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As much as I have read about this procdure, I feel somewhat prepared going into my concult visit with the Dr.

I am wondering if there were any questions/discussions anyone feels they shoudl have asked BEFORE the procedure?

I want to be sure I discuss every point I can with the Dr.


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    Run a mile. I'd not advise having it. 10 percent get long term pain and there is no cure. Wish I had been told that.

    Going in for operation 2 and 3 to try and alleviate the pain. Had I not been with my current employer I would be out of a job. I've lost 3 months sick. I'm also now on Testosterone replacement. I'm not able to sue as you sign a disclaimer.

    The op is simple but the ongoing complications can be life changing.

    Never again. Good luck.

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      Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I am sorry to hear that they have been awful for you.  I hope at some point soon you are able to get some relief and comfort, and can start living a "normal" life soon.

      Sadly, running away from this is not an option for me. :-)  

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      I'd show your missus the posts. I'm also on mind bending drugs, now sleep on the settee because of twitching caused by these drugs and am impotent due to the surgery so have to have testosterone injections every two weeks for life.

      Oh and the pain meds interfere with errections and make ejaculation near on impossible.

      We don't have much of a sex life now.

      Don't get forced into it. If it goes wrong it will be life changing.

      I won't ever be right again. I can only hope for less pain so I can manage without these drugs and just use normal stuff like codeine and Tramadol (I kid you not).

      I bet the doc won't say much about PVPS. I asked about it and was lied too.

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      The operations I've had is an epdidymectomy where your plumb is pulled out and the plumbing cut off, didn't alleviate the pain. The next two are incisions in my groin, spermatic cord pulled out and the nerves stripped away (micro surgery). I have even asked my Urologist to cut my balls off. Apparently that won't stop the pain.

      Get PVPS and you are screwed.

      Condoms work well.

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    I take it you have read up on risk from Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome?

    If not do not rely on Dr to inform you of all risks associated and severity of pain & complications post vasectomy.

    Just make sure you read up well as your sexual function is at risk

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    Hadn't seen Ouchy's posts...he is 100% right in what he says, I know because sadly I'm in the same position and am still in agony even after corrective surgery.

    Risk is up to top end of 33%-43% - that is on hell of a gamble to throw your sex life away on...and trust me you do lose your sex life either to some degree or i my case entirely near enough.

    If you want daily excrutiating pain, pain on erection, agony on ejaculation and high levels of (upto) opiate level meds then yes a vasectomy is an option.

    I've been on morphine for 3 years, so have also got to deal with the issues of that long term as well as daily agony.

    You say you have no option...condoms are a pain but work well. Latex free can be sought for those allergic.

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    Reading this i should consider myself lucky. 

    I to had a vasectomy somewhere around 2010. I was presured in to it by a selfish ex partner.

    i suffers pain from day one, got better after 3 months then was back to constant pain from about 6 months.

    once done, the clinic does not want to know you. They have made their money thank you very much! You are sent to your GP.

    the NHS is next to useless unless you are dying. After 18 months of cockups and trying to hide the pain (ex had cancer hence could not use coil/the pill) i decided to go for a private reversal before the NHS started to cut more of me away. Luckily for me that worked, but cost several grand and again took a long time to heal.

    i now will never have any surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.

    p.s. Ex was a doctor. She has now left me to persue a lesbian relationship. Was my pain and moods a contributing factor? I dont know.

    if you go through with it then be prepared to loose everything and have a large solicitors bill for the divorce!

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    Don't forget men only have two contraception options. Condoms or surgery. Not much of a choice. The surgery is simple but your GP will not tell you the complications. Three GPs lied to me and apparently the NHS thinks that's OK. One practice now just gives out a booklet that explains long term chronic pain is 10 percent.

    Anyone knows what long term chronic pain is. Oh yes it's like having an elephant stamp on your testes 24-7.

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    Hi corey, the best thing to tell your vasectomy doctor is that you are not having the snip!!! Just save yourself a lot of trouble, unlike condoms, pills, caps and the rest with the snip you can`t go back, unless you are very lucky and do`nt get any of the many problems, you are lumbered for life with very constant pain. Why not double up with contraceptives if getting pregnant is a problem? Even the snip is not 100% but doubling up can be at least as effective.Type in "vasectomy pains" on the net and you will soon learn that an awful lot of men are not happy at being conned by this so called "nothing", oh and have they told you about that awfull feeling of your testicles being severed and hanging like two cricket balls in a tesco bag!! I could go on and on but that procedure was the worst decision of my life. Good look with whatever you do.
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      Ah, forgot about the cricket balls. The Vas is a muscle and forms a structural part of the spermatic cord. Chopping it leaves you balls suspended by blood vessels, nerves and the tissue wall of the cord, and not the vas.

