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  • kandhan25031976 1

    Family planning re-operation

    I have two kids and did the operation (family planning) on 2006. now i want to re-operation is it possible. Now my age 40 years, If i do this operation is it possible to make baby. Please give full details.  Thanks.

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  • Archon 1

    Intensified orgasms

    Hi, I have read of negatives regarding orgasms after a vas. I had mine done on Dec 10th 2016 and dared to see how things were just after a week. All was well. No pain or blood which was a result. I have noticed that my orgasms are much more intense than before. Is this normal? I'm not complaining,...

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  • Nick Green 2

    Vasectomy Reversal

    Hello Everyone. I'm 30 years old. I had a vasectomy done 1 year ago. Since I had the vasectomy operation I'm having an significant chronic pain on a daily basis. Testicular ache and a sharp burning pain radiating up to my abdomen. it's a very unpleasant feeling constantly. I'm so afraid that I have...

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  • syberk1d 2
  • jcrowley 2

    Lower abdomen/groin pain

    Hey guys, I posted a few months ago about same issue but its worsened. Seen my internist a few times and 2 separate urologists. blood work and urine tests normal. Also a normal CT. VERY hard to describe. So hard that the first month or so, I thought it might just be All in my mind. Mainly concentrated...

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  • michael33570 1

    Bleeding 5 weeks after vasectomy

    hi i had a non scalpel vasectomy almost 5 weeks ago. No problems really until about 3 and a half weeks in after masturbation I noticed a brown/black stringy looking thing inmy ejaculate. This happened for a few occasions afterwards but now 5 weeks in there are obvious brown streaks that look like old...

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  • Uksnippee 2

    Pressure pain after vasectomy

    Hi, I had a non-scalpel vasectomy 9 days ago. For the first 2 days the pain was minimal, by the morning of the third I felt almost 100% so I joined my family at a birthday party. Upon arriving I found standing was painful, so I returned home to lay down again. A week on and I have lumps behind my testicles...

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  • ianpain 1

    Help i need a great PVPS surgeon

    I have been lurking and reading the stories on this PVPS board until i can relate to it so much that the pain starts coming back so much that i have to take a break for a few days. But believe me i can relate to alot of you guys. I have been in pain and hooked on narcotics in some form or another since...

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  • darren 18591 1

    Possible Vasectomy failure

    So had a vasectomy about 8 weeks ago all went smoothly, but I'm worried both vas defrens have reattached when I have examined myself and both tubes have these small lumps on them, I'm guessing that's where the cut was made, but they still feel joined together as u can't feel no ends on either of them...

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  • jon1970 2

    Post Vasectomy Pain - need help

    Hi there.  I had a Vasectomy back in 2010 and had a Vasectomy Reversal in 2012.  My pain was extreme from 2010-2012 and relieved about 50% after the Reversal.  I have extreme pain on my left testicle after any kind of sexual activity and random pain throughout the day some days unbearable.  In the past...

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  • ShelB81 1

    Husband's Vasectomy Pain

    My husband had a vascetmony on Wednesday. Obviously a lot of bruising. He has told me the pain/discomfort is coming from the area above his penis, and he is in pain when bending. He is still walking like John Wayne! He has also mentioned that his urge to urninate is much more frequent since the procedure?...

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  • Rhino1 1

    Vasectomy aftercare

    I had a vasectomy 3.5 days ago, all seemed good untill this morning, when I was in extra pain, then by tonight both testicle seemed to have swollen up by what I would say a lot. I had no swelling before, is this normall?

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  • pablogroco 1

    Swollen left testicle

    Had the op a week ago now all good until 3 days after when my left testicle started to swell. By Monday it was three times the size of my right. Visit to Gp and told hematoma given antibiotics and off I went. Next couple of days it increased again size as did the pain. Another GP and trip up the hospital...

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  • bayoubilly 1

    Trouble finding vans deferens during vasectomy

    Had my vasectomy 5 weeks ago. One more week and I'll find out if I'm clear. What troubles me is the doctor couldn't get to the right side vans deferens. That testicle has had quite a bit of atrophy and he thinks it may be useless anyway. Have any of you guys had a vasectomy where the doctor couldn't...

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  • jcrowley 2

    Same ole concern

    Hey guys. Same issue as you've heard a thousand times. I've read countless postings about post vasectomy issues but I figure each case is unique. I'm stressed as hell because I had my vasectomy 5+ months ago. Uneventful and I've felt fine up until about 7 days ago. Pulling and pinching pain and discomfort...

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  • cobra48506 1

    Lumps on both sides

    Had a vasectomy last Wednesday. It's been ten days and I now have marble sized lumps on the top side of both testicles. Sore but nothing a bit of ibuprofen can't handle. Just wondering if these are the vas ends?

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  • 62661 2


    The best advise to anyone thinking about the snip is to NOT have it. The nhs website now say a 10 % chance of long term pain, this could well be higher as they have kept increasing the side effects over time. When I had it done they said it was nothing, but PVPS gradually set in. I just feel sorry for...

