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Constipated - Cant pass Stool

Ive not suffered from any constipation for years, but all of a sudden a couple of days ago it just came out of nowhere, I have a large stool that wont come out, it feels like its too big and hurts too much when I try to go to the toilet. Does anyone have any tips I can try before going to the doctor? I am making sure to eat plenty of fruit, oranges etc. and also drink lots of water.

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  • Hello Amy, First of all try to add some more fibers to your diet and drink plenty of water. When a person is going with healthy fiber diet, he/she has to drink plenty of water else fiber worsen your constipation.

    You may attend with colon massage; it's very helpful in getting rid of constipation. You can google it else you may go through youtube with the term "colon massage" to know the process of this massage.

  • Dear Amy. It’s much said to hear that you constipated I would suggest you before going to doctor try to consume 30-35 grams of fiber surely it will helpful you for your bowel movements. And If possible go for morning walk or else join in gym physical exercise probably helps you for free bowel movement. You can find some good videos in YouTube for colon message try it before consulting a doctor. I hope it would helpful for you. Good luck. You are in my Pray.

  • Constipation occurs when bowel moments are abnormal or less frequent. The normal length between bowel moments varies from person to person, some people have three times a day and some have only one or two times a day. Three or four days without bowel moment is too long and after three or four days stool become harder and difficult to flush out. Constipation occurs at any age and most likely adults (above 40) have this problem.

    To overcome this situation we need to take care of our diet which includes vegetable juices, fibers, low fat food, green leafy vegetables and regular exercises. Drink more water, it can make the stool softer so that it can easily get out of the body.

    Treatment depends on situation, if you are suffering from constipation for long time you should consult your doctor we may suggest alternative therapies to cleanse the colon. Some cases diet can help to prevent constipation if the problem in early stage.

  • Amy it is a serious concern to think. Yes surely constipation can be treated well before following a doctor. But first you should have to pass the stools which haven’t been passed. Try laxatives which ease the passing of stools. You have to change the diet and lifestyle patterns from now as suggested by many.

  • This is a terrible problem. Trust me, I suffered from chronic constipation for most of my life. What saved my life (literally) was this wonderful over-the-counter powder called Mira-lax. I started taking it when it was still a prescription only drug. Now it's widely available. It's flavorless (though it does make water taste kind of funny and thick) and helps you pass a stool by removing extra water from it, therefore shrinking the stool significantly. It also helps you pass it painlessly.

    another option is to drink about eight glasses of apple juice, or a cup of coffee with espresso. caffeine is a natural laxative, and apple juice will change the hard stool to diarrhea.

    • missemi173

      Mira-lax or restoralx ( in Canada ) works by drawing water into the bowel there for making soft and easy to pass. It DOES NOT remove excess water from the bowel. If you take the moisture out of the stool it becomes hard and then it hurts to evacuate. If you are going to provide information about medication you need to ensure that you provide the right info. 

      This med has been my life saver as well, I am on a med that causes constipation and I use to push so hard to go to the bathroom. That I would burst blood vessels in my eye lids. For some people if you use this med consistently it can actually retrain your bowels and get you in a regular routine you and you might be able to stop taking it. Good luck all.

  • Amy, try to maintain this much of fiber intake levels as I am giving here.

    For Males (19-50 years): 38gm/day

    For Females (19-50 years): 25gm/day

    For Male (51 years and older): 30gm/day

    For Females (51 years and older): 21 mg/day

    Drink minimum 3liters of water.

    Do some regular exercises like jogging, walking, running etc.

    Physical movements are helpful in getting rid of constipation.

    I hope it helps.

    Good Luck.

  • As Zophai said, we need to concentrate while consuming fiber foods because excess of fiber also lead to some severe health issues. So we need to take balanced fiber diet with sufficient amount of water.

  • I extremely support the above comments and as said earlier try to use the laxatives like Miralax. It is an over the counter stool softener that can help you in the present situation. Also find yourself with the fiber diet and water as said above. Definitely you can hope to solve the issue. Hope the best.

  • Hi all. My mother is suffering from the same problem. She is 49 years old, taking a lot of fiber in her diet and drinking a lot of water. We are also trying colon massage since yesterday but still the problem persists. Could you please tell me how frequently she should perform colon massage and when will it show its results??


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