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I am sorry to say that my experience has been fowl, the operation took 50 mins on the NHS and I think the whole experience was a shock. Before the operation I had a virtually perfect sick record. However, I was too uncomfortable to get back to work for the best part of two weeks. Not the 2 weeks web sites suggest. Its now more than 14 months since I had the surgery and I always feel full and tight in the tesicles. I have libido but too much lingering aching pain after sex puts me off . It is a dreadful hot cold pain aching pain that carries on for a day or two after orgasm and difficult to describe. My sex life down from twice a week to less than once a month. For me it took away the joy of sex. and life

That warm feeling spreading from the groin on coming has gone. I find it very depressing because there seems to be no going back as more intervention appears not to cure these painful problems once started

Maybe I have just been very unlucky but I suspect that I am one a substantial minority

The trouble with medicene and outcomes is that vasectomy looks good on paper. I suspect there are a lot of men privately suffering variyng degrees of pain.

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    I had a vasectomy 1976 and both my wife and I have enjoyed sex without the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. In fact our sexual life has been much better than before the operation. All I can add is that you seek medical advise ASAP and remember the doctor that you see will understand the problems that you have.
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    Guest you are right...Dr's do not understand the devastating impact post vasectomy pain can have on not only the man's life but on the loving relationship the man is in.

    If Dr's truly cared about the patient then they would make the risks associated with a vasectomy explicitly clear and not couch it in terms that severely downplay the potential after effects.

    We were told no long term risks and that some men do experience slightly extended recovery times with a fair amount of discomfort....worded like that we proceeded.

    However if we had been told there is up to a 14% chance your sex life will be ruined along with never ending pain then we would not have proceeded. To be honest if we had been told there was a 1% chance of no sex life we would not have proceeded, but it is hard to make an informed decision when the NHS seek to severely downplay / downgrade and hide the truth about the potential effects of a vasectomy.

    One has to wonder why the NHS seem hell bent on saying this procedure is safe and simple when there is a huge risk to men's physical and emotional well being - I suspect they do so purely on the basis of saving money! A vasectomy prevents the NHS having a high birth control bill! False economy though when it comes to having to treat PVP.

    Numerous studies have asked not why so few get PVP but why so many others don't!

    A vasectomy is no different to playing Russian Roulette - the stakes being your wife and your life!

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    Several years ago i attended the Marine stopes clinic in maidstone.

    They made me aware that there was a risk of pvp but it was extremely low. They had a brilliant record, no scalpel, simple, quick, safe operation.

    It was relatively quick, but i nearly jumped off the bed at one stage when he pulled something. I thought no more off it.

    I had pain for a month or two until it healed. I contacted them, and they said some people take longer. Not to worry (or now in my opinion bother them as it would impact their profits). Again i contacted them and this time made an appointment to see them. I was seen in the same room with that horrible burning smell where i was told that what i was feeling could not be related to the vasectomy. Take aspirin .. The lump will go reduce.

    Well after a month on low dose aspirin the lump did go, however the pain did not. In fact over time it got steadily worse.

    Marie Stopes were no longer interested so i contacted my GP. Yes there is something wrong. We will send you to see a urologist. You will have to wait for an appointment.

    Now bearing in mind i am in pain, i wait. This is where the NHS incompetence takes over.

    Still in pain i wait. After 6months i ring up the GP and was told 'oh you missed your appointment we assumed you did not tell us that it was all better' REALLY! (Livid would describe me at this point when you consider i had started drinking each night to get a few hours undisturbed sleep because the pain was that bad!) they put me back on the list. I now manage this like a project at work. Every month i contact then to check the progress. Finally i get an appointment. I turn up to meet a young doctor who examines me. He insists that he shove two fingers up my arse to check my prostate and suggests i rub Volterol over my ball sack to see if that helps whole i wait for a ultrasound scan. The volterol did nothing apart from make my underwear damp! I have the scan and are told that they cannot find anything wrong, but suggest that they might want to cut more of me away!

    I signed up to cutting two pipes. Not having half of my balls removed. I return to the GP and say i did not agree to this and wanted a second opinion or try a reversal first before having that done. I am sent to a London hospital.

    This is where it gets interesting. I speak to a consultant this time. He tells me that according to latest research about 15-20% of men experience problems at some point to varying degrees. Another ultrasound, and this time the suggestion that the sever some nerves to remove the feeling of pain. I am prescribed a high dose of cocodamole to relieve pain at this point.

    I sit there afterwards

    Do i trust them to cut the nerves and not leave me with any feeling in my privates? After all i was told that the vasectomy was virtually risk free!

    BTW i should also point out that i was at this point married to an anaesthetist, who initially i did not tell about the pain, but when i did she showed little concern and could not help as it was not something she knew about.

    I finally decide to try a private reversal first to the annoyance of my wife.

    I did this and once healed the pain is considerably better. If i wear boxers, or sleep naked i sometimes get mild ball ache. Apart from that i am fine.


    I am now divorced by the way. Turns out that the woman that i thought i was destined to love for the rest of my life was a closet lesbian who is now running around with a girl half her age. Another reason not to have a vasectomy in the first place. You don't know whats just around the corner in live!

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    Sorry to hear you got hit with PVP MOB, at least the reveral has helped ease things for you which is good.

    Again though, like the rest of us, your post highlights hwo the risks from this are downplayed - no wonder so many men think it safe and simple when Dr's & NHS basically lie through their teeth to get the fee for doing the vasectomy.

    There is a large risk folks, it will cause you daily pain, it will cause a large reduction in sex life, it will involve high doses of opiates to try and control the pain and further surgery carries even higher risks....if you value your health then quite simply do not trust the NHS & Dr's with a vasectomy.

    I've lost count of the amount of people who tell me their surgeon / GP gasped and said "but I've never had a case before"...that kinda makes over 6000 of us each year unique...not! Do the math 6000 a year is more than there are hospitals and GP's.....

    MOB also highlights a good (but sad risk) point.....what happens if your sex life is recuced like hell through pain and inability to perform? Will your wife hang around? Imagine you have a snip at 30yrs get a really severe case of life over or down to virtual nil....bad enough you having no sex life for next 30 to 40 years....will your wife give up on her needs and desires?

    A vasectomy is so dangerous for so many reasons, the risks are quite simply not worth gambling with.

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    If I could go back and do things over. I would not have had the vasectomy. I have had a dull pain in both testicales ever since. I seams to be more intense around the first of the month, and last for about 2 to 3 days. Or till I ejaculate . I know the sounds funny. Even after the 2/3 day's or ejaculation. I still have painful testicales . Sometimes like being kicked in the groin. I have lived with this for 25 years. So I guess it is that it is. I read that a reversal can help relieve the pain. But at my age I think it is out of the question. What is one to do?

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