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Amy176 Amy176

Constipated - Cant pass Stool

Ive not suffered from any constipation for years, but all of a sudden a couple of days ago it just came out of nowhere, I have a large stool that wont come out, it feels like its too big and hurts too much when I try to go to the toilet. Does anyone have any tips I can try before going to the doctor? I am making sure to eat plenty of fruit, oranges etc. and also drink lots of water.

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  • ZophaiRoberts ZophaiRoberts

    Hello Amy, First of all try to add some more fibers to your diet and drink plenty of water. When a person is going with healthy fiber diet, he/she has to drink plenty of water else fiber worsen your constipation.

    You may attend with colon massage; it's very helpful in getting rid of constipation. You can google it else you may go through youtube with the term "colon massage" to know the process of this massage.

  • JuanitaFrapp JuanitaFrapp

    Dear Amy. It’s much said to hear that you constipated I would suggest you before going to doctor try to consume 30-35 grams of fiber surely it will helpful you for your bowel movements. And If possible go for morning walk or else join in gym physical exercise probably helps you for free bowel movement. You can find some good videos in YouTube for colon message try it before consulting a doctor. I hope it would helpful for you. Good luck. You are in my Pray.

  • xanmurphy xanmurphy

    Constipation occurs when bowel moments are abnormal or less frequent. The normal length between bowel moments varies from person to person, some people have three times a day and some have only one or two times a day. Three or four days without bowel moment is too long and after three or four days stool become harder and difficult to flush out. Constipation occurs at any age and most likely adults (above 40) have this problem.

    To overcome this situation we need to take care of our diet which includes vegetable juices, fibers, low fat food, green leafy vegetables and regular exercises. Drink more water, it can make the stool softer so that it can easily get out of the body.

    Treatment depends on situation, if you are suffering from constipation for long time you should consult your doctor we may suggest alternative therapies to cleanse the colon. Some cases diet can help to prevent constipation if the problem in early stage.

  • jo021 jo021

    Amy it is a serious concern to think. Yes surely constipation can be treated well before following a doctor. But first you should have to pass the stools which haven’t been passed. Try laxatives which ease the passing of stools. You have to change the diet and lifestyle patterns from now as suggested by many.

  • missemi173 missemi173

    This is a terrible problem. Trust me, I suffered from chronic constipation for most of my life. What saved my life (literally) was this wonderful over-the-counter powder called Mira-lax. I started taking it when it was still a prescription only drug. Now it's widely available. It's flavorless (though it does make water taste kind of funny and thick) and helps you pass a stool by removing extra water from it, therefore shrinking the stool significantly. It also helps you pass it painlessly.

    another option is to drink about eight glasses of apple juice, or a cup of coffee with espresso. caffeine is a natural laxative, and apple juice will change the hard stool to diarrhea.

    • Nicky 22 Nicky 22 missemi173

      Mira-lax or restoralx ( in Canada ) works by drawing water into the bowel there for making soft and easy to pass. It DOES NOT remove excess water from the bowel. If you take the moisture out of the stool it becomes hard and then it hurts to evacuate. If you are going to provide information about medication you need to ensure that you provide the right info. 

      This med has been my life saver as well, I am on a med that causes constipation and I use to push so hard to go to the bathroom. That I would burst blood vessels in my eye lids. For some people if you use this med consistently it can actually retrain your bowels and get you in a regular routine you and you might be able to stop taking it. Good luck all.

  • ZophaiRoberts ZophaiRoberts

    Amy, try to maintain this much of fiber intake levels as I am giving here.

    For Males (19-50 years): 38gm/day

    For Females (19-50 years): 25gm/day

    For Male (51 years and older): 30gm/day

    For Females (51 years and older): 21 mg/day

    Drink minimum 3liters of water.

    Do some regular exercises like jogging, walking, running etc.

    Physical movements are helpful in getting rid of constipation.

    I hope it helps.

    Good Luck.

  • xanmurphy xanmurphy

    As Zophai said, we need to concentrate while consuming fiber foods because excess of fiber also lead to some severe health issues. So we need to take balanced fiber diet with sufficient amount of water.

  • jo021 jo021

    I extremely support the above comments and as said earlier try to use the laxatives like Miralax. It is an over the counter stool softener that can help you in the present situation. Also find yourself with the fiber diet and water as said above. Definitely you can hope to solve the issue. Hope the best.

  • rupali3047 rupali3047

    Hi all. My mother is suffering from the same problem. She is 49 years old, taking a lot of fiber in her diet and drinking a lot of water. We are also trying colon massage since yesterday but still the problem persists. Could you please tell me how frequently she should perform colon massage and when will it show its results??

  • annasummers annasummers Amy176

    Hello Amy!

    I'm not sure how this site works exactly, so I cannot tell how long ago this was posted but anywho, if someone else happens to stumble upon this later on in life, hello to you too and I hope this helps. ^-^

    I literally had this problem about half an hour ago, the squeezing one that is. Still constipated hehe.

