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Hi there.  I had a Vasectomy back in 2010 and had a Vasectomy Reversal in 2012.  My pain was extreme from 2010-2012 and relieved about 50% after the Reversal.  I have extreme pain on my left testicle after any kind of sexual activity and random pain throughout the day some days unbearable.  In the past I had radiating pain on my left leg and buttox but that was prior to the reversal.   Its just on my left side, not my right.

I take anti biotics once in a while from my doctor, but it doesnt seem to help.  I have pain in my upper epiditimus as well as pain in my testicle.  Feels like its being squeezed.    I honestly feel like this Vasectomy has stolen my life from me.   Please help.  Thanks. Jon

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    I am in the same situation, but did not have a reversal. Went for an epididymectomy on the worse side, but it's only helped slightly.

    same issues, pain in left shooting into my buttock and leg.  To top it all off, with the badly done vasectomy, I now have very low testosterone, so getting frisky isn't on the cards. Now got a long battle to get replacement therapy.

    i can't help on the pain, I have tried everything. Recently had pain killing injection, but it's helped a little, but not with the general pain.

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    Hi Jon, what kind of vasectomy did you have? Was it open or closed ended? And did they make an incision or did they use the no-scalpel method? 
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    Close-ended / Incision.

    Nothing but pain from then on.   I asked my doctor specifically 'whats the worst thing that can happen?' he said granules and some discomfort.    There needs to be more information out ther for PVP and other vasectomy related problems.

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      Wow "some discomfort", what an understatement! Yes there really should be a policy for being clear about the risks, there seem to be a lot of men out there with a lot more than  "some discomfort".

      I also think they should educate men about all the available options - an open-ended and 'no scalpel' vasectomy performed with care and experience can drastically reduce the chances of complications. 

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      Exact same thing here! Incision close ended and told minor discomfort for a few days and maybe thick discharge at first. Had mine almost 2 years ago and after sexual activity sever pain in right testicle going into my abdomen. Tried explaining it to my wife as to why I'm not as interested in "fooling around" and she thinks that I'm not interested because I'm seeing another woman, which I'm not. Any help is greatly appreciated

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      It's a known condition called PVPS. Had it 4.5 years and tried surgery, injections into my nuts and pain meds. Unfortunately the GP made a mess and I'm on testosterone replacement as well.

      There is no cure and I would show your wife this thread. We hardly ever have sex as well due to pain and intermittent ED issues, either struggle to stand to attention or cant maintain it. My GP and endocrinologist isnt bothered about the ED.

      My Urologist and pain consultant have done all they can. Stay away from more surgery as it will make things worse. The Vas is surrounded by nerves and blood vessels and are often damaged leading to pain.

      At least 1 in 10 men get permanent pain. Both mine hurt but the left is worse following additional surgery. And to top it off testosterone replacement causes bollock shrinkage. But low testosterone will make you feel shocking as it's an essential hormone.

      Show your wife this thread. Worse decision we made was getting the snip. Sorry this isn't good news.

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    Im not a doctor but a victim here.  Im planning on set up a website dedicated to this in the upcoming weeks/month.  Just for some PVP information and maybe a forum.     I am also curious for those of you who have this problem, what do you do to cope with the pain? 

    For me, I have to have good sleep (which isnt often), take 2 ibuprofen before work. 2 ibuprofen when I get back.  Also if the pain is extreme, I either take a hot bath or place ice on my left side.  

    Before the reversal, I had daily headaches, leg and back pain as well as a dull and relentless pain in my groin.

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      They must think it's an infection to be prescribing antibiotics, but I thought infections were only likely post-surgery, not years later.

      It's my understanding that the most common cause of PVPS is congestive epidimitis - backwards pressure caused by a closed-ended vasectomy. Conversion to open-ended is the simple way to relieve it, vasectomy reversal is much more difficult but can also relieve the pressure.

      I wonder if your reversal has properly opened up both vas deferens, or whether it's possible that there's still some blockage that could be relieved by an open ended vasectomy? I suppose a fertility test would confirm that at least one side is open but would not confirm about both. 

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    Ditto jon1970 - life has been stolen.

    Dr's will prescribe anitbiotics as it is a cheap drug, not only that most GP's are ignorant of PVPS - some even deny there is actually a syndrome still.

    In the weeks & months after the vasectomy they prescribed ever increasing strength anti biotics - the Dr was convinced it was an infection. In all that period I was in total agony and he would simply say take brufen. Idiot! I asked for a urine test to aid ID infection (common sense step really) but he didn't do this - when I nigh on collapsed in our local shopping mall we went to the walk in centre...1st thing they did was a urine infection!

    I think it was about 8 weeks the knowledgeable medical profession prescribed unnecessary anti biotics for an infection that didn't exist - all because he was loathe to diagnose PVP.

    Various drug combo's thrown at me - each with nasty side effects and each not controlling the pain effectively which led to months off work. In fact the pain is so bad today I am off work yet again!

