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Constipated for 7 weeks and at my wits end

Hello Everyone,

I am a 28 year old woman who suddenly out of the blue became constipated. I have never suffered constipation before and have not recently changed my diet, lifestyle or taken medication that may cause this.

Around eight weeks ago i noticed my bowel movement had changed to animal droppings so after seeking advice from friends i tried senokot and prunes. Nothing much happened apart from constant lower left abdominal pain and lower back pain. Then i stopped having bowel movements completely.

So i went to the doctors who in the beginning gave me Laxido, told me i would only need a few sachets and sent me on my way.

When that didnt work he kept increasing the dose till i was on 8 sachets a day. That is when the sickness started and i just couldnt keep the sachets down. I had really bad trapped wind pains and couldnt pass wind apart from burping and this horrible pain in my chest. I had a blood test and everything came back fine.

Since then i have been back and forth to the doctors, whilst he tries me for a few days/weeks on this laxative and then that laxative. The whole time i have this constant pain in my left lower abdominal that travels to my left side and back and constant lower back pain.

So far the doctor has tried laxido(up to 8 sachets a day), movical (6-8 sachets a day), micralax micro enemas( 2 a day), fybogel (6 a day), fybogel mebeverine (6 a day) and bisacodyl (advised to take up to 4 a night but the pain is so bad i crawl to the bathroom after 2)

Finally on the 20th Feb the doctor sent me for a xray that confirmed that i had fetal impaction of the colon. The doctor assured me that all pain was from this and the increase in urination and frequency was because my bowel was squashing my bladder.This was when he told me to take six fybogel a day and up to 4 bisacodyl.

Now i am getting to the stage where i cant take the pain anymore, my lower back pain spread to the middle of my back and then i need to wee urgently. I have nearly had two accidents where i nearly didnt make it to the bathroom in time. The lower left abdominal pain is a constant nagging pain that just doesnt seem to go. This becomes unbearable with the bisacodyl as then spreads to my right side lower abdominal as well and i find it really hard to straighten myself up or walk until i have a bowel movement which can last 15-20 minutes.

I just don't know what to do anymore as when i went back to the doctors and told him all of the above he just repeated that the pain in my left side is my colon contracting and that my bowel is squashing my bladder.

I just feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall!!!

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  • Benny Blanco Benny Blanco

    You could talk to your GP about the possible benefits of using a product called Kleen Prep or alternatively you could discuss the nuclear option,, a laxative called Picolax in combination with Fleet Enemas smile

  • Jeepers Jeepers

    Hi. Did you know you can buy over the counter "stool softener" from the chemist / pharmacist? I am surprised if your doc has not mentioned this. I have a relative who suffers from ongoing constipation and it helps her enormously.

    If nothing else it should be easier to have a bowel movement.

  • allornothing allornothing

    I went for a second opinion yesterday, mainly because of the bladder problems i am having. It is bad enough having no control over bowel movements but then urgently needed to empty you bladder 24/7 is really beginning to frustrate me.

    I feel they have turned me into an 90 year old woman.

    The doctor took me off the bisacodyl and has put me on macrogol for four days, gave me more mebeverine tablets and told me to take peppermint oil tablets. I have to go back on monday, so fingers crossed.

  • Benny Blanco Benny Blanco

    Immediately before this current botty condition struck were you suffering from any other Abdominal aches, pains or niggles? Stitch pain (like from running) or chronic heartburn / indigestion etc? smile I suppose everyone has to start somewhere when they may have IBS but from what you describe it's come on quite abruptly / quickly / out of the blue as it were rolleyes Oh well I guess it's different strokes for different folks smile

  • NE NE

    I was hopeless and then I tried probiotics something called DDS-1

    Had never thought it worked but I did have my soft stool and the bowel did move finally. The brand is inno-vite.

    Good Luck

  • Scarysair Scarysair

    I have suffered withchronic constipation my entire life & have had several bouts of faecal impaction. I have also required a manual ecac, under general anesthetic. & been desperate enough to carry out several personal attempts.

    I am now disabled following. a disastrous. hysterectomy. & now also need to self Catheter, in order to pass urine.

    I am currently suffering from a severe bout of impaction & in tears with the pain & desperation. Over the years, I have taken so many different medical preparations & home remedies. Even Picolax fails to 'shift' things. I am considering the prospect of yet another DIY attempt this evening.

    when my bowel does decide to co-operate, I have to deposit the waste into fragranced sanitary disposal bags as the plumbing system just cannot cope with it. I spent a lot of time in hospital with UTI's following my surgery & it can be very embarrassing if I block the toilets on the ward - especially if I'm unfortunate enough to be in a shared bay!

    I am on high doses of Morphine & as any fellow sufferer will be aware, this just adds to the chaos.

    I am (ashamedly) posting on this site for several reasons. Any advice would be most welcome, but I'm also tired of feeling alone with this condition.

    today is my 22 day without a bowel movement & although that may seem shocking, it isn't the longest period of 'no go' I've had!

    Apologies if this post contains errors, I'm trying to post from my mobile without anyone seeing what I'm doing.

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