Constant migraines, please help.

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hi guys,

I've been suffering with migraines since i was about 11, they used to be atleast once a month, no particular time.

they seemed to get better once i went to secondary school but now I'm 19 and i suffer with them practically daily.

i wake up and i instantly have a headache, i work out, migraine, i work too hard at college, migraine, i do some work on my computer and i get a migraine !

ive missed so much college due to constantly being in pain, its very upsetting.

it doesnt help when tutors just dont seem to understand, they look at you like "its only a headache...." but its not.

im seriously considering taking a break from college but im worried about the consiquences that would bring.

im an animal care student and being at the farm makes me feel so fatigued...

ive noticed over the last couple months my head feels really dizzy / light, almost like a tingling at the top of my spine ??

i feel like im not real.

my speech seems odd and i cant spell as well as i used to, its like nothing makes sense.

my balance is awful and my sight is constantly getting worse.... ive notices im starting to squint alot .... i wear glasses and i updated my prescription and in about 3 months i noticed a difference in my sight.

im just so damn tired too !

ive probably slept about 15 hours just today and im still tired !?

i could be on a good sleeping pattern and id be really tired all the time.

ive noticed a change in my appitite, i used to eat quite a bit but now i can only really seem to fancy my dinner and some snacks here and there.

ive seen multiple doctors and all they do is give me tablets....

i just want to know whats wrong with me ;-;

thanks in advance guys - katebug

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    hi there, i seem to be going through the same thing but mine started 3 months ago and i have awful headaches daily that made me lose my job. have you gotten an MRI just to be safe?

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    What are they giving you for the migraines? A lot of what you describe happened to me when I was taking Topiramate (Topamax)...the speech, the spelling, not wanting to eat, tired all the time...but for me it did stop the migraines.... Your best bet to is try and get to a good Neurologist....I find that if I type up what is going on with me and use that as a talking point with the doctor it helps me focus my discussion with them. I am surprised that you have not had a brain scan....any time my migraine changed or got worse they have done a brain scan.

    Good luck, I know it is scary when you have migraines all the time and you are trying to live your life.

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    Dear Katebug, Migraines are some of the hardest things to get a handle on, as there are so many things that can trigger them. It is best to get an MRI, to rule out OTHER causes, but Migraines can start when hormones change in early teens(fluctuations continue monthly for period/ovulation & birth control) stress, changes in routine, lack of sleep & etc..can cause Migraines...journaling(and I mean a specific log of places, food, drinks, schedules, sleep, periods,meds,exposure to ANY possible trigger) is a good start see if something is a common trigger. Write down TIMES, DURATION, WHAT you are doing, WHERE you are, when Migraines start, how long they last, if ANYTHING makes it better/worse. Try it for 2 weeks & look for patterns. Lights(including the new style bulbs & blue light from electronics or just bright), smells(cleaners,paint,perfumes, makeup, hair products &etc) chocolate, food dyes(in A LOT of stuff), medication(even OTC), environmentals(like car exhaust & etc..)its a total pain but, totally worth shows your doctor how disruptive it is & take it more seriously...triptan medication helps but has limits to how many you can take, too much OTC meds can cause MORE issues, you are STRESSED, try relaxing, deep breathing, heat or cold on your head, keep a regular schedule, eat multiple times a day(GOOD snacks)Migraines are notorious for nausea, maybe explains your loss of appetite, visual auras are common with Migraines, so is much I could tell you but it would be more stressful & overwhelming...take it one day at a time(or one hour), journaling can be therapeutic also...last but not least DEHYDRATION, can cause Migraines & many other issues...drink WATER, at least 4 glasses, also OTHER fluids EVERYDAY, but water is best, caffeine & alcohol are both dehydrating, keep caffeine to a minimal(even though it gives you a bit of energy, it is a short time and can cause more issues)...feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions or need more info...Best Wishes, hoping you have some solutions soon☮🌈Hang in there💕

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    hi guys !

    sorry i havent posted a reply back !

    im glad to say that my headaches havent been giving me much trouble lately !

    my doctor increased my propranalol and that seems to have worked !

    if they return im going to push for them to let me have an MRI scan.

    thanks for all the replies, guys !

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    Hi Katebug, I too am a migraine sufferer, have been diagnosed with cervogenic, hemiplegic and thunderclap. I recognise alot of the symptoms you have mentioned, and in addition to the advice you have received on here, I wanted to mention possible medication side effects. I have spent the last year taking myself off alot of meds given to me for migraines, vertigo, sickness etc as had constant neurological symptoms and have been medication free for nearly six weeks, and my symptoms have disappeared, and havent had a migraine since coming off them. Up to that point due to dose changes I had cluster migraines and have been signed off work for a few months. One of the things I noticed was if I didnt take my meds at the same time each day or when changing doses it would trigger my head and give me auras. My eyesight has also improved, I have gone from needing a specialist and suffering with photophobia, flashes and other things to all of that disappearing. Lights, sound and not drinking enough fluids would trigger mine very quickly and stress can trigger my neck headaches which can turn into migraines. I have had umpteen MRI'S, CT scans and other tests to rule out, stroke, bleeds on brain and MS. In my case, its looking very much like the medication that was given to me for my neck headaches has caused a secondary problem of migraines and neurological symptoms. My message here is to always check the patient leaflet that come with your meds for side effects and interactions, and mention any to your neurologists and doctors to avoid them mistaking your side effects for anything else.

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    Hey Kate,

    Migraines are truly horrible and I totally agree, usually people tend to see them as minor issues that can be ignored, unless they experience the pain themselves.

    You should know that the causes of migraines can be numerous. I read about you having eye trouble as well. This can also be a cause. Have you been to check your eyes? Some other causes can be hormonal or menstrual.

    I personally had horrible headaches but I have been taking some supplements made 100% from natural vitamins, minerals and herbs. It's been helping. Having you considered taking any such supplements?

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    Having migraine pain means having an increased risk of developing one of several other health conditions. Migraines have been associated with asthma to a cardiovascular health issue. It is the condition that begins differently. People are having a migraine just don’t feel alright. Even bright lights and loud noise bother them. They may feel worse, and even they get stomach problems. Some people may experience muscle weakness, have trouble talking, lose their sense of coordination, and stumble. The good news is that migraine can be prevented by following natural remedies along with migraine medications. Make sure you have medicines on hand in case your headache begins at the office, school or while travelling. The anti-migraine products online cost really less as compared to the local drug store. Try to stay away from your migraine triggers as much as possible. Avoid eating foods like chocolate or cheese, or consume caffeinated drinks that trigger your migraine.

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