Constant sinus congestion - over a year!

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So for the past year I have had sinus problems.

Every morning I wake up with a sinus headache, pressure around my eyes, I can't breath through my nose at all and clogged ears which causes balance issues. The pressure is so intense sometimes it literally stops me doing anything. I have a lot of fatigue, and blurry vision with the pressure.

I also lately keep breaking out in a rash on my cheeks and around my mouth, I normally have clear skin!

I am 26 and don't drink or smoke. This has been going on for 14 months and is making me really depressed now.

The ENT's over the year have been little help. A CT scan showed my sinuses seem fine somehow but nothing explains this pressure and constant congestion. He suggested an operation to fix a deviated septum but said it probably wouldn't help. I literally get like 30 seconds in a room with them to explain the issues..

No idea what to do for some relief. No amount of antihistamines or nasal sprays make a difference.

Currently trailing foods, going diary free for a week or two and see if it helps.

Can anyone suggest anything? I just want to wake up feeling normal again!

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    Have you ever been on an antibiotic for this? If not, see a new doc. Go to a quick clinic if you're in the USA. Describe your symptoms and tell them how long it's been going on, I would leave out the Ct scan info and see if the new doc thinks it could be an infection. Try a course of antibiotics and nasal sprays. Also do daily saline washes. It could be a fungus infection too. I would look up how to treat that on a natural health site.

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      ?I have had in the past:

      ?6 weeks of antibiotics - clarithromycin

      ?1 week steriods (prednisoline?) - helped loads!

      ?Nasal sprays - Dymstia (evil!), mometasone, fluxonase. 

      another week of steriods

      ?1 week of amoxicillin? followed by another two.

      ?The only thing that was worked is a netti pot so far but that only gives say 30% relief for a few hours.

      I am currently taking fexofenadine which don't seem to be helping either. 

      ?I have actually just bought garlic and tumeric capules. Worth a try I suppose. 

      ?Have you had any joy?

      ?In the UK btw

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    Have you seen a rhematoid doctor for sjogrens? Or a different auto immune.You might have a dry issue.opposite of what you are doing. Sicca is uncommon in men but does exist. If your male.  

    my ent has been useless too. Keeps writting me off with tmjd. I did see a RA dr. Says sicca can cause issues. Saline spray recommended,Awaiting a nuero in july. So painful and pressure. Im stunned drs cant fix this. Odd to me.  Im wondering what they are good for anymore, i have not got a scan as yet, but i was fine and normal until decmeber got a horrid sinus inf flu thing and never recovered normal. The one two months ago had a sinus infection . Now i get maxiallry sinus pressure and tmj stuff, so i dont  know what to do or who to get help from its all overwhelming. I went to ent four or five times. I cant go back she basically profilied me now, which was evil. But she keeps saying i have tmjd. Wont scan. Too bad i cant give it to her so she can live like this. I bet shed get a scan asap. Never scanned me nothing, here where i am they have these big connected grouos of drs. So its all messed up to get other opinions. Im in the Usa. I see a macillary surgeon im not sure of that purpose. They gave a few diagnoses. No cure. Offered muscle relaxants i cant even use, i dint know if they scan or what they do. I go back for the fourth time Thursday. Theynhad fotted me with a splint and such for tmj. Sinus still hurts.and weird tinnitus stuff. They are all making me feel crazy. But i know what pain is and i know i never had this before. I can relate to this post. Something is truely wrong with the whole way people are examined and treated or i have really bad doctors.

    mhm you nited you have quick exams too guessing you are in the usa too.very stressful to get decent care. Then i end up talking very fast. Nit because im anxious because i kniw it is so rushed you have to get it all in. Its like they dint give a hoot at all. And i have eye isies and allergies to meds which yiud think these drs would be familiar with..nope. They like to gve the same exact script to everyone. So wrong and odd.

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      ?I know exactly what you mean. It's like sit down, bang, 2 minutes to get everything wrong out and done with. 

      ?I have gotten nowhere with the doctors so far. The tiredness is the worst part. It's destroying my ability to do everything. Yesterday I went to walk the shops, I was knackered. I just couldn't breath at all. It was only when I could cough up stuff (sorry) I could breath a little clearer..

      I have been labelled as having anxiety and depression so everytime I go in, I keep getting Sertraline or Mirtazapine chucked at me. I have refused to take them so far (tried both and had horrible side effects). 

      ?I am currently waiting on a referral for the dentist to see if TMJ is an issue, I know my jaw does crunch and crack painfully sometimes rolleyes 

      ?I am at a loss really as to what to try next. My Eyes are swollen now and it feels almost cold like when I close them. It's got to be an allergy to something I am eating or coming into contact with but at a loss as to what?!


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    Hi Thomas,I have suffered with sinus issues for over 20 years and tried every medication under the sun,which are always only temporary fixes and actually in some circumstances make health matters worse,I actually have a deviated septum which causes my sinus issues,but many people I know who have had it corrected say its quite an expensive operation and doesn't really work and ends up coming back,So I finally decided to try a natural approach and the secret remedy that works for me is an old Ayurvedic nasal oil called Nasya oil which has been used for centuries originating from India,that is where I first came across it in my travels and it actually works by cleansing the nasal cavities as it penetrates lubricates and keeps the sinus passages clean,so definitely worth a look into !! I use it quite often !! You can just google it and read about it !!! Along with lots of water,herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetables and most importantly learn to Meditate as this will help you to relax and learn to breath.

