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Constant head pressure/head feels fatigued/Spaced out

Back in December, I experienced the worst headache/migraine of my life. It was a feeling of undescribable head pressure(I describe it as fluid surrounding my head). Pressure/headache in the eyes was really terrible. When I thought I was feeling a bit better and got up to move around, the head pressure would return and I had to lay back down. This lasted 2-3 days. I thought I would recover, but I've never felt the same since... And I'm only 28. No prior health issues to this. I have a 5 year old daughter and to be honest, this is completely ruining my life. The head pressure has never gone away.

The head pressure was so bad on and off for the first 4 months I literally thought I had brain swelling(that's how it made me feel). It felt as if someone was moving my brain around. It's as if your head is fatigued from working too hard and it's in a constant state of shaking. A very weird, undescribable, uncomfortable, scary feeling. I had really bad brain fog. I would have moments where I would space out so bad I felt as if I was in a dream for the majority of those months. So detached. I still have those moments.

Everyday I wake up, I have head pressure(blood shot eyes). My ears feel the need to pop deep inside the cavity. Uncomfortable and unease feeling of my head(like it's fatigued) is the feeling that makes it the worst. My head feels clogged and I espcially feel it in the surrounding portion of my back eyes, ears and head. I don't ever feel normal. There might be a relief of head fatigue from time to time, but my head has never felt the same. The only thing that makes me feel somewhat normal is if I lay down. 

In the beginning 4 months, putting on hats, listening to loud music, over the ear headphones only made my head pressure worse and give me terrible headaches for the remaning day in the begining. 

Went to the ER twice the first few months for the head pressure symptoms and followed up with my primary care doctor. They all said stress but ultimately was referred to a neurologist, ENT & Eye Doctor to cover my basis. I've had an MRI of the brain with and without contrast done. Only thing that revealed was a few mucus cyst(which are normal I guess). I've had a panel of blood work ran which all came back normal. Checked for Thyroid function, blood count and few other things. Had a CT scan done of my sinus(no prior sinus or allergy issues in my life) and pending results on that. Not really optimistic it's going to show anything.

I don't know what to do at this point. I truthfully feel hopeless.. I need help

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  • Mindless57 Mindless57 dustin76146


    I hope you find an answer to your headaches.

    ive had headaches for so long I'm at the same place as you are, in a constant state of hopelessness. The medications I've been given only seem to make it worse, I think they are giving me placebos and antidepressants. I am going to continue to search for answers, please don't give up. There has to be answers, we just have to find a doctor that is willing to look beyond their ego, one that knows they don't know everything and are willing to search for answers. 

    • dustin76146 dustin76146 Mindless57

      Rebekah thank you so much for your response. I can't seem to fully embrace the idea that my doctors haven't even found anything based on my symptoms. I literally had to tell my nuero to do the MRI. Yesterday spent the entire day in bed. If I got up that unease feeling would come back and made me feel sick. Feels like someone wrapped a towel around my whole head and slightly squeezed it. I'm currently trying to get a second nuero opinion but they're so many months out.

  • brittany84783 brittany84783 dustin76146

    I've been having the same exact symptoms !!! It's making my life miserable!!!!!! Some days it's barley a faded feeling and others it's extreme! 

    Here are a few things I've tried 

    Sleeping on a memory foam pillow because it helps with your neck and back support they have a huge part to do with pressure in your head

    Drinking lots of water

    Diversion,trying to forget about it

    YouTube Michael sealy hypnosis videos

    Eating healthy

    Keeping myself in a routine

    Going for long walks

    Genuinely accepting itsad

    Getting remedial massage 

    Writing down every hour how I feel

    Also I've put mine down to being my wisdom teeth, they don't hurt but I got the head pressure when they started to come through I think they have done somthing to cause the pressure so I'm going to get them removed and il let you know how it goes 

    Stay strong guys!! It could be a lot worse

  • cacquavi cacquavi dustin76146

    Did you ever find out what was going on with you? This is literally exactly how I feel. I was diagnosed with a chiari malformation 8 years ago, but multiple docs said surgery wasn't worth it. I'm 28 years old also.

    • tabetha81073 tabetha81073 cacquavi

      My daughter age 22 had surgery for Chiari in Jun,2017. A month later was back in ER and was admitted for fluid build up. They did a lumbar drain and 2 days later put a shunt in. We were home 2 days and back in

      Hospital. She had a bad infection and they had to put another shunt in the 1st 1 was kinked. September she was back in the 26th had an EVD put in and 2 days later another shunt. In Dec she had surgery again and had shunt tubing clipped. Jan 31,2018 she had shunt removed had EVD put back in and never put another shunt back in. She is still suffering with head pressure and headaches. They released her to see a neurologist now for migraines.

      I really hope you get some relief.

    • ryan03666 ryan03666 cacquavi

      I too was diagnosed with Chiari a couple years ago... stinks that there is little information regarding this disease/malformation. I am currently experiencing all of these symptoms... head feels like it is about to explode. Right through my eyeballs and out my ears!

      I'm 32 and have not had my wisdom teeth removed. I read a previous comment regarding pressure caused by my wisdom teeth coming in.I really hope that these buggers pop through and my pain is relieved!!

      I'll post updates on how I feel in the coming months. It's bittersweet that I'm not alone!

  • james03194 james03194 dustin76146

    I'm having these exact same symptoms!! Red bloodshot eye's and 24/7 head pressure in face and temples pretty much all over and it's so debilitating it's been over 6 months now! I've had some good days where I just forget but then I have real bad days where I think I'm going crazy and really don't feel myself at all! I am struggling so bad right now just praying that 1 day I wake up and I can feel normal again

  • alex40222 alex40222 dustin76146

    Crazy how I am feeling the exact same thing... it’s annoying, my vision feels darker than usual and I always get this weird pressure. I feel like my head is going to explode but it’s not painful, almost numb. Did you ever figure out what it was? I’m reallt scared that there is something wrong with me. I have sever health anxiety & GAD. I’m really scared about this. I get it everyday!!!

  • Moshclavis Moshclavis dustin76146

    I've been dealing with this since January and it's progressively worsened. Initially, laying down would ease it up a little in the first month or two but then it just became a sporadic constant daily pressure with little pain. The pressure was very annoying... I'm worried about cancer or something but MRI and CT of the brain says it's all normal. I've used fioricet, ibuprofen and tylenol with no effect. I find that sleep helps and diphenhydramine helps at night with more relief in the morning. I also occasionally get ringing in my ears... feels like my ears need to pop sometimes too.

    I've had some success with Curcumin and Boswellia extract. The Boswellia helps when you take it for a couple days. I hope other will continue to post their experiences. My doc is trying to say I have Fibromyalgia but I don't have those classic symptoms associated with it... I really don't believe I have fibro...

    I've had my CRP, CEA, ESR and LDH tested too. All are in the normal ranges... Very frustrating and annoying!

    Hoping for more responses!!


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