Anybody had vasectomy reversal fix erection issues/erectile dysfunction ???

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Hi im a 30 year old male that had a vasectomy in january 2013 (10 months ago)

I've been having ED (erectile dysfunction) for the last 1-2 months. Sometimes I'm able to attain a weak erection, my penis is noticeably softer than it was before all of the issues I'm having. After orgasm my penis looses girth almost immediately. Furthermore I'm UN able to continue with intercourse even with a rest of 30 or so mins, I have always been able to go multiple rounds of intercourse with my wife without any issues previously. I have always been very sexually active without any issues what so ever. This issue us really causing me to feel low and my wife is concerned for me, which is impacting on her ability to be comfortable during intercourse. I'm considering a vasectomy reversal due to this. My doctor has arranged the usual blood tests, i.e to measure testosterone levels etc. I'm yet to receive the results. I can only maintain an erection through intense physical stimulation. I previously only needed to be visually stimulated, this is very frustrating for me. Furthermore im only able to maintain an erection during vaginal penetration whilst im on top of my wife with my wifes legs are pushed up and back, as this gives me more sensation in my penis.. i struggle to maintain an erection when my wife is on top or if we do it whilst i'm behind her.

Im totally aware that those within the medical field will be totally dismissive of the vasectomy procedure being the culprit for my ED issue. However im a believer that not all people fit into the same category within current research, as we are all unique and no two people are exactly the same. Not all people's bodies will always react in the same way to the same situation. 

Is there a way back from this mess without the use of drugs ??

Last night I failed to have an erection, even through intence visual and physical stimulation. I had consumed alcohol and did feel tipsy, I have always found alcohol enhanced my erections and sexual desire. This was very shocking for me. Due to this I reluctantly took 50mg of a viagra type pill that was prescribed by my doctor. It took well over 1 hour for it to work, I was able to have the best erection I've had I months. I don't want to take drugs to combat this issue, I'm becoming very depressed due to this.

Has anybody out there had this issue resolved by having a vasectomy reversed?? 

I'm concidering having it reversed to hopefully fix my erection issues. Furthermore I feel as if my testicles have atrophied (shrunk in size) somewhat since the vasectomy. If there is scar tissue and atrophied testicles etc or general damage to my genital area could my body heal the the damaged tissues etc through having a reversal??

any information would be greatly appreciated, and many thanks in advance .liam

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    Your situation must be so frustrating to a 30 year old male.

    I do believe you are right, believing that your operation has had an effect upon you, that is now causing you to have ED.  Thirty year old men, just do not develop ED overnight.  There has to be a reason!

    If you are not or have not been taking medication, prior to your operation, and now taking some medications, then I would say check your medications to see if there is one you either are taking now, or have taken since your operation, that can cause ED.  Another possible reason is your surgeon did something physically during the operation to cause you to now be the way your are.  There is yet another reason, which I cannot remember the exact name of a gas within your body, that will cause a male to have ED.

    Personally, I would check with a urologist to go over your medical operation records, to see if he can determine what went wrong.  Let's face it, when you were good to go prior to an operation, and after the operation something happened to cause ED, it either has to be a medication, an increase of the gas I mentioned within the body, or a surgeon messed up!  That's what I see, and I do believe you are thinking along the same line, as the last.

    Hope you do find the reason, and the cause is reverseable for you, for your wife, and for your family.

    Best wishes!

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      Hi ray

      many thanks for your response and kind words. Im glad there is someone else out there that believes this issue is not just a fabrication of my imagination.


      Im not taking any medication, ive only took one 50mg pill that the doctor prescribed me to aid with ED, which was last Saturday. I think the gas your referring to is nitric oxide?


      I'm awaiting some nitric oxide (NO) to be delivered this week, im going to give it a try. I started taking a zinc and copper vitamin over the week end (after my complete floppy episode on saturday) Quite frankly im desperate not to become completely impotent. I did manage to get an erection today, however i really had to stay focussed and my wife had to be very involved in order for it to happen. For me it just is not the same when so much effort is involved in doing something that was once so natural and readily available on demand. I'm starting to feel as if i could develop a phobia of sex due to the amount of effort involved in the whole process now.

      I have a doctors appointment this week, hope to have my blood test results explained. Will request a scan to be arranged and to be referred to a urologist etc if he cannot provide me with support.

