Constant pain in neck and head (after 70mph crash)

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Hi all,

I'm really really hoping someone can help me here. June last year (10 months ago) I was involved in a car accident on the motorway where a van hit me from behind at 70mph while I was stationary (broken down, no hard shoulder).

I was taken to hospital where I was quite literally left for 7 hours unchecked. My face smashed off my steering wheel because the seat was crushed forward (I was wearing a seatbelt). I was told at the time I "just had a broken nose" by doctors at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. After being left unattended for around 7 hours I was simply told to go home. No MRI, X-Ray or any other checks were done. I was told to see ENT within 2 weeks to get my nose looked at, which I did get an appointment for 13 days after the accident.

When I went to ENT the specialist looked at my nose and simply told me it wasn't broken, just swollen. Take some ibuprofen and it will work itself out, I presumed doctor knew best and took his advice.

Since then I simply can not breathe out of the left side of my nose, and I  can feel sort of like a line if I feel around inside my nose (disgusting I know). The only way to explain it is that it feels like part of my nose has come away from the rest of my head, weird but that's how it feels.

Now on to the pain. Since the accident I had a constant but dull pain in my neck, and the occasional sharp pain the the right temple. If I turn my head quickly I go dizzy for a few seconds (around 10 seconds maximum). If I am a passenger in a car I get very sick because I feel like I can't control my own movements going over bumps etc (I'm OK as a driver because I know when the speedbumps and other knocks etc are coming).

The pain and dizziness was OK to start with, I could cope because I was taking 30/500mg Co-Codamol to help with the pain. This was self medicated at first because when I went to my doctor he claimed nothing was wrong. 2 weeks ago he finally prescribed Co-Codamol to me so I am still taking them, but because I've taken them for so long I have built up a tolerance to them, and take more and more as time goes on. I also feel like I can't concentrate any more without them, so I have become the one thing I despise (addicts). I literally hate myself and my life right now rolleyes

For the past few days the pain has been getting worse, and the temple pains have spread to the left side of my head too. The dizziness is getting worse and I have lost my appetite completely. It's 1:08am right now, I've been up since 8am and have half a bowl of chips and 2 slices of toast all day. I had nothing at all yesterday. This is very unusual for me as I love my food.

My doctor has fobbed me off with nasal spray which doesn't work (twice), Naproxen which do nothing but make me sleepy and Amitriptyline which make me groggy and snappy. I have asked 3 times since the accident for some sort of scan, and been turned away every time. They claim nothing is wrong but I know my body, and I know that before the accident I was fit and healthy. I had visited the hospital twice in the past 20 years, once when I was 8 for a car crash (again stationary, a woman hit us from behind but it was low speed, just protocol visit to A&E) and again 2 weeks after that where I got run over and a pipe went into the back of my head (the doctor could actually touch my skull with his finger).

I'm 28, I do smoke around 10 - 15 per day but don't drink (at all!). I am generally fit and healthy and weigh 10.2st, 5ft 10 and eat quite healthy (lots of fresh fish and meats).

Please could someone tell me what to do. Can I demand a scan from my doctor? Should I be concerned about my problems? I really do not know. My own friends and family are starting to call me a liar and an attention seeker because they think I'm putting it all on. I'm due my first son in 5 weeks and I don't want him to grow up with a dad who has to rely on prescription medicine and can't run around because my neck and head hurt. I snap at my girlfriend now (don't worry I'm not violent) which I hate, but I can't help it because I feel like no one listens to me. I feel like I'm in a soundproof room shouting at the top of my voice and no one is listening.

Please help...