    I'm currently on Zomorph 120mg a day with 40ml Oramorph as PRN top ups. The problem with the Oramorph is whilst it does help pain slightly (or at least put me in a state where I don't care too much about he pain) it makes me nauseous as hell and emans I cannopt go to work with it my system.

    I've recently had pulsed radio therapy and that worked....for two weeks. I must confess it was a blissful two weeks as it totally knocked the pain out of the ball park. For the 1st time in over 18 months I was pain free. Sadly it, the pain, has come back with a vengeance.

    About 12 months ago I asked for a referral back to consultant who had diagnosed bi lateral post vasectomy pain and initially the surgery was supportive but before the GP wrote the ltter she left the surgery. The replacement Dr was of the view it is pointless goinf ro surgery as the damage has been done and the best we can do is try to control the pain.

    In trying to control the pain they changed the meds and this resulted in more side effects, increases in pain and more time off work. I eventually got a letter from the consultant stating a reversal gave a 70% of reducing the pain - with this letter in frontof them the surgery then referred me back to the consultant.

    On 29th July I went to the hospital to see the consultant and he gave a very thorough and a very a very painful examination. He agreed after 18 months of hell it was time for surgery to be considered. He intially suggested an epidectomy. I suggested if we did that first then that would totally eliminate the prospect of a revrsal and I wanted to keep as many options open as possible, plus the reversal has a higher percentage rate of reducing pain levels. The reversal also keeps the option of an epidechtomy open and not having to consider orchiectomy for quite a while. He agreed with that train of thought.

    I'm back at the hospital tomorrow to meet the surgeon who will perform the reversal as the consultant on the 29th said he wanted me to see him. No doubt they will try and persuade me again to have epidectomy and no doubt they will high light risks of procedure...hopefully they won't deliberately misinform this time.

    I am in the awkward position though of having had to ask them to ensure I'm at the bottom of any waiting lists. As the pain has been a constant you get kind of used to living with it and coping with it (to greater or lesser degrees) and we have booked our 25th wedding anniversary holiday in Feb 15.

    Given the reversal has a 70% success rate of reducing pain that leaves 30%....within that 30% is a percentage where I'll be exactly the same after other words it will be reversed but pain levels could remain as they are now but there is also a percentage risk that the reversal can increase the level of pain.

    If the level increases I won't be able to travel and we'll lose our 25th anniversary holiday.

    As for stealing a life...

    Erections don't hurt too much any more

    I haven't had sex or masturbated enough yet after 18 months for the all clear test!

    Ejaculation can cause an intense & extreme pain and linger for quite a few days (even in to weeks) so therefore we've learned sex is best avoided. The lingering pain beguns as a dull throb then builds up to croppling white pain then recedes and then keep scoming in waves.

    I've been on high doses of morphine for over 18 months now...coming off it is going to be hell.

    Double vision, nightmares, tremors, headaches, constipation,lack of sex drive, visual disturbances and more from the current medcation.

    Since the vasectomy I have had prostate issues which were never there before, so there is that to contend with as well along with the medication to help control that which in turn has its own side effects.

    We've been married 25years and our sex life has been stolen from us.

    The mental stress from all above is bordering on intolerable

    The mental stress over risk of losing employment through sickness is very high

    Yep life has been stolen by the NHS who told me there was no evidence of long term risk to mens physical or mental health...they sort of neglected to mention the 40yrs+ worth of evidence & research which confirms there is very real risks to both mental and physical health.

    Not once in any NHS literature or site have I seen an honest breakdown of the risks from a vasectomy. If a man was told clearly there is somewhere bewtween a 5% nd 30% chance of losing their sex life, putting huge strain on relationships and employment they would never go for a vasectomy.

    I have learnt a valuable lesson though never trust what a GP tells you, especially if they are a GPwSI - General Practitioner with Special Interests - they are more concerned about getting their fee from the NHS for the procedure of their interest than they are about patient well being....after all if it goes wrong they can make even more fees from you.

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    as for a web site....there is link to a blog within my profile
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    Hello Jon had a noscalpel v.5 days ago and have got increasing pain and pressure in left testicle what do you suggest should I start worrying read about all these problems that may arise, thanks Mark

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      It is still eary days yet, so don't worry yourself over this.

      Don't forget that whilst it may have been no scalpel and a "small" job (so to speak) it is a very delicate area down there and swelling can occur for a few days after. With swelling going on so comes the pain.

      Once swelling begins to go down the pain should die down too.

      If the pain persists after 7 days then I'd see your GP and ask for some good pain relief and by that I mean prescriptionm strength not OTC - within the 2nd week you should notice a reduction in pain. And don't worry either if it does persist beyond 7 days as some peoples body's just take longer to heal.

      Honestly please don't worry yourself over this.

      Don't forget to let us know how you got on



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    so other than the groin pain, headaches, blurred vision,random leg twitches, and DETH DEFYING PAIN AFTER EJACULATION... ARE THERE ANY MAJOR HEALTH RISKS associated with these vasectomy complications?
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