Constant brain fog and permanent throat inflammation? PLEASE HELP ME

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Since July 2015, I have had sudden onset one night of brain fog which seems to come from the back of my head (sometimes its so bad I can't properly read) and my throat is permanently badly inflamed (throat swabs all come back negative for bacteria). I can sometimes feel a very very tiny bit of mucus dripping down the back of my throat. I also have extreme mental fatigue. The doctors won't do anything for me and it's severely interfering with my life.. i am DESPERATE for help if anyone has anything that I can try to reduce the inflammation? I've tried suppliments, exercise, and had so many blood tests. Please help me  sad 

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    Hi Lucy are you on any meds like antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills?  I don't see a connection between the fog & the throat. Sounds like post nasal drip. Have you seen an ENT? Keep us posted.

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      Not on any mediciation. The throat inflammation started about six months later and both have been persistent ever since sad I thought I might be allergic to the metals in my braces and have had them removed a few days ago but so far no changes

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    Get autoimmune test (ANA) , and gluten sensitivity ( non celiac) test. Bet it's wheat/grains and dairy... happened to me. It's in everything. Beer, soy sauce, pasta, etc. Regular physicians are not 'keen' to this... need a functional doctor or naturopath to 'get it'. Google it...

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    It's difficult to pin point. But mucus dripping at the back of your throat seems like sinus congestion.

    You are entitle to a second opinion! Good luck.

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    ?Im not a doctor. I logged onto this thread because I was diagnosed with Baker's Cyst. Its fluid buildup behind the knee causing the bottom of my foot to fall aslep with tingling sensations and calf cramps. I can't help you. Sorry 

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    Have you read up on GERD and LPR?

    For the longest time I thought I had post nasal drip and asthma but now after being diagnosed with LPR and reading up on it I think it's the acid regluxing up. It can cause a lot of symptoms that can get misdiagnosed. I also have the fog and other symptoms.

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    Hello lucy... 

    I am sorry for your troubles... I may be able to help, at least I hope this might lead you to some peace. I posted earlier on this general subject. 

    Do you have much of a background in biology or other sciences? If so, you may find this article helpful...

    If you do not have much of a science background, I would have someone who does, perhaps your physician if you have one, or perhaps a teacher, professor, etc, read this and give you their opinion. 

    As I described in an earlier post, these symptomologies are becoming increasingly common and are often being addressed by a rapidly growing supplements and non-traditional medicine industry. It is my belief, through my own experience, as well as that of many others whom I have had discussions with, that what we are seeing today is a reaction to hyperattentiveness to nuances of our own physical sensations. The symptoms are VERY REAL, don't get me wrong, but we focus on them to the point of the exclusion of all reason and logic. 

    You say you have had these symtoms for about a year and a half. And yet I'm willing to bet that there are times, like when you are focusing on a conversation with a friend or performing a task that requires concentration, that you do not notice any symptoms. This is something people with persistent and lifelong pain conditions know all too well... the more you focus on the pain, the worse it gets. So these people learn to live - sometimes with severe pain - by practicing the redirection of their focus from the pain to something else. 

    You will likely hear from many well-intentioned consumers of Dr. Oz type mediciine that it's all a reaction to food allergies, mold and other "toxins" of modern life... this often helps at first because the sufferer now has a name for their condition as well as the sympathetic ear of a purveyor or believer of this type of medicine. If that is so, then, I suppose, great. 

    But let me caution you that I suffered from these types of symptoms on and off from the 1960's until present. That is to say, I still have bouts or waves of these types of symptoms. I almost always feel better for awhile after a doctor visit where a medical professional tells me I have nothing to worry about, while not minimizing or ridiculing my complaints. 

    For me, I have accepted that this is an anxiety issue (call it a disorder if you like) and that it may very well be a lifelong thing. I had grandparents with the same tendencies, and my mother had them as well.  My mother - who passed away at the age of 90 in 2013 - got caught up in the supplements and alternative mediciine world to try and avoid Alzherimer's disease, which her own mother had. Despite years of supplements, at the age of 84 she began showing symptoms of the disease and she required full time attention by the age of 88. Almost to the month, her symptoms began and progressed at the same time and rate of her own mother. It was a simple matter of genetics. Supplements made no difference, 

    So I guess what I'm suggesting to you, lucy, is that you really have two choices; 

    1) you can go the supplements and extreme avoidance of anything "unnatural" or the food allergy, or any one of the many other extreme things many people do today, or

    2) you can accept, and be at peace with, the likelihood that there is nothing really wrong with you other than a tendency towards anxiety and self focus. 

    Since the age of 45, I have taken the second route. I still have bad times and annoying or even frightening symptoms. But, after 16 years, I'm still OK. I still have a good life with lots of good people in it. I go out of my way to include as many people in my circle of friends as I can... even if it's just a cashier at a particular store, or the mail carrier, or whoever. 

    Whichever path you choose, YOU WILL BE OK. Try to stay occupied with anything that interests you. You don't need to be busy... just occupied. The difference is in the first case the implied pace is fast, fast. Occupied implies a more calm, steady state of mind. 

    Best wishes to you and remember that none of us is alone in their suffering. 

    Take care.  wink


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      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your words. I am realizing more and more that anxiety really is the cause of all my symptoms, and I am very glad that I found this post!

      From the sounds of it, the symptoms never really disappear... you just accept them. How can a person who tends towards anxiety truly do that?

      I want to hear more about your experience.

      Do you have a blog or anything?

      Thanks again



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