Constant UTI, no bacterial growth. 6+ months.

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Situation is as follows:

Cystoscopy in 2015, uretha dilation because of 6 infections within 9 months. Told I have a large bladder.

Infections come back every now and then until late 2017.

I get generalised symptoms of frequency, stinging, kidney back pain, nausea, white cells and blood in my urine.

Had a CT scan and ultrasound to see if I had kidney stones. Negative result.

Fast forward to now, had 13 courses of antibiotics in 2018, have been infected with constant symptoms for last three months especially. Never have grown bacteria on my samples sent to the lab. Been banned from having sex, caffeine and alcohol which I all comply with. Got married in May and that's a bit of a bummer on our relationship ATM.

I got signed off for a month and a half and am awaiting my cystoscopy on August 9th. More than anything, do other people have the pain of utis but grow no bacteria also? I don't remember a time in the last few months I haven't had white cells in my urine. Have been on amoxicillin which did nothing, trimithiprime which again, nothing and now on a daily course of nitrofuratoin. Apparently I shouldn't respond to antibiotics but they help a bit.

Please tell me I'm not alone, this is so incredibly frustrating and nobody in my private life gets utis.

My dad's got spongy kidneys and his mother had kidney disease but nothing relating to the bladder.

From a very upset, tired and mentally drained 24 year old... thank you in advance if you respond. X

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    Generally speaking, I do not think it is common to have UTI symptoms, white cells, and blood in the urine and not have bacteria grow in a culture.  Perhaps something is growing, but not enough for the lab to call it positive?

    Also, if you get a culture while on antibiotics (or too quickly after you stop antibiotics), the culture might show no growth.  Also, if you have very diluted urine, it will show less bacteria.

    Personally, I think cystoscopes are worthless for most women.  It's what urologists do because they are stumped for answers.  And actually in my opinion, if there is no physical reason for a UTI, a urologist is no better than a general practitioner.  All they any of them can do if there are no stones, blockages, etc.  is urinalysis, cultures, and give antibiotics.  The other thing about a cysto, is that they often cause a UTI because they inflame the area.

    When you say there are white cells and blood in your urine, is this based on a microscopic exam of the urine or just from a dipstick test?  

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      I do believe they aren't perhaps leaving it long enough. Especially as my symptoms disappear at times and come back worse 3 to 5 days later.

      I always test positive for white cells and most times blood in lipsticks. Do get told by the lab they also confirm white blood cells. It's resistant to trim which is all I've been told.

      One of my gps reckoned it was chats or something in the lining of my uretha but that was a vague guess as she was stumped.

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      Generally though, in 24 hours bacteria will grow IF the UTI is significant.

      When I was going through the recurring UTIs (similar to you), I would test myself with the dipsticks.  I was obsessed with doing it.  I would do it multiple times of the day.  Guess what?  Sometimes there would be wbc and blood and other times not.  That's how I know it depends on the concentration of the urine and other things.

      How would they know what the UTI is resistant to if there was never any bacteria growing?  You need to know which bacteria in order to do the antibiotic sensitivity.

      That said, I think trim is pretty worthless for UTI.  I've noticed that it's a popular antibiotic in the UK.  Here in USA, they prescribe it initially, but they add Sulfamethoxazole to it (Bactrim is what they call it here).  It never cured my UTI's  Amoxillin is always never susepticlbe to Ecoli UTI.  It is good for some gram positive bacteria.  

      My uti's were like yours.  Just a few days off the antibiotic and it was back.  Mine went on for 7-8 months like that.  My cure was to take a more broad spectrum antibiotic and stay on it for a few months.  Whether that would work for everyone, I don't know.

      My theory is that people don't stay on the antibiotic long enough and a few bacteria are left behind and they grow.  To make matters worse, the more antibiotics we take, the more resistant these bacteria become.

      In your case, not being able to identify the bacteria in your cultures is an issue.  With white blood cells and blood, that isn't normal.  Because you have had a CT scan, thankfully I think you can rule the source being something very serious.  

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    I use essential oils for uti!  I’ve had horrible debilating symptoms like you.  I use Lemongrass, Rosemary,  tangerine oil, grapefruit oil, oregano, Frankinsence, etc.  only buy 100% pure grade oils.  Private message me if you have any questions.  I tried antibiotics, but i hate the dude affects.  Oils work for me best.  Thank God!!
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    You are not alone!! Im in the same boat.

    Its been going for 3 months now, keep being told its a UTI infection, but no bacteria after 3 urine tests.

    Im 33 and have a history of common UTI's, but never one as bad as this.  

    After 2 doses of anti-biotics from the GP, i went to a urologist and she put me on a low dose of anti-biotics, but they have not worked. Had an ultra sound and everything looked good. 

    I have all the same symptoms as you and no one really gets it. My husband tries, but he doesn't understand the horrible uncomfortableness. 

    Baking soda and Azo helps a little, but nothing takes it away. 

    Im SO over it! I just want to go back to normal rolleyes

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    There is a way of inserting the antibiotics..Sounds like you need to take that step.
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      My holistic doctor told me absolutely..As it's getting the live culture straight to where it should go. Try won't hurt..I did everything to help me.

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      What are you talking about?   Where are you going to insert an oral antibiotic?  There are special 'probiotics' that can be inserted in the vagina but not antibiotics..  

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      You are right Marilee, that’s what I always understood. Maybe Caterina knows something that we don’t!! x
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      sorry it took months to respond ..definately wasnt an antibiotic im talking about, its live culture probiotic, you insert

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    I had recurrent UTIs for years (like 10-12 per year). It started to impact my relationships as I became anxious about sex, and my work as i had to frequently take time off for Drs appointments. I was on antibiotics all the time and the bacteria were getting resistant to more and more strands. Eventually I discovered that I had a urethral diverticulum, which is a pouch on the urethra. A healthy urethra is one smooth tube. mine had a bump on the inside where bacteria could collect. They hid in the bump so were not washed out when I went pee. I had a surgery to remove it and have only had 1 UTI since. This isnt a well known condition - I had to advocate HARD to convince my Dr. that I had it. A number of the doctors I saw had never even heard of it.

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