    Happy Health

    Cheers Jamie

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    I recognise some of the symptoms you mention. I've had chronic sinusitis for about 16 years. That may sound terrible, but actually I live a normal life - most of the time it is a minor annoyance, but a few times a year, usually after a cold or cough, it flairs up and gets worse, causing internal head pressure and sometimes earache. A few years ago I went to see a specialist and he sent me for an MRI scan - that was how I found out it was sinusitis. He asked me if I'd had a bad bronchial infection in recent years and I told him yes, in 2001. So we traced the origin of the sinusitis back to that. He said once the infection gets lodged it can be almost impossible to shift, even with a heavy dose of antiobiotics. Nothing I've tried has got rid of it. He gave me a 4-week dose of antibiotics with a nasal spray and steroids, but they did nothing. The most effective thing I've found is inhaling eucalyptus from a hot steamy bowl, but it only gives temporary relief. I will see if I can get hold of the Nasya Oil mentioned aboove - haven't tried that yet. Glad to hear of any other remedies!

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    Did you ever find out the root cause? Are you better now?

    I would like to know if anything worked. I have exact same symptoms and have had it for two years and have tried all the same things you have.


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    I've had sinus headaches for about 16 years. Really painful episodes have even affected my upper left teeth - I felt the pain of a root canal so many times they had to pull the tooth out in the end. CT scans never showed anything, however four years ago when they put a camera up the nose they saw a nasal spur pressing on a turbinate and the other turbinates were large and infection was rife all over the sinuses.

    Could you get a camera to investigate fully?

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    Hi Thomas -- I thought I'd share my 2cents as well in my battle with chronic sinusitis. I've only had the symptoms you described for a few months and also had a CT scan that showed excess mucus and inflamation of my maxillary sinuses. I've tried the following and feel pretty good at the moment (it's too early to see if I'm cured)

    - Once a week 36 hour water-only fast. I've done this now 3 times, stop eating after dinner on Sunday and eat breakfast again on Tuesday. I feel amazing after doing this. My next goal is to do an extended fast for 3 days where cells start repearing themselves which should be even more beneficial to the inflammed sinuses

    - Take 3x a day papaya enzymes and dissolve them bucally (in the cheek) -- this helps bring down the inflammation of the maxillary sinuses tremendously

    - 2x a day bulletproof nasal rinse (google it) -- basically you drink water through your nose - very effective method in cleaning the sinususes. I use bethadine instead of the lugol's iodine

    - Other supplements I use are Bromelain, NAC and a good probiotic to boost my immune system

    - I'm also using a steroid nasal spray called Nasonex 2x a day 2 sprays per nostril

    Hope this helps a bit

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    Hey Thomas i have literally every symptom you explained i have been dealing with this for 6 years and like you nothing helps. Going to sleep like this and waking up is the literal worst. Out of shear desperation i scheduled my deviated septum surgery, but like you said my ENT said it was probably a 10 % chance of feeling better. 
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    Thomas and others on this site. Hi.

    I spent a lifetime suffering from hayfever, rhinitis and sinusitis, before discovering a miracle cure. After spending 65 years with these problems, and trying all known cures, it was indeed a miracle cure for me.

    I was very allergic and took anti-histamine tablets to give me some relief.

    I was treated by many specialists, and had my nose cortorised twice.This gave me temporary relief, but the problem soon returned.

    I was resigned to a lifetime of chronic rhinitis- sinusitis, and treated myself with sinutabs, avil retards nasal sprays and drops, and analgesics to relieve the pain. I used inhalants such as Friars Balsum and Menthol, when the congestion was extreme.

    It was a continual battle with the elements, such as high humidity, plant pollens, many dusts such as garden humus, timber dust, cement dust, and cigarette smoke. I was extremely allergic to kapok and some food additives such as MSG.

    At age 65 years I discovered Evening Primrose Oil. One 1000 mg capsule daily was the answer to my extremely difficult lifetime problem.

    Evening Primrose Oil works in about 4 hours, and it is effective for a further 24 hours, so one 1000 mg capsule daily is usually sufficient. 

    It works by desensitising the body’s nervous system, so that it does not react to normal irritants. It is not a drug, so it has no adverse side affects, and it does not affect mental ability in any way.

    I still take this product regularly, and am completely cured of the cursed sinusitis problem I endured for a lifetime.

    Try Evening Primrose Oil, it just may be a cure for your problem. What have you got to lose. It may even save you from a lifetime of suffering, as it did for me.

    Kind regards, Ray.

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    Have you tried a Sinu-Pulse machine? It works much better than a Netty Pot. It irrigates your sinuses with pulsating water. There are powdered medications and steroids that you can dissolve in the Sinupulse water container to coat your sinuses with antibiotics and steroids in order to calm things down.

    Once you have chronic sinusitis, like me, you will be prone to infections and lots of mucus production. It gets bad when it reaches your bronchial tubes - and often morphs into bronchitis. This has been a constant struggle for me, but I try to stay on top of things. 

    I agree with other contributors that you need to find an ENT doctor who you can trust, and who will be willing to prescribe antibiotics for you. I also see a pulmonary specialist, who prescribed Prednisone after my last bout of bronchitis in order to calm down the swelling in my bronchial tubes. I am now on Clarithromycin to treat my latest sinus infection. It is a constant battle, and I truly feel your pain!! 

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