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Hi, I am 35 and my head pressure began just over 2 and half months ago. 1 dr diagnosed me with a sinus infection and put me on a antibiotic, which I had a bad reaction to.. However, I ended up in ER a few a days later as the head pressure just became unbearable. They did a CT, came back normal. The ER dr said I didn't have a sinus infection at all as I had no symptoms of it, just head pressure so he diagnosed me with cluster headaches and prescribed Butal (basically tylenol and caffeine) to help with the headaches. It did help keep them at bay for a while but I still wanted to get to the source. I went to a Chiropractor who showed me on Xray that my C1 and C2 vertebrae are out of alignment and that this may be the cause of my head pressure. I went a few times for an adjustment but didn't feel that it was resolving my issue. I went to a Nuero dr who ordered an MRI which came back normal. We took it a step further and I had a Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap) and blood work done today at the hospital to check for possible spinal fluid leak, lupus, MS, infection, inflammation, etc.. If no answers from these tests, then it's back to the drawing board I guess. I have always been very healthy, active and recently began a mostly all organic diet. Just not sure what could have caused this head pressure. The last apartment I rented had mold/mildew issues I feel. It was a nice place right on the water and would have never thought it had issues but I could smell it on my clothes after a few months when I traveled. Although we couldn't see evidence of it, they did 2 ozone treatments over the course of 2 or 3 months. The building went under renovation 4 months after i moved in, my head pressure began 2 months after that.. After the smell came back after the 3rd time, they ended up letting me out of my lease. I was there a total of 8 months. Maybe this could be the cause of it in my case, we'll see. I will keep you posted. Thanks.

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    I have a similar problem with some of the joints in my neck. (In my case, they call it arthritis).  Head massages and neck physio might help.

    I'm on a low dose gabapentin for headaches and I do exercises at the gym when I am having a real bad time.  That helps.  My concern with all medication is that withdrawing from it can give rise to medication induced headaches.  

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    Hi Jessica,

    I have had the head pressure now for almost 3 months and lately I also have terribel, almost unbearable pain.  I'm not sure where you live but you are lucky that your doctor has arranged all the appropriate tests - here in Wales I am still waiting for an appointment with a neurologist (although my doctor has asked for an urgent appointment) so haven't had a CT scan, MRI scan or any sort of x-ray yet which is so frustrating.  Doctor has already ruled out sinus or ear problems so obviously I feel I need to get this sorted asap.

    Really hope you get completely better soon.

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    Hey jess am Maryland USA been having similar symptoms for a bottle a month now I been using over the counter meds just to keep aches at bay.. Any new findings on your case? Thanks
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      I have had this pressure feeling from behind my nose for 4 months now. It leads to headaches the more active I am. It sort of builds up as soon as I get up on a morning. It's such an uncomfortable feeling. I have a theory of what might reduce the symptoms. A grommet put into the ear drum. This basiaclly lets air in and out of your head so it will reduce the pressure. I've found I can reduce the head pressure by chewing, yawning and performaing the Valsala manourver (popping ears). Popping ears is the best way. 6 weeks ago I popped my ears and I'm pretty sure I perforated my left ear drum, it must have only been a tiny whole as must have healed quickly. Ait then flowed out of my left ear, just as if you had a punctured tire. After this all of my symptoms were, no head pressure, noi heachache, no lightheadedness. Sadly over the next few days the pressure built back up again.Do you find that when your ears pop it eases the pressure? I've tried amitryptiline, only for a couple of weeks, saw no effect but to be honest that's usually more effective for migranes of which I don't have. I've also been on loads of drugs doctors have tried to no avail. I've had an MRI, which came back clear, but was refused a CT scan. They just don't want to pay the money for it (I to live in the UK on NHS).

      I saw specialist for the second time today and he basically said there was nothing he could do. I ran through my theory about putting in grommets but because there's no research out there that it might work he said no to putting in grommets. I have a second opionion on Thursday so going to push it to try see if it works.

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