Constant feeling of fullness in rectum..ugh..

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So tired of this. First I have had chronic constipation since I was a child. Nothing seemed to help. In my twenties, thirties and forties, never thought to much about it, didn't really bother me. But now I am 55, and started opiates for severe back pain at the age of 48. Which made things worse. Got tired of taking Movantik, Senna. The Senna works, but it's harsh, and I end up going to the bathroom all day, cramps, hemorrhoids, rectal pain, etc. I finally had enough and went off opiates cold turkey 8 months ago. I think the opiates messed digestive system, as haven't been the same since. Started a few weeks ago, more fiber such as grapes, raisins, oatmeal, brown rice, 8-9 glasses of water, strawberries, etc. Now I feel the constant need to defecate all day and night. Only to have a few marbles, pellets or broken up stool. If I am lucky I will have a formed bowel movement. I don't understand the constant feeling of fullness, and having to go all day. This is no way to live. Had a bowel exam and rectal surgeon ruled out Rectal prolapse. I have so many medical bills, cannot afford colonoscopy, right now. Does anyone else have this problem?

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    If you are having stomach pain with your bowel habit change, it could be IBS.  You may be taking too much fibre and water.  8-9 glasses of water seems too much to me.  I have IBS C and oranges and other fruits alone help my constipation. I don't bother with water in Great Britain, but I do take bottled water in Italy because the climate is much hotter.  However, taking more water in Italy doesn't make much difference to my bowel movements. Fruit helps me more.  Incomplete evacuation is an IBS symptom.  My stools can be pellets or marble size too and broken up and seem a very small amount despite the fact I eat three meals a day.

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      The only thing that helps me have a bowel movement is too drink alot of water. It's actually not alot at all, and it recommended by many Colon and Rectal specialists and Gastroenterologist, as well as Nutritionists. If I don't drink water, no bowel movement and it can cause international obstruction, tarry, stools that are very hard, and fecal compaction. I do eat a lot of strawberries, raspberries, oatmeal, brown rice, raisins, grapes, yogurt with live cultures. But I still strain. Just tired of living like this.

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      Do you have stomach pain along with the constipation? When my IBS began, I started with constipation that kept coming back.  Since, I have always been troubled with constipation, I thought nothing of it. Only in the past, I was always able to clear it up. That was the difference.   I then got chronic stomach and back pain followed by nausea and latterly loose, urgent stools. At this point I panicked and went to my doctpr. I ended up seeing several doctors and having tests over a three and a half month peroid. In the end I despaired of a diagnosis.  I was amazed one doctor recognised my symptoms as IBS.
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         I'm new to this forum and joined to try and help others. It's clear that everyone here wants to help, but goodness it's important to understand that medicine or the practice of medicine is an art and a science.

    The diagnostic tests represent the scientific segment and the application of common sense along with the hard work of documenting your complete history of past events represents the art segment.

    I have suffered with what appears to sound like the exact same symptoms. There was a time when I seriously believed that I would never ever be released from an endless cycle as you've described. 

    It's shocking to now realize that the hourly suffering had nothing to do with the genesis of my illness. Let me repeat. I had something occur, I began trying to treat that event and low and behold, I ended up having a whole new set of even more painful issues to address.

         This forum is designed to allow many folks to share their experiences. We're all different but the list of remedies is finite.

    Start today as if it's all brand new. While all the tests may not have revealed what it IS that is troubling you, we may be able to identify what is NOT at issue.

    I can only speculate, but please ask yourself to reflect on when this started. What was the initial problem? With that identified, let's stop taking everything we didn't consume before that day and time. Let's try and start over and get the system back to a routine it can recognize.

         My problems of constant bowel and constipation challenges were all products of my treatment of another unrelated problem. Once I stopped these issues were dissipated and I began focusing on my original problem.

    Try and find an older seasoned doctor who can spend the time checking off all the things that aren't wrong with you. 

    Don't give up. You're better abie to help yourself then you think. 

    Get to work. Keep a clear diary of events. It's not fun but it works.

    The medication is the most likely culprit in causing the bowel problems so .......

    Fingers crossed. Get started.

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      Thank you for taking the time to reply. I really don't have a history of when things started, as I have suffered with Chronic constipation all my life. My parents had to give me enemas when I was about three years old. Maybe because I was born with Fetal Alcohol syndrome, I don't know. I remember sometimes having to strain when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My Aunt and Uncle who raised me always gave me milk to drink with meals, so that might have been a factor. I don't remember much about my teenage years. I guess I was too busy having fun to worry about bowel movements. Same in my twenties, thirties and forties. But when I reached my 50's. I hurt my back terribly, severe back pain and had to go on Opiods and Naproxen 500 and muscle relaxers. That's when the problems started, but even then I still could eat what I wanted, and eventually, I would go. I am 55 now, and about a year ago I went cold turkey after being on opiates for 7 years. That's when my digestive system pretty much shut down. Maybe the opiods messed up my digestive system, I don't know. Nothing seems to help. I am trying to find a Dietician and hopefully soon, get a colonoscopy. I wish I had the answers. I know none of us, are medical experts as I come on here and try to help people out. But it seems the problems happened more so, when I went off the Opiods.

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    hello! i am having the EXACT same feeling in my rectum as you. i was on tramadol for two years which is like an opiate. have you found any relief or answers? geno

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