    I drank lots of orange juice (with bits in it) and my father told me to eat liquorice even though I hate the taste. I had been trying the toilet 4 times this day, and finally had some luck at 9:51 at night. Whew!

    There is a position I had tried the whole day, laying with your butt in the air and chest down on your bed, you should be able to pass very easy gas that way with no problem at all. I promise you, it will help later on if it doesn't help right away.

    Last but not least, gather up some courage! You need courage to take the next leap, and endure the pain. You do not, and I repeat do not, want to go to the hospital, no matter how bad your pain is. Squeeze it out when you're ready and comfortable with the time and place you're at (I recommend not leaving the house LOL).

    After I got rid of it (honestly, I feel so much better now) run yourself a nice warm bath and soak in it for a while. The water will not take all the pain away but it does put a damper on it. No matter what anyone says it will hurt afterward. That I can promise you. But you'll feel extremely proud of yourself and have a great sense of relief!

    - Anna.

    • abid0007 abid0007 annasummers

      hey Ana, u know what, tht is the perfect position for this kind of a problem.

      I had been dealing with this problem for over 2 years n after going thru a 100 medicines I found the solution right at home!

      All I do now is take about 12-15 okra in a vessel and add water till they are covered and then boil them on low flame till they are soft and all the water is "almost dried" ad the okra is all gooey, and then jus gulp it down with a spoon.

      I do this early morning and before sleeping at night, n trust me, it has woked wonders.

      That slimey stuff acts as a lubricant, like a natural stool softener and the okra itself takes care of the fiber requirement n its completely Natural!!

      Hope this helps, best of luck!!

    • neha87458 neha87458 abid0007

      I am suffering from constipation for last 5 years.i took so many medicine. before few months ago my bowel function is normal .recently i relocated in other country,again constipation problem occurred bleeding also.i am in depression now,i went to hospital ,Dr gave me medicine but still m not get rid off ,in fect now constipation has increased after take i saw ur post it gave me hope and definitely i ll do this today. please pray for me.

    • SuperSop SuperSop neha87458

      I feel your pain. I've been suffering from this issue for several years now due to a work-related spinal injury, long-term pain medication and finally a surgery that no longer gives me the ability to control the passage of my bowel movements.

      The first thing to do if you are suffering at this very moment is to use a glycerin suppository. This will agitate the bowels and increased water retention which softens your stool. After insertion of the suppository it should start working within 15 minutes to 1 hour.

      This does not guarantee that you will fix your problem. If you do not have success within 24 hours the next step is to use a saline enema. In the United States the most common enema is Fleets. This is very easy to use and not painful in the initial process unless you have aggravated hemorrhoids or some type of cut with in the rectum. The tip of the enema has a small amount of lubricant that should help the insertion process. Follow the instructions that come with the product and you should have little to no issues with the insertion and application of the saline solution.

      Now all you have to do is hold your position until your body is screaming at you to run to the toilet. This is usually 2 to 15 minutes. This part might be painful but your body will not give you a choice. That nasty thing is coming out whether you like it or not. Just Hold On Tight, try to relax and breathe. It will be over before you know it and then as others have said, have a nice warm tub ready and waiting and get in and relax. The heat will bring additional blood to the area which will by definition increase circulation. It will also help to soothe any swollen tissue and help the body relax and return to its normal state.

      With regards to Miralax, aka polyethylene glycol 3350 which is an osmotic laxative. This is the slow way to soften your stool however, you should be taking this on a daily basis if you are having chronic issues with constipation. I add it to my coffee everyday. There is zero change in the taste or consistency of my favorite beverage of the day.

      As I said this is the slow way. It should produce a bowel movement in 1 to 3 days. As my specialist told me, you can't overdose on Miralax. He told me to use this three times a day for the first two days until I produce a nice soft bowel movement with the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Once you have achieved a movement that looks like soft serve ice cream you then reduce the amount of Miralax you take per day.

      Reduce your dosage by 1 per day until you can tell your stool is getting slightly firm (which is usually one dose per day) then maintain that dosage and you should cure yourself of your problems.

      Miralax does not contain any fiber or nutritional value. Therefore, it will not matter if you need to take it one time per day or 5 times per day. I will say this, if you continue to need to use it 5 times a day then you're doing something wrong with your diet and exercise and that should be addressed with your primary care physician or your specialist.

      Most of you will probably have hemorrhoids or some specific type of blockage near the exit point of the rectum. With a softer stool things are probably going to be a little bit messy for a while. Remember not to rub too hard with your tissue paper or wet wipes. You don't want to aggravate that issue anymore than it already is. Just hop in the shower and get a nice hot jet stream from your shower head and fire away at the rear exit point. This will help you maintain a clean bum by blasting away any loose fecal matter without having to use a washcloth.

      Once you're consistently producing a nice soft movement, you'll find that you'll probably have multiple bowel movements each and every day. Just remember not to push and keep things clean.

      I know this was a long read and I apologize but I just hope this will help someone who needs this detailed information. Good luck!