      Furthermore Im physically fit, I practice Gymnastics and play ie hockey regularly. Therefore, i believe my testosterone levels would be within normal to high ranges. Weight bearing exercise’s encourage Testosterone levels to increase naturally, yet im still having this dam issue sad

      Again a big thanks for your detailed response.

      take care

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      Thank you as well for resonding to me.  The nitric oxide was the gas I was trying to think.  If you have not been taking medicines, prior to and after your surgery, what medications do you know you were given during the operation?  Rule that out as well!  What type of medicine were you put under with, if you were.  If not put under, what localized medicine were you given just prior to surgery?  Just some of the questions that come to mind.  But, if your blood work shows a very low count of "nitric oxide" within your body, don't think you will have to go further.  And, with your strong showing and performance after you probably took the 50mg tablet, I highly expect you will find a low count in the nitric oxide realm within your body, that the balance of it was upset  during your surgery.  If the count is OK (and you probably shouldn't take any more of the 50mg prior to blood work), you have ruled that possibility out.  That is of course the way doctors get to the bottom line of any issue.  Rule in or rule out certain possibilities.

      You did say something interesting, which relates to "performance anxiety".  You really should get a mental and emotional handle on this snake in the grass, because you are right.  It can bite you in the butt should you continue to hold it in the forefront of your mind.  Learn to go with the flow, and allow nature to takes it's course.  Possibly in time with the right frame of mind, things will get better (and bigger) for you!  I know, that is a hard path to follow, but maybe for you at this time, the best way to go, until such time, that you are apprised fully why things happened the way they did after your operation.

      Again, all the best to you and your wife.

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      Hi again ray

      Im not sure at this time what localised meds i was given during surgery. I took the usual anti inflammatories for about a week after, ive took anti inflammatorieswhen required for years with no issue. However i will look into what the doctor administered during the operation, just to rule something else out.

      I wont take anymore tablets to enhance performance if i can help it, i really don’t want to become dependent on them, prefer the natural  way as opposed to chemicals.

      To be honest i do believe there could also be an element of anxiety now, However i feel that the physiological aspect was directly responsible initially, but has also contributed to my mind set being concerned and subconsciously anxious. I feel the physiological issue  is more of an issue than my confidence, although i cant deny the possibility of anxiety as a further contributing factor also. I just cant get my head around the fact that i was fine for 7-8 months post operation, ive only been having issues for the last 2 months, very confusing and frustrating. I had no issues before mid summer.

      I do question if i had sustained physiological trauma due to the operation would it have took up to 8 months to reveal the symptoms or would they have been present straight away?? Im still srcatching my head over this.

      Once again im very grateful for your swift response and concern, Take  care for now ray.

      I will let you know in the future if im able to overcome this mess, either through surgical intervention or natural remedies etc.



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      I had the vasectomy done over 20 years ago. Its a simple and uncomplicated operation, having nothing to do with your testosterone, which is generated in your prostate. The vasectomy isn't anywhere nearby. Your testes just don't empty- you might feel lumps in your ball sac. because of the sperm fluid buildup, but it goes away. I had mild discomfort for a few days, minor bleeding and was back to normal sex activity in a week. I was encouraged by my surgeon to get back to sexual activity as soon as I could pee without any discomfort or blood in urine.

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    I am having similar issues. My Testosterone is down to about a third of yhe normal level of low 20s. My endo or GP won't treat me. This is on top of PVPS pain.

    I haven't any atrophy but the GP doing my surgery made a mess and severed a blood vessel. My T is much lower than it should be.  Ive had full blood tests and everything else is fine. Main issues for me are fatigue and no libido.

    Im not sure a reversal will help as Testosterone is secreted by the testicles into the blood, so if there is a poor blood supply or extensive scaring then its unlikely this can be improved.

    I have taken legal action so my relationship with my GP is frosty.  Been massively let down. I am in constant pain and not much good in the bedroom now.  

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      Hi Ouchy


      Thanks for your response, Im so so sorry to hear your situation, i know its hard to deal with ED let alone pain on top of it!

      Have you requested testosterone medicines? I Practice gymnastics and ice hockey, Weight bearing exercises encourage secretion of testosterone. If your able to maybe you could give it weight bearing exercises a try to see if it helps. I feel that im able to gain at least a weak / a semi-decent erection that can sometimes penetrate after a hard workout. I feel it does help me to some degree in terms of gaining an erection.

      My main issue is loss of sensation in my penis coupled with finding it difficult to gain and maintain an erection, especially if im not physically and consitently stimulated. I cannot gain one through visual stimulus alone anymore. I am perfectly fine in terms of libido and sexual desire, which is even more frustrating as i want it!

      Did you identify you had pain and coupled with your symptoms very shortly after your operation, within, for example the first month post Operation??

      As i mentioned i was fine for 7-8 months post operation, have only had issues for nearly 2 months. Im trying to establish if I have physiological trauma caused by the surgeon like you have, would it take nearly 7 months for the symptoms to develop or would they have occurred with the initial phase of the recovery, say within the first month post operation.

      If you did manage to be referred to a new health professional, that can support you, is there a way that your damage blood vessel can be fixed?? Im sure ive read that scar tissue can sometimes be improved by surgical intervention? so if this is the case with you also maybe this could be an option. Although i assume you have lost faith in further surgery at this point.

