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really want a vasectomy but am so worried about the size of it, and f you know what I mean.  Any help, stories or reassurance.


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    What are you on.

    Why do you want one. If you haven't had a family steer clear.

    There are many risks with any surgery.

    It won't affect the size but could well stop you getting an errection if the doctor was crap as in my case. Now on a lifetime of Testosterone injections.

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      I'm 36 and got a child thanks.  Thought it would be OK.  I mean when I say the size, I'm embarrassed to have it done for the size of it?
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    Procedure itself isn't too bad.

    Just make sure you are fully aware of the risks to your health from it.

    Post vasectomy pain syndrome ruins lives and marriages.

    NHS put risk at 10%, global figures are higher. Lifelong pain, reduced ability to have sex, pain on erection, pain on ejaculation. Pain relief is not usual over the counter type but of the opiate variety.

    3 years of hell, not helped with further fact further surgery has made things a lot worse.

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    My penis went friom 5.5-6 inches down to 4 inches tops and my testicles shrunk. I wish I had never believed all the stuff we get from the medical community that having a vasectomy is no big deal; just show up. It was one of the worst decisions in my life. I no longer get an erection from visual stimulation and what erections I do get occur just before orgasm and they are not nearly as hard as before the vasectomy. Usually the erections I do get are a result of plenty of manual stimulation first.  Furthermore, I go almost immediately soft after orgasm which is a switch from how long I would remain hard after orgasm before I had the vasectomy. I'm hoping to have a reversal early next year to try to undo this catastrophe.

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      I had a similar experience in terms of performance. None of the potential risks were communicated at any point during the medical "consultation" and assessment prior to the procedure. Frankly, it amounts to malpractice, but it is obviously an intentional omission by the industry as you have to dig for the info. It is not presented to you as a consideration. i.e. a Big Lie. Of course, you only realize something is amiss after the deed is done and it is too late. Having this procedure ranks as one of my biggest regrets as it has needlessly and deceptively diminished one of a human life's greatest pleasures.

      Did you have the reversal procedure and if yes, did it reverse the effects in any way?

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      I'm so glad I ran into this site. I was depressed thinking my story only happened to me. My story is similar to alan17614. At the time of my vasectomy I had a penis just over 8 inches when hard and just over 5 inches when flaccid. Within a year of the procedure, I noticed that my penis looked smaller. My wife said she didn't notice, but I measured it and it was about 3/8 inch smaller. I thought oh well and blew it off. But as the years went on, it slowly got smaller, and then sped up and quickly got smaller. I was told by a urologist that there was nothing that could be done - but that it certainly wasn't caused by the vasectomy.

      As of today, my penis is 4 inches long when hard, and 7/8 inches long when flaccid. I can't get hard with visual stimulation any longer, and it takes a lot of manual work and fantasizing to get an erection. Losing 4 inches tore me up for a long while. It's amazing how much I judge my manhood by the size of my penis. I'm trying to learn to own it now, which is really difficult. But there's nothing else I can do. My wife says she doesn't mind. She calls it "cute". But I think she's just being nice. It's a very tiny penis.

      Do not, I mean do not get a vasectomy unless you're willing to deal with potential reduction in semen ejaculation, potential pain, potential reduction in your sexual enjoyment, and worst of all, a serious reduction in penis size. If the doctor tells you it will be easy, with few complications - run away. If the doctor tells you a vasectomy will never affect your penis size, also run away. It may be hard to find a doctor who will tell you the actual risks.

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    Sorry to hear about these stories here guys. As a woman. let me offer advise from my experience on the receiving side. I was married REALLY young. My husband & I did not want kids. I tried every birth-control under the sun. Yet to no avail, we still got pregnant numerous times. Then, resulting in half dozen miscarriages. Then one abortion, that nearly killed me both physically & emotionally!

    Next we went to see our doctor to discuss further options. He recommended my husband get a vasectomy. A painless 10-minute surgery. 2-week recovery. But afterwards, things were never the same sexually!! He suffer from erectile dysfunction., pre-mature ejaculation, and worst of all his member shrank 3-inches. Which was the proverbial last nail in the coffin to our sex-life. He was average sized pre-surgery. At 7-inches. Post 4. It was an absolute nightmare. Very Catholic Newlyweds! He refused to talk with his doctor about any of his sexual issues/side-effects. Pride cometh before a fall! I wanted to make things work. Truly! Yet, after dealing with sexual frustration for a decade and him refusing to come to terms I had to finally leave our marriage. Sadly. Not because of the effects, mind you...but because of his unwillingness to acknowledge he had a medical problem that required help. Hope sharing this story helps someone. It's very personal, and painful. Please seek medical help if you need it guys. Don't let pride ruin your future. Also if you've found yourself on this page because your considering a surgical fix-all...think twice!