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  • shaun08542 2

    Post vasectomy pain after 2 months

    Hi I had vasectomy on 22 Aug 16. I'm not sure if it was a non scalpel technique or not, but I suspect not as my surgeon seemed a little 'old school'. I was badly bruised on my left side for a week or two after the Op and got an infection at the incision site on the RHS, which cleared up with antibiotics....

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  • ben9577 1

    New Vasectomy many questions

    I just had a vasectomy on tuesday. No major pain but my left testiclalone is a little tender. I imagine he did a conventional. I saw three suture sites. Any advice?

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  • Kouka120 2

    Vas reattatched on its own

    I got a vasectomy on Sept 2016 and I come to find out after taking two seman test in January that I still have viable sperm.  Spoke with my urologist and he said that my tubes must have reconnected.  Doctor said that he can do the procedure again if I wanted too.  Now going through this procedure once...

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  • john01209 1

    Post vasectomy infection

    So, I am eight days out from a scalpel vasectomy.  Over the last few days I have noticed a painful knot and swelling near the point of incision; perhaps in the upper part of the vas deferens.  Is this normal or something to be concerned about?  I've read all of the literature that was afforded me, but...

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  • allenkjames 1

    Had mine 8 hours ago

    Hi Guys After a aprehensive morning and a very stressful day I thought I would share my experience with you. The operation was uncomfortable mainly as Im squeemish anyway and its my man bits afterall. They are our crown jewels and I allowed them to be attacked with needles and scalpal. The main fear...

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  • Nightingale18 2


    Hi, I'm booked to have my no scalpel vasectomy Tuesday. Looking forward to getting it done and over with. Just one thing I'm really embarrassed as I'm small down stairs. Has any others had it done and not very big? Just wondered if they reassure you? Thanks

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  • ChrisUK79 1

    A bit of Positive Feedback

    Just to share an experiance. I had a Vesectomy in August and was very nervous about the procedure before hand. I was worried about the pain level, would everything work... the recovery, reading the horror stories on the wed. So I'll just to share that how it went. Applied Emla cream around two hours...

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  • Guest M


    I have blood in my semen, and I am seriously bruised

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  • Nightingale18 2

    Size of penis

    really want a vasectomy but am so worried about the size of it, and f you know what I mean.  Any help, stories or reassurance. Thanks.

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  • brad73 2

    Had Vasectomy 1 yr ago - still suffering side effects

    Am planning on making a Dr appointment after the holidays but wanted to check in and get some feedback from others to see if anyone has had any similar situations or remedies. I had the scalpel vasectomy done 1 yr ago. Initially no major complications. Like most the typical soreness that accompanied...

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  • joel63521 3

    Any men have post Vasectomy trouble ?

    I have an appointment scheduled for next month in September for a vasectomy. I have no doubt I want one in terms I do not want any more children. I have two sons in Denver Colorado diagnosed with autism and a healthy baby girl in Miami FL while I live in California. No doubt I don't need to risk having...

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  • jaydogg 2

    I want to do vasectomy but fear it will hurt

    Hello I been searching about people got their vasectomy done and if there was any problem years after that some people said they get chronic pain So if anyone can tell me how it was Befor and after years that it was done thanks

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  • matt37064 1

    Funky smell

    Hey guys I had a no scalpel vasectomy a week ago and while pain etc was ok the incision is weeping and it's giving a bit of a strange funky smell! Is this right?

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  • Stone Balls 1

    Pain in right side of scrotum

    It has been about 7 years after my vasectomy and about 2 years ago i started to have pain on my right side. Went to Dr and not much was said as to what was causing it. To summaries, I wish I had researched side affects with vasector first. I never would have done it if I could go back. I have my scrotum...

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  • Nightingale18 2


    Hi, I'm booked to have my no scalpel vasectomy Tuesday. Looking forward to getting it done and over with. Just one thing I'm really embarrassed as I'm small down stairs. Has any others had it done and not very big? Just wondered if they reassure you? Thanks

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  • james87533 2

    Post op prorblems or not

    Hi... just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is normal or not after the op... after op resyed for three days.. rigjt tube and up into my stomach reamimed painful.... went back to work after 1 week off in total... pain on right tube and stonach remains... after nearly 2 weeks pain still ther on...

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  • kenneth14622 1

    Long term post vasectomy complications

    Had a surgical vasectomy nearly 5 years ago where the tubes were cut and burned or sewn not sure how they closed the tubes. Anyway every now and then during intercourse there is this sharp pain in right testicle that feels as if the pain is climbing up towards my stomach. The pain is severe enough to...

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  • stevie67810 2

    are there any good things after vesectomy

    I've just had my vesectomy done today and I was trying to read about the pain and how to relieve it a little and all I've gotten was these sad long stories now I'm worried that I made the wrong decision are there any good post vesectomy story's out there?

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