      I really feel bad for you, it must be so upsetting for you and your family of your situation, my heart goes out to you and your family. I sincerely hope your able to seek support from a new health care provider and be supported to be cured from this horrible mess.

      I'd like to hear from you if you make any further progress surgically etc, Likewise i will keep you informed of my progress, if any is made.

      Take care for now friend.


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      Hello, and I do see you are in the same park as syberk1d is.  As a 68 year old male, I empathise with you in several ways.  Let me get this straight.  A GP is the doctor that did your surgery.  Ouch, ouchy!  So sorry that things did not turn out for you the way you desired, caused by a doctor no less.  I have found doctors are the source of many a problem, whether they believe their incompetence or not.  And, I strongly believe that professionals, or shall I say so called professionals, should be held accountable for their mistakes, because in many cases, these such blunders can certainly be life changing for the rest of a person's life.

      Do hope your legal action turns positive for you, as this is a major factor within your life, as well as a major change within your life.

      All the best to you and your mate as well.

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    Get your testosterone checked. I had a bad vasectomy with a blood vessel being severed and it took about 18 months before symptoms like yours showed. My T was about a third of what it should be. My GP refused to help so I had to research, got an endo referral and even a new GP. The new GP took one look at my results and put me on testosterone replacement.  

    Don't expect to get much help from your GP.  

    A reversal probably won't fix the damage and scar tissue could be worse. 

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    Hi syberk1d,

    My husband had vasectomy 5 months b4

    He is having same symptoms od ED Two months after his vasectomy . I am just curious about if you hv any luck? Did you do vasectomy reversal ?

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      I would advise you get your partner to have his testosterone levels checked. They should be over 15 nmol. Ideally they should be about 20. My libido and ED are better now but I have to have testosterone injections every 3 weeks now for the rest of my life. I've had additional surgery down there which ruled out reversal. Reversal costs about £3k. Do look at the testosterone tests first. Despite what the GP will tell you there is a risk of ED if any nerves or blood supplies are damaged. The vas is also a blood supply which when snipped will leave the man with less than optimal supply and any issues could lead to not enough Testosterone being secreted into the blood. Has he any energy issues as well like fatigue ?
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      Yes his urologist office they checked only his total testosterone level... It came 471 the time it checked was afternoon 1pm ... They didn't have it in details.. His energy level is good he can run 3 miles in less than 25 minutes and also do some weight lifting... His urologist prescribed him viegra but he hasn't took it yet ... Don't want to rely on drug. B4 vasectomy he was fine used to have sex multiple times but now even one time a day is a big deal... Not much firm erection and I believe his desire level also reduced...
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      I am super confused, if the Vas is an artery, the objective of an artery is to circulate oxygenated blood through your body. If you cut off or disrupt the flow of blood of any part of your body, that area will eventually atrophede. Same idea as Carprel Tunnel Sysdrom correct? How could a medical practinioner be so blind as to not see that as a long term issue? Especially in that region of the body, that can only function optimally with proper bloodflow!


      An erection starts in your brain. Something you saw, felt, smelled, heard, or thought makes your nerves send chemical messages to the blood vessels in your penis. The arteries relax and open up to let more blood flow in; at the same time, the veins close up. Once blood is in the penis, pressure traps it within the corpora cavernosa. Your penis expands and holds the erection.

      When the inflow of blood stops and the veins open, your penis becomes soft.

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      The not an artery, nothing to do with blood flow whatsoever.

      A vasectomy is a procedure done for birth control purposes by preventing sperm leaving male body.

      The part in question is the vas deferens

      Hope that clears your confusion

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      My husband is having the same issue and it started immediately after his surgery. He has never had any issues with ED in the many years we have been together. He always had erections and could go multiple times including the night before surgery. It seems awfully suspicious that this started after his surgery and has continued for the last 4 months, but yet the doctor just continues to dismiss us like we are crazy.  His test is within range, but he is unable to maintain an erection with myself or during self  masturbation (which is an typically and anxiety free situation). We are both beyond frustrated . Please let me know if your husband has had any resolution.
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      Hi Rachel, look to the latest forum responses for answers. bottom line. have your husband get a reversal.  i'd only wish i hadn't waited that long to do it. 

      best to you and your husband.

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      Your comment about erections starting in the brain is not unlike saying that walking starts in the brain. The desire and intention to walk to this day has not carried the day for those who are crippled with spinal injuries. The point I'd like to make for those of us who were sold a bill of goods when we let ourselves get snipped is this: if the sexual plumbing becomes damaged and the natural process of testicular ejaculation becomes short-circuited, the brain may not be effective any longer through the sense of sight to stimulate what are now damaged goods and to achieve the objective simply because all the former parts that used to work together to create that erection are no longer in sinc.


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