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      Hi Jessica, I know it's unintended, but your post worries me a bit. I know you got divorced because of his unwilingness to get medical help. But you also talked about dealing with sexual frustration for a decade. I'm worried about the potential for divorce because of long term sexual frustration. She says no, but how long can a spouse deal with such a small penis. Will it cause long term frustration? I worry. Anyway, thanks for posting your story. And I agree with your warning for men to think twice.

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    Late comment to this topic, upon which I only stumbled 4 months after my vasectomy.

    To this day, I still feel pain : it is permanent, while throbbing to peaks, especially after lifting heavy loads (no pun intended), or when pressure is somehow applied to the crotch.

    It has been much more painful during the first month after undergoing surgery, which caused me to stop working for three months. I could barely walk due to the pain. To be clear, I could walk, but pain caused me to limp. I am a metal fabricator, and I need to walk around the workshop and lift stuff all the time. I only had taken my Monday off for the surgery, cause I only had been warned not to ride a bicycle straight after my vasectomy had been done. Well, I got unproductive to such a point that after the remaining four days of my work week, I called sick and got prescribed antibiotics and anti inflammatory pills. The painkiller I was prescribed (paracetamol) was completely useless.

    One evening, while having friends for dinner, I had to leave our invitees for me to to take care of my blood-soaked boxers. My urologist couldn't hide his surprise on learning that one 'incident'...

    My penis and scrotum went down in size. I was hoping it would only last the time it takes for it to fully recover from whatever caused the trauma in the surgical block.

    On reading your comments, I fully realise how tragic this decision to go through this operation truly is. I made my choice a while thinking about my wife, and for her to stop taking the pill. We have been through quite some hard time during the last two years (that I am aware of), and our intercourses are spaced out a lot. Last year, she informed me that she had stopped the pill a few months back. I thus booked an appointment with my doctor, who recommanded me this surgeon for the vasectomy.

    I have seen the surgeon a month following my surgery, because the pain was still preventing me from going back to my active life. He directed me to the clinic's radiology department, only to find out nothing seemed to be wrong. He sent me home on antibiotics for two more weeks and a month's worth of anti inflammatory medication, and a still longer sick leave from work. My work mission was then stopped due to lower workload at the factory, only to start again last month — in April. Vasectomy was just before Christmas.

    My wife mentioned divorce several times lately, stating it apparently dates from before I got this — now oficially useless — surgery. I will undergo a spermogram this Saturday. Perhaps will it prove this vasectomy doubly useless. It I am lucky.

    I love my life.

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    It's been seven years since you published this, but perhaps it's still important for you to know my opinion. Everyone here spoke about their negative experiences, and I feel sorry for them, however, the adverse effects such as atrophy of the penis and testicle and drop in libido are clearly a consequence of medical error, as for chronic pain in the testicle, this is an adverse effect that can happen in some cases, unfortunately one of the people here was that unlucky person, finally I noticed that some simply did not follow the instructions correctly, most likely due to the doctor's incompetence in helping correctly, I saw the case of the worker who returned to work two days after the surgery , he should have rested for a week, he wasn't supposed to lift weights or push, I understand that his situation was complicated, but he couldn't have done that after this surgery, his complications have nothing to do with the surgery but with post-surgery actions.

    Anyway, overall only one person highlighted an adverse effect, the others were medical errors or did not correctly follow the post-surgery instructions, chronic pain can happen, but the probability of this happening is lower than that of you crashing your car in traffic, VERY LOWER, and in a few cases it is constant, in most it appears occasionally.

    I now want to tell you my experience, I had my surgery in my country (Brazil) with an excellent doctor from my city, the surgery went well, I spent a week in complete rest, barely getting out of bed so as not to make unnecessary effort, then I started moving more, but without pushing, and it was like that for a month, after a month I went back to the gym and I'm gaining as much weight as before the surgery, another thing I noticed is that my penis had increased by 1.5cm in thickness, I researched the respect and I didn't find anything about it, but based on my knowledge of the anatomy of the region, the most likely is that the surgery led to an increase in blood circulation throughout the region, probably over the years it will return to normal, removing this The issue is nothing more related to size or surgery, everything is normal and there is no problem, both my father and father-in-law also had a vasectomy, as did the doctor who operated on me, none of them had any adverse effects either. So if I can tell you something, don't be scared by these comments, the absolute majority have no negative effects, look for an excellent doctor and hospital, have the surgery on vacation so you can rest for a long time, and remember to do pre-operative exams and follow post-operative recommendations, don't try to have sex a week after surgery, be patient and everything will be fine. Good luck to you who read this, it may just be my positive comment here, but this is due to the fact that most people everything works out and that's why they don't come looking for forums on the internet, I came here because I wanted to know if the increase was normal, and upon reading all this I made a point of defusing the situation.

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