      I can't wear cotton boxer shorts. I have to wear tight running underwear to hold my bits up or the pain is worse.

      Forgot to add we hardly ever sleep in the same bed. I end up on the settee as I'm fidgeting in pain or twitching on the nerve drugs. I'm out of the house 11 hours a day and trying to hold down a job with no sleep.

      I know this isn't what you want to hear, but 10 percent with problems is too high a risk. My pain specialist said he has seen PVPS end in marriage break up or suicide. There was a guy in the states who went and shot the guy who did his snip, then killed himself. That was in the last year.

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    Did you go through with consult and have vasectomy?

    I had an epidydectomy in Sept to try and ease pain. It failed to do so and has made things worse. Not only is original pain still there, it is worse at times and there are new pain areas as well.

    I'm now about out of options, in a lot of pain, with job under threat. My heart is screaming not to consider an orchiectomy but my head is thinking it has to be an option soon as this amount of constant pain is totally doing me in.

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      I am sorry you have had the issues you've had post vacestomy.  I really hope you can find some comfort and relief soon.

      As for me, I did go through with both the consult and eventually the vasectomy.  I had it done on 10/16, so I am 10 days post.  All I can say is thank GOD that is a one time procedure.  Everyone that said "it's not too bad" LIED!!!  Lol.  Now fingers crossed there are no long term complications.

      Again, PVP, I truly hope you can find an option that works and you can lead a pain free, comfortable life.  I cannot even imagine having the complications you have had.  

      Best wishes to you and your "family jewels"!


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    So I wanted to follow up since I decided to go through with the procedure.

    I had my bilateral no-scapel vasectomy done on 10/16/15, so I am 10 days post op.

    The day of I was a wreck, nervous and incredibly anxious.  I took two valiums exactly two hours before, and they did nothing to calm me down.

    When I arrived at the doctors, I was brought into a room and asked to strip from the waste down, which I did.  I laid on the table and waited for the doc.  After about 5 minutes, both the doc and his nurse came in.  They could tell I was a mess, and were very patient and calm in their approach and demeanor.  He explained what he was going to do before he started, and let me know he will go at the pace I felt comfortable with.

    He started with the left side first, and let me tell everyone who says the needle is like a sting, you are liars!!!  A needle to your ball sack is not like a needle to any other part of your body.  It f#$king hurts.  They have to apply a good amount so you are sufficiently numb, and aftet 10-15 seconds you are, but for that short time it is the most uncomfortable and agonizing experience I think a man can go through.  Once numb, he began.  I read a lot about a tugging or pulling feeling in your lower stomach, and although I felt a little, it was not uncomfortable or awful to tolerate.  The left side was done in 5 minute.

    He moved on to the right, and the needle to that side was 100 times worse.  In fact, I had to get stuck extra due to my anxiety.  If he had started with this side first, I would have stood up and walked out.  This side took about 30 seconds to numb.  He did what he needed to do and then was done.  

    Overall I was in the office for 30 minutes from start to finish, and only took me that long due to how nervous I was.

    So, if you are considering it, look at the procedure in three separate phases.

    1 - Needle stage.  This f#$king sucks, no way around.  The saving graces are they use small needles and it is over in 10 seconds per side.  It is NOT like a needle at the dentist or any other needle.  But, this is the WORST part of the entire procdeure.

    2 - The procedure itself.  THis is not bad at all.  You feel someone working on you junk, but, you feel no pain or discomfort.  Everything the doctor needs to do in this protion is very tolerable.

    3 - Recovery.  TAKE YOUR TIME AND DON'T PUSH IT!!!  FOr two days, I iced, sat on the couch, took ibuprofen and did NOTHING!!!.  My incisions each had one stich, which both fell out within 10 days.  The sites are healing up nicely.  THe bruising I had was alarming, but normal and only alarming due to the area.  Seeing a purple nut sack is something that you can never get used to.

    I am a wimp, so for me, getting the needles were the worst part.  I am very grateful I will never have to go through this again.

    There is nothing anyone can say to ease the nerves or anxiety with this.  Nothing anyone said to me, whether my friends that had it done or reading in these forums, calmed me down or put me at ease, but it is something that will pass and everntually be in the rear view mirror.

    Good luck to anyone that decides to take this HUGE event in a man's life.


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