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kezzabird30 kezzabird30

Contraception pill versus HRT

So I have been having peri symptoms for about 2 years. Foggy head, fatique, painful bones, headaches, mood swings, sporadic periods, hot flushes to name but a few. I finally plucked up courage and went to the doctors last week. She did a full blood works, thyroid, liver, kidney, anemia, except hormone level. She did not do this. All came back clear apart from a slight raised throid count. She said she would test for this again in a couple of months however I said to her I could no continue with how i am feeling and please could she let me try HRT. I was very surprised with the reply as I had not even given this a thought before but I am on the pill so apparently the estrogen i am getting through the contraception pill is far far higher the low dose given in HRT and therefore she said i was better staying on what i was on. So for me that was devastation. That was it. This is my life now feeling totally horrid for the next 5 - 10 years. She then got me to complete this form... asking how many days a week i felt tearful, useless, blah blah to which i scored a high 23... showing,.... im depressed! I was so angry. I honestly felt like she believed me but all she wanted to do was prescribe me anti depressants. Of course I am depressed feeling like i do but i have suffered depression before years ago and I am convinced it is not depression. So i have come away with a box of Anti depressants i really do not want to take and probably will not take. I had them previously and one of the side effects was excessive tiredness.. so i only stayed on them one month... Just looked at the box of these one and in big bold letters it says Can cause sleepness! I struggle to get through the day as it is and end up having snooze in my car at lunch time. I just feel totally deflated today. Like no one believes me and that i have to be like i am now until full blown menpause. I had no idea that being on the pill was stronger than taking HRT or am i just being blagged off? Am hoping some of you lovely ladies have some advice on how to raise my energy levels and how to get rid of my foggy head. i cannot function at work and am making so many mistakes. I have been taking vitamin supplements for over 6 months, calcium, magnessium, Vit b comples, Vit B6, Vit D3, Vit c and zinc plus macafem herbal rememdy. Im 42 years of age and feel like i have age in the last year. I never looked my age but not i look so much older. I should say they my mum has Rheumatoid arthritus and osteoporis both caused by not being on HRT at the menopause and I am so worried i will get this as it is hereditory. This past few months my elbows hurt when i rest on desk, my fingers are sore and burning and yet she said there was no signs of inflamation in my bloods so i am glad that is one good thing as means i do not have RA but what are these pains? Sorry for the long post. x

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  • ola22806 kezzabird30

    Natural medicines can help support you but it depends on finding out what's really going on. Off the top of my head and as a herbal practitioner, you could benefit from a gentle adaptogen/energiser such as Siberian Ginseng, feed your adrenals (with something like liquorice if no blood pressure issues), some good nervines and relevant nutrition (food as medicine).

  • michelle46271 kezzabird30

    I am sorry your doctor didn't give you the HRT. They really don't care unless it's a female doctor that has been through it. It's an awful time this peri thing. I can't believe some people sail through it 🙄

    • kezzabird30 michelle46271

      I know, I am gutted. If this is how i feel on the highest dose of estrogen through the pill then god knows what i would feel not being on it. Doctor is adament that the pill is better than HRT has it has a higher dose..... not sure....

  • Theg kezzabird30

    omg drs and anti depressants . i am exactly the same as u.. i got the same lines .antidepressants and anti anxiety meds all i got was the side effects and symptoms got worse and worse until i finally stopped. it took however a year to withdraw cos i was ao sensitive not worked for 18 months cos of this. and i have a great job . see another dr or go to endocrinologist..... i am over dr doing this . anxiety /depression . are part of peri but is not clinical depression. grrrr to them all... drs and their brushoffs have destroyed 18 months of my life and i not there yet.......just remember alot of these drs r not peri or menopause or are male. they only got knowledge from books . of course we often present with the depression symptoms but they need to not go straight to the mood changing drugs ...and send u on your way..with some of us they can completly stuff us and esp our brains up. get 2nd opinion....... rant over goodluck

    • kezzabird30 Theg

      Hey I am so sorry to hear you have had such a rough time. How are things for you now? I have decided in my lunch break whilst snozzing in my car (not even taken the tablet and am already drowsey) that I am not going to start there. I have googled them and they are exactly what i thought there were for. Depression. It is not the seratonin in my head that needs help its my hormones. I could not cope with anymore anxiety or tiredness right now. Sending hugs to you. x


  • gailannie kezzabird30


        Since you have asked, I will tell you that "yes" birth control pills are considered a stronger form of estrogen than bioidentical estradiol.  All birth control pills contain an estrogen that is just a little different from the chemical structure our own bodies produce.  And therefore, it has a stronger effect, as it is not cleared from the body as quickly.  

