous detachement which gives soooo many floaters. I would get weird squeezy pain in my eyes and they flicker in and out of focus and always have but my vision is good, I am told. I also get bright flashes of white or colour and also dark blobs. And I have had realllly cold eyeballs too, which I think might be from dry eyes. Felt liek wind!

    I have had weird vibration sensations in my body too but no spasms. Any operation can cause autonomic issues in theory, im not sure why that is, whether it is trauma to the body, the anaesthetic, the actual op, the nervous system being shut down by the anaesthetic... not sure why at all.. but it could have been your op. IT also seems to worsen autonomic issues to have an op also, so perhaps something was destabilised by an op.

    I don't know what you have going on but I just wanted to reply cause it sounds a bit crazy for you and wanted to say hi. I have psychotic blood pressure issues and autonomic issues that are being investigated (for years) so can't tell you what I have either!

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    For me all these symptoms look like withdrawal from the strong painkillers of caffeine or other addictive substances. Were you prescribed anything that you had to stop abruptly?

    I know these symptoms because I had something similar several times in my life. You may not like and believe it, but e cause can be anxiety and this condition could be Somatic Symptom Disorder. It is manageable by complex approach that may include counselling, exercises, even anxiolytics or antidepressants.

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