Constant pain in left side of abdomen for weeks...

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I've been having pain on my left hand side of my abdomen below my ribs for 7 weeks now, ive had blood, urine, stool tests that have all come back clear. An ultrasound has also not detected anything. The pain is there 24/7, it does not go and return... it is constant. I feel sick a lot, have been sick a few times, pain has recently spread to my pelvic area. Currently waiting a ct scan. Any advice would be great. X

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    Leanne, I've suffered with this pain for almost a year. It does have a lot of candidates which match up with the symptoms so we're not gonna be the same. After negative test results for stones, diverticulosis, hernia and even having steroid shots for a theory it was a pinched nerve due to spinal stenosis, I am now confined to bed with a last theory that I've torn the tissue attached to muscle along the left lower rib.

    Six week experiment with no bending, stretching etc.

    Hope you have better luck but just eliminate one at a time.

    Best of luck.

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    Hi Leanne, did you find out what this was? I’ve had the same now for nearly 7 weeks, it’s very uncomfortable, feels like I’ve ripped something inside of me, it’s in my side in the space between ribs & hip, started to affect my lower back about 2/3 weeks ago, which could be just a coincidence as I suffer from psoriatic arthritis too. As you can imagine I don’t get to do much exercise so it’s baffling me how I’ve done this, going back to the Drs Tuesday for a plan of action hopefully! Can’t cope anymore.

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    I've had a similiar pain just below the ribs and it goes to the side and to the upper back. Moving makes it worse. What could it possibly be?

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    All, im new here.  Please try to read the response, it is a bit long

    My daughter (5years) has been experiencing the same pain/discomfort described by Leanne for a long time now.  First it started in Nov 2017 until end Dec 2017.  The pain has now started again end of Feb 2018 and is still on as we speak.  The pain/discomfort gets so bad that she sometimes cries and wakes up at night. Below is an outline of the pain and the medical assistance we have sought since

    1. Pain is localised to the left side of abdomen, above the belly button and occasionally moves down, just below the belly button.  She describes it as a very tight and rapid squeezing feeling that results in pain.  The pain is 24/7 and does not seem to be made worse by eating or lack thereof.

    2. Occasionally she indicates that she has a slight headache and also feels a bit of pain on her back.

    3. She has the following allergies: egg white, wheat, soya and peanut. Before the pain started in Nov 2017 she used to eat most of these food items without much trouble but we have since pulled back after the pain started.

    4. She is slightly asthmatic and highly allergic to grass.  In fact when the pain started after she was put on a program for asthmatic program where she was taking 

    5. We have been to see a paediatric Gastroenterologist and did the following tests

           a. Barium swallow to see movement of food in the stomach

           b. CT scan

           c. Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound scan

           d. Endoscopy 

           e. PH Catheter test

           f. Countless blood tests to check liver, kidney, bladder and all other organs.  The only thing we picked from              the bloods was low antibodies for which we have taken booster vaccines

           g. stools samples

    5. We have tried countless meds (Buscopan, Esomeprazole, Lacteol forte, Gaviscon)

    6. We currently only giving her Pegicol (for constipation)

    The Paediatric gastroenterologist had diagnosed her as having constipation.  I have some doubts and think that it is something else.  I am a very concerned dad and would like your assistance as this condition is having a big impact on my daughter.

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      This sounds more than just simple constipation.  Does the pain shift about her abdomen?  Does the pain improve temporarily after a bowel movement?  Any diarrhoea?  It sounds like IBS.  Has that been mentioned? 
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      Hi Pippa, thankyou for your response

      1. No, the pain does not really move.  Right now for the past 2 months it has been localised to the lower left abdomen (just as it was the case last year). She has illustrated the feeling by using her hand to squeeze my wrist firmly and repetitively. One of my guesses was it is likely stomach spasms, but im not sure why that would be.  Upon placing my ears on her tummy i always hear popping sounds and activity of wet movements. 

      2. Pain does not improve after bowel movements.  Infact her bowel movements are pretty regular and soft.  We try to inspect every so often.  Guess this is because she is still  using Pegicol (this softens her poop)

      3. No diarrhea at all.

      4. The Paed Gastro has ruled out IBS during our many consultations.  She has only said it is likely Funtional Abdominal Pain or Stomach migraines because her mummy suffers from head migraines.

      At the moment i dont really know what we can try to minimise the pain.  I am also not too keen to use pain killers as in the past we have not gotten any positive results.  I have read through a number of threads on the site, however it appears as there are more questions than answers.   

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      You could ask for a different antispasmodic for the pain. There are others you could try.   I have IBS which is similar to FAPS but it causes bowel habit change with stonach pain unlike FAPS which only causes stomach pain.
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    Hi Pippa

    Thanks again for your response.  I think your diagnosis of my daughters condition is spot on.  Thankyou for making me realise this.  However we are currently not using any  antispasmodic medications.  If you have any that you can recommend, kindly share.  Else in the meantime i will also share your diagnosis with the Paed to see if there will be any comment.

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      You could try Buscopan or ask your doctor for one if Buscopan doesn’t work
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    so i have had this pain for about 1 year got all the same test back even did a colon clean out. the other day i cracked my back and noticed a slight ease of pain when i lay down so i looked into it and this pain could be caused by slipping rib syndrome or rib tip syndrome ill keep you updated im going to be looking for a doctor to help me and see if thats the reason but alot of the same pain is discribed online in the articles just thought i would throw that out there for some of you maybe to look into or if anyone has tryed to see if this was the cause thanks

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