       I find your topic very interesting.  As what it tells us, is that there are additional things that happen as we age.  If you were level and steady on the pill and felt normal for years, it would seem logical that the pill would continue to supply the estrogen and progesterone your body is needing.  Yet at 42, something has changed and now you are feeling awful.  Personally I never did well on the pill, and whenever I tried it, I was quitting them within months because I felt so awful.  I tried several brands and dosages, it never worked well for me.  I always felt better when I stopped the pill.  

        I'm sorry you are going through this, and wish there was a simple answer.  You may be able to find another doctor who would prescribe HRT if you want to try it.  

    Good luck.  

    • CCinCal kezzabird30

      Hi kezzabird

      I'm exactly where u are at. I'm 47 and was put on BC pill last summer. As of last week I've stopped it though. I was starting to get all my pms symptoms back and more intensely and I thought it was making me feel ill.

      My doctors also said that the pill was stronger than HRT. And for women who are still bleeding the pill is the way to go. That HRT is only for non menstruating women.

      I also got antidepressants last summer when my peri symptoms escalated and I couldn't get out of bed as depression hit me the hardest. I couldn't take the side effects. I tried handful.

      When I went back to dr a couple weeks ago he reluctantly gave me a prescription for HRT. But he isn't very supportive. He just wrote it out and walked out the door. I think to get me out of there it feels like. Didn't say anything about testing hormones levels or even how to take it. ie continuous or cyclical...

      So yesterday I went to another gyno for a second opinion. Same thing says all my symptoms of peri are something else not peri because I have them all month long. According to her it's only peri symptoms if its occurring only the week before bleeding. And should go away after bleed.

      When I told her it used to be like that when I was younger but now I don't even have a good week out of the month she said then it's not hormones.

      So I haven't started it yet salthough I have It (estradiol patch and Prometrium) because I'm scared to for one but if I have problems on it I feel like I don't have a place to turn to.

      I'm off BC pill a week now and feeling ill at the moment on top of peri symptoms. Just so overwhelmed as to what to do. Should I give my body a break and not be on anything? Should I just start HRT? What if side effects make me worse? So health anxiety running rampant at the moment.

  • jewelsy kezzabird30

    Hello, I just had to respond because I had almost the exact same experience that you did. In my early 40s the pill just stopped working and I had all the issues that you had and morE. I repeatedly reported my symptoms to my Doctor Who would not test my hormones, said I was too young to be going through menopause, and repeatedly shoved antidepressants down my throat, which all made me feel horrible and gain weight. I went through a couple years of that nightmare, the complicating factor is that I was on a type of hormone pills that I would only have a period every four months. I started feeling so terrible on my hormone birth control pills, that I quit taking them and went to a different doctor pleading for help. He did blood test, and immediately shoved samples of HRT in my hands and told me to go take them on my way downstairs and I would feel better soon. I went from being a complete mess within 2 to 3 weeks to getting my life back. I have been on HRT now for approximately six years. My life is good, still have hormonal ups and downs, but I'm happy and healthy.

    • kezzabird30 jewelsy

      Thanks for responding and sharing your story. I too have been thinking that maybe i should come off the pill because it is clearly not working with the Estrogen boost. I do have another appointment with another doctor in a month time (the doc who prescribed me the anti depressants could not see me as she away so she referred me to another doctor) it was to see how i am getting on with AD. I have decided i am not taking them especally after reading up about them. They are no different that any anti depressesant and are not for menopause just for depression. I will discuss with new doctor about coming off the pill and starting HRT. I cannot go on like this. I am making mistakes at work. my partner is close to throwing in the towel despite being understanding, he just doesnt get it and my daughter is growing up too fast and i am missing the fun bits as i am shut away in my own misery. So thanks for telling me your story. Is giving me hope. x

    • vix55 kezzabird30

      I don't know much about this subject but during my readings on peri/meno I have come across something called oestrogen dominance. The higher levels in your pill could be what's causing you some of your problems, it maybe worth googling it to see what more you can find out.

      Good luck x


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