    • jacylyn99 jacylyn99 SuperSop

      Lots of detailed information. I very much needed to know. Are you a doctor yourself? Been there done that, or just very smart? I seriously have questions and don't know who to talk to because my doctor is a bit busy and well I don't think my friends have the answers I would want or believe.

    • SuperSop SuperSop jacylyn99

      Old post but, as stated right if the bat, been there and Still doing that! I don't know if you can direct message on this forum but I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • anitam anitam Amy176

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  • Diana Frances Diana Frances Amy176

    Sounds like you need a Manual removal of the faeces ..or squeeze some clear unscented Shampoo into the Rectum this will help it slide out.. bit like giving birth. If the stools are too large and hard. Drink more water and eat porridge.not all at the same time..

  • lily108 lily108 Amy176

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  • sabalan sabalan Amy176

    Hello Amy, I would like to share my experince to help others, 2 years ago got constipitation problem which is still struggling with time to time, but I can say more or less is under control by doing:

    1. morning start with cold fresh water about 1-1.5 liter

    2. a breakfast mostly with bread with enough fiber, at least 6-8 g fiber/100g bread ( I never eat bread without fiber) + in some cases a cup of coffee, becasue it is helpful to relife constipitation

    3. take a kiwi per day. this fruit is miracle for constipitation,

    4. Then when I go to the toalett  start to massage my upper part of stomach ( under chest)  from right to left. this action stimulate the colon.

    Beside of all these actions I need every 2-3 weeks take a tablet to solve possible constipitation problems, becasue I take some foods which is not good for me.

    hope this can help you!

  • alper8 alper8 Amy176

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  • lawny lawny Amy176

    This happened to me today. I was so panicked I wanted to share what happened to me in hopes I can help and offer advice and/or comfort. My problem was due to eating ALOT of fiber. However, the food was salted (a large bag of dried fruit, peanuts., et). Everything else in my diet or life was "business as usual", so I was really frightened and panicked when I couldn't use the bathroom as usual.

    I definitely "had to go", but to my surprise I couldn't jump over the initial hurdle. The movement, or lack thereof, simply felt too big and was horrendously painful to try to pass.

    Long story short, I was dehydrated. I too considered "do I have to go to the hospital for this?"... but I called a close friend who I remembered had dealt with this issue (the friend was taking pain meds after a surgery -which as many of you know will cause constipation). He asked if I was taking anything, what Id eaten, et et. I hadn't been taking any meds, but he asked me if I was thirsty or felt dehydrated. Indeed I was, as I ate the trail mix/fruit not too long before bed and I hadn't had much water during the night.

    My friend calmed my nerves (which I hope this post does for anyone who may be in a similar situation). My friend advised I drink lots of water, maybe have a cup of coffee, and to walk around the house (all of which help constipation). When I told my friend Id done all of the above he offered the advice "go to the drugstore and buy an enema". After a little convincing I relented. Wow. It worked like a charm for me! It was a saline based enema... it's gross, but it will likely help! Your bowels and intestines are able to stretch (even when we think there's no way they can stretch anymore). Mine had become shrunken or less elastic b/c of dehydration.

    Further reading revealed "milk of magnesia" may prove beneficial. So by taking a dose of milk of magnesia, and doing the unthinkable via giving myself an enema -about five minutes after the enema I was able to do the unthinkable (and pass an anomaly of a BM).

    Don't panic... drink water, maybe take Milk of Magnesia (which will work w/o the enema given enough time), and if you have the ability to go buy an enema -don't hesitate b/c I assure you it will help!

    Don't panic (well, Im sure there are instances where medical help is the best option)... but if you feel like you're doomed and the pain is too much to pass a stubborn stool, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and try MofM or an enema. You'll be so relieved afterwards you'll want to run a marathon!

    Have a good day, and good luck! Stay hydrated.

    • tom512836 tom512836 lawny

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  • Jordan Jaden Jordan Jaden Amy176

    Please HELP!

    I am a 54 year old slender woman who eats lots and lots of fiber, fruits and veggies and basically a really healthy diet but I have not had a bowel movement in 10 or 11 days!! I don't feel any different but because of the length of time, I am dying to go!! The last time I went (10/11 days ago) I had not gone in about 9 or 10 days and BOY, did I go a lot! Beyond A LOT!!

    What is wrong with me!?!?!!

    • diane85812 diane85812 Jordan Jaden

      I am writing this about a l year later.   My mother didnt go for about 2 weeks.  Ended up she had diverticulitis, doctor gave antibiotic then switched them,  She almost ended up with a bag.  Doctor did surgery,  not  good good,  botched!   She was in alot of pain.  She was told she was not a good candidate for more surgery.  Her life was unbearable for years.  The stuff she had to take to keep things moving, gave her painful diahrea.  Finally for some reason she was to get another surgery, even though she had tacky-brady heart condition.  This time she went to a specialist,  which I suggest anyone do in the first place.  She liked and trusted her doctor, but that was a huge mistake!!

      So I would say 10 or 11 days or 2 weeks could be  dangerous thing , so dont wait that long to go to the bathroom or possible see a doctor.

  • curie23 curie23 Amy176

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