Constant tachycardia especially when standing

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(sorry this is a kinda long post) I'm 17y/o F about 5'6 and quite overweight - i had to stop sports due to heart investigations.

I started a beta blocker 3 months ago requested by my cardiologist who has since discharged me with just "tachycardia" although i had recorded episodes of atrial fibrillation. Nadolol really settled my heart rate, sometimes to about 60/70 resting which was good for me. It would never go above 100, even when standing. The cardiologist stopped it because it was a long-lasting testing and that "i'd grow out of it". Lol, well that hasn't happened. I still get palpitations (by the way, these don't worry me, they used to though), PVCs and PACs frequently. My heart rate at rest is 105. My heart rate upon standing up from a chair rises to 160. I almost feel like passing out. On some occasions, my heart will beat at 150 and then stop, then thump then continue. I forgot what those are called but are NOT palpitations.

I know this is normal in nature as I've had echocardiograms and ECGs which structurally my heart is perfect.

My question is: do I see my GP again? I don't want to keep going as they'll label me as a hypochondriac seeing as my other tests are normal. But off beta blockers it just feels awful. They may just say "just do more exercise" but how on earth can I do that if, when standing, my heart rate shoots up to 160 let alone doing exercise!

Any advice would be appreciated 

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    I would consult with an electrophysiologist, who specializes in the electrical system. He/she may be able to do additional testing to further investigate. Your resting heart rate is outside the 60-100 standard range.  The thump could be just a PVC that feels stronger since you're beating faster. You are correct in that PVCs and PACs are quite common. I think you are correct that your system is not acting "normally" and that it needs further investigation.

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    I have simliar symptoms as you. Went to cardiologist and heart function is fine. They didn't know what caused my fluctuating Bp and high resting heart rate. They wanted to put me on beta blockers but I refused. I wanted to find the root cause.

    Doctors were no help so I researched alot and found out some causes. Magnesium deficiency in the cells is very important. Hormonal imbalances within the endo system can cause heart and bp issues.

    I've been supporting my adrenals to fix overall health as it's all connected. Been taking magnesium malate, dessicated liver capsule, whole foods vitamin C, and b12. I'm seeing improvements.

    You should test for vitamin and mineral deficiency as these can throw the body off and can cause ill health.

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      Yeah my BP is high - hospital took it at 158/90(something). I'm on supplements for iron deficiency and b9 deficiency but been on it for a year.. All other bloods came back fine. Good suggestions though, I'll question the doctor if I see one

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      Bingo, iron deficiency is actually a copper imbalance and by taking iron supplements you lowered your ceruloplasmin levels causing free unbound copper and unbound iron within the body which means copper and iron are no longer bioavailable.

      Many people with copper imbalances notice issues with heart rate because anxiety and nervous system dysregulation are both very common when copper is imbalanced.

      Even a slight imbalance can contribute to impaired immunity, bone issues, neurological and cardiovascular disease. The only way to fix it is to raise your ceruloplasmin as it is a protein carrier for iron and copper transporting the two safely and efficiently where they need to go to be utilized.

      When it's not moving being transported by ceruloplasmin they become unbound and gets stored in our organs and tissues like liver, brain ect. Causing disruptions within the body.

      Medical doctors won't have a clue because they only study disease and medicine. They do not study mineral, vitamin, deficiency and dysregulation. When they don't find anything medically wrong with you, they are stumped and assume it's all in your head or you have anxiety.

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    My heart rate used to be fine until I was put on Beta-blockers for Ventricular TachyCardia they seem to have damaged some mechanism, even though I have been off them since April. Today for instance, walking around a Museum, my heart rate went as low as 37 and as high as 150 doing the same activity.  
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      Oh wow, I think that's what's happened to mine as before my heart was fast but okay now it's permanent. Wow that's a big variation! Mine does similar but not as low.

      I'd like to query this though:

      It's PROBABLY anxiety, hence why I'm reluctant to see a doctor, but whenever I walk (only when I walk) I get bouts of dizziness which starts in my chest (like weakness) then my head and legs both go fuzzy like I can't think of a word to describe it but it always makes me feel like I'm going to pass out. 

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      I cannot help with "bouts of dizzyness" in your chest but since the Beta-Blockes I permanently feel a strangeness inside, its not something OI can describe, its like a hollow feeling or if you have ever had your breath suddenly snatched away, its as if that feeling was frozen in time so you constantly have it.

      Re anxiety, are you an anxious person?, are you having anxious feelings before your heart starts racing?

      I know with me the doctors like to blame things on anything except their precious beta-blockers so I have been told its probably anxiety even though I never suffer with such, I am just not an anxious person. Before the beta blockers, something happened with my heart like it had a dial switch that somebody was turning right down every three seconds for about an hour but turned back up just before I blacked out, that didnt make me anxious so I dont know what is supposed to be making me feel anxious now?


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