Testicle seems connected to incision site

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Hello, I had a vasectomy a week ago and I'm experiencing a decent amount of pain in my left testicle.

I noticed while urinating that when I pulled forward on my penis as I finished that my left testicle hurts and is being pulled forward with the skin.

While on the pain meds I tested a bit more, as I continue to pull forward the left testicle comes forward more and if I tilt upwards it is also pulled outward so that it is standing out at a good angle.

When I do this there is a pocket of loose skin behind the testicle where it would normally be sitting.

(Trying to be as descriptive as possible here, if I were to lay on my back with an erection my testicles would be standing up as the highest point.)

I can feel under the incision that there is extra mass on the left side that seems to be connected to the testicle which is not present on the right side.

Basically any movement of my left testicle is painful, holding it closer to the incision site seems to help.

I'm worried that something coming off of the testicle got stitched in on accident or that it is just healing that way. This CANNOT be a permanent thing.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so did your testicle movement go back to normal on its own and if so how quickly?


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    A week is still very early days with regard pain levels after a vasectomy.

    I found after mine there was a degree of swelling and a feeling of attachment as you describe. This did settle down and go away in the long run.

    Don't pull and prod! Even though you are on pain relief this will only mask the extra pain you are creating and prolong your recovery period.

    If pain persists past 2 week mark then return to GP and ask for better pain relief

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      Thank you for your reply.

      That is comforting.

      The pain isn't really concerning me, it was the fear that my testicle was going to stay like this (it would make intercourse or even masterbation almost impossible, and just in general looks weird to have it moving like that)

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    Did they do any extra internal stitching. I had a blood supply cut so that was tied off to the bas and pulled like hell. Was corrected a year later when I had further surgery.

    I still have other issues 3 years later. Hang on in there. Go back to GP if worried.

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      No, not that they mentioned.

      I know they cauterized things, and I think they might have put stitches in each vas.

      I went back in to see the urologist yesterday because of the apparent attachment and they waved it off as normal. They mentioned that as part of the healing process that surrounding tissue is drawn in, but didn't directly answer my question about this going back to normal. (I should have been more persistent)

      I'm supposed to see them again in 2 weeks.

      Geez you needed a follow up surgery and still have problems? I thought these were simple procedures with no long term side effects.

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      Far from simple and to be honest not quite as safe add they'd have you believe either.

      Further surgery was needed in my case as well and not only didn't it resolve issue it made it worse. Long term side effects are plenty and very long term.

      Just stop prodding and you'll give yourself max chance of good recovery. Keep yourself well supported, keep a good pain relief regimen up..pain relief every two hours ALTERNATING between ibuprofen and paracetamol. E.g. 08:00 brufen 10:00 paracetamol, 12:00 brufen 14:00 paracetamol and repeat. Allows the required 4 hrs between each dose of each med and keeps constant pain relief as well as aiding swelling

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      Thank you for all of the information.

      I hope things improve for you.

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    hey I just had a recent vasectomy and I'm experiencing the same thing I feel like there's some tissue that connected to the incision site on my right side and I was just curious if this condition never went away or if it was still attached?

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    ive had a vasectomy and now a month on since it was done. my symptoms are similar to yours. my right testicle is ok and it took the surgeon 5 minutes to snip the right vas deferens but the left one took 3/4 of an hour and was painful. the problem is now is that the left side all seems connected and still painful. sitting and getting up feels like ive been kicked in the nuts. walking is uncomfortable to say the least. how long till yours stopped hurting.

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    ive had my vasectomy 5 weeks ago and feels like its almost healed although it feels like the left pipe is connected to my vasectomy scar which seems to pull at my testicles every time i lift my penis. Did yours grt better?? if not what did you do??

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    any improvement? Did you need corrective surgery?

    I have a similar problem where it feels like the vas deferens is attached to the scrotum at the incision site. Just a very uncomfortable position and I find it quite upsetting. I am currently two weeks post vasectomy.

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    I'm only 8 days post vasectomy, but I am having the same issue. I just saw my Dr today, and he also pretty much told me to give it some more time. I'm just not so sure. Has yours or anyone elses on here resolved without additional surgery? Thanks in advance for any info!

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