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Constant head pressure/head feels fatigued/Spaced out

Back in December, I experienced the worst headache/migraine of my life. It was a feeling of undescribable head pressure(I describe it as fluid surrounding my head). Pressure/headache in the eyes was really terrible. When I thought I was feeling a bit better and got up to move around, the head pressure would return and I had to lay back down. This lasted 2-3 days. I thought I would recover, but I've never felt the same since... And I'm only 28. No prior health issues to this. I have a 5 year old daughter and to be honest, this is completely ruining my life. The head pressure has never gone away.

The head pressure was so bad on and off for the first 4 months I literally thought I had brain swelling(that's how it made me feel). It felt as if someone was moving my brain around. It's as if your head is fatigued from working too hard and it's in a constant state of shaking. A very weird, undescribable, uncomfortable, scary feeling. I had really bad brain fog. I would have moments where I would space out so bad I felt as if I was in a dream for the majority of those months. So detached. I still have those moments.

Everyday I wake up, I have head pressure(blood shot eyes). My ears feel the need to pop deep inside the cavity. Uncomfortable and unease feeling of my head(like it's fatigued) is the feeling that makes it the worst. My head feels clogged and I espcially feel it in the surrounding portion of my back eyes, ears and head. I don't ever feel normal. There might be a relief of head fatigue from time to time, but my head has never felt the same. The only thing that makes me feel somewhat normal is if I lay down. 

In the beginning 4 months, putting on hats, listening to loud music, over the ear headphones only made my head pressure worse and give me terrible headaches for the remaning day in the begining. 

Went to the ER twice the first few months for the head pressure symptoms and followed up with my primary care doctor. They all said stress but ultimately was referred to a neurologist, ENT & Eye Doctor to cover my basis. I've had an MRI of the brain with and without contrast done. Only thing that revealed was a few mucus cyst(which are normal I guess). I've had a panel of blood work ran which all came back normal. Checked for Thyroid function, blood count and few other things. Had a CT scan done of my sinus(no prior sinus or allergy issues in my life) and pending results on that. Not really optimistic it's going to show anything.

I don't know what to do at this point. I truthfully feel hopeless.. I need help

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    I hope you find an answer to your headaches.

    ive had headaches for so long I'm at the same place as you are, in a constant state of hopelessness. The medications I've been given only seem to make it worse, I think they are giving me placebos and antidepressants. I am going to continue to search for answers, please don't give up. There has to be answers, we just have to find a doctor that is willing to look beyond their ego, one that knows they don't know everything and are willing to search for answers. 

    • dustin76146 dustin76146 Mindless57

      Rebekah thank you so much for your response. I can't seem to fully embrace the idea that my doctors haven't even found anything based on my symptoms. I literally had to tell my nuero to do the MRI. Yesterday spent the entire day in bed. If I got up that unease feeling would come back and made me feel sick. Feels like someone wrapped a towel around my whole head and slightly squeezed it. I'm currently trying to get a second nuero opinion but they're so many months out.

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