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    Being hit from behind,especially as you were stationary sounds like you may have a whiplash injury.   The problems with whiplash can go on for several months and can develop into depression which makes matters even worse and I am thinking this is what you have.   No,you cant demand a scan or even an Xray from your is totally at their discretion,but if you are getting nowhere you could try going to A/E again.    With a baby on the way, I think this would be a good idea.   
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    Hi I would go DR's and give them one more chance to get you put right, or ring 111 and tell them you have excruciating headadache with dizziness and no appetite, if you feel sick also tell them this as well, if nothing else you need checking to give you peace of mind

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    Has your doctor prescribed any sort of anti inflammatory medication?   The cocodamol will reduce any pain but wont remove the cause of the pain and I'm thinking your neck sounds like the problem here. Any suggestin that you take ibuprofen as well? Inflammation in the neck muscles or nerves can cause headaches and nausea.  Try your doctor at least one more time and really let it all out in detail,exactly as you have done here. Emphasize the fact that you are feeling really terrible with nausea and headaches and that you also have a baby due any time and are really worried. If you can immobilize your neck by wrapping a tight scarf around it and keep it warm, sometimes this can ease the problem. lay as flat as you can when asleep . A shaped supportive pillow that follows the contours of your neck can be helpful. At least dont have more than one pillow.

    I'm thinking you may also be experiencing constipation because of all this co codamol. 

    What a shame your friends are not supportive. This cant be helping you. You need some TLC.

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    Thank you all for the replies and understanding. I've tried the Ibuprofen (for several weeks) and that doesn't help. I've also tried hot water bottles as kind of heat treatment while I sleep and that doesn't seem to work either. My Dr. is a waste of space to be honest, they never give me the same Dr. twice and it's almost impossible to get an appointment at my surgery. My partner's mum died in December because she couldn't get an appointment at the same surgery (turned out she had cancer in the stomach, given that it was due to alcohol abuse but still).

    I also got told by my mum last year that when I was born I was born with a benign tumor in my brain, and come to think of it I also had to have my nose quarterized as a young child. The problem is I went to the doctors a few months ago to request medical records from when I was a child and they claim to have "lost" my paper records. I have no record of being in 2 accidents as a child (being run over and the car crash I mentioned). They also have no record of the apparent tumor, but I know my mum would never lie about that, she didn't even have the heart to tell me about it, I simply saw it on a Facebook post to one of her friends who had the same with her child.

    I'm going to give my doctor one more try I think, I need to book another appointment in a week ready for when this last bottle of nasal spray runs out so I will give it a try then.

    The only problem is every time I go to the doctor and get turned away once more, my family disbelieve me that little bit more, and that feels horrible. Knowing something isn't quite right is one thing but knowing your family aren't supportive is another.

    Also tomorrow I'm going to try and go an entire day without pain relief and try and log my behaviour, pain and feelings and give everything to the doctor. If he sees I am either A) Addicted to painkillers because of the situation, or B) In too much pain without them, then surely he has to investigate it further.

    Thanks again guys, your help and advice genuinely is much appreciated.

    Phil x

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      A CT Scan or MRI should reveal childhood concerns as well as concerns from your latest accident.  Have you been to doctor since your last post? Good luck and post updates when you are able. 
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    I was in a head on crash, both doing 40-45mph (other drivers fault). Even with the seat belt I head butted the dash board and bent the steering wheel.  I was in severe chest pain for 2 years.  Docs kept fobbing me off, even said it’s a war wound its always going to hurt.

    As a last straw I asked the GP what would be best an MRI or CT scan and any recommendations where I could get one done privately.  Only then did the GP referrer me to a NHS consultant they thought would arrange an MIR, which they didn’t. They then referred me to a wonderful NHS Rheumatologist who did arrange an MRI (only doctor that took my pain seriously).

    My sternum was badly fractured and it needed an operation to stabilise it with two plates and 26 screw. Over those 2 years I’d seen 3 A&E doctors, 3 GPs, 2 NHS consultants and 2 private consultants (through insurance claim). Until I had the MRI all but 1 said there was nothing wrong, based on x-rays described as inconclusive. You need an MRI or CT scan to see what’s actually going on in there.

    I’m still in constant pain, because the fracture damaged the coastal joint and it may be subluxing. Pain killers don’t work long term. The pain gets worse on them. If you don’t take them you will slowly build up a tolerance to the pain.  Sleeping is the worst time for me, so I do occasionally take 30/500 co-codamol or over the counter sleep aids to help.

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